Clan Crest Davidson - courtesy of

“(English) Dweller at a Hollow or Valley [Middle English dene, Old English denu]; (Anglo-French-Latin) Dean [Middle English deen, dene, Old French deien; Latin decan-us, a chief of ten]; (Anglo-Scandinavian) = Dane; (Origin Celtic) Keen, Eager, Strong [Gaelic and Irish dian]”

Surnames of the United Kingdom, A Concise Etymological Dictionary;Henry Harrison; Vol.1 & 2; The Eaton Press






This is a tribute to a family that has been with America since a long ago voyage from Scotland. From Wake County, North Carolina to the Sand Mountain region of Alabama to south Georgia they have personified the hard-working rural American.

This is a brand new site and as such will be growing exponentially. Please help us by contributing any information you may have on the people here.Old photos are wonderful and bring a face to the history. I have included those that I have and more will be forthcoming as they are uncovered.


Most of the photos have been reduced in size for easier loading of the pages. If you'd like a higher resolution scan in the full size - please let me know and I will gladly send you one. Some family records have not been uploaded onto the page. Even though they are publicly available at local courthouses, I would like to retain some control over how they are distributed if they contain a reference to living individuals. Email me with any requests or comments. I love to get email from family!

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