Dinwoodie Pictures


These are miscelaneous pictures which I have collected, or been given.  They are somewhat disorganized at the present time, and I hope to do better.  But I thought it more  important to get them on the web and make them available.  The organization will come later.  If you have any historical pictures relating to the family which you would be willing to share with us, it would certainly be appreciated.

Dinwoodie Mains.  The site of the original tower and estate.  The crest from the tower has been mounted above the entrance and depicts the original coat of arms of the family.  (Picture contributed by Rob Dinwiddie)

Close up of Dinwoodie crest mounted above the entrance to Dinwoodie Mains.  Due to the black coloring it is somewhat difficult to make out.  (Picture contributed by Rob Dinwiddie)

Dinwoodie Lodge.

Coat of Arms as depicted by Rex Johnston-Smith from the Heraldic Crest found on the gravestone of James Dinwoodie in the Applegarth Churchyard.

Colorized version of the above coat of arms.

Two views of Germiston, the estate of Lawrence Dinwiddie outside of Glasgow.  A.  B.

(Contributed by Alec Marlow)

Robert Dinwiddie, Lt. Gov. of the Colony of Virginia.  Another portrait without the wig.

The River Annan which borders the Dinwoodie lands to the west.

 The manor of James Dinwiddie (b.1750, the son of Lawrence D. and Elizabeth Kennedy)in Pool, Yorkshire and the family's tombstones and the churchyard where they are buried.  (Contributed by Alec Marlow)

Dinwoodie tombstones  in the Malew Kirkyard, Castletown, Isle of Man.  Includes the graves of William Dinwoodie (b.1776), son of James D. and Mary Inglis, and his wife Margaret Clucas (A, B, C), and  their son William Dinwoodie (b.1812) and his wife Jane Huddleston  (D).  (Photos courtesy of Frances Coakley)

Henry and Charlotte Dinwoodie, great grandchildren of James D. and Mary Inglis.

David Dinwoodie, Capt. in the Madras Horse Artillery, 1818-1883.

Rosemary Dinwoodie Kerr and Robert Kerr at graveside of her father and uncle in Ruthwell Churchyard Dec. 2000.

An older map showing the area of Dinwoodie (Broomhillbank) Hill and some of the features including an ancient Dinwoodie graveyard.