Six Civil War Books By James R. Baker Jr.
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100 Missouri Partisans


These are true accounts of 100 Missouri people who fought for the South. Some of these stories are the same as those in "Missouri Partisans-Their Deeds And Their Families" Volumes two and three, but the genealogies have been omitted and many more partisans have been added. Volume one of Missouri Partisans is not included because the genealogies are a critical part of the stories of some of the people in that volume. This book contains brief descriptions of their exploits, vintage biographies and newspaper articles, and military dispatches pertaining to those individuals.



Contents of this Section


1. Mac (McKinley Maurice) Barnett         

2. Andrew "Andy" Blunt               

3. Percy Boulware           

4. John Brown Of Vernon County            

5. Charles Brownlee       

6. Archie Clement           

7. Alfred "Alph" Cook    

8. George R. Cruzen       

9. David Benjamin Cunningham

10. John B. Dale               

11. Micajah Dark              

12. James M. Dillard       

13. William "Bill" Dunn   

14. Richard R. “Dick” Durrett       

15. The Gann Brothers  

16. George P. B. Gatewood        

17. The Gilmore, Simpson and Archer Family      

18. John Redmond Goode          

19. William J. Harris of Audrain Co.           

20. William Harris of Pettis Co.   

21. Joseph L. Hart            

22. James Napoleon "Pony" Hill

23. Clifton Holtzclaw      

24. Mathias "Matt" Houx             

25. William Howard        

26. Solomon Perry Hoy 

27. Rufus Henry Ingram

28. Sidney Drake Jackman           

29. William S. "Bill" Jackson         

30. Joseph "Joe" Kirk     

31. Colonel Robert R. Lawther   

32. David C. Majors        

33. The Mayfield Family               

34. Dr. Lee C. Miller        

35. The Mushaney Family            

36. Capt. William T. Nevins          

37. Otho Offutt

38. William H. Ogden     

39. Caleb J. Perkins         

40. Alexander Pitney     

41. Dave Pool (Poole)    

42. Major John F. Rucker             

43. Fernando Scott         

44. William "Bill" Stephens          

45. James A. Stoker        

46. William Henry Taylor               

47. James T. Waller         

48. John Watson              

49. John P. Wilcox           

50. Thomas Jefferson "Tom" Woodson



Contents of this Section


1. John F. Abshire

2. Bartlett Anderson

3. Bloody Bill Anderson And Judge Baker, The Facts

4. Dr. John McCargo Angell

5. Lt. Col. Ai. Edgar Asbury

6. David J. Baker

7. The Baker Family And The Palmyra Massacre

8. Col. Lewis M. Best

9. Benjamin Brumfield (Broomfield)

10. Oliver Burch (Birch-Bunch)

11. Taylor Buskirk

12. Theodore Castle

13. Henry Cogswell

14. Joseph "Joe" Cole

15. Charles Cooper

16. William Polk (Pope) Conyers

17. The Crockett Brothers Of St. Clair County

18. Franklin "Frank" Davis

19. Edmond J. Ellis

20. James M. Gentry

21. William R. George

22. Barbara Greenwood

23. The Hale Family Of Livingston County

24. Jesse W. Hamlett (Hamlet)

25. Thomas Hicklin

26. Thomas Wesley "Tom" Hunter

27. James William Inlow

28. Joseph D. Inlow

29. Benjamin Kimsey

30. James Riley Kirby

31. Major Elliott D. Major

32. William Marchbanks

33. General John S. Marmaduke

34. Charles McGhee (McGee)

35. King Ferdinand Ozment

36. Martin Persinger

37. William F. Petty

38. Major Andrew J. Piercy

39. The Queener Family Of Bates County

40. John Raftre (Rafter)

41. Hedge, Bill and Anna Reynolds Of Cass County

42. William T. "Bill" Roberts

43. The Robertson Family Of Saline County

44. James William "Jim" Ryder

45. Calvin J. Sartin (Sartain)

46. William M. "Bill" Stephens

47. Benjamin A. Tanner

48. Thomas "Tom" W. Todd

49. John Albert Williams

50. Thomas "Tom" Yates


Miscellaneous Lists Included:

Guerrillas who surrendered 8 August 1864, St. Joseph, Buchanan County, then were charged with crimes. Most were former members of Ford's Company of Paw Paw Militia in Platte County.

List of Guerrillas Who Surrendered at Lexington, Missouri
May 1st through June 7th 1865
From The Kansas City Journal Of Commerce, Jun. 7, 1865, page 4

List of those who surrendered at Rocheport In early June 1865
The Howard Union, June 15, 1865 in Howard County, Missouri

Quantrill Guerrillas Original Roster
This Roster was found by Yankee troops on one of the dead Missouri Partisan Rangers after a battle at Pleasant Hill, Missouri on July 11, 1862. This copy of the list was sent  on July 16, 1862 by Capt. Henry I. Stienlin, Co. A, 1st Mo. Cav.,  to Headquarters in Jefferson City, Mo.   (Ref. Provost Marshal file 22105 Reel F01660)




Bushwhackers!  A Civil War History Of Vernon County, Missouri

  The chapters of this book concern wartime activities in the county, including both military and guerrilla battles and skirmishes. It also covers the actions of the Vernon County unit Of The Confederate Army when they fought in Vernon and in the South. Historical vignettes on local guerrillas and personal data on them from various historical sources help the reader to understand the conflict’s toll on the area and on the families involved.                       

   Border War activities in Bourbon and Linn Counties, Kansas, leading up to the Civil War are included in the first chapter, since most of the Jayhawker raids came from those two Kansas counties.

1.1855 - 1859 - The Border War 
2.1860-1861- Battles Of Carthage And Wilson's Creek 
3.1861 - The Battle Of Drywood (Battle of the Mules) 
Vernon County Without Gen. Price 
5.1862 - All Out Guerrilla War Begins 
6.1862 - Coffee's Arrival - More Guerrilla Raids 
7.1863 - The Guerrilla War Continues 
8.1864 - More Guerrilla Warfare and The Battle Of Mine Creek 
9.The Military Dispatches - Operations In Vernon County 
10.List Of Vernon County Bushwhackers 


Three Volumes

Missouri Partisans
Their Deeds And Their Families

Their guerrilla activities and brief genealogies for most families.

Volume One:

James "Jim" Anderson And His Sisters 
Moses J. Baker 
The Baker Family Of Caldwell Co. 
The Beard Brothers 
Marcus "Mark" Belt 
Robert A. Black 
John F. Bolin 
The Brinker Family 
Peter Burton 
Thomas J. Caldwell 
"One Armed" Alvin Cobb 
Marion D. Erwin 
William "Buck" Fields 
Silas "Si" Gordon 
The Greenwood Family 
Willard Francis Hadley 
James "Jim" Jackson 
John M. Jarrette 
Silas King 
John B. Landis 
Thomas "Tom" Livingston 
William Jackson "Hawkeye" Livingston 
Charles A. Longacre 
George and Richard (Dick) Maddox 
Charles F. McLean 
William McWaters 
Col. Benjamin Franklin Parker 
The Pixley Brothers 
Lafayette “Fay” Price 
Young A. Purcell 
Martin (Mart) Wesley Rider 
Lafayette "Fate" Roberts 
Francis Marion "Gooly" Robinson 
Kitt Porter Rose 
Albert Webb Scott 
Tom Stacy (Stasey) 
Robert William Swinney 
Tom Tippett 
Harvey Turner 
John Henry Waller 
The Warren Brothers 
John A. West 
Thomas K. Young 
List of Guerrillas Who Surrendered at Lexington, Missouri 
List of those who surrendered at Rocheport In early June 1865 

Volume Two

Mac (McKinley Maurice) Barnett 
Andrew "Andy" Blunt 
Percy Boulware 
John Brown Of Vernon County 
Charles Brownlee 
Archie Clement 
Alfred "Alph" Cook 
George R. Cruzen 
David Benjamin Cunningham 
John B. Dale 
Micajah Dark 
James M. Dillard 
William "Bill" Dunn 
Richard R. “Dick” Durrett 
The Gann Brothers 
George P. B. Gatewood 
The Gilmore, Simpson and Archer Families 
John Redmond Goode 
William J. Harris of Audrain Co. 
William Harris of Pettis Co. 
Joseph L. Hart 
James Napoleon "Pony" Hill 
Clifton Holtzclaw 
Mathias "Matt" Houx 
William Howard 
Solomon Perry Hoy 
Rufus Henry Ingram 
Sidney Drake Jackman 
William S. "Bill" Jackson 
Joseph "Joe" Kirk 
Colonel Robert R. Lawther 
David C. Majors 
The Mayfield Family 
Dr. Lee C. Miller 
The Mushaney Family 
Capt. William T. Nevins 
Otho Offutt 
William H. Ogden 
Caleb J. Perkins 
Alexander Pitney 
Dave Pool (Poole) 
Major John F. Rucker 
Fernando Scott 
William "Bill" Stephens 
James A. Stoker 
William Henry Taylor 
James T. Waller 
John Watson 
John P. Wilcox 
Thomas Jefferson "Tom" Woodson 
Volume Three

John F. Abshire
Benjamin Brumfield (Broomfield)
Henry Cogswell
The Crockett Brothers Of St. Clair County
Franklin "Frank" Davis
James M. Gentry
The Hale Family Of Livingston County
Jesse W. Hamlett (Hamlet)
Thomas Hicklin
Thomas Wesley "Tom" Hunter
James William Inlow
Joseph D. Inlow
Benjamin Kimsey
James Riley Kirby
Major Elliott D. Major
William Marchbanks
General John S. Marmaduke
Charles McGhee (McGee)
King Ferdinand Ozment
Martin Persinger
William F. Petty
The Queener Family Of Bates County
John Raftre (Rafter-Rafferty)
Hedge, Bill and Anna Reynolds Of Cass County
William T. "Bill" Roberts
Calvin J. Sartin (Sartain)
William M. "Bill" Stephens
John Albert Williams
Richard "Dick" Yager
Thomas "Tom" Yates
Quantrill Guerrillas Original Roster


Vol. One

Vol. Two

Vol. Three



A Brief Civil War History Of Missouri

  A brief overview of the Civil War in Missouri. Includes descriptions of the national and state political actions that led up to the war in general and particularly the war in Missouri. Brief descriptions of most major engagements are given in chronological order. Casualty reports are given, but civil war casualty reports are usually unreliable because both sides tended to exaggerate them to make it appear that they fared better in the fighting than they actually did. Also included are a number of notable events in Missouri attributed to, or caused by, the war.


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