Census Returns
The following related Census returns are included:

NB Please note: I have not transcribed the whole of each of the parishes mentioned, just those
relating to the names I am researching.  However, I have added links to other sites with more comprehensive census transcripts.

Curtis family in South Perrot, Mosterton, Dorset and
                               Islington, London

Dellor family in Barnet, Monken Hadley, Herts and
                               Islington, Westminster, London

Gravatt family in Finsbury, Islington, Hackney, Westminster, London and
                                Leton, Essex 

Hayes family in Clerkenwell, Islington, St. Pancras

Howard family in Barrington, Comberton, Little Shelford Cambridgeshire, and
                             Chelsea, Croydon, Kingston and
                             Plymouth, Devon

Please also see Cambs Family History Society's webpage
for Searchable
1841 and 1851 census for Cambridgeshire parishes

Kille family in East Meon, Hampshire and
                           Hammersmith Tottenham, Middlesex

Please also see http://website.lineone.net/~hantshistory/pr.html  for various Hampshire parish registers on-line including East Meon.

Shilton family in Faringdon, Shellingford Berkshire
     Madingley, Cambrigeshire
                                 Chawton, Hampshire and
                                 Islington, Westminster, Tottenham

Streatfield family in Hayes, Lewisham, Kent,
                                     Clerkenwell, Holborn, Shoreditch London and
                                     Walthamstow Essex

Bibby family from Liverpool

Dunn family from Knowsley, Rufford, Ormskirk, Liverpool, Lancs

Evans family mainly from Birkenhead & Tranmere  
and some 1841 transcripts from Wallasey and Chester             

Needham family from Chelmorton, Buxton Derbyshire and
, Lancashire

Please also see http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~agene/census/derby/
full Derbyshire transcriptions of 1851-1881 censuses inclusing Ashford, Chelmorton, Flagg, Monyash, Sheldon and Taddington - Not just the Needhams!.

Neil family from Whitehaven, Cumbria and
                                Tranmere, Cheshire

A surname index of selected Cumbrian 1851 census returns is availbale at

Peers family mainly from Birkenhead, Cheshire

Sanderson family from Astley, Leigh, and Liverpool Lancashire

Tyrer family from Prescot, Liverpool Lancashire