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December 2002
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I love the Internet. I'll admit it. I think it's exciting and really really cool to have so much information and so many opinions at my fingertips 24/7. I've been dabbling in web pages for some time with our family and various groups that I'm involved in, but they've been difficult to coordinate and servers keep changing and so here is my best attempt yet at coordination.

I've bought myself a domain. Finding a name I wanted that was still available was kind of a chore, but here we are. For the meantime, I'm still using Homestead for the server - the wizards make things easy for me. Why re-invent the wheel? I'll probably eventually upgrade to something else - as I learn more about coding and run out of space here, but this address (www.1stthings.net) should be good no matter where we go.

About the name

Although the roles of my life are varied and ever changing, I am first a child of God. I am defined by who I am in Him. I try everyday to point to Him with all of the various things I fill my life with. That's why I like the 1st things title - no matter what this page ends up being a springboard to, my goal is 1st to glorify Him.
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