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Spine with title.

Cover.  Detail of The front and back cover were separated from the spine and body of the book when found. The blank leaves and very last page are separated as well.  The body of the book seems to be in tact, but starts at page 3.  Title page, any preface and Table of Content pages are missing, (possible they didn't exist).

Clipping pasted inside front Cover. Source and author unknown. Remarks regards a copy owned by the poet Thomas Gray.  This copy  has several similar margin notes that resemble those described  (See details page for margin note photos). Full picture of inside of front cover.

Watermark, inside back cover.  Digitally enhanced to illuminate.  More examples: back-inits-1, back-inits-2, back-inits-3.

Watermark on blank leaves at the front and back of the book, digitally enhanced for contrast. The same page is used as background for these web pages.  The Gravell database of Watermarks has several similar to this.  They name it, "Jester with seven pointed collar".  View the unaltered image here.

The text pages have 3 other watermarks that I have yet to photograph.  The most common is a gloved hand with a star above the middle finger.  The other two are tankards, one larger than the other.

There are many curious margin notes, a few of which are indexed on the details page.

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