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1900 North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register


Compiled from the originals in the office of the Secretary Of State at Raleigh, N.C. The later date indicates the day of probate. They are arranged alphabetically by surname. In some cases, county is not named.




Tanner, Walter, of Perquimans. Aug. 15, 1713. Daughter-in-law Elinor Ateway, wife Elizabeth Tanner.

Tarkinton, William, of Tyrrell. Sept. Court 1748. Wife Ann, sons John, Joishua, Benjamin, Joseph, William and Zebulon, daughters Sarah, Anne and Joanna.

Taylor, Ebeneezer. Apr. 21, 1711. Wife Agnes, sister Mary Tripe, cousins Samuel and Eliner Cross, brother and sister Walker, brothers Samuel and Benjamin Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, son of my brother Edward Walker, brother-in-law Gavin Sowden.

Taylor, Edward. Dec. 3, 1710. Dec. 3, 1710. Daughters Dorcas, Sarah, Ann, wife Sarah.

Taylor, John. Mar. 19, 1715-16/ Wife Martha, each of my children; son John, Henry, and William Conner Executors.

Taylor, Lemuel Sr., of Perquimans. Sons Lemuel and William, wife Jean Taylor. Nov. 3, 1719, July 12, 1720.

Taylor, Nathaniel, of Bertie. Apr. 3, 1734, May 1734. Wife Jane.

Taylor, Robert, of Pasquotank. Wife Ann, also Executrix. Sept. 17, 1700.

Taylor, Thomas, of Currituck. Aug. 20, 1734, July 6, 1736. Sons Thomas and Edward, wife Easter, son-in-law Cornelius Jones, grandson John Taylor, daughter Elizabeth wife of Cornelius Jones, daughter Sophia wife of Peter Payne, daughter Sarah wife of Jeremiah Stephens, granddaughter Easter Stephens, daughter Bridgett wife of Samuel Jarvis, daughter Bethia, grandson Benjamin son of Edward Taylor, grandson Ezekiel Payne.

Temple, William. Dead without a will. Robert Temple and wife next of kin. 1696.

Thomas, Barnaby. Oct. 5, 1737, Dec. 11, 1735. Son Elisha Thomas, child in “esse”, brother-in-law John Dawson, wife; brother Phillip Thomas Executor.

Thomas, Joseph. 9th day, 1st month, 1728, Mar. 18, 1727. Brothers James and John, mother Damaras Ratliff.

Thomas, Joseph. Dec. 10, 1735, Feb. Court 1736. Eales Thomas, son Joseph, sons Michael, and Luke, son James.

Thomas, Morgan. Feb. 19, 1709. Cousin James Morgan.

Thomas, Tyler, of Bath. Friend John Jordan. June 25, 1722, July Court 1722.

Thorogood, Francis, of Bath. June 8, 1714. Wife Anne, children Francis, Adam, Sarah, Anne and Early, daughter Rose, by a former wife. Apr. Court 1716.

Thorp, Richard, of Currituck. July 12, 1720, Nov. 20, 1720. Wife Mabel.

Tomlin, John. July 27, 1719. Son William, wife, brother William.

Tomlinson, John. 14th day, 20th month, 1697. Wife Elizabeth, son John, daughter Elizabeth, son William, daughter Mary, two daughters Reading.

Toms, Francis Sr. 6th day, 10th month, 1709. Wife Mary, sons Francis and Joshua, daughter Priscilla Nicholson, daughter Mary married Gabriel Newby, grandson Francis Newby. Witness, Wm. Boyd, Matthew Albertson, John Stepney, father-in-law John Nicholson to daughter Priscilla wife of John Kinsey, and John Nicholson now.

Toms, Francis. Sept. 5, 1729, Oct. 7, 1729. Daughter Mary Newby, their son Francis Newby, N. Newby, daughter Elizabeth Phelps, daughter Priscilla Jones, daughter Margaret Toms, daughter Pleasant Winslow, wife Rebecca, son Francis; wife and son-in-law Nathan Newby Executors.

Toms, Joshua. Mar. 4, 1701-02, Apr. Court 1732. Wife Rebecca, son Foster, daughters Sarah and Hannah, daughter Meriam Sutton, son-in-law Christopher Sutton, grandsons Joshua and William Sherro.

Toms, Mary (widow), 1st month, 30th day, 1713, Jan. 15, 1717-18. Vesty Lewis, Rachel Lawrence, Elizabeth, daughter of my brother William Nicholson, Joseph Glaister, and wife Mary, Executors.

Took, James, of Pasquotank. Apr. 19, 1720, Apr. 22, 1720. Sister Joanah Scott, James Took Scott, daughter of my sister Joanah, cousins Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah Scott, cousin James Took, cousin Mary Ricks, brother John Scott, Thomas Commander, son of Thomas, James, son of Thomas.

Torksey, Phillip. July 18, 1727, July 26, 1727. Son William Torksey, son Robert Morgan, son Henry Hamman, son John Torksey, son Edward Faircloth, son Robert Torksey; wife and Robert Torksey Executors.

Townsend, John. Aug. 10, 1737. Brother’s youngest daughter Ann Townsend, brother William Townsend.

Trotter, William. 28th day, 1st month 1729, Dec. 16, 1729. Daughter Dorothy, sister Elizabeth Trotter, sister Elizabeth Newby, wife Mary.

Trueblood, John. Oct. 28, 1734. Wife Sarah, eldest son John, eldest daughter Elizabeth, daughter Miriam, sons Fisher and Daniel.

Trumbull, Simon. Is dead without a will. Ann Trumbull Administrix. 6th Jan. 1706.

Trumbull, Thomas. Son William, daughter Sarah, three other children, wife Elizabeth. Oct. 22, 1733, Nov. 8, 1733.

Tucker, Robert, of Currituck. June 3, 1719, Apr. 12, 1721. James Martin…(illegible)…, wife Mary Martin.

Tully, Jane, of Pasquotank. Aug. 4, 1729, Oct. 11, 1732. Mary Rodes, Daniel Rodes, grandson David Boles.

Turberville, Richard. Dec. 4, 1725, May 16, 1726. Eldest son John, second son Francis, third son William, forth son Walter, daughter Elizabeth, grandson Daniel Colson, granddaughter Mary Colson.

Turner, Henry, of Henrico County, Va. Jan. 17, 1712-13. Son Abel, daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Jane, and Ann, wife Patience.

Turner, Richard. 27th day, 3rd month, 1719, Apr. 4, 1719.  Son-in-law William Bastable, granddaughter Hannah Bastable, grandson Samuel Newby, daughter Elizabeth Newby, Bridgett Newby.

Turner, William, of Little River, Perquimans. Oct. 28, Oct. 28, 1696. Son William, daughter Sarah, son John, wife Katherine.

Tyler, Moses, of Bladen. June 20, 1762, Aug. 9, 1762. Sons Needham, Owen, and Moses, daughters Penelope, Elizabeth, Christian, and Lucretia, wife Sarah.



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