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My husband's Evans family probably originate from Wales (like most Evans') although at this point I am still stuck somewhere in Birkenhead.   I have a bit of a brick wall.

The sticking block is
Henry Evans who was, according to his marriage certificate of 1894 , the son of William Evans, Gentleman, deseased.   Family folklore confirms that Henry was born in Chester and by his age at marriage, born around 1860 give or take a couple of years.
The only likely Henry on the 1881 census is the following:

1 Birkenhead Cliffs/Buildings, Tranmere (RG11/3587/9/17)

Ellen  Evans   Head  Widow   age 51  Hawker           b Barnhill, Cheshire
Henry             son                          22   Labourer        b Chester         "
John               son                          20   Labourer         b Maccelsfield  "
Rachel            dau                         18   Homekeeper   b Denbigh, Wales

So far, so good.  But looking at the possible births of Henrys on the
Cheshire bmd none have both parents William and Ellen.  I then searched the 1891 census and found the following:

37 Stanby Street, Tranmere (RG12/2889/77/39)

Ellen Evans      head    age 66      Earthenware dealer            b Barnhill, Cheshire
Henry                son            32      General Labourer              b Chester
John                    son           29      General Labourer              b Macclesfield
Margaret Pimm   grandau   12                                               b Birkenhead

I was now even more sure that this was the right famly as my mother-in-law remembers stories about the
family selling pots.  But now I have a new query; whose daughter is
Margaret Pimm? Did Henry and John have an older sister who married a Pimm?

Then by a huge piece of luck, and thanks very much to
Irene Birch who found them for me, I know have this Evans family in 1871:

58 Egerton Street Birkenhead  (RG 10/3744/158/199)  

William EVANS    Head    38    Hawker    b Chester
Ellen                      Wife    36?                    b Chester
Mary                      dau      15                     b Chester
William                   son      13                     b North Wales
Henry                     son      12                     b Chester
John                       son       11                     b Macclesfield
Rachel                   dau       7                       b "Denby" (sic)Wales

I have been able to confirm, at last, that this is the right family, as  Ellen's death certificate states that present at death was her son H. Evans living at 20 Seabank Cottages.  She died on 28th June, 1895 at 16 Roslyn Street, Tranmere, aged 64.  I then found William's death certificate; he died on 26th February, 1873 aged 40 at 58 Egerton Street, Birkenhead!  Present at death, however, was not Ellen, but
Elizabeth Rogers?
There is a marriage that looks very likely:
William Evans, labourer, to Ellen Jones on 7th November, 1854 at St. Alban Church, Bevington, Liverpool.  If this is the correct couple then William was the son of Robert Evans, labourer.  Ellen was the daughter of John Jones and they were both living in Summer Seat at the time of the marriage.

As for the Pimm connection, I think it comes from the older daughter
Mary Evans; a Robert Pimm marrried a Mary Ann Evans in 1882, Wirral. This would have been a couple of years after Margaret's birth and the death of her mother.  On the 1881 Census, Robert Pimm was a widower and his probable daughter, Margaret had been adopted and was living at:

28 Brougham St, Tranmere (RG11/ 3585 / 67/18)
George Bebbington    head     age 36   Porter                 born Cheshire
Eliza         "                  wife             36                             born Wales
Elizabeth Dunn        step-dau         13  Gen servant         born Birkenhead
Mary          "             "      "            10                             born       "
Margaret Pimm      adopted            1                             born Birkenhead

So, she was adopted by
George Bebbington and his wife (I have just found a marriage between George Bebbington and Eliza Dunn in 1875 at Our Lady& St. Nicholas & St. Anne, Liverpool).  Eliza could have been related to Robert?
So, in 1882, Margaret would have become the step-daughter of
Mary Ann  nee Evans.  But in 1884 Mary Ann Pimm died aged 28 at Birkenhead.  Thus, Margaret was motherless again in 1891 and living with her step-grandmother Ellen.

Assuming that I have this right, the family is as follows:
Robert Evans, labourer had at least one son:
William Evans born abt 1833 at Chester
                           m 7.11.1854 at Liverpool ,St Alban to
Ellen Jones (daughter of John Jones)
                           d 23.2.1873 at Birkenhead aged 40.
William was a hawker or General Dealer and they had the following children:

MaryAnn  Evans born 1855/6 at Chester
                                m 1882 Wirral to
Robert Pimm (became step-mother to Margaret Pimm)
                                d 1884 Birkenhead aged 28
William Evans born 1857/8 North Wales/Chester
Henry Evans born 1859/60 at Chester
                          m 26.3.1894 at Tranmere to
Susannah Peers
John Evans  born 1861/2 at Macclesfield (Appear missing from census after 1891).
Rachel Evans born 1864 at Denbigh

I have since been able to confirm this family as they have been found living in a Caravan at Threapwood, Flintshire, Wales
(RG9/4279/113/15) at the time of the 1861 Census.  William was a General Dealer.  According to this census all his children up to this time were born in Chester.

Henry Evans was a general labourer.  He married Susannah Peers, daughter of John Peers and Jane Messon on 26th March, 1894 at Tranmere. They lived, from at least 1895, at 20 Seabank Cottages, Tranmere.
They had two sons:

Charles Ralph Evans b 1902 Tranmere
                                         m 1939 New ferry to
Robina Barnes (nee Foster)
                                         d 22.2.1976
William Robert Evans (Iron Driller) b 8.12.1903 Tranmere
                                                              m 20.9.1930 Walton to
Annie Tyrer
                                                              d 16.3.1960 Birkenhead

Charles Evans was the eldest son of Henry and Susannah.  He was
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