The Tyrer Family
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'Our' Tyrer family seems to be descended from one Anthony Tyrer Innkeeper of Knowsley born abt 1664? He married Felicity or Phelicia (as she was named in his will) and they had the following children (based on the Prs of St Michaels, Huyton and his will):

Jane Tyrer b abt 1684
                     m 19.4.1704 Huyton to
Thomas Jackson
Anthony Tyrer b 8.3.1686 Huyton
                            m 11.6.1707 Huyton to
Dorothy Skeath
                            bur 10.12.1707 Huyton
Richard Tyrer bp 20.11.1688 Huyton
                           bur 7.10.1693 Huyton
William Tyrer bp 20.11.1688 Huyton
                          bur 2.2.1690 Huyton
William Tyrer bp 30.12.1690 Huyton
                          d before 1698
Thomas Tyrer bp 14.1.1692 Huyton
William Tyrer bp 8.12.1698 Huyton
John Tyrer (fisherman) b 1.5.1701 Knowsley
                                         bp 11.5.1701 Huyton
                                         m 20.2.1721 Formby to
Margery Barton
                                         d abt 1776 (admon)
Henry Tyrer bp 4.4.1703 Huyton
                       bur 6.4.1703 Huyton
Mary Tyrer bp 16.3.1707 Huyton
                     bur 9.9.1725 Huyton

Anthony left a will dated 18th December, 1724 in which he named his wife
Phelicia and children Jane Jackson, Thomas, William, John and Mary.  The will was proved in June 1730, but we do not yet know exactly when he died.

John Tyrer was born on 1st May and baptised on 11th May, 1701 at Huyton by Roby.  He married Margery Barton (possibly the daughter of William Barton of Huyton) on 20th February, 1721 at Formby.
John and Margery had the following children at Formby;

Elizabeth Tyrer bp 31.12.1721 Formby
                              bur 10.6.1723 Formby
Felicia Tyrer b 7.3.1722, bp 17.3.1722 Formby
                        m 7.8.1745 Formby to
Richard Rymer
Anthony Tyrer (Fisherman) b 9.6.1725, bp 13.6.1725 Formby
(m 20.8.1745 Leigh to Elizabeth Tongue???)
                                                  m 20.7.1756 St Mary, Walton to
Margery Kennion
                                                  bur 9.5.1776 (fever) Walton-on-the-Hill Formby chapel
Elizabeth Tyrer b 25.9.1727, bp 29.9.1727 Formby
                              m 21.11.1772 Formby to
Joseph Runcorn
Ellen Tyrer b 15.8.1730, bp 16.8.1730 Formby
                     m abt 1730 to
James Much
                     d 5.11.1784, bur 10.11.1784 Walton
John Tyrer b 5.10.1732, bp 7.10.1732 Formby
                      bur 8.1.1733 Formby

John died some time between 1772 and 1776 when there appears a letter of Administration naming a
William Tyrer of Formby (possibly his brother) and his daughter Elizabeth Runcorn (married to Joseph Runcorn). John's wife Margery had died in 1759 and was buried at Formby on 25th December, 1759.

Anthony Tyrer born in 1725 was a Fisherman, Haws and Husbandman.  According to the IGI,  there was an Anthony who on 20th August, 1745 married Elizabeth Tongue at Leigh, Lancashire.  This could be the same Anthony as he would be about 20.  However, all his children baptised at Formby begin in 1757 and it looks likely that the mother of these children was Margery Kennion (possibly the daughter of James Kenyon) whom he married on 20th July, 1756 at Walton.  Is this the same Anthony marrying twice and if so did he have any children with Elizabeth? 
Anthony, according to the Formby registers was a fisherman. He had the following children (no mother is mentioned in the Formby registers);

John Tyrer (Blacksmith) bp 18.9.1757 Formby
                                             bur 2.4.1826 Formby (age 68)
James Tyrer (Farmer) bp 2.3.1760 Formby
                                         m 24.12.1792 Walton to
Catherine Longton           
                                         bur 22.3.1830 Formby Chapel
Thomas Tyrer bp 23.5.1762 Formby
                            bur 10.8.1834 Formby
Richard Tyrer bp 25.12.1764 Formby
                           bur 31.01.1765 Formby
Ellen Tyrer bp 26.1.1766 Formby
Richard Tyrer (plumber/glazier) bp 29.10.1769 Formby
                                                         m 11.7.1791 Man Cathedral to
Sarah Butterworth
                                                         d before 1841

Anthony Tyrer appears to have died of fever was buried on 9th May, 1776 at Formby Chapel.  However, he made an Indenture of Lease on 4th May, 1767 between himself, a husbandman and John Formby of Formby.  The body of this rather long indenture refers to himself as being about 42, his son John being 10 and his son James being 7 and mentions his wife Margery.  This all confirms the identities above.
Margery, his widow left her own will in 1815 (proved in 1817) and refers to other sons Thomas and Richard, plumber and glazier.  Again this confirms the identity of Richard in association with Margery and Anthony.
The problem is with another
Anthony Tyrer, plumber and glazier of Prescot  who left a will dated 1779 (proved 1790). How is he related to Richard?

What is certain, is that
Richard Tyrer (born 1769)  married Sarah Butterworth on 11th July, 1791 at Manchester Cathedral. Richard was a plumber and Glazier. Thanks to the Prescot St Mary parish registers, I now know that he and Sarah had the following children:

Anthony Tyrer (painter/glazer) b 26.11.1792 bp 2.12.1792 Prescot
                                                       m 23.2.1812 Liverpool St Peters to
Martha Bostock
                                                       m ?
Sarah Bostock, formerly Makin (b 1802)
                                                       d 16.5.1861 Whiston Union workhouse
                                                       bur 19.5.1861 Prescot
Mary Tyrer b 11.12.1801, bp 25.12.1801 Prescot
                     d 1871 Prescot (unmarried)
Ellen Tyrer b 20.7.1794, bp 10.8.1794 Prescot
John Tyrer b 17.11.1796, bp 11.12.1794 Prescot
Thomas Tyrer (toolmaker) b 13.3.1799, bp 31.3.1799 Prescot
Ann ?
                                                d 1843 West Derby?
Margery Tyrer b 23.6.1804 bp 15.7.1804 Prescot
                            m ? to
Thomas Willis (watchmaker)
                            d 1878 Prescot
Richard Tyrer (watchmaker/parcel carrier) b 5.1.1811, bp 16.1.1811 Prescot
                                                                           d 1873 Prescot (unmarried)
Sarah Tyrer (parcel carrier) bp 24.10.1813 Prescot
                                                  d 14.3.1885 Prescot (unmarried)
Jane Tyrer bp 23.2.1816 Prescot
Elizabeth Tyrer bp 11.4.1819 Prescot

Sarah, widow,  died on 28th February, 1841 at Prescot, aged 68 and Richard, her son was the informant. However, we have been unable as yet to verify when Richard senior died. 

Anthony Tyrer was born on 26th November, 1792 at Prescott.  He was a painter and glazer and he married Martha Bostock on 23rd February, 1812 at St. Peter's, Liverpool. Again, I have found their children from the Prescot parish registers:

Ann Tyrer bp 21.11.1813 Prescot
Ellen Tyrer bp 26.11.1815 Prescot
George Tyrer (Packer) bp 10.5.1818 Prescot
                                          m 1841 Man Cath to
Elizabeth Dodson
Jane Tyrer bp 9.4.1820 Prescot
                     m 20.7.1841 Man Cath to
James Dodson
Sarah Tyrer bp 20.7.1823 Prescot
                       m 5.11.1849 Manchester St Johns to
John Ellis (Thanks to Ron for this information)
Charlotte Tyrer, bp 2 Oct 1831 Manchester Cathedral

There were probably other children between 1823 and 1831 but I have yet to track them down!  However,
Martha died early in 1840.
Later that year on 14th August, 1840,
Christiana Tyrer was born to Sarah Bostock but with no mention of a father. The father may or may not be Anthony.  In the 1841 census Anthony is living with daughter Jane at Whitfield Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool (HO107/567/8/48). At the same address are Ann Bostock 17, Betsy Bostock 19 and
Richard Bostock 11.  They may be related to Martha.
By the time of the 1851 Census, Anthony was father to 10 year old Christiana. 
Sarah (nee Makin)  was previously married to John Bostock from 21st June 1824 to March, 1832 when John died. (Were Martha and John Bostock related?)      During that time they had a son Peter Bostock bp 14.5.1826 Prescot St. Mary and a daughter, Christiana Bostock b 1831 d 13.3.1832 at Prescot, aged 7 months. Although Charles Tyrer, researcher Rob O'Brien and myself have searched, we can find no marriage for Sarah and Anthony.
The following are their children although the latter two only attributed to Anthony and Sarah:

Christiana Tyrer b 14.8.1840 Prescot (illegitimate, to Sarah Bostock)
                               m 10.4.1859 Man Cathedral to
James Holden
Elizabeth Tyrer b 16.11.1842 bp 1.1.1843 Prescot
Anthony Bostock Tyrer (labourer) b 4.2.1845 bp 23.3.1845 St. Mary, Walton
                                                               m 12.3.1866 Liverpool to
Elizabeth Meredith (b 1851)
                                                               d 24.4.1900 Everton

In 1851 the family lived at 201 Rice Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool  (HO107/219 /31A). It appears that Sarah died sometime between 1851 and 1861 although we are not sure at present.
Anthony died on 16th May, 1861  at 1, Warrington Road, Whiston, the address of Whiston Union Workhouse, aged 68 of bronchitis.

Richard Tyrer, born on 5th January, 1811 was the forth son of Richard Tyrer, plumber and Sarah Butterworth. He was a watchmaker in the 1841 Census and  was living at Hillock Street, Prescot with his sister Sarah Tyrer and  two children: Frederick Tyrer,  b 1834 and James Tyrer, b 1836.
However, by the 1851 Census, at the same address, it became clear that these boys were Richard and Sarah's nephews.   It is now known that
James was baptsied on 25 October, 1835, the illegitimate son of Sarah Tyrer. Another unmarried sister, Mary (born 1801) also lived with them. In the 1861 census, again at Hillock Street, sister Sarah is not present; she was living by herself at  St Helen's Road, Eccleston, as she was also in 1871. In 1881
Sarah was living with her nephew,
Thomas Willis (the son of her sister Margery Tyrer, born 1804, and Thomas Willis.)

Anthony Bostock Tyrer was born on 4th February, 1845 at Walton-on-the-Hill, son of Anthony Tyrer and Sarah Bostock (nee Makin).  He was a labourer and in 1861 he was living at 37 Mould Street, Liverpool with James and Mary Stubbs.
He married
Elizabeth Meredith, daughter of Edward Meredith, fisherman and Eliza Fagan, on 12th March 1866 at Liverpool. They were living at 37 Mould Street in 1871 with their first three children.
They had eleven children:

William Edward Tyrer bp 9.3.1868 Everton
Sarah Tyrer bp 12.7.1869 Liverpool
                       m 4.2.1905 Birkdale to
Harry Pringle Ball
Edward Tyrer (Sawyer) b Everton  bp 25.12.1871 Liverpool
                                           m ? to
Eliza Tyrer b 1873 Everton bp 7.4.1873 Liverpool
                                                 m ?
to Francis Crawford Leahey
                                                 d 1951 bur Anfield ?
Elizabeth Tyrer b 1876 Everton
Christina Tyrer b 1878 Everton
                             m ? to
William James Tollitt
                             d 1952 bur 27.4.1952 Anfield
Richard Tyrer (Brass Dresser) b 1879 Everton
                                                        m 1905 Liverpool St Peter to
Jane Halliday
Henry Tyrer (Boiler Makers labourer) b 20.2.1881 Everton
                                                    m 23.5.1908 Walton to
Maria Needham
                                                    d 1931 Walton
Emily Tyrer b 12.4.1883 Everton bp12.4.1883 Christchurch, Everton                   The above photograph is of
                                                        d bef 1891                                                           
Elizabeth Tyrer (nee Meredith)
Thomas Tyrer b 9.1885 Everton
                         m 12.1909 West Derby to
Edith May Donnelly
Charles Tyrer (Ship's Fireman) b 23.11.1887 Everton
                                                        m 4.12.1910 Kirkdale to
Christina Hodgson Price
                                                        d 18.8.1953 Walton Hospital

In 1881 the family were living at 125 Buckingham Street, Everton, Lancs (RG11/3660/104/24) and in 1891 they had moved to 131 Buckingham Street, Everton
Anthony Bostock Tyrer died at 115 Buckingham Street on 24th April 1900 aged 53.  This was where Elizabeth, widowed, was living with her four youngest sons in 1901.

Henry Tyrer was born on 20th February, 1881 at 125 Buckingham Street, Everton, son of Anthony Bostock Tyrer and Elizabeth Meredith. He was a boiler maker's labourer Henry and his family had moved to 131 Buckingham Street by the time of the 1891 census and again to 115 Buckingham Street by the time of the 1901 census  He married Maria Needham, daughter of John Needham and Ann Sneath, on 23rd May, 1908 Walton-on-the-Hill. They were both living in Buchanan Road at the time.
They had seven children:

AnnieTyrer b 1909 Walton
                      m 20.9.1930 Walton to
William Robert Evans
                      d 1969 Walton
Henry Tyrer b 1910? Walton d infant
Ellen Tyrer b 9.1912 Walton d infant
Lilian Tyrer b 9.1913 Walton d infant
John Henry Tyrer b 3.1914 Walton
                                  m 1938 to
Lilian Stevenson
Alan Tyrer b 1918 Walton
                    m 11.5.1944 to
Doris Hanning
                    div 1961
                    d 1976
Lily Tyrer b 1921 Walton
                   m 1952 to
Harold Pritchard
                   d 1994 Walton
Firstly, thanks go to Lilian Tyrer (sadly now deseased), youngest daughter of Henry Tyrer, who sent me two or three very helpful letters and gave me all Henry's children and their dates of birth etc., and to Charles Tyrer, grandson of Charles Tyrer, Henry's brother, for many emails full of help and advice and shared research; to Rob O'Brien, who researched Anthony Tyrer's family for us up in the Liverpool area; and most recently to Ron Furguson for further research into the same branch.
The above photograph is of Maria and Henry Tyrer with their two youngest, Annie and possibly Henry that died an infant.  Note that Henry is wearing a George V hat - his may help date the photo to 1910 when George succeeded his father Edward VII on the throne.
Henry died in 1931 at Walton-on-the-Hill.

Charles Tyrer was the youngest child of Anthony Bostock Tyrer and Elizabeth Meredith, born on 23rd November, 1887 at 131 Buckingham Street, Everton.  He was a stoker in the Royal Navy reserve from 1910 and was then recruited into the Royal Navy in 1914 at Devonport, joining HMS Devonshire in 1916. He married Christina Hodgson Price on 4th December, 1910 at St. Mary's church, Kirkdale. They had the following children:
Charles Henry Tyrer (Van Driver Salesman) b 4.1.1911 at 16 Ethiopia St. Everton
                                       m 7.4.1935 Everton to
Elizabeth Cheetham (parents of Charles Tyrer)
                                       d 12.1972 Liverpool
William Tyrer b 5.9.1912 Buckingham Street, Everton
                         d 1912 infant
Christina Tyrer b 1915 at 17 Ellison Street, Everton
                             m 1944 Liverpool to
Arthur Robert Simpson
                             d abt 1990
Lilian Tyrer b 27.7.1918 17 Ellison St. Everton
                      m 1941 Sheffield to
Frank Victor Christian
James Tyrer b 1921 17 Ellison St. Everton
d 1921 infant
Alfred Tyrer
b 11.1.1924 17 Ellison St. Everton
                       m 1951 Liverpool to
Lilian Cooper
                       m 1969 Liverpool to
Joan Aspinall
                       d 24.3.1997 Aintree, Liverpool
Walter Tyrer b 3.6.1926 17 Ellison St. Everton
                        m 1.9.1951 Bebington to
Olwyn Dawber
Annie Tyrer born in 1909 was my husband's grandmother. She married
William Robert Evans on 20th September, 1930 at Walton.

Lily Tyrer was Annie's younest sister, born in 1921 at Walton.  She married Harold Pritchard in 1952.  The photo opposite is of Lily as a bridesmaid at a wedding,  taken in c1943.
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