Quaker Meetings by State



Quaker Meetings by State

Some of the material presented here I have had in "spread sheet" format and used as hand-out material in my lectures on doing Quaker Genealogy conducted in the last few years. Although it is a daunting project, what I hope to publish here on the internet, will be a unique tool for the Quaker Researcher. My intention is to get to a definitive collection of data on all U.S. Meetings with their provenance as well as citations for further research, referencing either a volume & page for extracted material or an FHC film number for filmed original records.

Obviously this undertaking will be a work in progress for some time. My priorities will be to present earliest, material not previously available. All contributions and suggestions are welcomed as the sources for some of the material is 3rd & 4th handed at best. What does this mean? The primary sources for some of this material are references to these meetings in the extracted records of other meetings. I have tried to discount any errors made by the original Quaker Clerk due to inexact knowledge at the time of the geographical location of "foreign" meetings. Dates of establishment shown as "circa" represent the earliest reference I have encountered.

Other Compilation Notes

Items followed by [??] are my educated opinions and are not based on documented facts. When certain meetings seemed particularly obscure, I have indicated in the "Parent" column which other meeting has the earliest reference to this meeting. Understanding how a meeting came into existence can be crucial. "Set off" means that it was formerly a PM of the Meeting shown as its parent; earlier records of members would be at parent meeting. "At separation" means that the members of the splinter group separated from the meeting shown as the parent due to a difference in Discipline or Belief in order to form the new meeting. The exception to this situation is the case in which the parent is shown as a Yearly Mtg. In this instance no conclusions can be drawn as to the provenance of the membership. "Established" means that the Meeting was started as a Colony under the general authority of the parent. One can assume that a majority of the membership of the new meeting earlier had been members of the parent mtg or meetings subordinate to it.

Research Hint

Understanding the genealogy of the Meetings is sometimes as important as understanding the genealogy of the people in the process of conducting research, particularly during the periods of heavy migration. Some Meetings grew in membership very rapidly and spawned new Monthly Meetings from their former Preparatory Meetings as these PM's gained in size and importance. If one is seeking the vital records of a family, those records may very well be found in the parent meeting of the meeting in which the family is mentioned in the Minutes.

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