In a record of the Carruthers family (Records of the Carruthers Family, by Carruthers and Ried, 1934) a suggestion is given that a portion of the Carruthers estate was formerly included in the Dinwoodie Lairdship. According to Carruthers and Ried, when Elizabeth Dunwedy (who was apparently the daughter, and possibly the heir, of one of the Lairds of Dunwedy) was married to Andrew Carruthers in about 1420, she brought as a dower the lands of Houthwate, Stanrase, and Wamfra. Apparently these lands were previously part of the Dunwedy Lairdship, which if true, would have substantially increased the size of the estate, and the influence of the clan. In 1446, following the death of her husband, Elizabeth was granted a liscense by King James II to invest her eldest son John in her lands which were listed above. And on April 6 1446/7 John Carruthers of Mouswald had a precept from the King investing him in these lands on the resignation of his mother, and sasine was given on the 30th of the same month. So as Lady Jean, at a later date, resigned the remaining Lands of Dinwoodie to her husbands brother Robert Maxwell, Elizabeth apparently resigned her title in a substantial portion of the estate to the Carruthers family.