Ann Lunt was born about 1840 and she married George Dunn, a gardener on 9th March, 1863 at Halsall parish church. At this time she was living at Aughton (Ref: Marriage certificate)
There is an
Ann Lunt bp 15th Nov 1840 at St Catherine's, Liverpool; her parents were John Lunt and Elizabeth.  John and Elizabeth were also parents of  Mary Lunt bp 2nd March, 1845 (Ref: IGI).

It seems likely that this is the Ann that married
George Dunn in 1863.   We know from Ann and George's marriage certificate that her father was John Lunt, flourman.
Although I have been unable to find John in the 1851/1861 census,  I did find an Ann in 1851; could this be Elizabeth remarried in 1851 &  1861?

1851 Census
1 Clarke Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool
(HO107/2186/ 478A)

William Benson  head  age 35     Labourer         born Broughton
Eliz.          "            wife           35                                born Wavertree
Ann Lunt            d inlaw        11     Scholar            born Liverpool
Margaret Lunt         "               6           "                    born       "
George       "        s inlaw        7           "                    born        "
John           "             "               4                                 born         "
Agnes Benson      dau           2                                 born         "

(NB "inlaw" appears to mean "step")

Note:  An
Elizabeth Lunt married William Benson sep Q 1848 at Liverpool - this would also explain why John Lunt does not appear in the Liverpool 1851 census. 

1861 Census
45 Portland Street, Liverpool

William Benson   head  age 48  Railway Porter      b Broughton, Lancs
Elizabeth    "         wife            45                                   b Wavertree
George Lunt        step-son    17  Shipping clerk      b Liverpool
Mary      "              step-dau     16                                   b        "
John       "             step-son     14                                   b       "
Agnes Benson     dau             11   scholar                  b Liverpool
Daren      "              son               9        "                         b        "
William    "              son               7        "                         b        "
James       "            son               4                                   b         "
Henry Jones        boarder      18   railway porter      b         "

I have been unable to find a certain account of Ann Lunt in the 1861 census - just two years before she married George Dunn. 
The only possible Ann in the 1861 census was:

1861 Census
57 Newsham Street, Liverpool

Isabella Lunt  head  widow  age 53  Charwoman         b West Derby
Eliza         "      dau    unm              26  Dressmaker          b Walton
Ann          "                                        20  House servant     b Liverpool
John Carter               mar               37  Dock labourer      b       "
Thomas  "                    "                  34  Merchant Tailor    b      "

There are two possibilities here:
1. Ann is the daughter of Isabella (although the relationship is unstated) in which case she would be
Ann Lunt bp 3.12.1841 st St Anthony's Liverpool; parents James Lunt and Isabella
(Ref: IGI)  As we know that Ann's father was John, then this is dismissed.
2. Ann is an undisclosed relative of Isabella and infact a lodger, in which case this could be 'our' Ann perhaps a niece of Isabella? 

According to her marriage certificate, she was living at Aughton at the time and her fiance George Dunn was a gardener at Lydiate.
Could this be a relative?

1871 Census
The Thorns, Southport Road, Lydiate, Lancs

John Lunt      head  unm age 50  Labourer       born Lydiate
Margaret "      sister   "             37                           born      "
Mary A  "         dau      "             19                           born     "
William Bold   lodger                31                          born Melling 

If so, then this is the 1861 census of Margaret and her parents:

1861 Census
Southport Road, Lydiate, Lancs

John Lunt             head  mar age 70    Market Gardener   born Lydiate
Ann      "                 wife                    68                                      born Liverpool
Margaret "             dau   unm         27   Charwoman            born Lydiate
Esther Turnstall   dau  mar           25                                      born      "
Ellen Lunt              dau   unm        19                                       born      "
Walter  "                 grandson           6     scholar                    born       "
Elizabeth Turnstall grandau          5                                       born      "
Mary Ann       "                "                 2                                        born West Derby

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