A True Story of Chas. W. Quantrell And His Guerrilla Band

A True Story of Chas. W. Quantrell  And His Guerrilla Band

By John P. Burch

As Told By Captain Harrison Trow

Privately Published in 1923





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Quantrill buffs will know that the story of Quantrill's early life given in the first part of the book is
not true, but was a story he told his men. Apparently, Harrison Trow believed it. The man's real name was William Clarke Quantrill, he was from Canal Dover, Ohio.

I have obviously spent a large amount of time transcribing this book and putting it on line for the enjoyment of History and Genealogy buffs.
I believe the book to be in Public Domain.
Some Universities have scanned copies of the book on line and some have
reprinted it. I don't believe anyone else has transcribed it.
Most of the original book, including the illustrations, were obviously plagiarized
from earlier books, printed in the 1870's and 1880's, such as John Edwards "Noted Guerrillas". Some of the text is the same, word for word.

This is the last page in the book:

Transcribed by James R. Baker, Jr.
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