In our branch of the family, we are tracing the family back from Annie Elizabeth Dunn, who married William George Bibby in 1901.  Annie was the daughter of George Dunn and Ann LuntGeorge has been traced back to Knowsley where he was born in 1840 but before that, his father George Dunn came from Northumberland.  Exactly where in Northumberland has been causing some problems.  Most of the census data just tells us George was from Northumberhand, however, in 1861 he mentions Swinburn.  In 1871 he says he is born in Chollerton. Although Swinburn appears to be in the Chollerton parish catchment, the difference may be important when trying to establish who his parents were.
Thanks to Adam Dunn, great grandson of William Dunn (brother of Annie Elizabeth), who has also been researching into the Chollerton Dunns, we have a family tree beginning with John Dunn of Parkside who had children at Simonburn, Northumberland. (Note: This particular line of enquiry may turn out to be unrelated to George Dunn).
It looks likely that
John Dunn married Catherine Potts (daughter of Parcival Potts) on 11th May, 1732 at St. Mungo's Simonburn.
They had the following children:

Thomas Dunn bp 30.3.1733 St Mungo's Simonburn
                            m 1.9.1757 St Mungo's Simonburn to
Jane Hutchinson
                            bur 14.2.1780 Simonburn
Parcivill Dunn b Parkside, bp 30.7.1735 Simonburn
                            d Wark, bur 15.9.1760 Simonburn
Ann Dunn b Parkside, bp 17.4.1738 Simonburn
Alice Dunn b Conshield, bp 19.10.1740 Simonburn
Margaret Dunn b Conshield, bp 14.7.1743 Simonburn
John Dunn b Conshield, bp 24.2.1748 Simonburn

Thomas Dunn was baptised at St. Mungo's, Simonburn, Northumberland on 30th March, 1733, the son of John Dunn of Parkside.  Thomas married Jane Hutchinson (daughter of William Hutchinson of Wark) on 1st September, 1757 also at St. Mungo's.
They had the following children, possibly born at Wark but baptised at Simonburn::

John Dunn bp 30.3.1758 Simonburn
William Dunn bp 23.3.1760 Simonburn
Catherine Dunn bp 5.7.1764 Simonburn
Thomas Dunn bp 2.4.1767 Simonburn
                           d Wark, bur 1.3.1771 Simonburn
Jane Dunn bp 9.6.1770 Simonburn
Ann Dunn bp 9.4.1773 Simonburn
                    bur 6.11.1784 Simonburn ??
Thomas Dunn (Tailor) bp 14.3.1776 at Mungo's, Simonburn
                                          m 21.7.1798 Chollerton to
Ann Welton
d 1851 ? bur 3.11.1851 Chollerton ?
Susannah Dunn bp 11.1.1781 Simonburn          
                                bur 11.10.1784 Simonburn ??

Thomas Dunn was a Master Tailor and married Ann Welton (possibly daughter of William Welton of Barrasford) on 21st July, 1798 at Cholllerton. They had the following children:

Mary Dunn b 24.10.1798, bp 31.10.1798 Chollerton
                      m 7.4.1825 Chollerton to
Thomas Leadbitter
Jane Dunn b 4.1.1801, bp 7.1.1801 Chollerton 
                     m 26.1.1822 Chollerton to
George Watson
bp 25.12.1804 Chollerton;  this could have been 
George Dunn (Gardener) bp 25.12.1804/5 Chollerton, Northbld
                                              m 19.12.1831 Chollerton, Northbld to
Jane Lambert
                                              d 10.5.1872 Rufford

Thomas Dunn
(Tailor) b abt 1806 Chollerton
Susannah Dunn
b 13.9.1807, bp 9.4.1808 Chollerton
William Dunn (shoemaker) b abt 1811 Chollerton
Margaret Dunn b abt 1820 Chollerton
                             m 25.1.1845 Chollerton to
John Hepple
                             d Gunnerton, bur 20.6.1860 Chollerton (age 41)
John Dunn (Tailor) b abt 1823 Chollerton
Isabella Dunn bp 19.6.1825 Chollerton
                           m 27.11.1847 Chollerton to
William Hunter

Here, there is still confusion over whether the Dunn child in the registers was in fact George or another child. We are hoping to clarify this is due course.  However, the 1851 census of Chollerton also throws up another question. Living with Thomas aged 74, a master tailor are three sons
Thomas b abt 1807, William b abt 1811 and John born abt 1821.  Susannah is also with them and Thomas and John are both tailors.
Could the male Dunn's christening be Thomas? In the 1841 census,
Isabella is with the family as is her sister Margaret and her husband to be John Hepple.
There is also a George Dunn baptised at Chollerton on 21 August, 1814, son of John Dunn and Ann of Colwell. If this is 'our George' then most of his census ages are ten years out. Another possiblility being persued is that he was baptised at Branton Presbyterian on 31st July 1805, son of George Dunn and Elizabeth.  The same couple may have had a daugher Isabella Dunn in 1814 at Chollerton.

However his parentage turns out, we do know that:
George Dunn born 1804/5 was a gardener and he married Jane Lambert, on 19th December, 1831 at Chollerton.
They had the following children:

Thomas Dunn b 27.6.1832 Newcastle
Ann Dunn
b 1834 Knowsley Lancs
d 23.3.1897, bur Rufford
George Dunn (Gardener/Carter) b 25.4.1840 Knowsley
m 9.3.1863 Halsall to Ann Lunt (b 1841 Lydiate)
                                                          m 1895  Liverpool to
Mary Ann Winterbottom
                                                          d 1910 ? aged 71
John Dunn b 1844 Knowsley
                      d 25.9.1870 Rufford

The Gardener's Cottage at Rufford

It is not known whether or not George and Jane had any other children in Newcastle or elswhere before moving to Knowsley.
At the time of the 1841 census, the family were living at Jacks Brown Lane, Knowsley. However, neither George or Jane could be found in the area for 1851 or later.  I had though that they had possibly died by 1851.  But then thanks to
Adam Dunn who contacted me in December 2004, the mystery was solved. The family were living at Rufford where George was working as Groundsman at Rufford Hall.

They were still there in 1861 but by this time George was widowed. 
Jane had died
on 18th June,1857 and was buried at Rufford. Their son
John died on 25th September
1870,  George died on 19th May, 1872 at Rufford aged 68 and their daughter Annie
died on 23rd  March, 1897 although she had been living at Burnely.                                                 

                                                      This headstone was found at the churchyard of St. Mary
                                                      the Virgin parish church at Rufford, and shows all four
                                                      menbers of the family.

George Dunn was born on 25th April, 1840; the son of George Dunn and Jane Lambert.  
In 1861 George was a gardener at Rufford Hall, as was his father.   He  married
Ann Lunt, the daughter of John Lunt, Flourman of Aughton, on 9th March, 1863 at St. Thomas' church, Lydiate in the parish of Halsal. l  At the time of his marriage both groom and his father were gardeners.  It appeared that they moved around quite a bit, as can be seen from the birth places for their children:

Alfred Dunn (Carter) b 1864 Liverpool,
                        d 1891? (age 26) 
Launcelot Joseph Dunn (Carter)  b 1868  Kirkham,
                                               m 1898 Kirkdale St. Athanansius to
Mary Unsworth
Lilian Jane Dunn born in 1870 at Skelmsdale,
                                 m 1891?
Annie Elizabeth Dunn b 1876 Liverpool,
                                          m 25.12.1901 Bootle to
William George Bibby
                                          d 1936
William Dunn (Carter) b 7.1.1879 MoLiverpool,
                                        m 6.8.1899 Liverpool to
Elizabeth Sefton
George Dunn (Carter)  b1882 Liverpool.

The family were living at 10 Victoria Terrace, Liverpool at the time of the 1881 Census and George was a Carter. There may have been a son called
Osberd Dunn, but no record can be found of him.
In 1891 it appears that
Alfred died.  At this time he family were living at 29 Chancel Steet, Kirkdale, Liverpool (RG12/2964/74/32). It also appears that Ann, George's wife, died in later in 1891 aged 51. When Annie Elizabeth married William George Bibby in December 1901, George was still alive and one of the witnesses was a Mary Dunn, who could have been Launcelot's wife.  In trying to locate George on the 1901 census, however, the only George Dunn, Carter, alive and born in Knowsley was 42 years old (when he should be 60).  He was married to Mary Ann with a stepdaughter; Mary Ann Winterbottom and they were living at 31 Nith Street, Kirkdale. 
This fact  lead to the finding of a marriage between
George Dunn and Mary Ann Winterbottom in 1895.
The only conclusion is that George remarried and lied about his age in the 1901 census, for whatever reason.  It is likely that George died in 1910 aged 71.

Launcelot Dunn, born in 1868 at Kirkham was also a Carter.  He married Mary Unsworth in 1898.  At the time of the 1901 census, they were living at Everton together with his younger brother George Dunn, also a Carter and a Thomas Dunn, a bricklayer and lodger born at Maghull.  We have no idea how Thomas is related.

Annie Elizabeth Dunn, born in 1876 at Liverpool was my mother-in-law's grandmother. She married William George Bibby on 25th December, 1901 at St. Matthew's church, Bootle.
At the time of the 1901 census, however, neither of these two can be located.


photo of Annie Elizabeth Bibby
(nee Dunn)


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