(The following add appeared sometime prior to 1860 offering the Dinwoodie Estate for sale to the public.)


There will be exposed for sale by Public Roup, within Stevenson’s Sale Rooms, No. 4, St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh, on Thursday the 24th day of September next at Two o’clock afternoon.


in the parish of Applegarth, county of Dumfries, extending, exclusive of the ground occupied by the Caledonian Railway, to 1402 A. 3 R. 12 P., imperial measure, or thereby, of which about 24 A. 3 R. 24 P. are thriving plantations.

The property consists of the farms of Hangingshaw, Dinwoodie Mains, and Dalmakether. The first is under lease until Whitsunday 1860, the second until Whitsunday 1862, and the last is open Whitsunday next.

The present Rental of the Estate, deducting public burdens, and exclusive of the shooting lodge and woodlands, is 819 pounds. A very considerable rise of rent may be expected on a new letting, a part of the Estate having been much improved. The whole Estate has been recently valued by an eminent agriculturalist as worth upwards of 1200 pounds, including the annual value of the land in wood.

The Estate is beautifully situated on the banks of the River Annan, and is intersected by the Caledonian Railway, the Dinwiddie Station being in the center of it. It is within 6 miles of Lockerbie, 10 of Moffat, 32 of Carlisle, 69 of Edinburgh, and 73 of Glasgow, all by railway.

The land is generally of good quality, and a large portion of it susceptible of great improvement.

There is a commodious Shooting Lodge on the Estate, which abounds with Game, and the Fishing in the River Annan is good.

The property altogether is a most desirable one, not only from the beauty of its situation, but from the convenient access to it by Railway from all directions.

Should it not be sold in one lot, it will be divided as follows:-

I. Lot,- Dalmakether extending to 522 A. 0 R. 3 P. or thereby.

II. Lot,- Hangingshaw and Dinwiddie Mains extending to 850 A. 3 R. 4 P., or thereby, of which 24 A. 3 R. 24 P. are under wood.

For particulars apply to William Campbell, W.S., 6, Rutland Square, Edinburgh; or Robert Adamson, writer, Dumfries; either of whom will furnish a lithographed plan of the Estate. Mr. Campbell is in possession of the title-deeds; Robert Davidson, gamekeeper, Dinwiddie Lodge, will show the Lands.