List for Genealogy of Hargr*ve/s

The List for Genealogy of Hargreave/s, Hargrave/s, & Hargrove/s

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Hargreaves is an English surname.

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  1. Hargr*ve/s Lineages of Subscribers
  2. Given names of Subscribers
  3. Hargr*ve/s Genealogy BooksNew
  4. Parish Records of people named James Hargreaves
  5. Links from the internet to this list
  6. Map & Index to places named Hargr*ve/s in the UK
  7. Christopher Hargraves 1745-1820 of Lancashire & Georgia
    Old Link: Hargr/chris_index.html
  8. David A. Hargraves' page with his gramp Winfield Scott HARGRAVES and truck
  9. Pronunciation of Hargreaves
  10. Other Hargraves Web Pages:
    1. of Bill England [email protected]:
      church of Hargrave, Northamptonshire, England
    2. of Steve, Joan, and Matt Hargrave [email protected]:
      Database of ancestors & descendants of Richard Hargrave b.1614 Wakefield Yorkshire & d.1687 VA
    3. of Teresa Highland [email protected]:
      Dewitt Clark Hargrove & Outline of descendants of Bray Hargrove II
  11. Hargreaves Arms  by Peter Hargreaves New7 Aug 2001
  12. A Glossary of terms used in Heraldry by James Parker New14 Aug 2001
  13. North West Search

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