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Genealogy! My home page listing.

In memory...

In memory...

Ethel Wray Morrison Parker
Perry Green Parker


Bessie Caroline Morris Peace
William Thomas Peace

Winter sunset across the pasture beside my home... Genealogy

The sun never sets on my search for

long lost cousins.

Here's what you will find:
My Family Tree: Clues for you:
My Combined Paternal & Maternal Index 1850 Federal Census for Cleveland County, NC
Some family photographs Confederate Companies from our area
My Confederate ancestors Rosters for the Companies
A listing of some of my sources E-mail addresses for fellow researchers
and more...

Sorry folks, but I've temporarily removed most of my own family tree files. After years of hard work some of my research has recently appeared on CDs sold by a well known software company. I don't  mind the good stuff being shared, but someone included my suppositions, conjectures and plain old "I guess" notes as fact. I quote friend Bill Floyd when saying "Don't sell the records, share them." Below you will find the link to a  current listing of about 15,000 "cousins" on by my Paternal tree and my Maternal tree, along with some info on my immediate family & some photographs. If you find anyone you recognize, e-mail me & we'll talk. I love to meet new cousins!

Begin your Search

My Family Tree Pages

Clues for you:

My Combined Paternal & Maternal Index
4 main Paternal surnames:
Parker, Cogdell, Morrison, Green

4 main Maternal surnames: Peace, Morris, Pitman, Gosnell

Had to do it folks, I was duplicating too much information as the further back I got the more links I found in these families!

I've not updated this for a while, drop me a note...

1850 US Census for Cleveland County, North Carolina
1526 families in this listing.
List of Civil War Companies/Regiments from Cleveland & Rutherford Counties
Cleveland & Rutherford County men served in these. From this listing you can view rosters of each company as I get them entered. See new stuff below for an update, and other Civil War links.
My Paternal Grandparents
Their children & some photos
List of Confederate Pensioners from Lincoln County, NC.
First list includes veterans who drew their pension during the year 1899.
My Maternal Grandparents
Their children & some photos
Check to see if anyone else is researching your North Carolina Confederate hero.
Send me a message with your Veteran's name, his North Carolina Regiment and company, your name and e-mail address, and I'll add you to the list.
My Family
Mom, Dad, Little Brother & me
Flags of the Confederacy
Pictures and a little history behind the 6 flags used by the Confederate States. Bet you thought the Battle Flag was the only one, huh?
Photographs, photographs & more photographs
Photographs of my family; some places; some things...
Book Review
"State Troops and Volunteers, A Photographic Record of North Carolina's Civil War Soldiers, Volume I" by Greg Mast
"Covered with Glory", The 26th NC Infantry at the Battle of Gettysburg, by Ron Gragg
A salute to my Confederate Veteran ancestors. Notes & Obituaries
From time to time I may find an article or obituary that interests me enough to share.
My Bibliography
View my sources, and ever growing
list of people, places, books, etc.
Other links....
Friends, relatives & e-mail pals, plus pages I particularly like.
I need help!
Genealogically speaking of course. On this page I plan to list my "brick walls" & wish list.

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