The Dinwoodies of Scotland


Although the Dinwoodie family originated in Dumfrieshire, Scotland in the twelfth century A.D., like many Scottish families, Dinwoodies are now found worldwide. This page is intended to provide historical and genealogical information on the family, as well as providing links to relevant topics and people.


Dinwoodie History and Documents  (updated Sept. 2000)
* The Family of Dinwoodie of Dinwoodie by James Warr
* The Provost of Glasgow (Lawrence Dinwiddie)
* Old Glasgow Exhibition (re: Lawrence Dinwiddie)
* Dinwiddie Births and References in the Glasgow Archives
* Will and Related Doc. of James Dinwoodie--Isle of Man
* The Dinwiddie and Grant Families (re: William and James D.)
* Dinwoodie Names from the War Graves Commision
* Dinwoodie Names in Hearth Tax Rolls 1691
Books and References  (updated Sept. 2000)
Dinwoodie Genealogy  (updated 8-15-99)
Dinwoodie Genealogy with surname variants standardized (new 2-2000)
Links  (updated Sept. 2000)
Dinwoodie lines in the United States
Manuscipt of Dinwiddie of Dinwiddie by Thomas Somerill  (updated Apr. 2000)
The Dinwoodie Collection--Archived works of Adam Welsh (Feb 2000)
Dissertation on the Ancient Territory and Family of Dinwiddie  by Jean Welsh (Feb 2000)
Selected Dinwoodie Pedigrees and Descendancies.  (Dec. 1999)
Articles by Rex Johnston-Smith regarding the Dinwiddies (Feb 2000)
The Dunwoodies of Ireland.  (Apr. 2000)
Robert Dinwiddie--Banker, Scientist, and Emigrant to New York.
Dinwoodie Pictures (New Oct. 2000)
Pictures of Dinwoodie area (New Oct. 2001)
David Dinwoodie, Capt. in the Madras Horse Artillery.  (An extract from his autobiography.  New Feb. 2001)
An Itinerary for a Tour of the Dinwoodie area in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  (New Feb. 2001)
Dinwoodie For Sale.  (Notice for sale of the estate.  New Feb. 2001)
The Dinwiddie-Manchester Connection.  (New Feb. 2001)
The Pilgrimage to Dinwoodie.  (New Mar. 2001)
How Large Was the Original Estate?  (New Mar. 2001)
James Dinwoodie of the Isle of Man 1736-1825.  (New Feb. 2001)


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