Yetman and related families of Newfoundland - Name Index - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Yetman and related families of Newfoundland

Name Index

, Abigail b.1858
, Abigail b.1833
, Abigail b.1839
, Ada b.1886
, Agnes b.1853
, Agnes b.1944
, Agnes b.1825
, Agnes b.1885
, Alice b.1895
, Alice b.1853
, Alice b.1874
, Alice b.1880
, Alice b.1853
, Alice Kate b.1865
, Amelia b.1856
, Amelia b.1854
, Amelia b.1896
, Amelia b.1829
, Amy b.1822
, Amy b.1767
, Amy b.1859
, Anastasia b.1849
, Anastasia b.1877
, Anastasia b.1843
, Anastasia b.1860
, Andrew b.1799
, Ann b.1831
, Ann b.1829
, Ann b.1778
, Ann b.1842
, Ann b.1762
, Ann b.1756
, Ann b.1826
, Ann b.1812
, Ann b.1828
, Ann b.1820
, Ann b.1819
, Ann b.1841
, Ann b.1828
, Ann b.1811
, Ann b.1847
, Ann b.1832
, Ann b.1798
, Ann b.1826
, Ann b.1831
, Ann b.1818
, Ann b.1816
, Ann b.1815
, Ann b.1852
, Ann b.1841
, Ann b.1756
, Ann b.1811
, Ann b.1756
, Ann b.1817
, Ann b.1834
, Ann b.1873
, Ann b.1846
, Ann b.1836
, Ann b.1771
, Ann b.1813
, Ann b.1806
, Ann b.1780
, Ann b.1840
, Ann b.1829
, Ann Eliza b.1864
, Ann or Ann Amelia b.1842
, Anne b.1829
, Anne b.1864
, Anne b.1861
, Anne b.1802
, Anne b.1802
, Anne b.1849
, Anne b.1794
, Anne b.1849
, Anne b.1795
, Anne Maria b.1857
, Annie b.1862
, Annie b.1829
, Annie b.1886
, Barbara b.1873
, Barbara b.1866
, Belinda b.1869
, Bertha b.1844
, Bertha b.1897
, Betsy b.1830
, Bridget b.1794
, Bridget b.1833
, Bridget b.1797
, Bridget b.1853
, Bridget b.1869
, Bridget b.1846
, Caroline b.1878
, Caroline b.1871
, Caroline b.1853
, Caroline b.1863
, Caroline b.1871
, Caroline b.1835
, Caroline b.1835
, Caroline M. b.1845
, Catherine b.1831
, Catherine b.1841
, Catherine b.1851
, Catherine d.1908
, Catherine b.1840
, Catherine b.1739
, Catherine b.1808
, Catherine b.1787
, Catherine b.1804
, Catherine b.1798
, Catherine b.1839
, Catherine b.1834
, Catherine b.1739
, Catherine b.1812
, Catherine b.1756
, Catherine or Christianna b.1822
, Cecilia or Selina b.1831
, Celia b.1868
, Charity b.1867
, Charlotte b.1812
, Charlotte b.1805
, Charlotte b.1799
, Charlotte b.1872
, Charlotte b.1828
, Cicely b.1868
, Cicilia b.1858
, Cicily Elizabeth b.1859
, Clementine b.1830
, Deborah b.1868
, Diana b.1796
, Diana b.1796
, Diana b.1814
, Diana b.1811
, Dianah b.1860
, Diane b.1839
, Dina b.1865
, Dinah b.1867
, Dinah b.1849
, Dinah b.1796
, Dorothy b.1776
, Eleanor b.1762
, Eleanor b.1806
, Eleanor b.1850
, Eleanor b.1812
, Eleanor b.1794
, Eleanor b.1810
, Elenor b.1807
, Eliza b.1860
, Eliza b.1821
, Eliza b.1776
, Eliza b.1861
, Eliza b.1851
, Eliza b.1833
, Eliza b.1843
, Eliza b.1839
, Eliza b.1817
, Eliza b.1827
, Eliza b.1862
, Eliza b.1851
, Eliza b.1758
, Eliza b.1814
, Eliza Ann b.1866
, Eliza Ann b.1860
, Eliza Jane b.1872
, Eliza Jane b.1867
, Elizabeth b.1823
, Elizabeth b.1821
, Elizabeth b.1820
, Elizabeth b.1907
, Elizabeth b.1803
, Elizabeth b.1789
, Elizabeth b.1852
, Elizabeth b.1819
, Elizabeth b.1777
, Elizabeth b.1742
, Elizabeth b.1869
, Elizabeth b.1863
, Elizabeth b.1866
, Elizabeth b.1869
, Elizabeth b.1852
, Elizabeth b.1868
, Elizabeth b.1867
, Elizabeth b.1828
, Elizabeth b.1827
, Elizabeth b.1824
, Elizabeth b.1797
, Elizabeth b.1795
, Elizabeth b.1796
, Elizabeth b.1782
, Elizabeth b.1864
, Elizabeth b.1851
, Elizabeth b.1851
, Elizabeth b.1815
, Elizabeth b.1837
, Elizabeth b.1844
, Elizabeth b.1843
, Elizabeth b.1815
, Elizabeth b.1832
, Elizabeth b.1816
, Elizabeth b.1800
, Elizabeth b.1799
, Elizabeth b.1799
, Elizabeth b.1826
, Elizabeth b.1812
, Elizabeth b.1848
, Elizabeth b.1843
, Elizabeth b.1832
, Elizabeth b.1831
, Elizabeth b.1821
, Elizabeth b.1821
, Elizabeth b.1842
, Elizabeth b.1832
, Elizabeth b.1834
, Elizabeth b.1834
, Elizabeth b.1830
, Elizabeth b.1830
, Elizabeth b.1826
, Elizabeth b.1836
, Elizabeth b.1808
, Elizabeth b.1797
, Elizabeth b.1822
, Elizabeth b.1847
, Elizabeth b.1837
, Elizabeth b.1775
, Elizabeth b.1805
, Elizabeth b.1835
, Elizabeth b.1793
, Elizabeth b.1862
, Elizabeth b.1827
, Elizabeth b.1826
, Elizabeth b.1810
, Elizabeth b.1795
, Elizabeth b.1759
, Elizabeth b.1818
, Elizabeth b.1805
, Elizabeth b.1864
, Elizabeth b.1863
, Elizabeth b.1863
, Elizabeth b.1836
, Elizabeth b.1865
, Elizabeth b.1868
, Elizabeth b.1868
, Elizabeth b.1831
, Elizabeth b.1767
, Elizabeth b.1750
, Elizabeth b.1858
, Elizabeth b.1857
, Elizabeth b.1884
, Elizabeth b.1848
, Elizabeth b.1871
, Elizabeth b.1836
, Elizabeth b.1720
, Elizabeth b.1828
, Elizabeth b.1801
, Elizabeth b.1856
, Elizabeth Ann b.1870
, Elizabeth Ann b.1860
, Elizabeth Jane b.1868
, Elizabeth or Eliza b.1833
, Elizabeth Sybella b.1862
, Ellen b.1882
, Ellen b.1865
, Ellen b.1867
, Ellen b.1855
, Ellen b.1849
, Ellen b.1866
, Ellen b.1826
, Ellen b.1852
, Ellen b.1871
, Ellen b.1871
, Ellen b.1866
, Ellen b.1871
, Ellen b.1874
, Ellen b.1849
, Ellen
, Ellen b.1866
, Ellen b.1855
, Ellen or Helen b.1859
, Emily b.1856
, Emma b.1821
, Emma b.1869
, Emma b.1865
, Emma b.1864
, Emma b.1827
, Emma b.1870
, Emma b.1829
, Emma b.1841
, Emma Ann b.1865
, Emma Patience b.1875
, Esther b.1863
, Esther b.1818
, Ethel b.1894
, Eugenie b.1863
, Eunice b.1837
, Eva b.1889
, Evelyn b.1869
, Fanny b.1870
, Fanny b.1845
, Fanny b.1852
, Flora b.1863
, Flora b.1858
, Flora June b.1844
, Frances b.1846
, Frances b.1782
, Frances b.1850
, Frances b.1784
, Frances b.1773
, Frances b.1755
, Frances b.1875
, Frances b.1894
, Gertrude b.1836
, Gladys b.1904
, Grace b.1734
, Grace b.1796
, Grace b.1811
, Grace b.1800
, Grace b.1782
, Grace b.1802
, Grace b.1737
, Hannah b.1793
, Hannah b.1823
, Hannah b.1824
, Hannah b.1781
, Hannah b.1739
, Hannah b.1769
, Hannah b.1857
, Hannah Ellen b.1863
, Hannah or Ann b.1853
, Harriet b.1844
, Harriet b.1830
, Harriet b.1845
, Harriett b.1847
, Helen b.1849
, Helen b.1848
, Helen or Ellen b.1850
, Honor b.1864
, Honora b.1830
, Honora or Honour b.1828
, Ida b.1888
, Isabel b.1877
, Isabella b.1843
, Isabella b.1841
, Isabella b.1867
, Isabella b.1839
, Isabella b.1843
, Jane b.1867
, Jane b.1862
, Jane b.1858
, Jane b.1820
, Jane b.1778
, Jane b.1865
, Jane b.1864
, Jane b.1835
, Jane b.1793
, Jane b.1869
, Jane b.1861
, Jane b.1789
, Jane b.1846
, Jane b.1811
, Jane b.1849
, Jane b.1826
, Jane b.1848
, Jane b.1836
, Jane b.1850
, Jane b.1811
, Jane b.1835
, Jane b.1839
, Jane b.1827
, Jane b.1823
, Jane b.1816
, Jane b.1812
, Jane b.1828
, Jane b.1797
, Jane b.1798
, Jane b.1819
, Jane b.1788
, Jane b.1798
, Jane b.1815
, Jane b.1808
, Jane b.1767
, Jane b.1791
, Jane b.1785
, Jane b.1865
, Jane b.1850
, Jane b.1825
, Jane b.1822
, Jane b.1767
, Jane b.1756
, Jane b.1837
, Jane b.1777
, Jane b.1860
, Janet b.1869
, Jemima b.1876
, Jemima b.1861
, Jemima b.1867
, Jemima b.1848
, Jessie b.1871
, Jessie b.1869
, Jessie b.1886
, Jessie Louisa b.1862
, Jessie M. b.1894
, Joan b.1784
, Joanna b.1865
, Joanna b.1821
, Joanna b.1801
, Joanna b.1827
, Josephine b.1890
, Julia b.1843
, Julia b.1842
, Julia b.1812
, Julia b.1865
, Julia Ann b.1864
, Julia Ann b.1840
, Kate b.1843
, Katherine b.1858
, Katherine b.1829
, Kezia b.1845
, Laura b.1887
, Laura b.1864
, Lavina b.1862
, Lavinia b.1864
, Lavinia b.1850
, Lavinia b.1859
, Lavinia b.1869
, Lavinia b.1866
, Lavinia b.1839
, Lavinia b.1865
, Lavinia b.1848
, Lavinia b.1844
, Lavinia or Laurinia b.1839
, Leah b.1863
, Leah Jane b.1864
, Lenora b.1869
, Lenora b.1927
, Letitia b.1866
, Lilly b.1873
, Lily b.1861
, Lily M. b.1871
, Louisa b.1841
, Louisa b.1842
, Louisa b.1825
, Louisa b.1862
, Louisa or Laura b.1835
, Lucinda b.1856
, Lucinda b.1875
, Lucy b.1863
, Lydia b.1865
, Magdalene b.1829
, Maggie b.1868
, Maggie b.1890
, Margaret b.1862
, Margaret b.1825
, Margaret b.1866
, Margaret b.1863
, Margaret b.1862
, Margaret b.1849
, Margaret b.1851
, Margaret b.1846
, Margaret b.1820
, Margaret b.1858
, Margaret b.1873
, Margaret b.1872
, Margaret b.1828
, Margaret b.1855
, Margaret b.1810
, Margaret b.1881
, Margaret b.1866
, Margaret Ann b.1860
, Margaret Ann b.1815
, Maria b.1785
, Maria b.1867
, Maria b.1822
, Maria b.1850
, Maria b.1836
, Maria b.1827
, Maria b.1850
, Martha b.1832
, Martha b.1810
, Martha b.1832
, Martha b.1800
, Martha b.1831
, Martha b.1784
, Martha b.1757
, Martha b.1828
, Martha E. b.1838
, Martha Elizabeth b.1843
, Mary b.1876
, Mary b.1868
, Mary b.1867
, Mary b.1820
, Mary b.1826
, Mary b.1823
, Mary b.1807
, Mary b.1791
, Mary b.1789
, Mary b.1863
, Mary b.1845
, Mary b.1758
, Mary b.1737
, Mary b.1781
, Mary b.1850
, Mary b.1852
, Mary b.1852
, Mary b.1851
, Mary b.1849
, Mary b.1849
, Mary b.1782
, Mary b.1851
, Mary b.1851
, Mary b.1749
, Mary b.1824
, Mary b.1822
, Mary b.1816
, Mary b.1837
, Mary b.1855
, Mary b.1853
, Mary b.1848
, Mary b.1839
, Mary b.1817
, Mary b.1829
, Mary b.1869
, Mary b.1861
, Mary b.1844
, Mary b.1849
, Mary b.1849
, Mary b.1844
, Mary b.1843
, Mary b.1842
, Mary b.1780
, Mary b.1760
, Mary b.1862
, Mary b.1766
, Mary b.1847
, Mary b.1827
, Mary b.1802
, Mary b.1831
, Mary b.1826
, Mary b.1822
, Mary b.1822
, Mary b.1825
, Mary b.1805
, Mary b.1806
, Mary b.1796
, Mary b.1849
, Mary b.1868
, Mary b.1752
, Mary b.1765
, Mary b.1815
, Mary b.1811
, Mary b.1785
, Mary b.1783
, Mary b.1766
, Mary b.1873
, Mary b.1799
, Mary b.1799
, Mary b.1735
, Mary b.1815
, Mary b.1804
, Mary b.1788
, Mary b.1797
, Mary b.1766
, Mary b.1763
, Mary b.1786
, Mary b.1799
, Mary b.1867
, Mary b.1804
, Mary b.1839
, Mary b.1832
, Mary b.1839
, Mary b.1846
, Mary b.1855
, Mary b.1845
, Mary b.1802
, Mary b.1779
, Mary b.1826
, Mary b.1874
, Mary b.1783
, Mary b.1771
, Mary b.1874
, Mary b.1759
, Mary b.1866
, Mary b.1881
, Mary b.1893
, Mary b.1828
, Mary b.1837
, Mary b.1869
, Mary b.1847
, Mary b.1843
, Mary b.1802
, Mary b.1884
, Mary b.1883
, Mary A. b.1850
, Mary A. b.1867
, Mary Angela b.1901
, Mary Ann b.1876
, Mary Ann b.1862
, Mary Ann b.1858
, Mary Ann b.1815
, Mary Ann b.1858
, Mary Ann b.1852
, Mary Ann b.1867
, Mary Ann b.1837
, Mary Ann b.1885
, Mary Ann b.1841
, Mary Ann b.1839
, Mary Ann b.1830
, Mary Ann b.1872
, Mary Ann b.1828
, Mary Ann b.1776
, Mary Ann b.1835
, Mary Ann b.1844
, Mary Ann b.1842
, Mary Anne b.1839
, Mary Anne b.1843
, Mary Anne b.1844
, Mary Anne b.1867
, Mary Hannah b.1860
, Mary Jane b.1850
, Mary Jane b.1875
, Mary Jane b.1860
, Mary Jane b.1864
, Mary Jane b.1864
, Mary Jane b.1865
, Mary Jane or Mary Ann b.1868
, Mary or Mary Ann b.1848
, Mary S. b.1846
, Mary Sarah b.1822
, Maryann b.1815
, Matilda b.1869
, Matilda b.1845
, Matilda b.1833
, May b.1804
, Melinda b.1865
, Miriam b.1876
, Nancy b.1811
, Nancy b.1807
, Nancy b.1805
, Nellie b.1895
, Olivia b.1801
, Olivia b.1868
, Patience b.1789
, Patience b.1853
, Patience b.1824
, Patience b.1841
, Patience b.1831
, Patience b.1808
, Patience b.1785
, Patience b.1816
, Patience b.1814
, Patience b.1806
, Patience b.1828
, Patience b.1802
, Patience b.1837
, Patience b.1858
, Phebe b.1869
, Phoebe b.1823
, Priscilla b.1868
, Priscilla b.1849
, Priscilla b.1843
, Priscilla b.1863
, Priscilla b.1834
, Priscilla Ann b.1824
, Providence b.1837
, Providence b.1870
, Providence b.1868
, Prudence b.1829
, Prudence b.1743
, Rachel b.1853
, Rachel b.1872
, Rachel b.1819
, Rachel b.1865
, Rachel b.1815
, Rebecca b.1821
, Rebecca b.1861
, Rebecca b.1802
, Rebecca b.1817
, Rebecca b.1769
, Rebecca b.1860
, Rebekah b.1859
, Rebekah b.1851
, Rhoda b.1863
, Rose b.1891
, Rose or Rosa b.1808
, Rosetta b.1845
, Sara M. b.1912
, Sarah b.1825
, Sarah b.1839
, Sarah b.1862
, Sarah b.1863
, Sarah b.1862
, Sarah b.1858
, Sarah b.1864
, Sarah b.1804
, Sarah b.1805
, Sarah b.1853
, Sarah b.1827
, Sarah b.1829
, Sarah b.1845
, Sarah b.1850
, Sarah b.1793
, Sarah b.1813
, Sarah b.1842
, Sarah b.1827
, Sarah b.1815
, Sarah b.1871
, Sarah b.1827
, Sarah b.1823
, Sarah b.1820
, Sarah b.1812
, Sarah b.1835
, Sarah b.1825
, Sarah b.1824
, Sarah b.1803
, Sarah b.1862
, Sarah b.1794
, Sarah b.1800
, Sarah b.1767
, Sarah b.1762
, Sarah b.1755
, Sarah b.1807
, Sarah b.1870
, Sarah b.1784
, Sarah b.1811
, Sarah b.1858
, Sarah b.1839
, Sarah b.1836
, Sarah b.1798
, Sarah b.1814
, Sarah b.1787
, Sarah b.1844
, Sarah b.1785
, Sarah b.1820
, Sarah b.1820
, Sarah b.1823
, Sarah b.1758
, Sarah b.1827
, Sarah b.1865
, Sarah b.1806
, Sarah b.1817
, Sarah Ann b.1865
, Sarah Jane b.1838
, Sebra or Sibora or Sabra b.1781
, Selina b.1836
, Sophia b.1872
, Susan b.1814
, Susan b.1818
, Susan b.1876
, Susan b.1840
, Susan b.1816
, Susan b.1806
, Susan or Susanna b.1823
, Susan or Susannah b.1850
, Susanna b.1799
, Susanna b.1865
, Susanna b.1874
, Susanna b.1851
, Susanna b.1863
, Susanna b.1854
, Susanna b.1829
, Susanna b.1819
, Susanna b.1865
, Susanna b.1826
, Susannah b.1868
, Susannah b.1859
, Susannah b.1852
, Susannah b.1841
, Susannah b.1836
, Susannah b.1823
, Susannah b.1847
, Susannah b.1778
, Susie b.1857
, Teresa b.1852
, Teresa b.1831
, Teresa b.1854
, Theodora b.1834
, Theresa b.1843
, Theresa b.1870
, Theresa b.1870
, Thirza b.1834
, Tryphena b.1840
, Tryphena or Sylvester b.1817
, Victoria b.1860
, Virginia b.1839
, Virtue b.1846


ABBLOTT, Joseph b.1848


ABBOT, John b.1807


ABBOTT, b.1788
ABBOTT, Andrew b.1845
ABBOTT, Charlotte b.1861
ABBOTT, David b.1816
ABBOTT, Jane b.1824
ABBOTT, John b.1851
ABBOTT, Joseph b.1856
ABBOTT, Martha b.1809
ABBOTT, Richard b.1856
ABBOTT, Robert b.1814
ABBOTT, Sampson b.1836
ABBOTT, Susanna b.1819


ADAMS, Ann Esther b.1826
ADAMS, Elizabeth b.1836
ADAMS, Jane b.1740
ADAMS, Lucy b.1877
ADAMS, Mary Ann b.1823


ADEY, Henry b.1825
ADEY, Samuel b.1832


ALCOCK, Thomas b.1859


ALLAN, Jane b.1829


ALLCOCK, Maria b.1792


ANDERSON, Carolina b.1839
ANDERSON, John b.1879


ANDREWS, Elizabeth b.1852
ANDREWS, Mabel b.1912
ANDREWS, Mrs. Fanny b.1867


ANTHONY, Elizabeth b.1860
ANTHONY, James b.1854
ANTHONY, Sarah b.1876
ANTHONY, Sarah b.1843
ANTHONY, Susanna b.1857
ANTHONY, William b.1856


ANTIL, Anne b.1859


ANTLE, Elizabeth b.1868
ANTLE, Jane b.1797
ANTLE, Thomas b.1817
ANTLE, William b.1775
ANTLE, William James b.1832


ARNOLD, Matthew b.1845


ASH, Caroline b.1851
ASH, Clementina b.1809
ASH, Elizabeth b.1870
ASH, Elizabeth b.1805
ASH, Frederick Campbell b.1887
ASH, Jane b.1871
ASH, Mary b.1814
ASH, Robert b.1772
ASH, William b.1880


AUSTIN, Elizabeth b.1791


AVERY, Ann b.1807
AVERY, Newman b.1831
AVERY, Sarah Jane b.1849


AXTELL, James b.1805


BABB, b.1910
BABB, b.1910
BABB, Andrew b.1883
BABB, Charlotte b.1920
BABB, Edward b.1876
BABB, Emily b.1853
BABB, John b.1852
BABB, John b.1864
BABB, Josiah b.1915
BABB, Norman b.1918
BABB, Thomas b.1883
BABB, William John b.1881


BABCOCK, Alice b.1875


BABSTOCK, Annie b.1878
BABSTOCK, J. William b.1850
BABSTOCK, James b.1876


BACON, Eliza b.1825
BACON, Joseph b.1799
BACON, Mrs. Joseph b.1804


BADCOCK, b.1891
BADCOCK, Frances b.1815
BADCOCK, James b.1862


BAGG, Anne b.1820
BAGG, Edward b.1832
BAGG, Hugh b.1783
BAGG, James b.1834
BAGG, Jane b.1816
BAGG, John b.1806
BAGG, Maria b.1809
BAGG, Mary b.1818
BAGG, Priscilla b.1826
BAGG, Ruth b.1823

Baggs or Biggs or Boggs


Baggs or Biggs

BAGGS OR BIGGS, Mary Ann b.1860
BAGGS OR BIGGS, Nathaniel b.1864

Baggs or Boggs

BAGGS OR BOGGS, Jessie b.1868
BAGGS OR BOGGS, John b.1857
BAGGS OR BOGGS, Josiah b.1866
BAGGS OR BOGGS, Lydia b.1862
BAGGS OR BOGGS, Mary b.1862
BAGGS OR BOGGS, Mary b.1859
BAGGS OR BOGGS, William b.1831

Baggs or Dunn

BAGGS OR DUNN, Sarah b.1845


BAGGS, Albert Edward b.1889
BAGGS, Alice b.1858
BAGGS, Amelia b.1828
BAGGS, Amelia Susanna c.1825
BAGGS, Angelia c.1836
BAGGS, Angelica b.1841
BAGGS, Ann b.1840
BAGGS, Ann b.1865
BAGGS, Ann b.1787
BAGGS, Ann Elizabeth b.1850
BAGGS, Annie b.1861
BAGGS, Archibald b.1848
BAGGS, Arthur b.1839
BAGGS, Arthur Simon b.1843
BAGGS, Beatrice LeGrow b.1891
BAGGS, Bertha b.1885
BAGGS, Catherine b.1825
BAGGS, Charles Francis Simmonds b.1851
BAGGS, Charles Seymour b.1889
BAGGS, Cicely b.1866
BAGGS, Clementine b.1890
BAGGS, Cora b.1796
BAGGS, Dinah b.1863
BAGGS, Dinah b.1862
BAGGS, Dinah b.1851
BAGGS, Dinah c.1827
BAGGS, Dorcas c.1835
BAGGS, Edith b.1875
BAGGS, Edward b.1872
BAGGS, Edward George b.1848
BAGGS, Edwin b.1863
BAGGS, Edwin b.1861
BAGGS, Elias Brettle b.1858
BAGGS, Eliza b.1864
BAGGS, Eliza b.1856
BAGGS, Elizabeth b.1863
BAGGS, Elizabeth b.1856
BAGGS, Elizabeth b.1813
BAGGS, Elizabeth b.1807
BAGGS, Elizabeth b.1828
BAGGS, Elizabeth b.1785
BAGGS, Elizabeth Jane b.1885
BAGGS, Ella Maud b.1887
BAGGS, Ellen b.1821
BAGGS, Ellen c.1817
BAGGS, Emeline b.1870
BAGGS, Emily b.1858
BAGGS, Emily b.1888
BAGGS, Emily b.1878
BAGGS, Emily J. b.1859
BAGGS, Emily Pike b.1850
BAGGS, Emma b.1868
BAGGS, Emma Gould b.1889
BAGGS, Emma Jane b.1869
BAGGS, Eugene b.1878
BAGGS, Fanny Jane b.1890
BAGGS, Frances b.1817
BAGGS, Frederick Henry Andrews b.1849
BAGGS, George b.1887
BAGGS, George b.1849
BAGGS, George b.1882
BAGGS, George b.1871
BAGGS, George b.1882
BAGGS, George b.1845
BAGGS, George b.1832
BAGGS, George Allen b.1875
BAGGS, George Henry b.1858
BAGGS, Gideon b.1883
BAGGS, Harriet Elizabeth Smith b.1875
BAGGS, Hazel b.1884
BAGGS, Henrietta b.1825
BAGGS, Henry b.1853
BAGGS, Henry George b.1864
BAGGS, Hugh b.1867
BAGGS, Hugh b.1808
BAGGS, Hugh William b.1854
BAGGS, Hugh William c.1829
BAGGS, Isaac b.1882
BAGGS, Isaac b.1863
BAGGS, Isaac b.1866
BAGGS, James b.1873
BAGGS, James b.1858
BAGGS, Jane b.1823
BAGGS, Jane b.1820
BAGGS, Jane b.1805
BAGGS, Jane b.1846
BAGGS, Jane c.1835
BAGGS, Jane b.1807
BAGGS, Jane Ann b.1875
BAGGS, Janet b.1870
BAGGS, Jeremiah or James b.1809
BAGGS, Jessie b.1882
BAGGS, Jessie b.1875
BAGGS, Jessie b.1869
BAGGS, Johana c.1837
BAGGS, John b.1814
BAGGS, John b.1833
BAGGS, John b.1836
BAGGS, John b.1819
BAGGS, John b.1864
BAGGS, John b.1860
BAGGS, John b.1859
BAGGS, John b.1857
BAGGS, John b.1867
BAGGS, John b.1873
BAGGS, John b.1835
BAGGS, John b.1871
BAGGS, John b.1856
BAGGS, John b.1855
BAGGS, John b.1848
BAGGS, John b.1817
BAGGS, John b.1851
BAGGS, John b.1818
BAGGS, John b.1844
BAGGS, John b.1850
BAGGS, John b.1842
BAGGS, John c.1833
BAGGS, John c.1817
BAGGS, John b.1791
BAGGS, John b.1866
BAGGS, John b.1859
BAGGS, John C. b.1863
BAGGS, John Charles b.1867
BAGGS, John Charles b.1862
BAGGS, John George b.1891
BAGGS, John Hudson b.1878
BAGGS, John Samuel b.1846
BAGGS, John William b.1890
BAGGS, Jonah b.1823
BAGGS, Jonathan b.1865
BAGGS, Joseph b.1841
BAGGS, Joseph b.1853
BAGGS, Joseph b.1874
BAGGS, Joseph b.1848
BAGGS, Joseph b.1845
BAGGS, Joseph b.1885
BAGGS, Joseph b.1841
BAGGS, Joseph b.1865
BAGGS, Joseph b.1879
BAGGS, Joseph b.1888
BAGGS, Joseph b.1872
BAGGS, Joseph b.1844
BAGGS, Joseph b.1838
BAGGS, Joseph b.1867
BAGGS, Joseph b.1865
BAGGS, Joseph b.1855
BAGGS, Joseph b.1779
BAGGS, Joseph b.1838
BAGGS, Joseph b.1838
BAGGS, Joseph b.1838
BAGGS, Joseph b.1802
BAGGS, Joseph b.1818
BAGGS, Joseph b.1823
BAGGS, Joseph b.1839
BAGGS, Joseph b.1838
BAGGS, Joseph b.1789
BAGGS, Joseph b.1816
BAGGS, Joseph Silas or Sykes b.1846
BAGGS, Josiah b.1891
BAGGS, Josiah b.1886
BAGGS, Josiah b.1825
BAGGS, Josiah b.1848
BAGGS, Josiah c.1825
BAGGS, Julia b.1812
BAGGS, Julia b.1885
BAGGS, Julia b.1862
BAGGS, Julia Ann b.1878
BAGGS, Julia Dinah b.1880
BAGGS, Julia Dorrie b.1885
BAGGS, Laura b.1860
BAGGS, Laura b.1882
BAGGS, Laura Emeline b.1863
BAGGS, Lavina b.1821
BAGGS, Lavinia b.1872
BAGGS, Leah b.1896
BAGGS, Leah Ellis b.1861
BAGGS, Leonora c.1857
BAGGS, Lillian May b.1890
BAGGS, Lilly b.1888
BAGGS, Lizzie b.1869
BAGGS, Louisa c.1836
BAGGS, Louisa b.1823
BAGGS, Lucy Embree b.1877
BAGGS, Luther b.1856
BAGGS, Lydia b.1871
BAGGS, Margaret b.1882
BAGGS, Margaret Louisa b.1843
BAGGS, Maria b.1873
BAGGS, Martha b.1862
BAGGS, Martha b.1875
BAGGS, Martha b.1865
BAGGS, Martha b.1819
BAGGS, Martha E. b.1886
BAGGS, Martha Elizabeth c.1879
BAGGS, Mary b.1852
BAGGS, Mary b.1821
BAGGS, Mary b.1802
BAGGS, Mary b.1815
BAGGS, Mary b.1805
BAGGS, Mary b.1798
BAGGS, Mary b.1889
BAGGS, Mary Ann b.1864
BAGGS, Mary Ann b.1863
BAGGS, Mary Ann b.1859
BAGGS, Mary Ann c.1837
BAGGS, Mary Ann c.1827
BAGGS, Mary Ann b.1851
BAGGS, Mary Ann b.1823
BAGGS, Mary Ann b.1811
BAGGS, Mary H. b.1885
BAGGS, Mary Jane b.1870
BAGGS, Mary King b.1889
BAGGS, Matthew b.1863
BAGGS, Matthew b.1845
BAGGS, Melina b.1877
BAGGS, Miriam b.1854
BAGGS, Moses b.1868
BAGGS, Mrs. Joseph b.1784
BAGGS, Naomi b.1858
BAGGS, Phebe Jane b.1828
BAGGS, Phoebe b.1861
BAGGS, Reuben b.1859
BAGGS, Richard b.1827
BAGGS, Richard b.1879
BAGGS, Richard b.1853
BAGGS, Richard b.1865
BAGGS, Richard b.1886
BAGGS, Richard b.1860
BAGGS, Richard b.1841
BAGGS, Richard b.1842
BAGGS, Richard b.1865
BAGGS, Richard b.1812
BAGGS, Richard b.1891
BAGGS, Richard b.1864
BAGGS, Richard b.1837
BAGGS, Richard b.1845
BAGGS, Richard Francis b.1848
BAGGS, Robert b.1845
BAGGS, Robert b.1821
BAGGS, Robert b.1810
BAGGS, Robert b.1845
BAGGS, Samuel b.1870
BAGGS, Samuel b.1812
BAGGS, Samuel Gideon b.1891
BAGGS, Samuel Rev. b.1887
BAGGS, Sarah b.1858
BAGGS, Sarah b.1891
BAGGS, Sarah c.1835
BAGGS, Sarah b.1804
BAGGS, Sarah b.1807
BAGGS, Solomon b.1848
BAGGS, Stephen b.1863
BAGGS, Stephen b.1859
BAGGS, Stewart b.1883
BAGGS, Urslea b.1873
BAGGS, Virtue c.1819
BAGGS, Walter b.1871
BAGGS, Walter b.1863
BAGGS, William b.1836
BAGGS, William b.1895
BAGGS, William b.1833
BAGGS, William b.1864
BAGGS, William b.1859
BAGGS, William b.1877
BAGGS, William b.1844
BAGGS, William b.1837
BAGGS, William b.1829
BAGGS, William b.1854
BAGGS, William b.1821
BAGGS, William b.1833
BAGGS, William b.1831
BAGGS, William b.1840
BAGGS, William b.1808
BAGGS, William c.1834
BAGGS, William c.1829
BAGGS, William b.1886
BAGGS, William b.1782
BAGGS, William Clarke b.1860
BAGGS, William F. b.1852
BAGGS, William Frederic b.1876
BAGGS, William Henry b.1865
BAGGS, William Henry b.1855
BAGGS, William Howell b.1862
BAGGS, William James b.1860
BAGGS, William Thomas b.1869


BAILEY, Benjamin b.1838
BAILEY, Honor b.1800
BAILEY, William b.1838


BAINGER, Jane b.1857
BAINGER, Mary Ann b.1857
BAINGER, Phoebe b.1862


BAIRD, George b.1868
BAIRD, John b.1866
BAIRD, John b.1836
BAIRD, Margaret b.1864
BAIRD, Robert b.1862
BAIRD, William Grieve b.1865


BAIRNS, Mary b.1775

Baker or Piercey

BAKER OR PIERCEY, Henry b.1785
BAKER OR PIERCEY, Josiah b.1773


BAKER, Abigale b.1895
BAKER, Abraham b.1872
BAKER, Adelaide b.1855
BAKER, Albert b.1885
BAKER, Albert Esau b.1889
BAKER, Alice b.1875
BAKER, Alice b.1883
BAKER, Alton K. "Jack" b.1920
BAKER, Ann b.1838
BAKER, Ann b.1822
BAKER, Anne c.1830
BAKER, Archelaus Sydney b.1891
BAKER, Archibald b.1836
BAKER, Arthur Joseph b.1882
BAKER, Azariah b.1886
BAKER, Benjamin b.1852
BAKER, Benjamin William b.1883
BAKER, Bertha b.1874
BAKER, Caleb b.1865
BAKER, Caleb b.1876
BAKER, Caroline b.1859
BAKER, Caroline b.1871
BAKER, Caroline b.1887
BAKER, Caroline c.1867
BAKER, Catherine c.1833
BAKER, Catherine b.1854
BAKER, Catherine Elizabeth b.1868
BAKER, Catherine Elizabeth b.1867
BAKER, Charity b.1840
BAKER, Charles b.1841
BAKER, Charles b.1814
BAKER, Charles Patrick b.1885
BAKER, Christian b.1821
BAKER, Christiana b.1887
BAKER, Christopher b.1862
BAKER, Clement b.1890
BAKER, Deborah b.1864
BAKER, Edward b.1854
BAKER, Edward James b.1866
BAKER, Elenor c.1863
BAKER, Eli b.1848
BAKER, Elias b.1841
BAKER, Elijah b.1881
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1865
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1861
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1857
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1823
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1867
BAKER, Elizabeth c.1800
BAKER, Elizabeth c.1870
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1857
BAKER, Elizabeth c.1812
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1831
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1758
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1789
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1794
BAKER, Elizabeth Ann c.1863
BAKER, Elizabeth Crew b.1855
BAKER, Elizabeth Helen b.1883
BAKER, Elizabeth Sarah b.1857
BAKER, Elizabeth Selah b.1868
BAKER, Ellen b.1844
BAKER, Ellen b.1846
BAKER, Emanuel b.1864
BAKER, Emeline b.1860
BAKER, Emily b.1864
BAKER, Emily b.1864
BAKER, Esther Ann b.1858
BAKER, Eunice b.1890
BAKER, Flora b.1860
BAKER, Frances b.1872
BAKER, Frances b.1864
BAKER, Frances Jane b.1877
BAKER, Francis c.1880
BAKER, Francis b.1844
BAKER, Francis Xavier b.1887
BAKER, Frederick c.1885
BAKER, George b.1726
BAKER, George b.1891
BAKER, George b.1887
BAKER, George b.1885
BAKER, George b.1840
BAKER, George b.1845
BAKER, George b.1813
BAKER, George b.1826
BAKER, George b.1847
BAKER, George b.1890
BAKER, George b.1889
BAKER, George c.1863
BAKER, George b.1857
BAKER, George c.1858
BAKER, George c.1823
BAKER, Gertrude b.1884
BAKER, Grisem c.1782
BAKER, Hannah b.1861
BAKER, Hannah b.1820
BAKER, Hannah c.1825
BAKER, Hannah c.1867
BAKER, Hannah b.1814
BAKER, Hannah b.1855
BAKER, Hannah c.1821
BAKER, Hannah c.1807
BAKER, Heber b.1878
BAKER, Henry b.1821
BAKER, Henry b.1853
BAKER, Henry b.1864
BAKER, Henry b.1848
BAKER, Henry b.1795
BAKER, Henry b.1820
BAKER, Henry b.1832
BAKER, Henry b.1810
BAKER, Henry c.1831
BAKER, Henry b.1834
BAKER, Henry b.1839
BAKER, Henry b.1804
BAKER, Henry b.1805
BAKER, Henry b.1785
BAKER, Henry b.1832
BAKER, Henry b.1794
BAKER, Henry c.1807
BAKER, Henry b.1789
BAKER, Henry b.1791
BAKER, Henry b.1846
BAKER, Henry James c.1865
BAKER, Henry T. b.1855
BAKER, Henry Thomas c.1863
BAKER, Herbert b.1874
BAKER, Isaac James c.1885
BAKER, Isabella b.1855
BAKER, Israel b.1860
BAKER, Jama b.1804
BAKER, James b.1804
BAKER, James c.1753
BAKER, James b.1859
BAKER, James b.1862
BAKER, James b.1863
BAKER, James b.1857
BAKER, James c.1843
BAKER, James b.1825
BAKER, James b.1867
BAKER, James b.1835
BAKER, James b.1863
BAKER, James b.1797
BAKER, James b.1888
BAKER, James b.1856
BAKER, James c.1856
BAKER, James b.1823
BAKER, James b.1797
BAKER, James c.1821
BAKER, James b.1848
BAKER, James c.1807
BAKER, James b.1819
BAKER, James b.1791
BAKER, James b.1814
BAKER, James Joseph b.1886
BAKER, James Murray b.1821
BAKER, James Robert c.1874
BAKER, Jane b.1854
BAKER, Jane b.1887
BAKER, Jane b.1829
BAKER, Jane b.1853
BAKER, Jane Squires b.1857
BAKER, Jane Squires c.1830
BAKER, Jerome b.1834
BAKER, Jessie b.1888
BAKER, Job b.1886
BAKER, Job c.1857
BAKER, John b.1816
BAKER, John b.1864
BAKER, John b.1890
BAKER, John b.1885
BAKER, John b.1882
BAKER, John b.1821
BAKER, John b.1812
BAKER, John b.1827
BAKER, John b.1822
BAKER, John b.1837
BAKER, John b.1840
BAKER, John b.1862
BAKER, John b.1841
BAKER, John b.1801
BAKER, John b.1777
BAKER, John b.1760
BAKER, John b.1752
BAKER, John c.1778
BAKER, John b.1885
BAKER, John c.1858
BAKER, John b.1865
BAKER, John b.1732
BAKER, John Samways b.1878
BAKER, John Thomas b.1873
BAKER, Jonathan b.1809
BAKER, Jonathan b.1835
BAKER, Joseph b.1890
BAKER, Joseph b.1829
BAKER, Joseph b.1851
BAKER, Joseph c.1881
BAKER, Joseph b.1807
BAKER, Joseph b.1886
BAKER, Joseph b.1835
BAKER, Joseph c.1815
BAKER, Josiah b.1773
BAKER, Laura Brigid b.1889
BAKER, Leah b.1889
BAKER, Leonora b.1875
BAKER, Lillian b.1885
BAKER, Louis b.1884
BAKER, Lucy Sarah b.1871
BAKER, Margaret Ann c.1867
BAKER, Maria b.1848
BAKER, Maria b.1840
BAKER, Maria b.1840
BAKER, Maria b.1839
BAKER, Mariam b.1866
BAKER, Mark b.1859
BAKER, Mark b.1863
BAKER, Mark b.1881
BAKER, Mark b.1852
BAKER, Martha b.1859
BAKER, Mary b.1862
BAKER, Mary b.1844
BAKER, Mary b.1840
BAKER, Mary b.1870
BAKER, Mary b.1794
BAKER, Mary b.1792
BAKER, Mary b.1792
BAKER, Mary b.1789
BAKER, Mary c.1862
BAKER, Mary b.1793
BAKER, Mary b.1819
BAKER, Mary b.1786
BAKER, Mary c.1815
BAKER, Mary Ann b.1879
BAKER, Mary Ann b.1859
BAKER, Mary Ann b.1863
BAKER, Mary Ann b.1864
BAKER, Mary Ann b.1886
BAKER, Mary Ann c.1879
BAKER, Mary Jane b.1865
BAKER, Mary Jane b.1854
BAKER, Mary Jane b.1865
BAKER, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1812
BAKER, Nad Thomas b.1889
BAKER, Nan b.1827
BAKER, Nancy b.1785
BAKER, Naomi b.1885
BAKER, Naomi b.1887
BAKER, Nero Legge b.1891
BAKER, Obadiah b.1888
BAKER, Philip b.1883
BAKER, Phoebe b.1864
BAKER, Piercey b.1747
BAKER, Priscilla Ann Frances b.1863
BAKER, Rachel b.1888
BAKER, Rachel b.1871
BAKER, Rebecca b.1888
BAKER, Regina b.1887
BAKER, Regina b.1878
BAKER, Reginald John b.1888
BAKER, Richard b.1881
BAKER, Richard b.1860
BAKER, Richard b.1855
BAKER, Richard b.1853
BAKER, Richard b.1875
BAKER, Richard b.1787
BAKER, Robbon c.1780
BAKER, Robert b.1857
BAKER, Robert b.1861
BAKER, Robert b.1880
BAKER, Robert b.1829
BAKER, Robert b.1816
BAKER, Robert b.1859
BAKER, Robert b.1829
BAKER, Robert b.1863
BAKER, Robert b.1836
BAKER, Robert b.1810
BAKER, Robert b.1817
BAKER, Robert b.1817
BAKER, Robert b.1838
BAKER, Robert b.1868
BAKER, Robert b.1891
BAKER, Robert c.1870
BAKER, Robert b.1830
BAKER, Robert c.1823
BAKER, Ronald b.1886
BAKER, Sampson b.1839
BAKER, Samson b.1862
BAKER, Samuel b.1852
BAKER, Samuel b.1780
BAKER, Sarah c.1756
BAKER, Sarah b.1889
BAKER, Sarah b.1833
BAKER, Sarah b.1847
BAKER, Sarah b.1827
BAKER, Sarah b.1787
BAKER, Sarah b.1792
BAKER, Sarah b.1798
BAKER, Sarah c.1828
BAKER, Sarah c.1827
BAKER, Sarah b.1786
BAKER, Sarah b.1850
BAKER, Sarah Ann b.1863
BAKER, Sarah Ann b.1890
BAKER, Sarah Ann b.1857
BAKER, Sarah Ann b.1862
BAKER, Sarah Jane b.1839
BAKER, Silas b.1855
BAKER, Simon b.1868
BAKER, Simon b.1829
BAKER, Sophia b.1872
BAKER, Stephen b.1852
BAKER, Susanna b.1878
BAKER, Susanna b.1863
BAKER, Susanna b.1843
BAKER, Susannah b.1883
BAKER, Susannah b.1865
BAKER, Susannah b.1835
BAKER, Susannah b.1872
BAKER, Tabirtha b.1887
BAKER, Thomas b.1854
BAKER, Thomas b.1794
BAKER, Thomas b.1801
BAKER, Thomas b.1845
BAKER, Thomas b.1794
BAKER, Thomas b.1757
BAKER, Thomas b.1805
BAKER, Thomas b.1780
BAKER, Tibitha b.1881
BAKER, Tryphena b.1869
BAKER, Unity c.1864
BAKER, Walter James c.1887
BAKER, Walter Murray b.1847
BAKER, Wanda b.1950
BAKER, William b.1791
BAKER, William b.1844
BAKER, William b.1878
BAKER, William b.1815
BAKER, William b.1856
BAKER, William b.1825
BAKER, William b.1841
BAKER, William b.1848
BAKER, William b.1829
BAKER, William c.1843
BAKER, William b.1797
BAKER, William b.1797
BAKER, William b.1838
BAKER, William b.1786
BAKER, William b.1826
BAKER, William b.1890
BAKER, William b.1855
BAKER, William b.1797
BAKER, William b.1782
BAKER, William c.1856
BAKER, William c.1853
BAKER, William c.1825
BAKER, William b.1794
BAKER, William c.1789
BAKER, William b.1764
BAKER, William b.1809
BAKER, William c.1813
BAKER, William Francis b.1846
BAKER, William George b.1875
BAKER, William James Hicks b.1890
BAKER, William John b.1874
BAKER, William Martin b.1883
BAKER, William Norman b.1879
BAKER, Willis George b.1890


BALDWIN, David b.1829
BALDWIN, Diana b.1868


BARNES, Belinda Tucker b.1857
BARNES, Ebenezer b.1827
BARNES, Ebenezer Jaynes b.1861
BARNES, Frances b.1867
BARNES, George Frederick b.1831
BARNES, Mary b.1860
BARNES, Priscilla b.1864
BARNES, Rhoda Doris b.1912
BARNES, Sarah b.1754


BARON, Barnard b.1872


BARRET, Abraham b.1806
BARRET, John b.1804

Barrett or Gosse

BARRETT OR GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1893


BARRETT, Abraham b.1872
BARRETT, Abraham b.1872
BARRETT, Ann b.1792
BARRETT, Archibald Henry b.1848
BARRETT, Caroline b.1862
BARRETT, Caroline b.1867
BARRETT, Cyril b.1886
BARRETT, David b.1859
BARRETT, Eliza b.1851
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1865
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1875
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1853
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1853
BARRETT, Henry b.1841
BARRETT, James b.1873
BARRETT, John b.1843
BARRETT, Jonathan b.1833
BARRETT, Joseph b.1830
BARRETT, Joseph b.1890
BARRETT, Julia b.1881
BARRETT, Julia Ann b.1852
BARRETT, Leah c.1881
BARRETT, Lemuel b.1883
BARRETT, Leonard b.1873
BARRETT, Levi b.1845
BARRETT, Louisa b.1841
BARRETT, Lucinda b.1862
BARRETT, Lydia b.1883
BARRETT, Maria b.1895
BARRETT, Mary b.1817
BARRETT, Mary b.1881
BARRETT, Mary Ann b.1853
BARRETT, Mary Jane b.1884
BARRETT, Mrs. Levi b.1844
BARRETT, Nicholas b.1797
BARRETT, Noah b.1854
BARRETT, Patrick b.1800
BARRETT, Providence b.1875
BARRETT, Providence b.1892
BARRETT, Providence b.1856
BARRETT, Sarah Ann b.1868
BARRETT, Sarah Ann b.1868
BARRETT, Sarah Jane b.1857
BARRETT, Selina b.1859
BARRETT, Senet? b.1871
BARRETT, Susanna c.1828
BARRETT, Walter b.1896
BARRETT, William b.1860
BARRETT, William b.1869
BARRETT, William Horatio b.1837
BARRETT, William Issac b.1894


BARRON, Mary b.1839


BARRY, John b.1782


BARTLETT, Anna b.1837
BARTLETT, George b.1858
BARTLETT, William b.1819


BARTOLOMEO, Miss b.1879


BATSON, Doris H. b.1922
BATSON, Mr. b.1896


BATSTONE, Albert Stewart b.1875
BATSTONE, Ameila Janes b.1862
BATSTONE, Annie Jane b.1863
BATSTONE, Emily Elizabeth b.1878
BATSTONE, Frederick George b.1873
BATSTONE, John b.1836
BATSTONE, John Samuel b.1871
BATSTONE, Sarah Gardner b.1865

Batt or Butt

BATT OR BUTT, Martha b.1782


BATTEN, Abraham b.1856


BEASTANT, Sarah b.1793


BECK, Thomas b.1791


BECKHAM, Mary b.1797


BEESON, John b.1737


BEFOUE, Ellen Mary b.1864


BELL, George b.1791
BELL, Henry b.1817
BELL, Mr. c.1847
BELL, William b.1848
BELL, William David b.1821


BEMISTER, Caroline Maria b.1843
BEMISTER, Emma b.1855


BENNETT, Anna Josephine b.1844
BENNETT, Arthur James Williams b.1849
BENNETT, Charles Thomas b.1830
BENNETT, Edward Archibald b.1834
BENNETT, Elizabeth b.1862
BENNETT, Elizabeth b.1837
BENNETT, George Hutchings b.1839
BENNETT, Henrietta Julia Newman b.1846
BENNETT, Isabella Elizabeth b.1835
BENNETT, Leah Mary b.1828
BENNETT, Rosa Eliza Tessier b.1853
BENNETT, Sarah Jane b.1842
BENNETT, Thomas b.1802
BENNETT, Thomas Tucker b.1840
BENNETT, William Henry Rennie b.1832


BENSON, Eleazer b.1867
BENSON, Elijah b.1825
BENSON, Mary Ann b.1850
BENSON, Patience b.1823


BERKSHIRE, John b.1862
BERKSHIRE, Lily or Lilian b.1882
BERKSHIRE, Mrs. John m.1892


BESS, William b.1840


BIGGS, Augustine c.1891
BIGGS, Bridget Anna c.1887
BIGGS, John c.1879
BIGGS, Joseph b.1813
BIGGS, Katherine b.1893
BIGGS, Mary Margaret c.1882
BIGGS, Mathilda Frances b.1884
BIGGS, Rosannah b.1851
BIGGS, Simeon c.1839
BIGGS, William b.1820
BIGGS, William c.1848

Bishop or Hutchinson



BISHOP, Albert b.1849
BISHOP, Ann b.1862
BISHOP, Elsie May b.1894
BISHOP, Frederick b.1892
BISHOP, George b.1860
BISHOP, Henry b.1891
BISHOP, Henry b.1759
BISHOP, Henry George b.1896
BISHOP, James b.1841
BISHOP, Jessie b.1863
BISHOP, John b.1745
BISHOP, Levi b.1843
BISHOP, Mary b.1863
BISHOP, Mrs. Alfrida b.1875
BISHOP, Mrs. Susannah b.1856
BISHOP, Thomas b.1853
BISHOP, William b.1746


BISKIO, Thomas b.1749


BISSOM, John b.1771

Boggs or Baggs

BOGGS OR BAGGS, Dorcas b.1846
BOGGS OR BAGGS, Sarah b.1859


BOGGS, Ananna b.1846
BOGGS, Hugh b.1821
BOGGS, Naomi b.1847


BOLT, Sarah b.1843


BOND, Mary b.1846


BOON, Peter b.1824

Boone or Burne

BOONE OR BURNE, Bryan b.1848


BOONE, Belinda b.1861
BOONE, Charlotte b.1851
BOONE, Jacob b.1853
BOONE, James b.1859
BOONE, John b.1857
BOONE, John b.1823
BOONE, Mary Jane b.1849
BOONE, Rebecca b.1855

Boroks or Brooks

BOROKS OR BROOKS, Samuel b.1805


BOWERING, Henry b.1859


BOYLES, Benjamin Top b.1856
BOYLES, Elizabeth Mary b.1854
BOYLES, George b.1829
BOYLES, George William b.1861
BOYLES, Henry Thomas b.1858
BOYLES, Louisa Jane b.1859
BOYLES, Martha b.1865


BRACE, George b.1842


BRADBURY, Elizabeth b.1809
BRADBURY, Joseph b.1856
BRADBURY, Margaret b.1830
BRADBURY, Maria b.1822
BRADBURY, Nathanael b.1862
BRADBURY, Patience b.1839
BRADBURY, Richard b.1814
BRADBURY, Thomas b.1837


BRANTON, Gideon b.1857


BREEN, Brigid b.1886
BREEN, Catherine b.1815
BREEN, Mary b.1821
BREEN, Maurice William Joseph b.1888


BRIAN, Elizabeth b.1834
BRIAN, Mrs. Mary b.1817


BRIDE, Catherine b.1816

Brien or Breen

BRIEN OR BREEN, Maurice b.1858

Brien or Bryan

BRIEN OR BRYAN, John b.1858

Brien or O'Brien

BRIEN OR O'BRIEN, John b.1850


BRIEN, Alice b.1849
BRIEN, Alice Ignatius b.1877
BRIEN, Ann b.1872
BRIEN, Anne b.1869
BRIEN, Anne b.1880
BRIEN, Bridget b.1863
BRIEN, Bridget b.1860
BRIEN, Bridget b.1859
BRIEN, Catherine b.1864
BRIEN, Catherine b.1860
BRIEN, Elizabeth b.1862
BRIEN, Ellen b.1859
BRIEN, Esther b.1843
BRIEN, James b.1863
BRIEN, James b.1854
BRIEN, James b.1875
BRIEN, Johanna b.1865
BRIEN, John b.1857
BRIEN, John b.1854
BRIEN, John b.1783
BRIEN, John Francis b.1884
BRIEN, John Joseph b.1888
BRIEN, John Thomas b.1884
BRIEN, Joseph b.1880
BRIEN, Lawrence b.1887
BRIEN, Margaret b.1889
BRIEN, Margaret b.1861
BRIEN, Margaret b.1811
BRIEN, Margaret Mary b.1880
BRIEN, Martha c.1884
BRIEN, Mary b.1862
BRIEN, Mary b.1861
BRIEN, Mary b.1882
BRIEN, Mary b.1876
BRIEN, Mary Ann b.1863
BRIEN, Mary Catherine b.1876
BRIEN, Mary Joseph b.1846
BRIEN, Mary Margaret b.1880
BRIEN, Mary Margaret b.1880
BRIEN, Matthew b.1885
BRIEN, Matthew b.1846
BRIEN, Michael b.1873
BRIEN, Patrick b.1875
BRIEN, Patrick b.1873
BRIEN, Peter b.1847
BRIEN, Peter b.1879
BRIEN, Thomas b.1862
BRIEN, William b.1882


BRIFFETT, Albert b.1938
BRIFFETT, Anastasia b.1889
BRIFFETT, Anna b.1859
BRIFFETT, Augustus John b.1827
BRIFFETT, Augustus Robert b.1859
BRIFFETT, Cedlar b.1882
BRIFFETT, Clara M b.1889
BRIFFETT, Deborah b.1885
BRIFFETT, Deborah Stroud b.1863
BRIFFETT, Edgar b.1866
BRIFFETT, Edward b.1944
BRIFFETT, Edward b.1895
BRIFFETT, Edward Arnold b.1868
BRIFFETT, Egbert Albert b.1868
BRIFFETT, Elizabeth b.1884
BRIFFETT, Elizabeth Ann b.1892
BRIFFETT, Eloil or Lyle b.1825
BRIFFETT, Francis b.1903
BRIFFETT, George b.1890
BRIFFETT, George b.1855
BRIFFETT, George b.1898
BRIFFETT, Hannah b.1866
BRIFFETT, Henry Thomas b.1913
BRIFFETT, Hubert b.1894
BRIFFETT, Hypolite b.1858
BRIFFETT, Isabel b.1886
BRIFFETT, Isabel b.1886
BRIFFETT, Isadora b.1860
BRIFFETT, Jacob b.1893
BRIFFETT, Jacob or James b.1859
BRIFFETT, John Edward b.1851
BRIFFETT, Josephine b.1889
BRIFFETT, Kathleen b.1905
BRIFFETT, Louis c.1865
BRIFFETT, Louis William b.1870
BRIFFETT, Maria Beatrice b.1896
BRIFFETT, Mary b.1892
BRIFFETT, Richard b.1860
BRIFFETT, Richard Baxter c.1856
BRIFFETT, Robert b.1863
BRIFFETT, Samuel b.1849
BRIFFETT, Sarah M. b.1888
BRIFFETT, Simeon James b.1887
BRIFFETT, Susanna b.1866
BRIFFETT, Thomas b.1800
BRIFFETT, Thomas b.1932
BRIFFETT, Thomas b.1887
BRIFFETT, Thomas Edward b.1883
BRIFFETT, William b.1869
BRIFFETT, William J. b.1881


BRIFFITT, Edgar b.1891


BRIGG, John b.1862
BRIGG, Mary Alice b.1888


BRIGHT, Eliza Therese b.1865
BRIGHT, William b.1831

Brine or Bryan

BRINE OR BRYAN, John b.1799


BRINE, Adah Mary b.1838
BRINE, Albert Kenneth b.1875
BRINE, Alfred Robert b.1845
BRINE, Alice c.1841
BRINE, Anastasia c.1828
BRINE, Andrew b.1886
BRINE, Andrew c.1777
BRINE, Ann b.1783
BRINE, Ann b.1893
BRINE, Ann b.1808
BRINE, Ann b.1815
BRINE, Ann b.1811
BRINE, Ann b.1812
BRINE, Anna Louisa b.1842
BRINE, Anne b.1807
BRINE, Anne b.1804
BRINE, Anne b.1810
BRINE, Annie b.1889
BRINE, Arthur Kenneth b.1830
BRINE, Bartholomew b.1801
BRINE, Bridget b.1859
BRINE, Bridget b.1821
BRINE, Bridget b.1808
BRINE, Bridget b.1804
BRINE, Bridget c.1822
BRINE, Brine b.1795
BRINE, Caroline b.1846
BRINE, Catherine b.1812
BRINE, Catherine b.1830
BRINE, Catherine b.1815
BRINE, Catherine b.1859
BRINE, Catherine c.1840
BRINE, Catherine b.1813
BRINE, Catherine c.1827
BRINE, Catherine b.1806
BRINE, Catherine b.1795
BRINE, Catherine Mary b.1857
BRINE, Charles Francis b.1825
BRINE, Charles James b.1866
BRINE, Charlotte b.1814
BRINE, Charlotte Ann b.1868
BRINE, Clara b.1883
BRINE, Clara b.1844
BRINE, Clara c.1822
BRINE, Daniel b.1802
BRINE, David c.1821
BRINE, Deborah b.1851
BRINE, Deborah b.1800
BRINE, Denis F. b.1843
BRINE, Edith b.1856
BRINE, Edith Mary c.1881
BRINE, Edmond b.1813
BRINE, Edward b.1854
BRINE, Eleanor c.1835
BRINE, Eleanor c.1833
BRINE, Eleanor c.1836
BRINE, Elenor b.1802
BRINE, Elenor c.1820
BRINE, Eliza Emily b.1851
BRINE, Eliza Jane b.1816
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1849
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1849
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1842
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1838
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1846
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1837
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1839
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1828
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1813
BRINE, Elizabeth c.1833
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1822
BRINE, Elizabeth b.1809
BRINE, Elizabeth Jane b.1859
BRINE, Elizabeth Maude c.1880
BRINE, Elizah Deborah b.1820
BRINE, Ellen b.1829
BRINE, Emma b.1882
BRINE, Emma Elizabeth b.1846
BRINE, Emma Sarah b.1868
BRINE, Emma Sarah b.1823
BRINE, Fanny b.1823
BRINE, Fanny McClea b.1852
BRINE, Frances b.1815
BRINE, Frances c.1876
BRINE, Frederic John b.1854
BRINE, Frederic William b.1821
BRINE, Frederic Winter b.1849
BRINE, Frederick b.1862
BRINE, Frederick George b.1877
BRINE, George c.1839
BRINE, George b.1820
BRINE, George b.1814
BRINE, George John b.1839
BRINE, George Robert b.1815
BRINE, Hannibal George b.1826
BRINE, Harriett b.1817
BRINE, Henry b.1829
BRINE, Henry b.1884
BRINE, Henry c.1814
BRINE, Henry Samuel b.1820
BRINE, Herbert James b.1883
BRINE, James b.1762
BRINE, James b.1855
BRINE, James b.1788
BRINE, James b.1814
BRINE, James b.1820
BRINE, James b.1789
BRINE, James b.1887
BRINE, James b.1846
BRINE, James b.1816
BRINE, James c.1842
BRINE, James c.1838
BRINE, James b.1786
BRINE, James c.1812
BRINE, James b.1780
BRINE, James c.1785
BRINE, James b.1830
BRINE, James c.1817
BRINE, James c.1836
BRINE, James b.1804
BRINE, James b.1809
BRINE, James b.1782
BRINE, James b.1796
BRINE, James b.1798
BRINE, James b.1821
BRINE, James b.1822
BRINE, James b.1768
BRINE, Jane b.1842
BRINE, Jane b.1812
BRINE, Jane b.1818
BRINE, Jane b.1821
BRINE, Jane c.1814
BRINE, Jane Elizabeth b.1808
BRINE, Jemima b.1853
BRINE, Jeremiah c.1836
BRINE, Jeremiah b.1848
BRINE, Jesse b.1824
BRINE, Jessie c.1862
BRINE, Jessie b.1832
BRINE, Johanna b.1839
BRINE, John b.1855
BRINE, John b.1816
BRINE, John b.1813
BRINE, John b.1857
BRINE, John b.1887
BRINE, John b.1880
BRINE, John b.1777
BRINE, John c.1838
BRINE, John b.1810
BRINE, John b.1795
BRINE, John b.1806
BRINE, John b.1770
BRINE, John b.1751
BRINE, John b.1824
BRINE, John b.1802
BRINE, John b.1792
BRINE, John b.1745
BRINE, John b.1782
BRINE, John George b.1814
BRINE, John Howard b.1861
BRINE, John March or Murch b.1812
BRINE, John Thomas b.1861
BRINE, Joseph b.1821
BRINE, Joseph c.1816
BRINE, Judith b.1802
BRINE, Laurence b.1796
BRINE, Lawrence c.1829
BRINE, Lawrence b.1800
BRINE, Leah Fanny b.1847
BRINE, Louisa b.1847
BRINE, Louisa Mary b.1818
BRINE, Lucy c.1824
BRINE, Margaret b.1806
BRINE, Margaret c.1824
BRINE, Margaret Sarah b.1880
BRINE, Maria b.1848
BRINE, Maria b.1796
BRINE, Martin b.1820
BRINE, Martin b.1821
BRINE, Martin c.1818
BRINE, Mary b.1839
BRINE, Mary b.1846
BRINE, Mary c.1838
BRINE, Mary c.1820
BRINE, Mary b.1825
BRINE, Mary b.1819
BRINE, Mary b.1780
BRINE, Mary c.1831
BRINE, Mary c.1830
BRINE, Mary c.1822
BRINE, Mary b.1807
BRINE, Mary b.1806
BRINE, Mary c.1835
BRINE, Mary b.1862
BRINE, Mary b.1789
BRINE, Mary b.1801
BRINE, Mary Ann c.1859
BRINE, Mary Ann c.1841
BRINE, Mary Emma c.1886
BRINE, Mary Jane c.1842
BRINE, Mathew c.1834
BRINE, Mathew c.1824
BRINE, Matthew b.1888
BRINE, Michael b.1859
BRINE, Michael b.1803
BRINE, Michael b.1836
BRINE, Minnetta Maud b.1885
BRINE, Mrs. John b.1787
BRINE, Mrs. Michael b.1841
BRINE, Nicholas John c.1884
BRINE, Patrick b.1793
BRINE, Patrick b.1801
BRINE, Pearl b.1889
BRINE, Rachel Rosanna b.1881
BRINE, Rebecca b.1795
BRINE, Rebecca c.1838
BRINE, Redmond b.1817
BRINE, Richard b.1798
BRINE, Robert b.1825
BRINE, Robert b.1792
BRINE, Robert c.1859
BRINE, Robert b.1803
BRINE, Robert c.1825
BRINE, Robert c.1823
BRINE, Robert b.1797
BRINE, Robert b.1788
BRINE, Robert b.1796
BRINE, Robert b.1779
BRINE, Robert Frederick b.1818
BRINE, Rosina Eliza b.1860
BRINE, Rosina Eliza b.1849
BRINE, Samuel Edwards b.1891
BRINE, Sarah b.1840
BRINE, Sarah b.1836
BRINE, Sarah b.1804
BRINE, Sarah b.1798
BRINE, Sarah b.1798
BRINE, Sarah b.1801
BRINE, Sarah Jane b.1864
BRINE, Selina c.1856
BRINE, Selina c.1856
BRINE, Selina Maria b.1866
BRINE, Selina Maria b.1826
BRINE, Sophia Grace b.1822
BRINE, Stephen b.1810
BRINE, Susan b.1817
BRINE, Susan b.1812
BRINE, Susanna b.1807
BRINE, Thomas b.1812
BRINE, Thomas c.1837
BRINE, Thomas c.1825
BRINE, Thomas b.1801
BRINE, Thomas b.1794
BRINE, Thomas b.1798
BRINE, Thomas Henry Smith b.1871
BRINE, William b.1858
BRINE, William b.1814
BRINE, William b.1816
BRINE, William b.1801
BRINE, William Henry b.1824
BRINE, William Nicholas b.1872
BRINE, William Thomas b.1828
BRINE, William Winter b.1853


BRITTON, John b.1817


BROCKLEHURST, Charles b.1857
BROCKLEHURST, Mary Jane b.1883
BROCKLEHURST, Samuel Stephen b.1885

Broderick or Broders



BRODERICK, Joseph b.1855
BRODERICK, Margaret b.1870


BROMLEY, Mary b.1795


BROOM, Christopher b.1788


BROTHERS, Frances b.1850


BROWN, b.1865
BROWN, Ann Eliza b.1878
BROWN, Azariah b.1869
BROWN, Eli b.1842
BROWN, Eli Horatio b.1876
BROWN, Ellen b.1872
BROWN, Frances b.1834
BROWN, Frances Isabel c.1880
BROWN, Francis b.1875
BROWN, Isabella b.1875
BROWN, Isabella b.1857
BROWN, J.P. b.1836
BROWN, James b.1848
BROWN, James b.1828
BROWN, James b.1834
BROWN, Joanna b.1841
BROWN, Jonathan Menchinton b.1872
BROWN, Joseph b.1841
BROWN, Margaret Anne b.1862
BROWN, Martha b.1855
BROWN, Martha b.1836
BROWN, Mary b.1892
BROWN, Mary Ann b.1831
BROWN, Maud b.1862
BROWN, Peter b.1728
BROWN, Rachel b.1867
BROWN, Richard b.1871
BROWN, Robert b.1854
BROWN, Simeon b.1873
BROWN, Solomon b.1877
BROWN, Solomon b.1841
BROWN, Solomon William b.1874
BROWN, Susannah b.1825
BROWN, Thomas b.1849
BROWN, William b.1851

Bruce or Brace

BRUCE OR BRACE, Jane b.1816

Bryan or Brine

BRYAN OR BRINE, Frances b.1778


BRYAN, c.1885
BRYAN, Ann b.1758
BRYAN, Ann c.1783
BRYAN, Eleanor c.1783
BRYAN, Elizabeth c.1783
BRYAN, Harvey b.1732
BRYAN, James b.1752
BRYAN, James b.1774
BRYAN, James b.1765
BRYAN, John b.1757
BRYAN, John b.1753
BRYAN, John b.1749
BRYAN, Judah b.1758
BRYAN, Mary b.1758
BRYAN, Mary c.1780
BRYAN, Mary c.1779
BRYAN, Mary c.1758
BRYAN, Oliver b.1780
BRYAN, Rosanna b.1867
BRYAN, Samuel c.1775
BRYAN, Sarah c.1791
BRYAN, Thomas b.1754
BRYAN, William b.1757


BRYON, Mary b.1742
BRYON, Michael b.1737


BRYSON, Mary b.1870
BRYSON, Peter b.1844


BUCHANAN, George b.1799


BUCKLEY, Mary Jos. b.1871


BUDDEN, Ann b.1868


BUGDEN, Rose b.1801


BURDEN, James b.1840
BURDEN, John b.1849
BURDEN, Mary Ann b.1858


BURGESS, Charles b.1835


BURK, William b.1866


BURKE, Alice b.1877
BURKE, John b.1793
BURKE, Mary b.1858


BURN, Mary b.1800
BURN, Sophia b.1834


BURNE, Mary b.1799


BURNS, Mary Grace b.1864


BURSEY, Jane b.1843
BURSEY, Mary b.1762


BURT, Josiah b.1856


BURTON, Mary b.1868
BURTON, W. b.1867


BUSSEY, Abraham b.1860
BUSSEY, Abraham b.1817
BUSSEY, Abraham b.1826
BUSSEY, Abraham b.1823
BUSSEY, Albert James b.1850
BUSSEY, Ananias b.1838
BUSSEY, Ann b.1835
BUSSEY, Ann Maria b.1860
BUSSEY, Anne b.1817
BUSSEY, Annie b.1881
BUSSEY, Annie Maria b.1867
BUSSEY, Arthur b.1889
BUSSEY, Arthur Lewis c.1857
BUSSEY, Bertha b.1870
BUSSEY, Charity b.1858
BUSSEY, Charles b.1824
BUSSEY, Charlotte b.1850
BUSSEY, Charlotte b.1850
BUSSEY, Delphinia b.1870
BUSSEY, Drusilla b.1838
BUSSEY, Eliza b.1848
BUSSEY, Eliza J. b.1864
BUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1850
BUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1853
BUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1775
BUSSEY, Elizabeth b.1863
BUSSEY, Elizabeth Ann b.1853
BUSSEY, Elizabeth Fanny b.1887
BUSSEY, Emily b.1876
BUSSEY, Emma b.1829
BUSSEY, Emma or Anna Shepherd b.1864
BUSSEY, Esau b.1853
BUSSEY, Esther b.1855
BUSSEY, George b.1848
BUSSEY, George b.1857
BUSSEY, George b.1847
BUSSEY, George Archibald b.1858
BUSSEY, Harriett b.1861
BUSSEY, Harrison Joseph b.1869
BUSSEY, Henry b.1849
BUSSEY, Henry Thomas b.1869
BUSSEY, Hubert b.1896
BUSSEY, Isaac b.1855
BUSSEY, Isaac b.1823
BUSSEY, Isaac b.1857
BUSSEY, Issac b.1824
BUSSEY, Jacob b.1847
BUSSEY, Jacob b.1850
BUSSEY, Jane b.1849
BUSSEY, Jane b.1844
BUSSEY, Jane b.1853
BUSSEY, Jane b.1822
BUSSEY, Jessie b.1886
BUSSEY, Job b.1867
BUSSEY, Johanna b.1819
BUSSEY, John b.1886
BUSSEY, John b.1821
BUSSEY, John b.1820
BUSSEY, John b.1825
BUSSEY, John b.1813
BUSSEY, John b.1831
BUSSEY, John Charles b.1884
BUSSEY, John Smith b.1875
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1858
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1827
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1872
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1843
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1831
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1863
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1783
BUSSEY, Joseph b.1809
BUSSEY, Joshua b.1806
BUSSEY, Lavinia b.1852
BUSSEY, Lavinia b.1878
BUSSEY, Lavinia b.1874
BUSSEY, Lavinia b.1869
BUSSEY, Lorenzo b.1885
BUSSEY, Louisa b.1880
BUSSEY, Magdalene b.1854
BUSSEY, Magdelen b.1841
BUSSEY, Mary Andrews b.1880
BUSSEY, Mary Ann b.1856
BUSSEY, Mary Ann b.1848
BUSSEY, Mary Ann b.1846
BUSSEY, Mary Ann b.1859
BUSSEY, Mary Ann b.1851
BUSSEY, Mary Jane b.1855
BUSSEY, Mary Jane b.1838
BUSSEY, Patience b.1861
BUSSEY, Rachel b.1858
BUSSEY, Robert b.1788
BUSSEY, Robert John b.1855
BUSSEY, Ruben b.1824
BUSSEY, Samuel b.1837
BUSSEY, Sarah b.1822
BUSSEY, Selina b.1872
BUSSEY, Solomon b.1848
BUSSEY, Susannah b.1867
BUSSEY, Teresa b.1850
BUSSEY, Thomas b.1860
BUSSEY, Thomas b.1834
BUSSEY, Thomas c.1832
BUSSEY, Thomas c.1806
BUSSEY, Thomas b.1780
BUSSEY, Thomas b.1818
BUSSEY, Thomas William b.1858
BUSSEY, William b.1860
BUSSEY, William b.1858
BUSSEY, William b.1850
BUSSEY, William b.1847
BUSSEY, William b.1844
BUSSEY, William b.1842
BUSSEY, William George b.1891
BUSSEY, William John b.1882
BUSSEY, William John b.1874
BUSSEY, William John b.1872
BUSSEY, William Robert b.1852


BUSSEYS, William b.1830


BUSSY, Anne b.1814
BUSSY, John b.1852
BUSSY, Magdalen b.1847
BUSSY, Mary Jane b.1867


BUTLER, Alice c.1833
BUTLER, Donald b.1850
BUTLER, Edward c.1826
BUTLER, Helen Ruth b.1929
BUTLER, James b.1814
BUTLER, Johanna b.1856
BUTLER, Mary Ann b.1854
BUTLER, Medona c.1831
BUTLER, Mrs. Amy Ann b.1863
BUTLER, Naomi b.1857
BUTLER, Rebecca b.1777
BUTLER, Selina b.1877
BUTLER, Thomas b.1797

Butt or Howell

BUTT OR HOWELL, Abraham c.1830


BUTT, b.1891
BUTT, b.1886
BUTT, b.1790
BUTT, b.1788
BUTT, b.1849
BUTT, b.1780
BUTT, b.1759
BUTT, m.1693
BUTT, b.1893
BUTT, Aaron b.1812
BUTT, Aaron b.1847
BUTT, Aaron b.1795
BUTT, Aaron b.1820
BUTT, Abigail b.1871
BUTT, Abigail Pottle b.1854
BUTT, Abraham b.1878
BUTT, Ada b.1871
BUTT, Ada b.1891
BUTT, Adam b.1835
BUTT, Adam b.1831
BUTT, Adam b.1756
BUTT, Agnes b.1842
BUTT, Agnes c.1859
BUTT, Agnes Jane Ash b.1856
BUTT, Alexander b.1852
BUTT, Alexander b.1854
BUTT, Alexander b.1872
BUTT, Alexander b.1835
BUTT, Alexander b.1877
BUTT, Alexander b.1818
BUTT, Alfred b.1820
BUTT, Alfred c.1821
BUTT, Alfred b.1880
BUTT, Alfred b.1887
BUTT, Alfred b.1880
BUTT, Alfred b.1854
BUTT, Alfred b.1855
BUTT, Alfred b.1851
BUTT, Alfred b.1854
BUTT, Alfred b.1881
BUTT, Alfred b.1826
BUTT, Alfred c.1814
BUTT, Alfred b.1817
BUTT, Alfred Dean b.1865
BUTT, Alice b.1920
BUTT, Alice May c.1885
BUTT, Allan b.1864
BUTT, Allan William b.1871
BUTT, Amanda May b.1881
BUTT, Ambrose b.1883
BUTT, Ambrose b.1856
BUTT, Ambrose b.1838
BUTT, Ambrose b.1866
BUTT, Ambrose c.1821
BUTT, Ambrose b.1862
BUTT, Amelia b.1874
BUTT, Amelia b.1854
BUTT, Amelia b.1859
BUTT, Amelia b.1834
BUTT, Amelia b.1851
BUTT, Amelia Ann b.1842
BUTT, Amelia Ann b.1838
BUTT, Amelia Ann b.1883
BUTT, Amelia Ann b.1866
BUTT, Amelia Charlotte b.1860
BUTT, Amelia Jane b.1874
BUTT, Amelia Maud b.1884
BUTT, Amelia Susannah b.1858
BUTT, Amy c.1826
BUTT, Amy b.1867
BUTT, Anastasia b.1889
BUTT, Andrew b.1840
BUTT, Andrew b.1842
BUTT, Andrew Thomas b.1878
BUTT, Anjelia c.1833
BUTT, Ann c.1819
BUTT, Ann b.1867
BUTT, Ann b.1866
BUTT, Ann c.1831
BUTT, Ann b.1803
BUTT, Ann b.1837
BUTT, Ann b.1833
BUTT, Ann b.1807
BUTT, Ann b.1759
BUTT, Ann Lacey b.1875
BUTT, Ann Maria b.1859
BUTT, Ann Maria b.1847
BUTT, Anna Maria b.1843
BUTT, Anna Maria b.1851
BUTT, Anna Maria b.1856
BUTT, Anna S. b.1842
BUTT, Annabelle c.1833
BUTT, Anne c.1857
BUTT, Annie Bertha b.1882
BUTT, Annie Maud b.1889
BUTT, Annie or Harriet b.1872
BUTT, Archibald b.1875
BUTT, Archibald b.1832
BUTT, Archibald c.1828
BUTT, Archibald c.1864
BUTT, Archibald b.1841
BUTT, Archibald b.1839
BUTT, Archibald b.1845
BUTT, Arthur b.1886
BUTT, Arthur b.1848
BUTT, Arthur b.1891
BUTT, Arthur Edwin b.1883
BUTT, Arthur Newell b.1864
BUTT, Arthur William b.1873
BUTT, Arthur William c.1830
BUTT, Arthur William b.1833
BUTT, Asenath b.1870
BUTT, Asenath Pike b.1840
BUTT, Azariah b.1899
BUTT, Barbara b.1889
BUTT, Barbara b.1871
BUTT, Barbara b.1865
BUTT, Bartholomew b.1887
BUTT, Bartholomew b.1863
BUTT, Barzell b.1855
BUTT, Basford b.1814
BUTT, Basil b.1809
BUTT, Basil b.1853
BUTT, Ben b.1846
BUTT, Benjamin Boyd b.1880
BUTT, Bertha b.1888
BUTT, Bertha Ann b.1883
BUTT, Bessie Blanche b.1874
BUTT, Bridget b.1845
BUTT, Bridget b.1870
BUTT, Bridget b.1823
BUTT, Bridget b.1860
BUTT, Bridget b.1855
BUTT, Bridget c.1853
BUTT, Bruce b.1943
BUTT, C. b.1830
BUTT, Caleb King b.1893
BUTT, Caroline b.1887
BUTT, Caroline b.1885
BUTT, Caroline b.1866
BUTT, Caroline b.1837
BUTT, Caroline c.1825
BUTT, Caroline b.1867
BUTT, Caroline c.1855
BUTT, Caroline b.1849
BUTT, Caroline Susanna b.1866
BUTT, Catharine c.1816
BUTT, Catharine b.1838
BUTT, Catharine b.1814
BUTT, Catherine b.1885
BUTT, Catherine b.1844
BUTT, Catherine b.1839
BUTT, Catherine b.1873
BUTT, Catherine b.1838
BUTT, Catherine c.1832
BUTT, Catherine b.1832
BUTT, Catherine b.1826
BUTT, Catherine b.1817
BUTT, Catherine b.1850
BUTT, Catherine d.1992
BUTT, Catherine c.1850
BUTT, Catherine b.1764
BUTT, Catherine b.1787
BUTT, Catherine b.1832
BUTT, Catherine Isabella b.1863
BUTT, Catherine Jane b.1856
BUTT, Catherine Margaret b.1873
BUTT, Cecelia b.1851
BUTT, Cecilia b.1855
BUTT, Cecilia Theresa b.1879
BUTT, Ceilia Ann b.1877
BUTT, Celia b.1877
BUTT, Celia b.1866
BUTT, Celia b.1859
BUTT, Celina Norris b.1851
BUTT, Charles c.1817
BUTT, Charles b.1789
BUTT, Charles b.1859
BUTT, Charles b.1863
BUTT, Charles b.1859
BUTT, Charles b.1830
BUTT, Charles b.1837
BUTT, Charles c.1817
BUTT, Charles b.1851
BUTT, Charles b.1850
BUTT, Charles b.1819
BUTT, Charles b.1796
BUTT, Charles b.1847
BUTT, Charles b.1801
BUTT, Charles c.1834
BUTT, Charles c.1836
BUTT, Charles b.1831
BUTT, Charles b.1802
BUTT, Charles c.1803
BUTT, Charles c.1860
BUTT, Charles c.1781
BUTT, Charles Augustus b.1868
BUTT, Charles Chesley b.1894
BUTT, Charles Edmund b.1875
BUTT, Charles Raymond b.1918
BUTT, Charles William b.1846
BUTT, Charlie b.1902
BUTT, Charlotte b.1867
BUTT, Charlotte b.1857
BUTT, Charlotte b.1844
BUTT, Charlotte b.1854
BUTT, Charlotte b.1857
BUTT, Charlotte b.1846
BUTT, Charlotte b.1869
BUTT, Charlotte b.1805
BUTT, Charlotte b.1808
BUTT, Charlotte b.1843
BUTT, Charlotte or Charity b.1800
BUTT, Chrisopher Patrick b.1960
BUTT, Christiana b.1872
BUTT, Christine b.1886
BUTT, Cicely b.1863
BUTT, Cicily b.1860
BUTT, Cicily Ann b.1849
BUTT, Ciseley b.1889
BUTT, Clara b.1890
BUTT, Clara Belle b.1891
BUTT, Clara Belle b.1873
BUTT, Clemens b.1820
BUTT, Cornelius b.1883
BUTT, Cornelius b.1800
BUTT, Cyril b.1890
BUTT, David b.1871
BUTT, Delila b.1882
BUTT, Delphine b.1839
BUTT, Diana b.1841
BUTT, Diana b.1854
BUTT, Diana c.1817
BUTT, Diana Margaret b.1832
BUTT, Dianna b.1839
BUTT, Dina b.1865
BUTT, Dina b.1789
BUTT, Dinah b.1823
BUTT, Dinah b.1822
BUTT, Dinah b.1777
BUTT, Dinah c.1779
BUTT, Dorcas b.1855
BUTT, Dorcas b.1838
BUTT, Dorcas b.1847
BUTT, Dorcas b.1852
BUTT, Dorothea b.1787
BUTT, Dorothy b.1816
BUTT, Dorothy b.1816
BUTT, Dorothy b.1763
BUTT, Drucilla b.1849
BUTT, Drucilla b.1845
BUTT, Drucilla Jane b.1878
BUTT, Druscilla b.1844
BUTT, Drusilla b.1884
BUTT, Drusilla c.1876
BUTT, Drusilla Jane b.1861
BUTT, Ebenezer b.1863
BUTT, Ebenezer b.1867
BUTT, Ebenezer b.1845
BUTT, Edgar b.1831
BUTT, Edgar b.1860
BUTT, Edgar or Edward b.1878
BUTT, Edith b.1877
BUTT, Edith b.1777
BUTT, Edward b.1845
BUTT, Edward b.1862
BUTT, Edward b.1837
BUTT, Edward c.1879
BUTT, Edward b.1836
BUTT, Edward b.1891
BUTT, Edward b.1830
BUTT, Edward b.1860
BUTT, Edward b.1831
BUTT, Edward b.1826
BUTT, Edward b.1815
BUTT, Edward c.1830
BUTT, Edward c.1870
BUTT, Edward c.1820
BUTT, Edward A. b.1867
BUTT, Edward Augustus b.1848
BUTT, Edward George b.1881
BUTT, Edward Thomas b.1883
BUTT, Edward Thomas b.1879
BUTT, Edward Thomas b.1872
BUTT, Edward Thomas b.1882
BUTT, Effie May b.1882
BUTT, Eleanor b.1855
BUTT, Eleanor Ann b.1850
BUTT, Eleazer b.1865
BUTT, Elenor b.1859
BUTT, Elenor b.1809
BUTT, Eli b.1854
BUTT, Eli b.1851
BUTT, Eli Hicks b.1882
BUTT, Eliza b.1815
BUTT, Eliza b.1888
BUTT, Eliza b.1879
BUTT, Eliza b.1881
BUTT, Eliza b.1866
BUTT, Eliza b.1890
BUTT, Eliza b.1860
BUTT, Eliza b.1853
BUTT, Eliza b.1821
BUTT, Eliza b.1887
BUTT, Eliza c.1832
BUTT, Eliza b.1767
BUTT, Eliza Ann b.1838
BUTT, Eliza Ann b.1884
BUTT, Eliza Jane b.1834
BUTT, Eliza Jane c.1879
BUTT, Eliza Maude b.1868
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1843
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1796
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1871
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1863
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1854
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1889
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1879
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1864
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1845
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1883
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1860
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1861
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1858
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1815
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1813
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1799
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1848
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1845
BUTT, Elizabeth c.1818
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1889
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1861
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1861
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1865
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1799
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1812
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1807
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1862
BUTT, Elizabeth c.1836
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1811
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1799
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1845
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1843
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1858
BUTT, Elizabeth c.1791
BUTT, Elizabeth b.1770
BUTT, Elizabeth Ann b.1876
BUTT, Elizabeth Ann c.1829
BUTT, Elizabeth Ash b.1868
BUTT, Elizabeth Beatrice b.1889
BUTT, Elizabeth Catherine b.1877
BUTT, Elizabeth Evans b.1858
BUTT, Elizabeth Jane b.1890
BUTT, Elizabeth Jane b.1876
BUTT, Elizabeth Jane b.1878
BUTT, Elizabeth Jane b.1854
BUTT, Elizabeth Jane b.1848
BUTT, Elizabeth or Lizzie c.1868
BUTT, Ella Louisa b.1877
BUTT, Ellen b.1863
BUTT, Ellen b.1854
BUTT, Ellen b.1866
BUTT, Ellen b.1867
BUTT, Ellen c.1842
BUTT, Ellen b.1851
BUTT, Ellie May b.1886
BUTT, Emeline b.1863
BUTT, Emily b.1876
BUTT, Emily b.1875
BUTT, Emily b.1872
BUTT, Emily Ann b.1879
BUTT, Emily Ann b.1856
BUTT, Emily Jane b.1866
BUTT, Emily Jane b.1865
BUTT, Emily Jane b.1865
BUTT, Emily Susannah c.1842
BUTT, Emma b.1851
BUTT, Emma b.1845
BUTT, Emma b.1855
BUTT, Emma b.1858
BUTT, Emma Crocker b.1847
BUTT, Emma Jane b.1889
BUTT, Emma Louisa b.1862
BUTT, Emma Louisa b.1882
BUTT, Emma Maude b.1870
BUTT, Enoch b.1863
BUTT, Ephraim b.1877
BUTT, Esau b.1853
BUTT, Esther b.1838
BUTT, Esther b.1882
BUTT, Esther b.1840
BUTT, Esther b.1838
BUTT, Esther b.1889
BUTT, Esther Ellen b.1879
BUTT, Eurim b.1891
BUTT, Eva b.1878
BUTT, Eva Janet b.1881
BUTT, Eve b.1845
BUTT, Eve c.1829
BUTT, Eve b.1862
BUTT, Eve b.1821
BUTT, Eve c.1777
BUTT, Ezekiel b.1882
BUTT, Ezekiel b.1857
BUTT, Ezeledge b.1840
BUTT, Fanny Susan b.1882
BUTT, Flora b.1862
BUTT, Flora b.1849
BUTT, Flora b.1854
BUTT, Flora b.1889
BUTT, Flora b.1863
BUTT, Flora Cornelia b.1883
BUTT, Flora Moore b.1889
BUTT, Florence b.1891
BUTT, Florence May b.1891
BUTT, Frances b.1833
BUTT, Frances b.1883
BUTT, Frances c.1835
BUTT, Frances b.1808
BUTT, Frances b.1867
BUTT, Frances Selina b.1856
BUTT, Francis b.1844
BUTT, Francis b.1861
BUTT, Francis b.1888
BUTT, Francis c.1845
BUTT, Francis b.1835
BUTT, Francis b.1860
BUTT, Francis b.1784
BUTT, Frederick c.1871
BUTT, Frederick b.1881
BUTT, Frederick b.1884
BUTT, Frederick James b.1895
BUTT, Frederick Joseph b.1875
BUTT, Frederick Lang b.1884
BUTT, Fredric Joseph c.1824
BUTT, George b.1804
BUTT, George c.1810
BUTT, George b.1784
BUTT, George b.1805
BUTT, George b.1833
BUTT, George b.1832
BUTT, George b.1827
BUTT, George b.1815
BUTT, George b.1810
BUTT, George b.1856
BUTT, George b.1889
BUTT, George b.1881
BUTT, George b.1859
BUTT, George b.1826
BUTT, George b.1810
BUTT, George b.1863
BUTT, George b.1837
BUTT, George b.1791
BUTT, George b.1849
BUTT, George b.1811
BUTT, George c.1833
BUTT, George b.1806
BUTT, George b.1803
BUTT, George b.1797
BUTT, George c.1817
BUTT, George b.1839
BUTT, George b.1840
BUTT, George b.1818
BUTT, George b.1810
BUTT, George b.1771
BUTT, George b.1822
BUTT, George b.1872
BUTT, George c.1875
BUTT, George c.1872
BUTT, George b.1831
BUTT, George b.1812
BUTT, George b.1803
BUTT, George b.1870
BUTT, George b.1869
BUTT, George b.1861
BUTT, George c.1787
BUTT, George c.1783
BUTT, George Apsey b.1860
BUTT, George Augustus b.1839
BUTT, George Daniel b.1866
BUTT, George Edward b.1883
BUTT, George Edward b.1865
BUTT, George Edward b.1863
BUTT, George Edward b.1888
BUTT, George Edward b.1889
BUTT, George Frederick b.1827
BUTT, George Hilliard b.1870
BUTT, George Joseph b.1879
BUTT, George Joseph b.1870
BUTT, George L. b.1818
BUTT, George Robert b.1875
BUTT, George Robert b.1854
BUTT, George Robert b.1871
BUTT, George William b.1832
BUTT, George William b.1880
BUTT, George William b.1887
BUTT, George William b.1878
BUTT, George William b.1871
BUTT, George William b.1887
BUTT, Georgina b.1886
BUTT, Georgina b.1888
BUTT, Gertrude Maude b.1890
BUTT, Gilbert b.1875
BUTT, Grace b.1823
BUTT, H.T. b.1862
BUTT, Hannah b.1838
BUTT, Hannah b.1824
BUTT, Hannah b.1814
BUTT, Hannah b.1838
BUTT, Hannah b.1852
BUTT, Hannah c.1833
BUTT, Hannah b.1888
BUTT, Hannah Maria b.1860
BUTT, Harriet b.1888
BUTT, Harriet b.1852
BUTT, Harriet b.1843
BUTT, Harriet b.1844
BUTT, Harriet Ann b.1839
BUTT, Harriet Ann b.1878
BUTT, Harriet Ann b.1839
BUTT, Harriet Elizabeth b.1843
BUTT, Harriet Sophia b.1867
BUTT, Harriett c.1820
BUTT, Harriett c.1827
BUTT, Harry b.1863
BUTT, Harry b.1918
BUTT, Hayward Thomas b.1889
BUTT, Hazel b.1878
BUTT, Hazel b.1879
BUTT, Hazel b.1890
BUTT, Hector c.1828
BUTT, Hedley b.1868
BUTT, Henry b.1845
BUTT, Henry b.1842
BUTT, Henry b.1794
BUTT, Henry c.1819
BUTT, Henry b.1880
BUTT, Henry b.1890
BUTT, Henry b.1853
BUTT, Henry b.1842
BUTT, Henry b.1860
BUTT, Henry b.1859
BUTT, Henry b.1855
BUTT, Henry b.1850
BUTT, Henry b.1861
BUTT, Henry b.1848
BUTT, Henry b.1840
BUTT, Henry b.1838
BUTT, Henry b.1855
BUTT, Henry b.1882
BUTT, Henry b.1868
BUTT, Henry b.1859
BUTT, Henry b.1852
BUTT, Henry b.1803
BUTT, Henry b.1792
BUTT, Henry b.1784
BUTT, Henry b.1772
BUTT, Henry b.1853
BUTT, Henry c.1865
BUTT, Henry b.1868
BUTT, Henry b.1806
BUTT, Henry c.1819
BUTT, Henry b.1808
BUTT, Henry b.1809
BUTT, Henry b.1772
BUTT, Henry b.1745
BUTT, Henry b.1771
BUTT, Henry George b.1883
BUTT, Henry George b.1886
BUTT, Henry T. b.1864
BUTT, Henry T. b.1883
BUTT, Henry Thomas b.1862
BUTT, Henry Thomas b.1864
BUTT, Henry Thomas b.1868
BUTT, Henry Thomas b.1853
BUTT, Henry William b.1852
BUTT, Henry William b.1852
BUTT, Henry William b.1894
BUTT, Hezekiah b.1814
BUTT, Hezekiah b.1872
BUTT, Hezekiah b.1768
BUTT, Hugh William c.1857
BUTT, Hugh William b.1889
BUTT, Isabella b.1808
BUTT, Isabella b.1846
BUTT, Israel b.1828
BUTT, Israel b.1876
BUTT, Israel b.1865
BUTT, Israel Lockhart b.1859
BUTT, Jabez b.1876
BUTT, Jacob b.1856
BUTT, Jacob b.1857
BUTT, Jacob b.1817
BUTT, Jacob b.1814
BUTT, Jacob c.1827
BUTT, Jacob b.1801
BUTT, James b.1865
BUTT, James b.1878
BUTT, James b.1844
BUTT, James b.1859
BUTT, James b.1805
BUTT, James b.1834
BUTT, James b.1836
BUTT, James b.1872
BUTT, James b.1837
BUTT, James b.1836
BUTT, James b.1837
BUTT, James b.1811
BUTT, James b.1856
BUTT, James b.1824
BUTT, James b.1804
BUTT, James b.1863
BUTT, James c.1831
BUTT, James b.1883
BUTT, James b.1833
BUTT, James b.1802
BUTT, James Frederick b.1874
BUTT, James Lacey b.1868
BUTT, James Noel b.1889
BUTT, James William b.1889
BUTT, Jane b.1843
BUTT, Jane c.1828
BUTT, Jane c.1829
BUTT, Jane b.1890
BUTT, Jane b.1867
BUTT, Jane b.1854
BUTT, Jane b.1832
BUTT, Jane b.1847
BUTT, Jane b.1852
BUTT, Jane b.1835
BUTT, Jane b.1854
BUTT, Jane b.1829
BUTT, Jane b.1839
BUTT, Jane b.1920
BUTT, Jane b.1872
BUTT, Jane b.1808
BUTT, Jane b.1777
BUTT, Jane b.1870
BUTT, Jane c.1783
BUTT, Jane c.1776
BUTT, Jane b.1864
BUTT, Jane Adelaide b.1857
BUTT, Jane Elizabeth b.1848
BUTT, Jane Elizabeth b.1836
BUTT, Jane Elizabeth b.1848
BUTT, Jane Maber b.1877
BUTT, Jane Parsons b.1856
BUTT, Jane Tuck c.1781
BUTT, Janet b.1871
BUTT, Janet b.1849
BUTT, Jemima b.1881
BUTT, Jennie b.1866
BUTT, Jesse b.1845
BUTT, Jesse b.1846
BUTT, Jessie b.1884
BUTT, Jessie b.1871
BUTT, Jessie b.1873
BUTT, Jessie b.1879
BUTT, Jessie b.1863
BUTT, Jessie Elizabeth b.1868
BUTT, Jessie Ella b.1873
BUTT, Jessie Louisa b.1860
BUTT, Jessie Susanna b.1861
BUTT, Joanna Marie b.1824
BUTT, Joannah b.1883
BUTT, Johanna b.1848
BUTT, Johanna c.1821
BUTT, Johanna b.1829
BUTT, Johanna b.1828
BUTT, Johanna b.1865
BUTT, John b.1867
BUTT, John b.1820
BUTT, John b.1845
BUTT, John b.1843
BUTT, John b.1816
BUTT, John b.1841
BUTT, John b.1842
BUTT, John b.1836
BUTT, John c.1831
BUTT, John b.1780
BUTT, John b.1813
BUTT, John c.1798
BUTT, John b.1851
BUTT, John b.1864
BUTT, John b.1871
BUTT, John b.1845
BUTT, John b.1889
BUTT, John b.1884
BUTT, John b.1862
BUTT, John b.1853
BUTT, John b.1842
BUTT, John b.1863
BUTT, John b.1863
BUTT, John b.1889
BUTT, John b.1857
BUTT, John b.1882
BUTT, John b.1892
BUTT, John b.1823
BUTT, John b.1827
BUTT, John b.1840
BUTT, John b.1830
BUTT, John b.1807
BUTT, John b.1853
BUTT, John b.1838
BUTT, John b.1857
BUTT, John b.1831
BUTT, John b.1827
BUTT, John b.1860
BUTT, John
BUTT, John c.1845
BUTT, John c.1840
BUTT, John b.1842
BUTT, John b.1834
BUTT, John b.1834
BUTT, John b.1826
BUTT, John b.1851
BUTT, John b.1864
BUTT, John b.1848
BUTT, John b.1850
BUTT, John b.1822
BUTT, John b.1822
BUTT, John b.1804
BUTT, John b.1825
BUTT, John b.1839
BUTT, John b.1808
BUTT, John c.1825
BUTT, John b.1800
BUTT, John b.1845
BUTT, John c.1819
BUTT, John b.1854
BUTT, John b.1850
BUTT, John b.1850
BUTT, John b.1849
BUTT, John b.1848
BUTT, John b.1846
BUTT, John b.1817
BUTT, John b.1816
BUTT, John b.1815
BUTT, John b.1812
BUTT, John b.1811
BUTT, John b.1809
BUTT, John b.1826
BUTT, John b.1783
BUTT, John b.1846
BUTT, John b.1808
BUTT, John b.1876
BUTT, John c.1852
BUTT, John b.1844
BUTT, John b.1868
BUTT, John b.1876
BUTT, John b.1864
BUTT, John b.1799
BUTT, John c.1861
BUTT, John b.1809
BUTT, John b.1879
BUTT, John c.1836
BUTT, John b.1863
BUTT, John b.1820
BUTT, John b.1809
BUTT, John b.1835
BUTT, John b.1738
BUTT, John b.1835
BUTT, John b.1836
BUTT, John c.1839
BUTT, John b.1816
BUTT, John c.1834
BUTT, John b.1789
BUTT, John b.1789
BUTT, John b.1774
BUTT, John b.1830
BUTT, John b.1876
BUTT, John b.1863
BUTT, John b.1878
BUTT, John b.1894
BUTT, John b.1851
BUTT, John b.1837
BUTT, John b.1893
BUTT, John b.1805
BUTT, John b.1839
BUTT, John Archibald b.1889
BUTT, John C. b.1864
BUTT, John Charles b.1880
BUTT, John Charles b.1876
BUTT, John Charles b.1863
BUTT, John Charles b.1834
BUTT, John Eveley b.1885
BUTT, John Harvey b.1859
BUTT, John Hayward b.1888
BUTT, John Henry b.1834
BUTT, John Henry b.1863
BUTT, John Howell c.1832
BUTT, John Howell b.1873
BUTT, John Luther b.1858
BUTT, John Nicholas b.1846
BUTT, John Nicholas b.1874
BUTT, John Nicholas b.1869
BUTT, John Nicholas b.1842
BUTT, John Noel b.1887
BUTT, John or Johnson b.1839
BUTT, John or Jonathan b.1817
BUTT, John Richard b.1888
BUTT, John Stapleton b.1880
BUTT, John Stewart b.1885
BUTT, John Thomas b.1856
BUTT, John Thomas b.1847
BUTT, John Thomas b.1876
BUTT, John Thomas b.1845
BUTT, John Wesley b.1848
BUTT, John Wilfred b.1890
BUTT, Jonathan b.1847
BUTT, Jonathan b.1818
BUTT, Jonathan b.1831
BUTT, Jonathan c.1825
BUTT, Jonathan b.1799
BUTT, Jonathan b.1888
BUTT, Jordan b.1886
BUTT, Jordan b.1881
BUTT, Joseph b.1835
BUTT, Joseph b.1842
BUTT, Joseph c.1829
BUTT, Joseph b.1823
BUTT, Joseph b.1773
BUTT, Joseph b.1874
BUTT, Joseph b.1883
BUTT, Joseph b.1857
BUTT, Joseph b.1884
BUTT, Joseph b.1862
BUTT, Joseph b.1861
BUTT, Joseph b.1886
BUTT, Joseph b.1868
BUTT, Joseph b.1845
BUTT, Joseph b.1858
BUTT, Joseph b.1850
BUTT, Joseph b.1895
BUTT, Joseph b.1838
BUTT, Joseph b.1863
BUTT, Joseph b.1835
BUTT, Joseph b.1858
BUTT, Joseph b.1848
BUTT, Joseph b.1812
BUTT, Joseph b.1851
BUTT, Joseph c.1832
BUTT, Joseph b.1841
BUTT, Joseph c.1826
BUTT, Joseph b.1792
BUTT, Joseph b.1817
BUTT, Joseph b.1883
BUTT, Joseph b.1835
BUTT, Joseph b.1849
BUTT, Joseph b.1847
BUTT, Joseph b.1883
BUTT, Joseph b.1822
BUTT, Joseph b.1827
BUTT, Joseph c.1870
BUTT, Joseph b.1869
BUTT, Joseph b.1835
BUTT, Joseph b.1807
BUTT, Joseph c.1872
BUTT, Joseph b.1888
BUTT, Joseph c.1838
BUTT, Joseph b.1805
BUTT, Joseph b.1810
BUTT, Joseph b.1784
BUTT, Joseph c.1812
BUTT, Joseph b.1763
BUTT, Joseph b.1766
BUTT, Joseph Henry c.1828
BUTT, Joseph Henry b.1828
BUTT, Joseph Hicks b.1875
BUTT, Joseph Lane b.1843
BUTT, Joseph Leander b.1876
BUTT, Joseph Leander b.1844
BUTT, Joseph Parsons b.1838
BUTT, Joshua b.1861
BUTT, Joshua b.1875
BUTT, Joshua b.1845
BUTT, Joshua or Josiah b.1845
BUTT, Joshua Pike b.1843
BUTT, Josiah b.1838
BUTT, Josiah b.1865
BUTT, Josiah b.1875
BUTT, Josiah b.1876
BUTT, Josiah b.1857
BUTT, Josiah b.1878
BUTT, Josiah b.1893
BUTT, Josiah b.1841
BUTT, Josiah b.1886
BUTT, Josiah b.1872
BUTT, Josiah b.1855
BUTT, Josiah b.1897
BUTT, Josiah b.1850
BUTT, Josiah b.1895
BUTT, Josiah b.1832
BUTT, Josiah b.1860
BUTT, Julia b.1843
BUTT, Julia c.1831
BUTT, Julia b.1878
BUTT, Julia b.1844
BUTT, Julia c.1833
BUTT, Julia b.1817
BUTT, Julia b.1836
BUTT, Julia b.1835
BUTT, Julia b.1843
BUTT, Julia c.1881
BUTT, Julia b.1806
BUTT, Julia b.1817
BUTT, Julia b.1843
BUTT, Julia b.1891
BUTT, Julia b.1825
BUTT, Julia A. b.1845
BUTT, Julia Ann b.1845
BUTT, Julia Ann b.1838
BUTT, Julia Ann b.1856
BUTT, Julia Ann b.1854
BUTT, Julia Ann b.1865
BUTT, Julia Ann b.1858
BUTT, Julia Ann b.1884
BUTT, Julia Luther b.1873
BUTT, Julia Susanna b.1844
BUTT, Julius Caesar c.1833
BUTT, Justinia b.1836
BUTT, Kate Isabella b.1888
BUTT, Katherine b.1845
BUTT, Katie Bell b.1885
BUTT, Keziah b.1833
BUTT, Keziah b.1882
BUTT, Laura b.1870
BUTT, Laura b.1862
BUTT, Laura Emily b.1869
BUTT, Laurence b.1819
BUTT, Lavinia b.1836
BUTT, Lavinia b.1833
BUTT, Lavinia Taylor b.1854
BUTT, Leah b.1884
BUTT, Leah b.1860
BUTT, Leah b.1851
BUTT, Leah Jane b.1889
BUTT, Leander b.1855
BUTT, Leander b.1899
BUTT, Leila Anne b.1870
BUTT, Lenora Jane b.1879
BUTT, Leonard b.1885
BUTT, Leonard b.1875
BUTT, Leonard b.1865
BUTT, Leonard c.1877
BUTT, Leonora b.1838
BUTT, Levi b.1821
BUTT, Levi b.1823
BUTT, Levi b.1862
BUTT, Lilian b.1890
BUTT, Lillie May b.1882
BUTT, Louisa b.1836
BUTT, Louisa b.1837
BUTT, Louisa b.1837
BUTT, Louisa b.1853
BUTT, Louisa b.1890
BUTT, Louisa b.1885
BUTT, Louisa b.1839
BUTT, Louisa b.1857
BUTT, Louisa b.1837
BUTT, Louisa Emily b.1862
BUTT, Louisa Jane b.1840
BUTT, Louise b.1920
BUTT, Louise Jane b.1879
BUTT, Lucy b.1896
BUTT, Lydia b.1789
BUTT, Mabel b.1881
BUTT, Magdalene b.1881
BUTT, Maggie b.1866
BUTT, Malcolm b.1912
BUTT, Margaret b.1883
BUTT, Margaret b.1884
BUTT, Margaret b.1843
BUTT, Margaret Ann b.1863
BUTT, Margaret Bell b.1885
BUTT, Margaret Joseph b.1875
BUTT, Margret b.1847
BUTT, Maria b.1857
BUTT, Maria b.1860
BUTT, Maria b.1867
BUTT, Maria b.1835
BUTT, Maria c.1835
BUTT, Maria c.1834
BUTT, Maria b.1858
BUTT, Maria b.1843
BUTT, Maria b.1852
BUTT, Maria b.1819
BUTT, Maria Ann Shepherd b.1853
BUTT, Maria Jane b.1863
BUTT, Maria Jane b.1857
BUTT, Maria Jane Prach b.1868
BUTT, Maria Taylor b.1858
BUTT, Mariah c.1835
BUTT, Marian b.1880
BUTT, Mark b.1868
BUTT, Mark Noel b.1867
BUTT, Martha b.1867
BUTT, Martha c.1835
BUTT, Martha b.1868
BUTT, Martha b.1846
BUTT, Martha b.1831
BUTT, Martha b.1845
BUTT, Martha Emma b.1887
BUTT, Martha Priscilla b.1881
BUTT, Martha S. b.1843
BUTT, Martha Susanna b.1872
BUTT, Martha Susanna b.1842
BUTT, Martin b.1826
BUTT, Martin b.1871
BUTT, Martin b.1869
BUTT, Martin b.1852
BUTT, Martin b.1850
BUTT, Martin b.1787
BUTT, Martin b.1874
BUTT, Martin b.1893
BUTT, Martin Nelson b.1874
BUTT, Mary b.1826
BUTT, Mary b.1844
BUTT, Mary b.1880
BUTT, Mary b.1875
BUTT, Mary b.1862
BUTT, Mary b.1855
BUTT, Mary b.1847
BUTT, Mary b.1841
BUTT, Mary b.1888
BUTT, Mary b.1826
BUTT, Mary b.1866
BUTT, Mary b.1840
BUTT, Mary b.1816
BUTT, Mary b.1822
BUTT, Mary b.1840
BUTT, Mary b.1861
BUTT, Mary b.1869
BUTT, Mary b.1838
BUTT, Mary c.1825
BUTT, Mary b.1809
BUTT, Mary b.1802
BUTT, Mary b.1854
BUTT, Mary b.1840
BUTT, Mary b.1827
BUTT, Mary b.1817
BUTT, Mary b.1895
BUTT, Mary b.1865
BUTT, Mary b.1834
BUTT, Mary b.1792
BUTT, Mary Albertha b.1877
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1843
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1838
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1834
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1836
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1881
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1885
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1868
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1869
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1841
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1859
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1858
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1865
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1818
BUTT, Mary Ann c.1818
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1862
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1849
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1845
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1827
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1821
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1850
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1850
BUTT, Mary Ann b.1856
BUTT, Mary Anna b.1882
BUTT, Mary Anne b.1826
BUTT, Mary Anne b.1877
BUTT, Mary Anne b.1819
BUTT, Mary Elizabeth b.1841
BUTT, Mary Elizabeth b.1883
BUTT, Mary Elizabeth b.1889
BUTT, Mary Elizabeth b.1865
BUTT, Mary Elizabeth b.1876
BUTT, Mary Ellen c.1857
BUTT, Mary Emma b.1866
BUTT, Mary Emma c.1888
BUTT, Mary Fletcher b.1873
BUTT, Mary Forman b.1842
BUTT, Mary Hannah b.1867
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1847
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1840
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1842
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1869
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1860
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1849
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1848
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1868
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1876
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1860
BUTT, Mary Jane b.1886
BUTT, Mary Jutson b.1875
BUTT, Mary Maria b.1879
BUTT, Mary Martha b.1882
BUTT, Mary Saint b.1880
BUTT, Mary Susanna b.1878
BUTT, Maryann b.1827
BUTT, Matilda b.1874
BUTT, Matilda b.1888
BUTT, Maud b.1885
BUTT, Maud b.1880
BUTT, Maude b.1891
BUTT, Melina Eleanor b.1853
BUTT, Merry c.1819
BUTT, Michael b.1886
BUTT, Michael b.1885
BUTT, Michael b.1907
BUTT, Minnie b.1889
BUTT, Minnie c.1875
BUTT, Minnie Bertha b.1876
BUTT, Moses c.1836
BUTT, Moses c.1825
BUTT, Moses c.1811
BUTT, Moses b.1854
BUTT, Moses b.1871
BUTT, Moses b.1852
BUTT, Moses b.1860
BUTT, Moses b.1842
BUTT, Moses b.1840
BUTT, Moses b.1814
BUTT, Moses b.1819
BUTT, Moses b.1879
BUTT, Moses b.1852
BUTT, Moses b.1863
BUTT, Moses b.1827
BUTT, Moses b.1806
BUTT, Moses b.1811
BUTT, Moses b.1828
BUTT, Moses b.1798
BUTT, Moses c.1880
BUTT, Moses b.1812
BUTT, Moses b.1796
BUTT, Moses b.1822
BUTT, Moses c.1840
BUTT, Moses b.1802
BUTT, Moses b.1830
BUTT, Moses b.1807
BUTT, Moses b.1800
BUTT, Moses b.1798
BUTT, Moses b.1884
BUTT, Moses b.1852
BUTT, Moses b.1886
BUTT, Moses b.1873
BUTT, Moses b.1841
BUTT, Moses b.1867
BUTT, Mrs. Ann b.1739
BUTT, Mrs. Charlotte b.1846
BUTT, Mrs. Jane b.1840
BUTT, Mrs. Jane b.1860
BUTT, Mrs. Virtue b.1833
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1829
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1830
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1841
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1839
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1829
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1847
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1844
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1848
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1820
BUTT, Nathaniel b.1843
BUTT, Nicholas b.1904
BUTT, Nicholas Martin c.1819
BUTT, Nora b.1884
BUTT, Oliver b.1842
BUTT, Olivia b.1854
BUTT, Pamela b.1838
BUTT, Patience b.1843
BUTT, Patience b.1791
BUTT, Patience b.1887
BUTT, Patience b.1803
BUTT, Patience b.1851
BUTT, Patience c.1818
BUTT, Patience b.1837
BUTT, Patience b.1805
BUTT, Patience c.1855
BUTT, Patience b.1895
BUTT, Patience b.1785
BUTT, Patience c.1787
BUTT, Patience c.1781
BUTT, Patience Eliza b.1837
BUTT, Patience Louisa b.1832
BUTT, Patience Wells b.1864
BUTT, Patrick c.1810
BUTT, Peter James b.1880
BUTT, Philemon b.1869
BUTT, Phoebe b.1864
BUTT, Polly b.1841
BUTT, Priscilla b.1837
BUTT, Priscilla b.1852
BUTT, Providence b.1840
BUTT, Providence b.1856
BUTT, Providence b.1878
BUTT, Providence b.1876
BUTT, Providence b.1835
BUTT, Providence b.1867
BUTT, Providence b.1891
BUTT, Providence b.1846
BUTT, Prudence b.1796
BUTT, Rachel b.1886
BUTT, Rachel b.1871
BUTT, Rachel b.1840
BUTT, Rachel b.1829
BUTT, Rachel c.1879
BUTT, Rachel Jane b.1877
BUTT, Rebecca b.1838
BUTT, Rebecca b.1870
BUTT, Reginald Augustus b.1893
BUTT, Reuben b.1845
BUTT, Reuben c.1883
BUTT, Reuben b.1865
BUTT, Reuben b.1849
BUTT, Reuben b.1865
BUTT, Reuben b.1857
BUTT, Reuben Arthur b.1877
BUTT, Reuben William b.1845
BUTT, Richard b.1832
BUTT, Richard b.1847
BUTT, Richard b.1816
BUTT, Richard b.1828
BUTT, Richard b.1857
BUTT, Richard b.1836
BUTT, Richard b.1832
BUTT, Richard b.1854
BUTT, Richard b.1825
BUTT, Richard b.1814
BUTT, Richard b.1853
BUTT, Richard b.1837
BUTT, Richard b.1832
BUTT, Richard b.1810
BUTT, Richard b.1818
BUTT, Richard c.1790
BUTT, Richard Marshall b.1873
BUTT, Roanna b.1879
BUTT, Robert b.1884
BUTT, Robert b.1874
BUTT, Robert b.1829
BUTT, Robert b.1818
BUTT, Robert b.1836
BUTT, Robert b.1823
BUTT, Robert b.1850
BUTT, Robert b.1847
BUTT, Robert b.1850
BUTT, Robert b.1834
BUTT, Robert b.1805
BUTT, Robert Evans c.1830
BUTT, Robert Penny b.1875
BUTT, Robert Wright b.1885
BUTT, Roger b.1822
BUTT, Roger b.1819
BUTT, Roger b.1809
BUTT, Roger d.1701
BUTT, Roger b.1829
BUTT, Roger c.1790
BUTT, Roger b.1761
BUTT, Roger or Robert b.1820
BUTT, Rosalie b.1865
BUTT, Rosanne b.1869
BUTT, Roxanna Elizabeth b.1856
BUTT, Rozanna b.1886
BUTT, Ruben b.1845
BUTT, Ruby b.1949
BUTT, Ruth b.1878
BUTT, Sadie b.1870
BUTT, Salina c.1837
BUTT, Samson b.1846
BUTT, Samson Pynn b.1838
BUTT, Samuel b.1840
BUTT, Samuel b.1855
BUTT, Samuel b.1821
BUTT, Samuel b.1863
BUTT, Samuel b.1891
BUTT, Samuel b.1859
BUTT, Samuel b.1828
BUTT, Samuel b.1825
BUTT, Samuel b.1806
BUTT, Samuel b.1806
BUTT, Samuel b.1800
BUTT, Samuel b.1844
BUTT, Samuel George b.1858
BUTT, Samuel Whelan b.1855
BUTT, Sarah b.1845
BUTT, Sarah b.1843
BUTT, Sarah b.1828
BUTT, Sarah b.1862
BUTT, Sarah b.1853
BUTT, Sarah b.1865
BUTT, Sarah b.1839
BUTT, Sarah b.1867
BUTT, Sarah b.1857
BUTT, Sarah b.1857
BUTT, Sarah b.1860
BUTT, Sarah b.1819
BUTT, Sarah b.1847
BUTT, Sarah b.1848
BUTT, Sarah b.1837
BUTT, Sarah c.1833
BUTT, Sarah b.1860
BUTT, Sarah b.1855
BUTT, Sarah b.1844
BUTT, Sarah b.1845
BUTT, Sarah b.1840
BUTT, Sarah b.1817
BUTT, Sarah c.1826
BUTT, Sarah b.1775
BUTT, Sarah b.1807
BUTT, Sarah b.1845
BUTT, Sarah b.1853
BUTT, Sarah b.1882
BUTT, Sarah c.1783
BUTT, Sarah Ann b.1846
BUTT, Sarah Ann b.1838
BUTT, Sarah Ann b.1877
BUTT, Sarah Ann b.1828
BUTT, Sarah Ann b.1870
BUTT, Sarah Ann b.1887
BUTT, Sarah Dorcas b.1875
BUTT, Sarah Emma Crocker b.1860
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1847
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1841
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1852
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1880
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1849
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1882
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1865
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1834
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1851
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1856
BUTT, Sarah Jane c.1829
BUTT, Sarah Jane b.1863
BUTT, Sarah Louisa b.1884
BUTT, Sarah Maria b.1842
BUTT, Sarah Wesley b.1858
BUTT, Selby Arthur b.1874
BUTT, Selina b.1837
BUTT, Selina b.1856
BUTT, Selina b.1855
BUTT, Selina b.1847
BUTT, Selina Ann c.1867
BUTT, Sibella b.1886
BUTT, Solomon b.1805
BUTT, Solomon b.1840
BUTT, Solomon b.1887
BUTT, Solomon b.1842
BUTT, Solomon b.1840
BUTT, Solomon b.1845
BUTT, Solomon b.1818
BUTT, Solomon b.1797
BUTT, Solomon b.1823
BUTT, Solomon b.1846
BUTT, Solomon Seymour b.1804
BUTT, Sophia b.1864
BUTT, Stephen b.1873
BUTT, Stephen b.1854
BUTT, Stephen b.1867
BUTT, Stephen b.1841
BUTT, Stephen b.1840
BUTT, Stevanna Sinclair b.1876
BUTT, Susan Elizabeth b.1832
BUTT, Susanna b.1846
BUTT, Susanna b.1830
BUTT, Susanna b.1838
BUTT, Susanna b.1849
BUTT, Susanna b.1875
BUTT, Susanna b.1852
BUTT, Susanna b.1807
BUTT, Susanna b.1822
BUTT, Susanna b.1835
BUTT, Susanna c.1853
BUTT, Susanna b.1831
BUTT, Susanna b.1886
BUTT, Susanna c.1879
BUTT, Susanna Crocker b.1874
BUTT, Susannah b.1869
BUTT, Susannah b.1874
BUTT, Susannah b.1866
BUTT, Susannah b.1864
BUTT, Susannah b.1852
BUTT, Susannah c.1888
BUTT, Susannah b.1854
BUTT, Susannah b.1850
BUTT, Susannah b.1835
BUTT, Susannah Jane b.1841
BUTT, Susie b.1868
BUTT, Terance b.1846
BUTT, Terence b.1884
BUTT, Terence b.1844
BUTT, Terence b.1814
BUTT, Terence b.1847
BUTT, Terence b.1815
BUTT, Teresa b.1853
BUTT, Terrence c.1815
BUTT, Theresa c.1831
BUTT, Theresa b.1861
BUTT, Theresa Mary c.1831
BUTT, Thomas b.1794
BUTT, Thomas b.1771
BUTT, Thomas b.1874
BUTT, Thomas b.1841
BUTT, Thomas b.1877
BUTT, Thomas b.1808
BUTT, Thomas b.1823
BUTT, Thomas b.1854
BUTT, Thomas b.1843
BUTT, Thomas b.1870
BUTT, Thomas b.1832
BUTT, Thomas c.1783
BUTT, Thomas b.1835
BUTT, Thomas b.1864
BUTT, Thomas b.1848
BUTT, Thomas b.1808
BUTT, Thomas b.1850
BUTT, Thomas b.1817
BUTT, Thomas b.1814
BUTT, Thomas b.1791
BUTT, Thomas b.1833
BUTT, Thomas b.1838
BUTT, Thomas b.1804
BUTT, Thomas b.1844
BUTT, Thomas b.1763
BUTT, Thomas Allen b.1869
BUTT, Thomas Bosville b.1853
BUTT, Thomas Pike b.1840
BUTT, Triphena Ederson b.1862
BUTT, Trusillia b.1843
BUTT, Tryphena b.1833
BUTT, Tryphena b.1869
BUTT, Tryphena b.1858
BUTT, Violet Lillian b.1884
BUTT, Virtue b.1835
BUTT, Virtue b.1871
BUTT, Virtue Jane c.1833
BUTT, Virtue Jane b.1843
BUTT, Walter b.1857
BUTT, Will b.1864
BUTT, William b.1846
BUTT, William b.1817
BUTT, William b.1810
BUTT, William c.1830
BUTT, William b.1802
BUTT, William c.1829
BUTT, William c.1815
BUTT, William b.1814
BUTT, William b.1809
BUTT, William b.1784
BUTT, William b.1884
BUTT, William b.1805
BUTT, William b.1863
BUTT, William b.1856
BUTT, William b.1879
BUTT, William b.1848
BUTT, William b.1848
BUTT, William b.1870
BUTT, William b.1845
BUTT, William b.1887
BUTT, William b.1858
BUTT, William b.1832
BUTT, William b.1864
BUTT, William b.1857
BUTT, William b.1850
BUTT, William b.1862
BUTT, William b.1845
BUTT, William b.1872
BUTT, William b.1846
BUTT, William b.1839
BUTT, William b.1861
BUTT, William b.1824
BUTT, William b.1860
BUTT, William b.1851
BUTT, William b.1855
BUTT, William b.1848
BUTT, William b.1842
BUTT, William b.1868
BUTT, William b.1834
BUTT, William b.1829
BUTT, William b.1827
BUTT, William b.1823
BUTT, William b.1834
BUTT, William b.1832
BUTT, William b.1869
BUTT, William b.1826
BUTT, William b.1856
BUTT, William b.1825
BUTT, William b.1845
BUTT, William b.1822
BUTT, William b.1822
BUTT, William b.1826
BUTT, William b.1850
BUTT, William b.1824
BUTT, William b.1848
BUTT, William b.1840
BUTT, William b.1813
BUTT, William b.1821
BUTT, William b.1807
BUTT, William c.1832
BUTT, William c.1833
BUTT, William b.1804
BUTT, William b.1823
BUTT, William c.1827
BUTT, William b.1791
BUTT, William b.1821
BUTT, William b.1863
BUTT, William b.1853
BUTT, William b.1847
BUTT, William b.1834
BUTT, William b.1827
BUTT, William b.1819
BUTT, William b.1814
BUTT, William b.1809
BUTT, William b.1838
BUTT, William c.1864
BUTT, William b.1829
BUTT, William b.1863
BUTT, William b.1813
BUTT, William b.1832
BUTT, William c.1829
BUTT, William b.1872
BUTT, William b.1860
BUTT, William b.1800
BUTT, William b.1796
BUTT, William b.1738
BUTT, William b.1759
BUTT, William b.1846
BUTT, William b.1848
BUTT, William b.1850
BUTT, William b.1893
BUTT, William b.1789
BUTT, William b.1863
BUTT, William c.1788
BUTT, William b.1842
BUTT, William b.1890
BUTT, William b.1891
BUTT, William Basford b.1817
BUTT, William Charles b.1875
BUTT, William Clark c.1790
BUTT, William Clarke b.1872
BUTT, William Crocker c.1829
BUTT, William Edward b.1840
BUTT, William Edward b.1838
BUTT, William Fraser b.1863
BUTT, William G. b.1853
BUTT, William Garland b.1853
BUTT, William George b.1872
BUTT, William Gould b.1852
BUTT, William Harvey b.1882
BUTT, William Harvey b.1892
BUTT, William Henry c.1829
BUTT, William Henry b.1876
BUTT, William Henry b.1861
BUTT, William Henry b.1872
BUTT, William Henry b.1877
BUTT, William J. b.1871
BUTT, William J. b.1924
BUTT, William James b.1885
BUTT, William James Walker b.1860
BUTT, William Janes b.1886
BUTT, William Joseph b.1877
BUTT, William Joseph b.1881
BUTT, William Lyell b.1866
BUTT, William Mowry b.1849
BUTT, William R. b.1892
BUTT, William Squires b.1842
BUTT, William Thomas b.1847
BUTT, William Thomas b.1881
BUTT, William Thomas b.1887
BUTT, William Thomas b.1885
BUTT, William Wesley b.1881
BUTT, Wilson Snelgrove b.1886
BUTT, Winifred b.1892
BUTT, Zealehit b.1832
BUTT, Zella Jane b.1873


BUTTERIS, Henry Charles b.1814


BYRNE, Edward b.1863
BYRNE, Laura Joseph b.1889
BYRNE, Mary b.1802


CADWELL, Ann b.1815


CAHILL, Elizabeth c.1815
CAHILL, Elizabeth Vein b.1808
CAHILL, Mary c.1806
CAHILL, Michael b.1780
CAHILL, Mrs. Ellen b.1821


CAKE, Charles b.1852


CALARI, b.1891


CALLAGAHAN, Edward b.1847


CALLAGHAN, Daniel b.1800
CALLAGHAN, Mary b.1828
CALLAGHAN, Mary Anne Barton b.1826
CALLAGHAN, Thomas b.1787

Callahan or Callanan



CALLAHAN, Agnes b.1884
CALLAHAN, Alfred Frederick b.1838
CALLAHAN, Alice b.1854
CALLAHAN, Alice Mary b.1889
CALLAHAN, Ambrose b.1846
CALLAHAN, Anastacia c.1837
CALLAHAN, Anastasia b.1868
CALLAHAN, Anna c.1844
CALLAHAN, Anne Mary b.1883
CALLAHAN, Annie b.1861
CALLAHAN, Bartholomew b.1864
CALLAHAN, Bernard J. b.1893
CALLAHAN, Bertha Jane c.1887
CALLAHAN, Bridget c.1844
CALLAHAN, Bridget c.1832
CALLAHAN, Bridget b.1869
CALLAHAN, Bridget Frances b.1876
CALLAHAN, Catherine b.1824
CALLAHAN, Catherine c.1835
CALLAHAN, Catherine c.1834
CALLAHAN, Catherine b.1873
CALLAHAN, Catherine b.1886
CALLAHAN, Catherine b.1874
CALLAHAN, Catherine Ann b.1844
CALLAHAN, Christina M. b.1906
CALLAHAN, Cornelius Capt. b.1857
CALLAHAN, David b.1806
CALLAHAN, Dinah b.1830
CALLAHAN, Edward c.1837
CALLAHAN, Edward c.1835
CALLAHAN, Edward b.1863
CALLAHAN, Edward b.1858
CALLAHAN, Edward b.1847
CALLAHAN, Edward b.1874
CALLAHAN, Edward b.1853
CALLAHAN, Edward M. b.1860
CALLAHAN, Edward Valentine b.1815
CALLAHAN, Elizabeth b.1858
CALLAHAN, Elizabeth b.1878
CALLAHAN, Elizabeth Anne b.1882
CALLAHAN, Ellen Elizabeth b.1885
CALLAHAN, Ellen or Eleanor b.1834
CALLAHAN, Ellen or Helen c.1842
CALLAHAN, Emily Anne b.1890
CALLAHAN, Frances Hallett b.1844
CALLAHAN, Francis b.1929
CALLAHAN, Gertrude b.1885
CALLAHAN, Helen b.1850
CALLAHAN, Helen b.1879
CALLAHAN, Honora b.1877
CALLAHAN, Isabella b.1889
CALLAHAN, Isabelle Mary b.1887
CALLAHAN, James c.1845
CALLAHAN, James b.1806
CALLAHAN, James b.1782
CALLAHAN, James b.1861
CALLAHAN, James b.1847
CALLAHAN, James b.1827
CALLAHAN, James b.1865
CALLAHAN, James b.1848
CALLAHAN, James Alexander b.1873
CALLAHAN, James Joseph b.1890
CALLAHAN, James Joseph b.1861
CALLAHAN, James L. b.1872
CALLAHAN, James L. b.1872
CALLAHAN, James L. b.1896
CALLAHAN, James Osborn King c.1839
CALLAHAN, James William b.1886
CALLAHAN, Jeremiah b.1860
CALLAHAN, Johanna b.1813
CALLAHAN, John c.1828
CALLAHAN, John b.1819
CALLAHAN, John b.1816
CALLAHAN, John c.1840
CALLAHAN, John b.1872
CALLAHAN, John b.1871
CALLAHAN, John b.1848
CALLAHAN, John D. b.1888
CALLAHAN, John Francis b.1886
CALLAHAN, John J. b.1898
CALLAHAN, John J. b.1841
CALLAHAN, John Joseph b.1884
CALLAHAN, John Michael b.1888
CALLAHAN, John Patrick b.1885
CALLAHAN, John Stephen b.1882
CALLAHAN, John Thomas b.1889
CALLAHAN, Joseph b.1877
CALLAHAN, Joseph b.1883
CALLAHAN, Joseph b.1893
CALLAHAN, Josephine b.1886
CALLAHAN, Lavinia b.1884
CALLAHAN, Lavinia b.1890
CALLAHAN, Lavinia b.1860
CALLAHAN, Magdalen Mary b.1891
CALLAHAN, Mahala c.1828
CALLAHAN, Margaret b.1893
CALLAHAN, Margaret b.1882
CALLAHAN, Marianne m.1839
CALLAHAN, Mark b.1832
CALLAHAN, Mary b.1859
CALLAHAN, Mary b.1874
CALLAHAN, Mary b.1833
CALLAHAN, Mary b.1816
CALLAHAN, Mary c.1841
CALLAHAN, Mary c.1842
CALLAHAN, Mary b.1862
CALLAHAN, Mary b.1852
CALLAHAN, Mary b.1885
CALLAHAN, Mary Angela b.1901
CALLAHAN, Mary Ann b.1851
CALLAHAN, Mary Ann Barton b.1826
CALLAHAN, Mary Anne b.1883
CALLAHAN, Mary Frances b.1863
CALLAHAN, Mary Joseph b.1888
CALLAHAN, Mary Maud b.1886
CALLAHAN, Matthew b.1858
CALLAHAN, Matthew b.1858
CALLAHAN, Matthew b.1834
CALLAHAN, Maurice Bryan b.1885
CALLAHAN, Michael b.1855
CALLAHAN, Michael b.1785
CALLAHAN, Michael b.1865
CALLAHAN, Michael Francis b.1886
CALLAHAN, Moses b.1850
CALLAHAN, Neil Shannon b.1823
CALLAHAN, Nicholas b.1867
CALLAHAN, Nicholas Joseph b.1880
CALLAHAN, Oliver c.1842
CALLAHAN, Patrick b.1834
CALLAHAN, Patrick b.1827
CALLAHAN, Patrick b.1830
CALLAHAN, Patrick b.1804
CALLAHAN, Patrick Joseph b.1881
CALLAHAN, Peter b.1812
CALLAHAN, Peter L. b.1852
CALLAHAN, Priscilla b.1821
CALLAHAN, Priscilla b.1822
CALLAHAN, Richard b.1848
CALLAHAN, Richard b.1857
CALLAHAN, Richard b.1789
CALLAHAN, Robert b.1863
CALLAHAN, Robert b.1891
CALLAHAN, Robert b.1854
CALLAHAN, Robert b.1828
CALLAHAN, Roger b.1857
CALLAHAN, Roger John b.1889
CALLAHAN, Thomas b.1807
CALLAHAN, Timothy b.1823
CALLAHAN, William b.1854
CALLAHAN, William b.1795
CALLAHAN, William b.1808
CALLAHAN, William b.1846
CALLAHAN, William b.1874
CALLAHAN, William b.1852
CALLAHAN, William b.1846
CALLAHAN, William b.1849
CALLAHAN, William b.1868
CALLAHAN, William Henry b.1882
CALLAHAN, William Joseph Leo b.1888
CALLAHAN, William Mary b.1892
CALLAHAN, William Samuel b.1885


CALLANAN, Alice Frances b.1884
CALLANAN, Frederick Augustine b.1882
CALLANAN, George b.1880
CALLANAN, James b.1854
CALLANAN, John b.1839
CALLANAN, John Joseph b.1865
CALLANAN, Mary Joseph b.1881


CAMPBELL, Bertha b.1869


CANNING, Aseneth Ann b.1884


CANTWELL, Edward b.1866
CANTWELL, Elizabeth b.1809


CARAVAN, Jim d.2001


CARBERRY, John b.1857


CAREY, Bridget b.1838
CAREY, Catherine b.1861
CAREY, John b.1812

Carmichael or Camerchail



CARNELL, John b.1811
CARNELL, Mary Jane Harris b.1836


CAROL, James c.1813
CAROL, Philip b.1787


CARPENTER, Mary b.1808


CARRAWAY, Eliza b.1846


CARRELL, Dennis b.1795
CARRELL, Mary c.1821


CARROLL, Alice c.1815
CARROLL, Bridget c.1808
CARROLL, Catherine c.1825
CARROLL, Dennis c.1828
CARROLL, Dennis b.1792
CARROLL, John b.1822
CARROLL, John c.1830
CARROLL, John c.1824
CARROLL, Philip b.1784


CARROWAY, Lavinia b.1843


CARTER, b.1894
CARTER, George William Buchan b.1821
CARTER, Monier Hutchings b.1834
CARTER, Robert b.1795
CARTER, Samuel b.1816


CASE, Edgar b.1862
CASE, Vicroy b.1860


CASPER, Joanna b.1840


CAULEY, Elizabeth b.1760


CAVE, Charles b.1852


CAVELL, Susie b.1938


CHAFE, Elizabeth Ann b.1872
CHAFE, Mary b.1891
CHAFE, Mary Ann b.1816


CHANT, George b.1823
CHANT, John b.1795


CHARD, Jane b.1827
CHARD, Lydia b.1851


CHARLES, Ann b.1757


CHATER, Hannah b.1862


CHATHAM, Elizabeth b.1853


CHAULK, Elizabeth b.1801

Chipman or Chitman

CHIPMAN OR CHITMAN, Providence b.1863
CHIPMAN OR CHITMAN, Susanna b.1866


CHIPMAN, Absalom b.1867
CHIPMAN, Alice b.1794
CHIPMAN, Caroline b.1889
CHIPMAN, Catherine b.1886
CHIPMAN, Catherine Ann b.1837
CHIPMAN, Diana b.1874
CHIPMAN, Edward b.1868
CHIPMAN, Edward b.1896
CHIPMAN, Elizabeth b.1858
CHIPMAN, James b.1849
CHIPMAN, James b.1858
CHIPMAN, Joseph b.1888
CHIPMAN, Julia Ann b.1872
CHIPMAN, Levi b.1874
CHIPMAN, Levi b.1884
CHIPMAN, Levi b.1832
CHIPMAN, Moses b.1870
CHIPMAN, Nathaniel b.1862
CHIPMAN, Owen b.1870
CHIPMAN, Owen b.1793
CHIPMAN, Patience c.1893
CHIPMAN, Providence b.1877
CHIPMAN, Providence b.1864
CHIPMAN, Sarah Elizabeth b.1877
CHIPMAN, Solomon c.1861
CHIPMAN, Susanna b.1875
CHIPMAN, William James b.1891


CHISTIFER, Nicholas b.1801


CHITMAN, Azariah b.1857
CHITMAN, Azariah b.1855
CHITMAN, Catherine b.1886
CHITMAN, Charlotte b.1885
CHITMAN, Clara b.1886
CHITMAN, Ebenezer b.1885
CHITMAN, James b.1859
CHITMAN, James b.1885
CHITMAN, James b.1883
CHITMAN, James b.1823
CHITMAN, James b.1846
CHITMAN, John b.1839
CHITMAN, John b.1836
CHITMAN, John b.1858
CHITMAN, John b.1850
CHITMAN, John b.1852
CHITMAN, John b.1819
CHITMAN, Joseph b.1886
CHITMAN, Joseph b.1857
CHITMAN, Joseph b.1854
CHITMAN, Leah b.1884
CHITMAN, Leonard b.1886
CHITMAN, Levi b.1887
CHITMAN, Levi b.1858
CHITMAN, Levi b.1858
CHITMAN, Levi b.1846
CHITMAN, Lucinda b.1850
CHITMAN, Martha b.1884
CHITMAN, Mary b.1848
CHITMAN, Nathaniel b.1862
CHITMAN, Nathaniel b.1858
CHITMAN, Nathaniel Robert b.1856
CHITMAN, Owen b.1860
CHITMAN, Owen b.1852
CHITMAN, Owen b.1849
CHITMAN, Owen b.1829
CHITMAN, Providence b.1855
CHITMAN, Providence b.1863
CHITMAN, Rosanna b.1883
CHITMAN, Simeon b.1865
CHITMAN, Simeon b.1865
CHITMAN, Solomon b.1859
CHITMAN, Susanna b.1866
CHITMAN, William b.1859
CHITMAN, William b.1884
CHITMAN, William b.1850
CHITMAN, William b.1845


CHURCHILL, Ezra b.1825
CHURCHILL, James b.1805
CHURCHILL, Mathilda b.1852
CHURCHILL, Priscilla b.1853
CHURCHILL, Richard b.1834


CLARK, b.1775
CLARK, Adam b.1762
CLARK, Ann b.1833
CLARK, Ann c.1853
CLARK, Ann b.1809
CLARK, Caroline c.1881
CLARK, Caroline c.1874
CLARK, Eleanor c.1791
CLARK, Eliza Jane c.1875
CLARK, Elizabeth b.1760
CLARK, Elizabeth c.1788
CLARK, Elizabeth c.1790
CLARK, Elizabeth Jane c.1868
CLARK, Ellen b.1825
CLARK, Frances Elizabeth c.1870
CLARK, Frances Jane c.1870
CLARK, George c.1871
CLARK, George c.1841
CLARK, George b.1840
CLARK, Isaac c.1855
CLARK, Jacob c.1859
CLARK, Jacob b.1858
CLARK, James c.1876
CLARK, James c.1841
CLARK, James b.1761
CLARK, James b.1800
CLARK, James b.1842
CLARK, Jane b.1886
CLARK, Jane b.1827
CLARK, Joanna b.1843
CLARK, John b.1833
CLARK, John b.1801
CLARK, John b.1822
CLARK, John b.1822
CLARK, John b.1831
CLARK, John c.1848
CLARK, John c.1825
CLARK, John c.1789
CLARK, John b.1808
CLARK, John b.1802
CLARK, John Skeffington c.1867
CLARK, Jonathan c.1790
CLARK, Jonathan c.1788
CLARK, Joseph b.1812
CLARK, Joseph c.1871
CLARK, Joseph c.1835
CLARK, Lydia b.1833
CLARK, Martha c.1850
CLARK, Martha b.1859
CLARK, Mary b.1814
CLARK, Mary b.1832
CLARK, Mary c.1836
CLARK, Mary c.1826
CLARK, Mary c.1820
CLARK, Mary b.1764
CLARK, Mary b.1847
CLARK, Mary b.1814
CLARK, Mary Ann c.1868
CLARK, Mary Ann b.1856
CLARK, Mrs. Mary b.1824
CLARK, Olivia b.1825
CLARK, Patience b.1823
CLARK, Rebecca c.1870
CLARK, Rebecca c.1845
CLARK, Reuben b.1833
CLARK, Richard c.1787
CLARK, Robert c.1857
CLARK, Robert b.1831
CLARK, Robert c.1837
CLARK, Robert b.1799
CLARK, Robert b.1781
CLARK, Robert b.1794
CLARK, Robert b.1839
CLARK, Samuel c.1863
CLARK, Samuel c.1883
CLARK, Sarah c.1855
CLARK, Sarah b.1757
CLARK, Saul c.1864
CLARK, Silas c.1867
CLARK, Simeon c.1864
CLARK, Simeon b.1885
CLARK, Susannah c.1788
CLARK, Teressa b.1825
CLARK, Thomas b.1762
CLARK, W. H. b.1862
CLARK, William b.1848
CLARK, William b.1833
CLARK, William b.1829
CLARK, William c.1881
CLARK, William b.1889
CLARK, William b.1841
CLARK, William c.1881
CLARK, William c.1829
CLARK, William b.1810


CLARK,, John Jr b.1757


CLARKE, b.1887
CLARKE, Adam b.1823
CLARKE, Alfreda b.1892
CLARKE, Amy Butt c.1782
CLARKE, Ann b.1810
CLARKE, Catherine b.1808
CLARKE, Charlotte b.1805
CLARKE, David b.1895
CLARKE, Eliza b.1817
CLARKE, Elizabeth b.1867
CLARKE, Elizabeth b.1860
CLARKE, Elizabeth c.1779
CLARKE, George b.1843
CLARKE, George b.1816
CLARKE, Harriett Mary b.1865
CLARKE, Isaac b.1863
CLARKE, Jacob c.1859
CLARKE, James b.1859
CLARKE, James b.1808
CLARKE, Jane c.1811
CLARKE, Jessie Louisa b.1861
CLARKE, Jessie Louisa b.1861
CLARKE, John b.1835
CLARKE, John b.1861
CLARKE, John b.1782
CLARKE, John b.1808
CLARKE, John b.1790
CLARKE, John b.1757
CLARKE, John c.1867
CLARKE, John b.1841
CLARKE, Jonathan c.1784
CLARKE, Joseph c.1871
CLARKE, Joseph b.1785
CLARKE, Juliana b.1827
CLARKE, Lavinia b.1867
CLARKE, Marilyn b.1956
CLARKE, Mary b.1825
CLARKE, Mary c.1776
CLARKE, Mary Jane b.1854
CLARKE, Mary Jane b.1872
CLARKE, Miriam b.1869
CLARKE, Moses b.1841
CLARKE, Nathan b.1815
CLARKE, Richard c.1787
CLARKE, Richard b.1827
CLARKE, Robert b.1862
CLARKE, Robert b.1863
CLARKE, Robert b.1827
CLARKE, Robert d.1827
CLARKE, Rodney b.1954
CLARKE, Samuel c.1863
CLARKE, Sarah c.1855
CLARKE, Sarah b.1817
CLARKE, Simeon c.1864
CLARKE, Stella b.1819
CLARKE, Susana c.1813
CLARKE, Thomas b.1886
CLARKE, Thomas b.1815
CLARKE, William b.1824
CLARKE, William b.1817
CLARKE, William b.1819
CLARKE, William c.1787
CLARKE, William b.1758
CLARKE, William b.1812
CLARKE, William b.1786
CLARKE, William b.1782
CLARKE, William b.1828
CLARKE, William b.1769
CLARKE, William b.1827


CLARY, Mary b.1776


CLENDER, Robert b.1897


CLIFT, Eliza Ehlers b.1857
CLIFT, James b.1788
CLIFT, James Shannon b.1814

Clouter or Cloater



CODNER, Hezekiah b.1818
CODNER, Mary b.1838


CODY, Henry b.1897
CODY, John
CODY, Ronald J. b.1895
CODY, Thomas b.1873


COLBORNE, John b.1833


COLE, Catherine b.1866
COLE, Elias b.1770
COLE, Elizabeth c.1818
COLE, Elizabeth b.1831
COLE, John Charles b.1857
COLE, Robert b.1815


COLES, Mary Ann b.1835


COLLINS, Abraham b.1846
COLLINS, Abraham b.1833
COLLINS, Alice b.1796
COLLINS, Ann b.1862
COLLINS, Ann b.1837
COLLINS, Bridget b.1911
COLLINS, Cecil Alexis b.1905
COLLINS, Eliza Jane b.1858
COLLINS, Elizabeth b.1831
COLLINS, Elizabeth b.1786
COLLINS, Frances b.1863
COLLINS, George b.1872
COLLINS, George b.1866
COLLINS, George b.1867
COLLINS, George b.1828
COLLINS, George b.1854
COLLINS, James b.1810
COLLINS, James b.1843
COLLINS, Jessie b.1868
COLLINS, John b.1861
COLLINS, John b.1842
COLLINS, John b.1819
COLLINS, John b.1876
COLLINS, Leonard b.1867
COLLINS, Maggie b.1869
COLLINS, Maria b.1794
COLLINS, Mary Jane b.1861
COLLINS, Miriam b.1869
COLLINS, Noah b.1865
COLLINS, Patrick b.1927
COLLINS, Richard b.1871
COLLINS, Richard b.1862
COLLINS, Robert b.1870
COLLINS, Rose Ann b.1865
COLLINS, Susanna b.1854
COLLINS, Theresa b.1840
COLLINS, Thomas b.1799
COLLINS, Timothy b.1871
COLLINS, Timothy b.1836
COLLINS, Timothy b.1868
COLLINS, William b.1831
COLLINS, Willie b.1923


COLTER, Catherine b.1843


COMMINS, Mary c.1813
COMMINS, Timothy b.1787


CONNELL, Alice b.1821


CONNOLLY, Catherine b.1882
CONNOLLY, Michael Joseph b.1881
CONNOLLY, Thomas b.1855


CONNORS, Bartholomew b.1811
CONNORS, Johanna c.1837
CONNORS, Mary b.1807


CONSTANTINE, Ellen b.1857


CONWAY, Dennis b.1869


COOK, Sarah b.1860


COOL, Stephen b.1857


COOMBES, Richard b.1786


COOMBS, Jane b.1852
COOMBS, John b.1836
COOMBS, John b.1752
COOMBS, Naomi b.1848
COOMBS, Nathaniel b.1812
COOMBS, Priscilla b.1871
COOMBS, Susanna b.1862


COONEY, Johanna b.1807
COONEY, Judith b.1801
COONEY, Judith b.1802


COOPER, Amelia J b.1857
COOPER, Dorcas b.1849
COOPER, William b.1825


CORBETT, Fanny b.1798


CORCORAN, Elizabeth Joseph b.1888
CORCORAN, Ellen Mary b.1888
CORCORAN, William b.1862


CORMACK, Catherine b.1823


CORNICK, Art Willie b.1887
CORNICK, Euan Wallace b.1915


COSMAN, Freda Blanche b.1926


COSTELLO, Ellen b.1863
COSTELLO, Maria b.1840


COURAGE, Elizabeth b.1846
COURAGE, Flora b.1840
COURAGE, George James b.1846


COVEYDUCK, Annie Louisa b.1868
COVEYDUCK, Emma b.1841
COVEYDUCK, Frances or Fanny b.1797


COWAN, Lucy Alice b.1853


COWER, Mary b.1866


COX, Anne b.1807
COX, Edward b.1847
COX, Margaret Elizabeth b.1902


COYELL, Egbert b.1865


CRACKEN, Ann b.1820


CRAM, Thomas b.1820

Crane or Gosse

CRANE OR GOSSE, Walter b.1894


CRANE, Dorothy b.1764
CRANE, Elizabeth b.1873
CRANE, Grace b.1802
CRANE, James b.1863
CRANE, James b.1843
CRANE, John b.1850
CRANE, John b.1878
CRANE, Joseph b.1803
CRANE, Julia b.1869
CRANE, William b.1849
CRANE, William b.1848


CRANFORD, Thomas b.1855


CRAWFORD, Celia b.1889


CREW, Elizabeth b.1821
CREW, Emily b.1868
CREW, George b.1855
CREW, Robert b.1852
CREW, Solomon b.1857


CRICH, John b.1819


CROCKER, b.1785
CROCKER, Alexander b.1883
CROCKER, Frederick b.1878
CROCKER, John b.1830
CROCKER, Orias b.1848
CROCKER, Susannah b.1811


CRONAN, Mary b.1861


CRONIN, Bridget b.1821
CRONIN, Darby b.1753
CRONIN, Richard b.1861


CRONNAN, Jeremiah b.1851


CROW, Margaret b.1823


CROWLEY, Jane b.1804
CROWLEY, John b.1757
CROWLEY, Margaret Jean Keating b.1892
CROWLEY, Mrs. Mary b.1740


CRUICKSHANK, Alexander b.1833


CRUMMEY, Abigail b.1826
CRUMMEY, James b.1847
CRUMMEY, Margaret b.1813
CRUMMEY, Maria b.1820
CRUMMEY, Mary b.1855


CRUTCH, Patience b.1832


CUMBY, Ambrose b.1873


CURNEW, Grace b.1891
CURNEW, Mr. b.1865


CURRAGE, Mary b.1788

Curtis or Curtice

CURTIS OR CURTICE, Elizabeth Jane b.1836


CURTIS, Agnes b.1869
CURTIS, Albert b.1862
CURTIS, Albert James b.1888
CURTIS, Alfred b.1847
CURTIS, Alice b.1873
CURTIS, Andrew b.1887
CURTIS, Andrew b.1883
CURTIS, Ann Amelia b.1857
CURTIS, Ann Amelia b.1854
CURTIS, Ann F. b.1897
CURTIS, Ann Maria b.1830
CURTIS, Anne c.1814
CURTIS, Apollos b.1825
CURTIS, Apollos b.1825
CURTIS, Archibald b.1861
CURTIS, Archibald b.1867
CURTIS, Archibald b.1837
CURTIS, Archibald b.1859
CURTIS, Archibald Henry b.1856
CURTIS, Azariah b.1880
CURTIS, Bernard b.1882
CURTIS, Bernard Capt. b.1835
CURTIS, Bertha b.1879
CURTIS, Bertha Jane b.1881
CURTIS, Bessie b.1885
CURTIS, Betty b.1762
CURTIS, Catharine b.1892
CURTIS, Catherine b.1863
CURTIS, Catherine b.1862
CURTIS, Catherine b.1856
CURTIS, Catherine Joseph b.1885
CURTIS, Catherine Joseph b.1892
CURTIS, Charles b.1877
CURTIS, Charles b.1859
CURTIS, Charles b.1848
CURTIS, Charles b.1850
CURTIS, Charles Joseph b.1868
CURTIS, Christopher b.1856
CURTIS, Christopher b.1866
CURTIS, Christopher b.1851
CURTIS, Christopher Henry c.1843
CURTIS, Clara b.1894
CURTIS, Clementine c.1850
CURTIS, Cyril b.1892
CURTIS, David b.1886
CURTIS, Deborah c.1862
CURTIS, Dennis b.1868
CURTIS, Dora Minnie b.1894
CURTIS, Dulcibella b.1875
CURTIS, Edgar b.1858
CURTIS, Edmund George b.1896
CURTIS, Edwin b.1843
CURTIS, Eleazer Robert Brine c.1884
CURTIS, Elijah b.1893
CURTIS, Eliza b.1811
CURTIS, Eliza b.1869
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1822
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1894
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1839
CURTIS, Elizabeth c.1820
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1825
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1843
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1852
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1812
CURTIS, Elizabeth b.1861
CURTIS, Ellen b.1866
CURTIS, Elsie May b.1893
CURTIS, Emily Ann c.1868
CURTIS, Emma b.1853
CURTIS, Emma Harriet b.1866
CURTIS, Emma Jane b.1867
CURTIS, Eva Blanche b.1891
CURTIS, Eveline b.1894
CURTIS, Ezra William b.1897
CURTIS, Fanny b.1871
CURTIS, Flora Marion b.1890
CURTIS, Francis b.1844
CURTIS, Frederick b.1892
CURTIS, Garrett b.1802
CURTIS, Genevieve b.1894
CURTIS, George b.1836
CURTIS, George b.1882
CURTIS, George b.1811
CURTIS, George b.1795
CURTIS, George d.1901
CURTIS, George b.1868
CURTIS, George b.1814
CURTIS, George b.1850
CURTIS, George b.1772
CURTIS, George b.1834
CURTIS, George c.1838
CURTIS, George b.1883
CURTIS, George b.1814
CURTIS, George Byrne b.1886
CURTIS, George Kenney b.1877
CURTIS, Gerald b.1918
CURTIS, Hannah b.1869
CURTIS, Hannah b.1885
CURTIS, Hannah c.1869
CURTIS, Hannah c.1860
CURTIS, Hannah Priscilla c.1853
CURTIS, Hariet b.1827
CURTIS, Harriet b.1829
CURTIS, Harry c.1831
CURTIS, Hector b.1843
CURTIS, Henry b.1895
CURTIS, Henry b.1852
CURTIS, Henry b.1828
CURTIS, Henry Archibald b.1891
CURTIS, Henry Larrigan b.1851
CURTIS, Henry Thomas b.1875
CURTIS, Honor b.1824
CURTIS, Honor b.1809
CURTIS, Isaac George c.1881
CURTIS, Isaiah b.1849
CURTIS, Isaiah b.1841
CURTIS, Jack b.1855
CURTIS, James b.1861
CURTIS, James b.1859
CURTIS, James b.1867
CURTIS, James c.1832
CURTIS, James b.1859
CURTIS, James c.1835
CURTIS, James b.1840
CURTIS, James b.1855
CURTIS, James b.1845
CURTIS, James b.1826
CURTIS, James b.1869
CURTIS, James b.1855
CURTIS, James c.1819
CURTIS, James b.1857
CURTIS, James b.1850
CURTIS, James b.1792
CURTIS, James c.1859
CURTIS, James c.1854
CURTIS, James Henry b.1838
CURTIS, James Henry b.1838
CURTIS, James Michael b.1891
CURTIS, Jane b.1869
CURTIS, Jane b.1835
CURTIS, Jane b.1834
CURTIS, Janet b.1869
CURTIS, Jesse b.1857
CURTIS, Jessie b.1866
CURTIS, Joanna b.1865
CURTIS, Joanna b.1863
CURTIS, Johanna b.1856
CURTIS, John b.1840
CURTIS, John b.1807
CURTIS, John b.1852
CURTIS, John b.1869
CURTIS, John b.1836
CURTIS, John b.1845
CURTIS, John b.1854
CURTIS, John b.1856
CURTIS, John b.1869
CURTIS, John b.1794
CURTIS, John b.1892
CURTIS, John b.1824
CURTIS, John b.1818
CURTIS, John b.1862
CURTIS, John b.1824
CURTIS, John c.1825
CURTIS, John b.1799
CURTIS, John b.1822
CURTIS, John b.1834
CURTIS, John b.1827
CURTIS, John b.1783
CURTIS, John b.1876
CURTIS, John b.1888
CURTIS, John b.1863
CURTIS, John Charles b.1875
CURTIS, John Kenneth b.1869
CURTIS, John William b.1863
CURTIS, Joseph b.1840
CURTIS, Joseph b.1866
CURTIS, Joseph b.1861
CURTIS, Josephine b.1870
CURTIS, Joshua b.1850
CURTIS, Joshua b.1852
CURTIS, Joshua b.1840
CURTIS, Joshua b.1799
CURTIS, Josiah b.1850
CURTIS, Julia Fox b.1870
CURTIS, Kenneth b.1860
CURTIS, Laura b.1885
CURTIS, Laura b.1862
CURTIS, Leah Martha b.1893
CURTIS, Leander b.1847
CURTIS, Leander b.1884
CURTIS, Leonard b.1864
CURTIS, Leslie R. b.1896
CURTIS, Levi b.1858
CURTIS, Levi b.1858
CURTIS, Levi b.1878
CURTIS, Lillian Bell b.1888
CURTIS, Lily b.1887
CURTIS, Louisa b.1862
CURTIS, Louisa c.1826
CURTIS, Louisa Jane b.1849
CURTIS, Mabel Kate b.1894
CURTIS, Marcilla b.1881
CURTIS, Margaret b.1859
CURTIS, Margaret b.1871
CURTIS, Margaret b.1871
CURTIS, Marian b.1904
CURTIS, Martha b.1870
CURTIS, Martha b.1853
CURTIS, Martin b.1866
CURTIS, Mary b.1868
CURTIS, Mary b.1852
CURTIS, Mary b.1861
CURTIS, Mary b.1802
CURTIS, Mary b.1804
CURTIS, Mary b.1816
CURTIS, Mary b.1813
CURTIS, Mary Ann b.1865
CURTIS, Mary Ann b.1862
CURTIS, Mary Ann b.1852
CURTIS, Mary Ann b.1843
CURTIS, Mary Ann c.1802
CURTIS, Mary Ann b.1840
CURTIS, Mary Ann b.1848
CURTIS, Mary Jane b.1866
CURTIS, Maryann b.1878
CURTIS, May b.1865
CURTIS, Melinda or Melina b.1845
CURTIS, Mercedes b.1895
CURTIS, Michael b.1866
CURTIS, Minnie Emeline b.1895
CURTIS, Miriam b.1892
CURTIS, Miriam b.1828
CURTIS, Mrs. Jane b.1843
CURTIS, Newman John b.1888
CURTIS, Olympas b.1830
CURTIS, Patrick b.1868
CURTIS, Pearson b.1894
CURTIS, Peter b.1894
CURTIS, Peter b.1893
CURTIS, Reginald b.1900
CURTIS, Reuben b.1853
CURTIS, Richard Henry b.1817
CURTIS, Robert b.1867
CURTIS, Robert b.1798
CURTIS, Robert b.1826
CURTIS, Robert c.1852
CURTIS, Roland b.1879
CURTIS, Ronald b.1883
CURTIS, Sarah b.1872
CURTIS, Sarah b.1856
CURTIS, Sarah Ann b.1878
CURTIS, Sarah Elizabeth b.1884
CURTIS, Sarah Jane b.1852
CURTIS, Sarah Jane b.1872
CURTIS, Selina B. b.1886
CURTIS, Sophia b.1841
CURTIS, Sophia c.1856
CURTIS, Stanley b.1892
CURTIS, Susanna b.1875
CURTIS, Susannah b.1835
CURTIS, Susannah b.1809
CURTIS, Thomas b.1800
CURTIS, Thomas b.1871
CURTIS, Thomas b.1894
CURTIS, Thomas b.1806
CURTIS, Thomas b.1857
CURTIS, Thomas c.1864
CURTIS, Violet b.1889
CURTIS, Walter b.1889
CURTIS, Walter Stanley b.1890
CURTIS, William b.1888
CURTIS, William b.1841
CURTIS, William b.1849
CURTIS, William b.1844
CURTIS, William b.1839
CURTIS, William b.1867
CURTIS, William b.1847
CURTIS, William b.1819
CURTIS, William b.1867
CURTIS, William b.1866
CURTIS, William b.1810
CURTIS, William b.1859
CURTIS, William b.1859
CURTIS, William b.1833
CURTIS, William b.1868
CURTIS, William b.1773
CURTIS, William b.1801
CURTIS, William b.1862
CURTIS, William b.1809
CURTIS, William b.1829
CURTIS, William c.1799
CURTIS, William c.1881
CURTIS, William c.1852
CURTIS, William Ernest b.1893
CURTIS, William Francis b.1892
CURTIS, William J. b.1872
CURTIS, William James b.1887
CURTIS, William James b.1893
CURTIS, William Joshua b.1830


CUTLER, Sarah b.1832


DALTON, Ann b.1815
DALTON, Philip b.1855
DALTON, Sarah b.1837


DAVIS, Ann b.1855
DAVIS, James b.1895
DAVIS, John b.1867


DAW, m.1693
DAW, Elizabeth b.1693
DAW, Mary b.1828


DAWE, Annie b.1868


DEAL, Nathaniel b.1857


DEAN, John b.1861
DEAN, Richard b.1759


DEER, Henry b.1849


DEERR, Grace b.1828


DELANEEY, William b.1856


DELANEY, Ameila b.1869
DELANEY, Felix b.1859


DELANY, Mary b.1810


DENIEF, Catherine b.1859


DIAMOND, Amelia b.1852


DICKENSON, John b.1818


DIDHAM, Samuel b.1770


DILLONS, Bridget b.1742


DIXON, Thomas b.1832


DOBBIN, Anastasia b.1794
DOBBIN, Jane c.1810
DOBBIN, Mary b.1788
DOBBIN, Vincent b.1891
DOBBIN, William b.1784


DOBBINS, Anastasia b.1795


DODGE, John b.1787
DODGE, Mary b.1868
DODGE, Robert b.1811


DOGHERTY, Mary b.1752


DOMINEY, Jane b.1844


DOODY, Elizabeth b.1870


DOOLEY, Mary b.1870
DOOLEY, Richard Capt. b.1844


DOOLING, Michael b.1808
DOOLING, Patrick c.1834

Dooly or Dooling

DOOLY OR DOOLING, Alice b.1818


DOUCETTE, George Andrew b.1881
DOUCETTE, Mr. b.1849


DOUGAN, William b.1757


DOW, Wilhelmina Mary Wilson b.1850
DOW, William M.D. b.1825


DOWDEN, George b.1837
DOWDEN, Matilda b.1863


DOWNEY, William b.1784


DOYLE, Anastatia b.1824


DRISCOLL, Anastasia c.1830
DRISCOLL, Cornelius b.1804


DROHON, John b.1799


DROVER, b.1845
DROVER, Eliel b.1842
DROVER, John William b.1864
DROVER, John William b.1861
DROVER, Mary b.1855
DROVER, Mary Jane b.1868
DROVER, Moses b.1841
DROVER, Mrs. Julia Ann b.1855
DROVER, Selina b.1860
DROVER, Susanna b.1863


DUCHEMIN, Ellen Emily b.1870
DUCHEMIN, Ellie Ethel b.1882
DUCHEMIN, Emily Mabel Mortimer b.1880
DUCHEMIN, Florence Mary b.1884
DUCHEMIN, James Lewis b.1841
DUCHEMIN, Lewis Ford b.1867
DUCHEMIN, Peter Mortimer b.1875


DUFF, Catherine b.1840


DUFFETT, James b.1858
DUFFETT, William Thomas b.1863


DUGGAN, b.1848
DUGGAN, Agnes Mary b.1882
DUGGAN, Alice b.1847
DUGGAN, Alice b.1786
DUGGAN, Alice b.1822
DUGGAN, Alice c.1814
DUGGAN, Anastasia c.1871
DUGGAN, Anastasia b.1855
DUGGAN, Anastasia b.1879
DUGGAN, Anastatia c.1843
DUGGAN, Ann b.1866
DUGGAN, Anne b.1847
DUGGAN, Bridget b.1866
DUGGAN, Bridget c.1847
DUGGAN, Bridget b.1811
DUGGAN, Bridget c.1813
DUGGAN, Bridget b.1872
DUGGAN, Bridget b.1888
DUGGAN, Bridget b.1875
DUGGAN, Bridget b.1863
DUGGAN, Catherine c.1834
DUGGAN, Catherine b.1790
DUGGAN, Catherine b.1866
DUGGAN, Catherine c.1842
DUGGAN, Catherine c.1834
DUGGAN, Catherine b.1806
DUGGAN, Catherine c.1807
DUGGAN, Catherine b.1866
DUGGAN, Daniel b.1848
DUGGAN, Daniel b.1813
DUGGAN, Daniel c.1849
DUGGAN, Daniel b.1812
DUGGAN, Daniel c.1873
DUGGAN, Daniel b.1841
DUGGAN, Daniel b.1781
DUGGAN, Daniel P. b.1867
DUGGAN, David b.1764
DUGGAN, Dermot John b.1925
DUGGAN, Edward b.1829
DUGGAN, Edward c.1837
DUGGAN, Edward c.1832
DUGGAN, Edward b.1906
DUGGAN, Edward d.1955
DUGGAN, Edward b.1845
DUGGAN, Eleanor c.1828
DUGGAN, Elenor b.1809
DUGGAN, Elenor b.1789
DUGGAN, Elizabeth b.1866
DUGGAN, Elizabeth b.1874
DUGGAN, Elizabeth b.1843
DUGGAN, Ellen b.1824
DUGGAN, Ellen c.1828
DUGGAN, Ellen b.1864
DUGGAN, Ellen b.1842
DUGGAN, Ellen b.1799
DUGGAN, Ellen b.1862
DUGGAN, George c.1854
DUGGAN, Hannah c.1875
DUGGAN, Henry c.1842
DUGGAN, Henry b.1770
DUGGAN, Henry b.1851
DUGGAN, Henry b.1846
DUGGAN, Henry b.1751
DUGGAN, Henry b.1777
DUGGAN, Honor c.1816
DUGGAN, Honora b.1821
DUGGAN, Honora b.1812
DUGGAN, Isaac c.1878
DUGGAN, James b.1852
DUGGAN, James b.1848
DUGGAN, James b.1817
DUGGAN, James c.1838
DUGGAN, James b.1848
DUGGAN, James b.1803
DUGGAN, James b.1868
DUGGAN, James Patrick b.1889
DUGGAN, James Patrick b.1869
DUGGAN, Jamie b.1878
DUGGAN, Jane b.1842
DUGGAN, Jeremiah b.1872
DUGGAN, Johanna c.1847
DUGGAN, Johanna c.1868
DUGGAN, Johanna b.1872
DUGGAN, John b.1868
DUGGAN, John b.1805
DUGGAN, John b.1877
DUGGAN, John b.1828
DUGGAN, John c.1839
DUGGAN, John c.1839
DUGGAN, John c.1840
DUGGAN, John c.1877
DUGGAN, John b.1842
DUGGAN, John b.1806
DUGGAN, John c.1834
DUGGAN, John b.1807
DUGGAN, John b.1816
DUGGAN, John b.1845
DUGGAN, John b.1838
DUGGAN, John b.1876
DUGGAN, John b.1904
DUGGAN, John b.1875
DUGGAN, John b.1870
DUGGAN, John b.1848
DUGGAN, John b.1846
DUGGAN, John Joseph b.1871
DUGGAN, John Michael b.1868
DUGGAN, John Thomas b.1877
DUGGAN, Joseph c.1844
DUGGAN, Kate b.1871
DUGGAN, Laurence c.1831
DUGGAN, Margaret c.1879
DUGGAN, Margaret b.1840
DUGGAN, Margaret b.1810
DUGGAN, Margaret c.1834
DUGGAN, Margaret b.1810
DUGGAN, Margaret b.1846
DUGGAN, Margaret b.1821
DUGGAN, Margaret b.1875
DUGGAN, Margaret b.1870
DUGGAN, Margaret Anne b.1883
DUGGAN, Martin c.1842
DUGGAN, Martin Frances b.1869
DUGGAN, Mary b.1837
DUGGAN, Mary b.1866
DUGGAN, Mary b.1788
DUGGAN, Mary b.1819
DUGGAN, Mary c.1841
DUGGAN, Mary b.1812
DUGGAN, Mary c.1875
DUGGAN, Mary b.1796
DUGGAN, Mary c.1836
DUGGAN, Mary c.1835
DUGGAN, Mary c.1833
DUGGAN, Mary b.1805
DUGGAN, Mary b.1792
DUGGAN, Mary b.1800
DUGGAN, Mary b.1792
DUGGAN, Mary b.1885
DUGGAN, Mary b.1768
DUGGAN, Mary b.1881
DUGGAN, Mary b.1871
DUGGAN, Mary b.1866
DUGGAN, Mary Anna b.1881
DUGGAN, Mary Anne c.1870
DUGGAN, Mary Catherine b.1886
DUGGAN, Mary Ellen b.1844
DUGGAN, Mary J. b.1868
DUGGAN, Matthias J. b.1871
DUGGAN, Michael b.1838
DUGGAN, Michael b.1819
DUGGAN, Michael c.1832
DUGGAN, Michael c.1830
DUGGAN, Michael c.1818
DUGGAN, Michael b.1870
DUGGAN, Michael b.1835
DUGGAN, Michael Joseph b.1873
DUGGAN, Mr. b.1889
DUGGAN, Mrs. Bridget b.1837
DUGGAN, Nicholas c.1841
DUGGAN, Oliver b.1819
DUGGAN, Pat b.1858
DUGGAN, Patrick b.1817
DUGGAN, Patrick b.1844
DUGGAN, Patrick b.1864
DUGGAN, Patrick d.1865
DUGGAN, Patrick c.1838
DUGGAN, Patrick c.1828
DUGGAN, Patrick b.1803
DUGGAN, Patrick b.1873
DUGGAN, Patrick Daniel b.1866
DUGGAN, Peter c.1857
DUGGAN, Peter c.1879
DUGGAN, Peter b.1802
DUGGAN, Peter b.1840
DUGGAN, Philip b.1786
DUGGAN, Richard b.1803
DUGGAN, Sarah b.1795
DUGGAN, Sarah b.1867
DUGGAN, Thomas b.1868
DUGGAN, Thomas b.1835
DUGGAN, Thomas c.1852
DUGGAN, Thomas b.1853
DUGGAN, Thomas b.1914
DUGGAN, Thomas b.1855
DUGGAN, Thomas b.1853
DUGGAN, Thomas Joseph b.1891
DUGGAN, Timothy b.1864
DUGGAN, Timothy b.1879
DUGGAN, Walter b.1830
DUGGAN, Walter b.1817
DUGGAN, Walter b.1835
DUGGAN, Walter c.1845
DUGGAN, Walter c.1825
DUGGAN, Walter b.1865
DUGGAN, Walter c.1820
DUGGAN, Walter b.1790
DUGGAN, Walter b.1847
DUGGAN, Walter Peter b.1888
DUGGAN, Walter Peter b.1891
DUGGAN, William b.1841
DUGGAN, William b.1869
DUGGAN, William b.1873
DUGGAN, William b.1795
DUGGAN, William b.1836
DUGGAN, William b.1872
DUGGAN, William b.1794
DUGGAN, William b.1884
DUGGAN, William b.1855
DUGGAN, William b.1845
DUGGAN, William Joseph b.1877
DUGGAN, William Thomas b.1878
DUGGAN, Willie b.1888


DUMPHY, Emma b.1864

Dunn or Warford

DUNN OR WARFORD, George Frederick b.1855


DUNN, Abigail b.1845
DUNN, Abigail b.1845
DUNN, Adam c.1866
DUNN, Agnes b.1883
DUNN, Agnes b.1889
DUNN, Alice b.1871
DUNN, Alice c.1833
DUNN, Alice c.1825
DUNN, Alice Margaret b.1876
DUNN, Ally c.1832
DUNN, Ambrose Green c.1850
DUNN, Anastasia b.1872
DUNN, Anastasia b.1853
DUNN, Anastasia b.1817
DUNN, Anastasia b.1873
DUNN, Anastatia c.1839
DUNN, Andrew b.1864
DUNN, Angela b.1896
DUNN, Ann c.1849
DUNN, Ann c.1839
DUNN, Ann c.1833
DUNN, Ann c.1849
DUNN, Ariana c.1873
DUNN, Arthur c.1847
DUNN, Arthur b.1763
DUNN, Betsy b.1853
DUNN, Bridget b.1853
DUNN, Bridget c.1837
DUNN, Bridget c.1837
DUNN, Bridget b.1883
DUNN, Bridget c.1831
DUNN, Bridget b.1880
DUNN, Bridget b.1859
DUNN, Bridget Ellen b.1873
DUNN, Bridget Joseph b.1860
DUNN, Bridget Teresa b.1880
DUNN, Carol Gay b.1965
DUNN, Caroline Frampton c.1876
DUNN, Catharine b.1842
DUNN, Catharine b.1827
DUNN, Catherine b.1815
DUNN, Catherine c.1842
DUNN, Catherine b.1819
DUNN, Catherine c.1843
DUNN, Catherine c.1850
DUNN, Catherine b.1815
DUNN, Catherine c.1830
DUNN, Catherine c.1827
DUNN, Catherine b.1866
DUNN, Catherine c.1820
DUNN, Catherine c.1817
DUNN, Catherine b.1870
DUNN, Catherine b.1848
DUNN, Catherine b.1797
DUNN, Clara Mary b.1884
DUNN, Clarence c.1832
DUNN, Daniel c.1871
DUNN, Daniel b.1871
DUNN, David c.1832
DUNN, David c.1832
DUNN, Denis c.1840
DUNN, Denis b.1805
DUNN, Denis c.1827
DUNN, Denis c.1821
DUNN, Denis b.1780
DUNN, Edmund c.1810
DUNN, Edmund or Edward b.1825
DUNN, Edward b.1864
DUNN, Edward b.1815
DUNN, Edward b.1819
DUNN, Edward b.1833
DUNN, Edward c.1834
DUNN, Edward b.1804
DUNN, Edward b.1862
DUNN, Edward c.1817
DUNN, Eleanor c.1832
DUNN, Eli c.1868
DUNN, Elizabeth c.1843
DUNN, Elizabeth b.1800
DUNN, Elizabeth c.1806
DUNN, Elizabeth c.1820
DUNN, Elizabeth b.1744
DUNN, Ellan b.1868
DUNN, Ellen b.1868


DUNN, Ellen b.1851


DUNN, Ellen b.1861
DUNN, Ellen c.1841
DUNN, Ellen b.1855
DUNN, Ellen b.1855
DUNN, Ellen c.1855
DUNN, Ellen c.1846
DUNN, Ellen c.1835
DUNN, Ellen b.1872
DUNN, Fanny b.1799
DUNN, Fanny c.1801
DUNN, Fanny c.1833
DUNN, Felix b.1814
DUNN, Frances b.1809
DUNN, George b.1885
DUNN, George b.1829
DUNN, George c.1840
DUNN, Gertrude b.1909
DUNN, Gordon b.1943
DUNN, Helen b.1851
DUNN, Henry b.1844
DUNN, Henry b.1814
DUNN, Henry c.1884
DUNN, Henry c.1809
DUNN, Honora c.1843
DUNN, Honora c.1842
DUNN, James b.1864
DUNN, James b.1862
DUNN, James b.1847
DUNN, James b.1847
DUNN, James b.1866
DUNN, James c.1842
DUNN, James b.1847
DUNN, James b.1834
DUNN, James c.1836
DUNN, James b.1834
DUNN, James b.1821
DUNN, James b.1835
DUNN, James b.1852
DUNN, James c.1836
DUNN, James b.1806
DUNN, James c.1830
DUNN, James c.1819
DUNN, James c.1813
DUNN, James b.1788
DUNN, James b.1864
DUNN, James c.1823
DUNN, James b.1880
DUNN, James b.1856
DUNN, James Richard b.1884
DUNN, Jane c.1841
DUNN, Jane c.1839
DUNN, Jeremiah b.1846
DUNN, Jeremiah b.1827
DUNN, Joannah c.1824
DUNN, Johanna c.1833
DUNN, John c.1780
DUNN, John b.1754
DUNN, John b.1845
DUNN, John b.1870
DUNN, John b.1841
DUNN, John c.1840
DUNN, John c.1839
DUNN, John c.1842
DUNN, John b.1824
DUNN, John c.1840
DUNN, John c.1869
DUNN, John b.1869
DUNN, John c.1860
DUNN, John c.1862
DUNN, John c.1807
DUNN, John b.1755
DUNN, John b.1865
DUNN, John b.1812
DUNN, John c.1833
DUNN, John b.1806
DUNN, John b.1859
DUNN, John c.1830
DUNN, John c.1828
DUNN, John b.1802
DUNN, John b.1794
DUNN, John b.1791
DUNN, John b.1834
DUNN, John b.1845
DUNN, John b.1855
DUNN, John b.1794
DUNN, John b.1795
DUNN, John c.1823
DUNN, John b.1797
DUNN, John c.1816
DUNN, John b.1794
DUNN, John Bernard b.1882
DUNN, John Leo b.1890
DUNN, John Thomas b.1888
DUNN, Joseph b.1885
DUNN, Joseph b.1851
DUNN, Joseph b.1804
DUNN, Joseph C. b.1916
DUNN, Julia b.1886
DUNN, Kate b.1872
DUNN, Kate b.1871
DUNN, Lawrence b.1813
DUNN, Lilly b.1861
DUNN, M. b.1840
DUNN, Margaret b.1825
DUNN, Margaret c.1844
DUNN, Margaret b.1891
DUNN, Margaret b.1854
DUNN, Margaret c.1836
DUNN, Margaret c.1831
DUNN, Margaret b.1799
DUNN, Margaret c.1822
DUNN, Margaret b.1813
DUNN, Margaret b.1861
DUNN, Marie G. b.1924
DUNN, Martha b.1889
DUNN, Martin c.1834
DUNN, Mary b.1829
DUNN, Mary b.1872
DUNN, Mary b.1854
DUNN, Mary c.1836
DUNN, Mary b.1823
DUNN, Mary b.1812
DUNN, Mary b.1832
DUNN, Mary b.1857
DUNN, Mary b.1906
DUNN, Mary b.1861
DUNN, Mary c.1819
DUNN, Mary c.1833
DUNN, Mary c.1830
DUNN, Mary c.1820
DUNN, Mary c.1826
DUNN, Mary c.1826
DUNN, Mary b.1790
DUNN, Mary b.1792
DUNN, Mary b.1799
DUNN, Mary b.1800
DUNN, Mary b.1818
DUNN, Mary Ann c.1845
DUNN, Mary Ann c.1839
DUNN, Mary Ann c.1866
DUNN, Mary Ann c.1853
DUNN, Mary C. b.1906
DUNN, Mary Elizabeth b.1888
DUNN, Mary Elizabeth b.1880
DUNN, Mary Jane b.1856
DUNN, Mary Jane b.1840
DUNN, Mary Jane c.1880
DUNN, Mary Joseph b.1868
DUNN, Mary Patrick b.1888
DUNN, Mathew c.1822
DUNN, Matthew b.1862
DUNN, Matthew b.1858
DUNN, Michael c.1844
DUNN, Michael c.1838
DUNN, Michael c.1842
DUNN, Michael b.1814
DUNN, Michael b.1828
DUNN, Michael c.1832
DUNN, Michael b.1804
DUNN, Michael b.1853
DUNN, Mona Josephine b.1908
DUNN, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1740
DUNN, Nancy c.1831
DUNN, Patience b.1831
DUNN, Patrick b.1889
DUNN, Patrick b.1852
DUNN, Patrick b.1827
DUNN, Patrick b.1814
DUNN, Patrick b.1807
DUNN, Patrick c.1832
DUNN, Patrick c.1831
DUNN, Patrick c.1828
DUNN, Patrick c.1828
DUNN, Patrick c.1825
DUNN, Patrick b.1794
DUNN, Patrick b.1793
DUNN, Patrick b.1797
DUNN, Patrick b.1792
DUNN, Philip c.1841
DUNN, Richard b.1863
DUNN, Richard b.1874
DUNN, Richard b.1847
DUNN, Richard b.1811
DUNN, Richard b.1810
DUNN, Richard b.1854
DUNN, Richard b.1813
DUNN, Richard b.1854
DUNN, Richard c.1831
DUNN, Richard c.1814
DUNN, Richard b.1877
DUNN, Richard b.1857
DUNN, Robert c.1839
DUNN, Robert c.1816
DUNN, Roger b.1840
DUNN, Roseanna b.1848
DUNN, S.B. b.1850
DUNN, Samuel b.1816
DUNN, Samuel b.1844
DUNN, Samuel c.1855
DUNN, Samuel c.1833
DUNN, Samuel b.1808
DUNN, Samuel b.1775
DUNN, Samuel b.1810
DUNN, Sarah b.1851
DUNN, Sarah b.1873
DUNN, Sarah b.1851
DUNN, Susan b.1820
DUNN, Susan b.1816
DUNN, Susanna c.1834
DUNN, Susanna b.1878
DUNN, Susannah b.1850
DUNN, Susannah c.1879
DUNN, Susannah c.1876
DUNN, Susannah c.1837
DUNN, Susannah b.1841
DUNN, Teresa b.1873
DUNN, Terry c.1818
DUNN, Theresa b.1853
DUNN, Thomas b.1871
DUNN, Thomas b.1858
DUNN, Thomas b.1848
DUNN, Thomas b.1822
DUNN, Thomas c.1841
DUNN, Thomas b.1816
DUNN, Thomas b.1787
DUNN, Thomas b.1854
DUNN, Thomas c.1834
DUNN, Thomas b.1807
DUNN, Thomas b.1805
DUNN, Thomas c.1822
DUNN, Thomas b.1848
DUNN, Thomas b.1828
DUNN, Thomas b.1777
DUNN, Thomas b.1866
DUNN, Timothy b.1787
DUNN, Walter T. W. Rev. b.1867
DUNN, William b.1873
DUNN, William b.1846
DUNN, William b.1859
DUNN, William b.1816
DUNN, William b.1850
DUNN, William b.1819
DUNN, William b.1853
DUNN, William b.1857
DUNN, William c.1830
DUNN, William c.1829
DUNN, William b.1858
DUNN, William c.1806
DUNN, William b.1840
DUNN, William b.1850
DUNN, William c.1829
DUNN, William b.1891
DUNN, William Green b.1848
DUNN, William Green b.1845
DUNN, William John b.1893

Dunne or Turner

DUNNE OR TURNER, Andrew b.1881


DUNNE, Alice c.1878
DUNNE, Anastasia b.1859
DUNNE, Anne c.1880
DUNNE, Anne c.1878
DUNNE, Bridget b.1862
DUNNE, Bridget c.1890
DUNNE, Bridget Anne b.1881
DUNNE, Catherine b.1860
DUNNE, Catherine b.1860
DUNNE, Catherine b.1860
DUNNE, Cecilia b.1865
DUNNE, Cecilia b.1854
DUNNE, Cecilia c.1878
DUNNE, Edward Francis c.1875
DUNNE, Elizabeth b.1861
DUNNE, Elizabeth b.1882
DUNNE, Elizabeth c.1880
DUNNE, Ellen b.1862
DUNNE, Ellen b.1904
DUNNE, Henry b.1852
DUNNE, James b.1855
DUNNE, James b.1852
DUNNE, James b.1849
DUNNE, Jeremiah b.1849
DUNNE, Joachim Francis b.1888
DUNNE, John b.1855
DUNNE, John c.1877
DUNNE, John b.1851
DUNNE, John b.1851
DUNNE, Julia c.1882
DUNNE, Lucy c.1884
DUNNE, Lucy c.1879
DUNNE, Magdalen b.1924
DUNNE, Margaret b.1891
DUNNE, Margaret Joseph b.1880
DUNNE, Margaret Mary b.1882
DUNNE, Martin c.1881
DUNNE, Mary b.1862
DUNNE, Mary b.1861
DUNNE, Mary c.1877
DUNNE, Mary c.1877
DUNNE, Mary c.1874
DUNNE, Mary Ann b.1866
DUNNE, Mary Ann b.1862
DUNNE, Mary Anne b.1855
DUNNE, Mary Catherine c.1875
DUNNE, Mary Margaret b.1885
DUNNE, Mary Norah b.1888
DUNNE, Patrick b.1855
DUNNE, Patrick b.1854
DUNNE, Patrick c.1880
DUNNE, Patrick c.1878
DUNNE, Patrick c.1886
DUNNE, Phillip b.1849
DUNNE, Richard c.1876
DUNNE, Richard b.1844
DUNNE, Richard c.1877
DUNNE, Ronald c.1888
DUNNE, Sarah c.1882
DUNNE, Sarah c.1880
DUNNE, Thomas b.1878
DUNNE, Timothy c.1881
DUNNE, William b.1859
DUNNE, William c.1878
DUNNE, William b.1853
DUNNE, William b.1852


DUNPHY, Emma b.1864


DWYER, b.1866
DWYER, Catherine b.1845
DWYER, Margaret b.1872
DWYER, Patrick b.1820
DWYER, Peter J. d.2000


EARLE, Elizabeth b.1863
EARLE, Emma b.1872
EARLE, Julia Ann b.1851
EARLE, Maria b.1852
EARLE, Mary b.1884

Eddy or Addy

EDDY OR ADDY, Mr. b.1865


EDEN, Stephen b.1794
EDEN, Susanna c.1820


EDGECOMBE, Thomas b.1862


EDISON, Lorne Lindberg b.1927


EDMONDS, Rachael b.1831


EDWARDS, Jonathan b.1841
EDWARDS, Mary b.1861
EDWARDS, Mary Jane b.1862


EFFORD, Sarah b.1814


ELLARD, Peter b.1866


ELLIOTT, John b.1860
ELLIOTT, Martha Ann b.1862
ELLIOTT, Mary b.1892
ELLIOTT, Priscilla b.1866
ELLIOTT, William b.1822


ELLIS, Charlotte Hunt b.1843
ELLIS, Elizabeth b.1746
ELLIS, Elizabeth Wood b.1839
ELLIS, Fanny Sarah b.1841
ELLIS, James George Brine b.1849
ELLIS, Jane Brine b.1835
ELLIS, John b.1807
ELLIS, John Christopher Green b.1847
ELLIS, Keziah b.1881
ELLIS, Marion Smith Boder b.1845
ELLIS, Mary b.1746
ELLIS, Mary Frances b.1833
ELLIS, Robert B. b.1857


ELLSWORTH, Maria b.1857
ELLSWORTH, Mary Ann b.1854


ENGLAND, John b.1810
ENGLAND, Sarah Jane b.1853


ENGLISH, Elizabeth b.1875
ENGLISH, Theresa b.1875


ETHERIDGE, Mrs. Ellen b.1836


ETSELL, George b.1852


EUSTACE, Ann b.1820


EVANS, James b.1802
EVANS, Joanna b.1810
EVANS, Robert b.1837
EVANS, Robert b.1818
EVANS, Susanna b.1870
EVANS, William b.1831


EVELY, Joseph Angwin b.1854


EVERLY, Jessie b.1855


FACEY, George b.1797
FACEY, James b.1819
FACEY, John Thomas b.1868
FACEY, Mary Ann b.1858


FAHEY, Andrew b.1854
FAHEY, Catherine c.1822
FAHEY, Charlotte b.1856
FAHEY, Denis c.1832
FAHEY, Denis c.1827
FAHEY, Denis Joseph b.1884
FAHEY, Dorothy c.1829
FAHEY, Elizabeth b.1874
FAHEY, Elizabeth b.1849
FAHEY, Elizabeth c.1824
FAHEY, James b.1800
FAHEY, John c.1847
FAHEY, Margaret c.1844
FAHEY, Mary c.1834
FAHEY, Phillip b.1818
FAHEY, Phillip b.1794
FAHEY, Thomas c.1829
FAHEY, William c.1841


FAHY, Edmund c.1827
FAHY, Joanna c.1830
FAHY, John c.1829


FAUCHER, Charles b.1864
FAUCHER, Mary Margaret c.1890


FENLON, Ann b.1832


FIELD, Agnes b.1800
FIELD, Ann b.1783
FIELD, Ann b.1775
FIELD, Ann b.1800
FIELD, Richard b.1774


FIRTH, Richard William b.1843
FIRTH, William b.1821


FISHER, Alfreda b.1886
FISHER, Isabella b.1886
FISHER, John b.1860
FISHER, Louisa b.1886
FISHER, Walter b.1929


FITZGERALD, Anne b.1798
FITZGERALD, Bridget b.1870
FITZGERALD, Catherine b.1859
FITZGERALD, Mary b.1806

Flaharty or Flamarty



FLAHERTY, Bridget b.1811
FLAHERTY, Joseph Francis b.1921


FLANEGAN, Mary b.1799


FLEMING, Agnes or Aggie J. b.1870


FLEMMING, James b.1852
FLEMMING, John b.1854


FLIGHT, Charlotte Jane b.1897
FLIGHT, Dorcas b.1850
FLIGHT, Henry b.1848
FLIGHT, Richard b.1823
FLIGHT, Zebedee b.1821


FLING, John b.1740


FLINN, Mary Ann b.1831


FLYNN, Ellen b.1792
FLYNN, James b.1784
FLYNN, William c.1810


FOLEY, Rebecca b.1860


FOLLETT, Susanna b.1872
FOLLETT, William b.1828


FOOTE, Eliza Isabella b.1867


FORD, Ellen b.1878
FORD, George b.1847


FORTER, Sarah b.1807


FOSTER, Doretha b.1814
FOSTER, John b.1782


FOWLER, Albert b.1905
FOWLER, Ephriam Frederick d.1994
FOWLER, Ethel b.1896
FOWLER, William b.1870


FOWLOW, Elizabeth b.1822


FRAMPTON, Caroline c.1876
FRAMPTON, Thomas b.1827


FRANCIS, Edward b.1854
FRANCIS, John b.1864


FREANY, Ann c.1825
FREANY, Mary c.1836
FREANY, Mathew c.1830
FREANY, Richard b.1799


FRENCH, Abraham m.1882
FRENCH, Benjamin J. b.1860
FRENCH, Charles b.1836
FRENCH, Dianna b.1811
FRENCH, Edward b.1758
FRENCH, James b.1832
FRENCH, Jethro b.1877
FRENCH, Mary Ann b.1848
FRENCH, Matthew b.1842
FRENCH, Nathan b.1909
FRENCH, Patience b.1812
FRENCH, Sarah Jane b.1851
FRENCH, Susan or Ann b.1814
FRENCH, William b.1851


FRIZELL, Richard b.1824


FROST, Levi m.1902


FROUD, Caroline b.1844


FRY, John b.1772
FRY, William b.1857

Fudge or Frugge

FUDGE OR FRUGGE, Elizabeth Mary b.1857


FURLONG, Catherine m.1854


GADDEN, Mrs. George b.1783


GADEN, George b.1778
GADEN, Thomas Eppes b.1804


GALWAY, James b.1846
GALWAY, John Joseph b.1884
GALWAY, John Joseph b.1857
GALWAY, Margaret Joseph b.1888
GALWAY, Mary b.1865


GARCIN, Elizabeth m.1878


GAUSE, Catharine c.1787
GAUSE, Francis c.1787
GAUSE, Grace c.1783
GAUSE, John b.1766
GAUSE, John c.1777
GAUSE, Richard c.1783
GAUSE, Richard b.1751


GEARIN, William b.1866


GENT, Elizabeth Pitman b.1853


GEORGE, Alice c.1842
GEORGE, Julia b.1868
GEORGE, Martin b.1754
GEORGE, Richard b.1816
GEORGE, Sarah b.1858
GEORGE, Thomas m.1882
GEORGE, Thomas b.1791


GIBBONS, Mary Maria b.1870


GIDDINS, Robert b.1825


GILL, George b.1846
GILL, Maria or Mary b.1865
GILL, Mary b.1808


GILLARD, Susannah b.1862


GILLASPY, William b.1834


GILLFOILE, Edward b.1816
GILLFOILE, Mary c.1842


GILLINGHAM, John b.1857


GILMORE, Catherine b.1807


GLASBY, Frances b.1820


GLASGOW, Anne b.1869


GLAVIN, Ellen b.1820
GLAVIN, James b.1794
GLAVIN, Margaret b.1789


GLAVINE, Edward b.1857
GLAVINE, James b.1893
GLAVINE, Richard b.1889
GLAVINE, William b.1891

Goff or Gough

GOFF OR GOUGH, Emily Isabel c.1879
GOFF OR GOUGH, George b.1851
GOFF OR GOUGH, William Jonathan b.1877


GOFF, Eliza b.1826
GOFF, Elizabeth b.1800
GOFF, George b.1850
GOFF, John b.1794


GOLDSWORTHY, Mary b.1829


GOODALL, James b.1880
GOODALL, Mrs. James m.1899


GOOLEY, James b.1855


GORMAN, Thomas b.1830


GORSE, Mary Jane b.1866


GOSNEY, Alfred b.1843

Gosse or Hawkins

GOSSE OR HAWKINS, William b.1865

Gosse or Juer

GOSSE OR JUER, Ann b.1854

Gosse or Vokey

GOSSE OR VOKEY, Caroline b.1884


GOSSE, c.1883
GOSSE, c.1872
GOSSE, c.1858
GOSSE, b.1849
GOSSE, m.1853
GOSSE, b.1845
GOSSE, b.1847
GOSSE, Abraham b.1880
GOSSE, Abraham b.1868
GOSSE, Absalom b.1897
GOSSE, Absalom French b.1873
GOSSE, Adelaide b.1863
GOSSE, Albert b.1891
GOSSE, Albert b.1862
GOSSE, Albert b.1850
GOSSE, Albert b.1852
GOSSE, Albert b.1852
GOSSE, Albert b.1881
GOSSE, Alexander Fletcher b.1866
GOSSE, Alfred b.1885
GOSSE, Alial b.1823
GOSSE, Alice Jane b.1868
GOSSE, Alice Marion b.1881
GOSSE, Ambrose b.1893
GOSSE, Ambrose b.1868
GOSSE, Ambrose b.1848
GOSSE, Amelia Ann b.1896
GOSSE, Amelia Ann b.1877
GOSSE, Amy b.1868
GOSSE, Ann b.1873
GOSSE, Ann b.1864
GOSSE, Ann b.1855
GOSSE, Ann b.1855
GOSSE, Ann b.1811
GOSSE, Ann b.1756
GOSSE, Ann b.1779
GOSSE, Ann b.1851
GOSSE, Ann b.1805
GOSSE, Ann b.1775
GOSSE, Ann b.1830
GOSSE, Ann b.1799
GOSSE, Ann b.1823
GOSSE, Ann b.1843
GOSSE, Ann Charlotte b.1805
GOSSE, Ann Eliza b.1893
GOSSE, Anne c.1888
GOSSE, Anne b.1841
GOSSE, Anne b.1822
GOSSE, Anne c.1814
GOSSE, Anne c.1832
GOSSE, Anne b.1833
GOSSE, Anne Winifred b.1889
GOSSE, Annie b.1895
GOSSE, Annie b.1895
GOSSE, Annie b.1893
GOSSE, Annie b.1885
GOSSE, Annie b.1884
GOSSE, Annie c.1848
GOSSE, Annie b.1900
GOSSE, Annie Jane b.1884
GOSSE, Annie May b.1888
GOSSE, Arthur Aaron b.1895
GOSSE, Arthur William b.1883
GOSSE, Azariah b.1864
GOSSE, Azariah b.1849
GOSSE, Bartholomew b.1871
GOSSE, Bartholomew b.1840
GOSSE, Beatrice b.1890
GOSSE, Beatrice Blanch b.1883
GOSSE, Bertha b.1891
GOSSE, Bertha b.1889
GOSSE, Bertha Jane b.1886
GOSSE, Bertha Jane b.1881
GOSSE, Bertram c.1881
GOSSE, Bessie b.1894
GOSSE, Caroline c.1858
GOSSE, Caroline b.1856
GOSSE, Catherine b.1887
GOSSE, Catherine b.1855
GOSSE, Catherine b.1846
GOSSE, Catherine b.1859
GOSSE, Catherine b.1853
GOSSE, Catherine b.1842
GOSSE, Catherine b.1867
GOSSE, Catherine b.1795
GOSSE, Catherine b.1798
GOSSE, Catherine b.1835
GOSSE, Catherine b.1819
GOSSE, Catherine b.1798
GOSSE, Catherine Blanche b.1885
GOSSE, Catherine Louisa b.1888
GOSSE, Charlotte Elizabeth b.1863
GOSSE, Charlotte Rhoda b.1886
GOSSE, Clara b.1894
GOSSE, Claramen b.1882
GOSSE, Clarimand b.1855
GOSSE, Cyril b.1877
GOSSE, Cyril b.1866
GOSSE, Daisey Teresa b.1886
GOSSE, Daisy Edith b.1884
GOSSE, Diana b.1886
GOSSE, Diana b.1883
GOSSE, Diana b.1794
GOSSE, Donald John b.1896
GOSSE, Dorcas b.1877
GOSSE, Dorcas b.1869
GOSSE, Douglas b.1895
GOSSE, Duncan Norman b.1887
GOSSE, Ebenezer b.1874
GOSSE, Ebenezer b.1854
GOSSE, Ebenezer b.1851
GOSSE, Ebenezer b.1886
GOSSE, Ebenezer b.1860
GOSSE, Edgar b.1863
GOSSE, Edgar b.1848
GOSSE, Edgar b.1854
GOSSE, Edith Blanche b.1889
GOSSE, Edmund b.1871
GOSSE, Edward Edgar b.1889
GOSSE, Effie May b.1891
GOSSE, Eldred b.1859
GOSSE, Elfrida b.1870
GOSSE, Elial b.1858
GOSSE, Elial or Lionel b.1824
GOSSE, Elias c.1881
GOSSE, Eliza b.1875
GOSSE, Eliza b.1873
GOSSE, Eliza b.1850
GOSSE, Eliza b.1859
GOSSE, Eliza b.1838
GOSSE, Eliza b.1824
GOSSE, Eliza b.1821
GOSSE, Eliza b.1847
GOSSE, Eliza b.1853
GOSSE, Eliza Ann c.1873
GOSSE, Eliza Ann b.1858
GOSSE, Eliza Jane b.1885
GOSSE, Eliza Jane b.1886
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1873
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1896
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1894
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1885
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1860
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1858
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1862
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1863
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1854
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1853
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1846
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1836
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1836
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1857
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1858
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1763
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1761
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1766
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1818
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1886
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1837
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1841
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1820
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1854
GOSSE, Elizabeth b.1840
GOSSE, Elizabeth Ann b.1877
GOSSE, Elizabeth Florence b.1883
GOSSE, Elizabeth Julia c.1879
GOSSE, Elsie Rose b.1896
GOSSE, Emanuel b.1827
GOSSE, Emelita c.1879
GOSSE, Emily b.1883
GOSSE, Emily b.1857
GOSSE, Emily b.1851
GOSSE, Emily c.1855
GOSSE, Emily b.1853
GOSSE, Emily b.1855
GOSSE, Emily Jane b.1850
GOSSE, Emma b.1895
GOSSE, Emma b.1868
GOSSE, Emma Beatrice b.1891
GOSSE, Emma Jane c.1879
GOSSE, Emmanuel c.1803
GOSSE, Esau b.1875
GOSSE, Esau b.1865
GOSSE, Esau Ronald b.1895
GOSSE, Esther b.1871
GOSSE, Esther Merryfield b.1769
GOSSE, Ethel b.1895
GOSSE, Ethel Jane b.1885
GOSSE, Ethel Mary b.1888
GOSSE, Fanney b.1844
GOSSE, Fanny b.1889
GOSSE, Fanny b.1854
GOSSE, Fanny b.1815
GOSSE, Flora c.1879
GOSSE, Florence b.1889
GOSSE, Florence Marion b.1884
GOSSE, Frances b.1885
GOSSE, Frances b.1848
GOSSE, Frances b.1858
GOSSE, Frances b.1794
GOSSE, Frances Julia b.1882
GOSSE, Frances May b.1893
GOSSE, Francis c.1879
GOSSE, Francis b.1883
GOSSE, Francis b.1826
GOSSE, Francis b.1795
GOSSE, Francis b.1824
GOSSE, Francis b.1784
GOSSE, Frederic William b.1883
GOSSE, Fredrick b.1846
GOSSE, Fredrick b.1838
GOSSE, George b.1891
GOSSE, George b.1885
GOSSE, George b.1893
GOSSE, George b.1849
GOSSE, George b.1851
GOSSE, George b.1776
GOSSE, George b.1863
GOSSE, George b.1875
GOSSE, George Alexander b.1865
GOSSE, George Alexander b.1888
GOSSE, Georgina b.1867
GOSSE, Gilbert b.1883
GOSSE, Grace b.1857
GOSSE, Grace b.1846
GOSSE, Grace b.1854
GOSSE, Grace b.1824
GOSSE, Hannah b.1857
GOSSE, Hannah b.1837
GOSSE, Harriet b.1807
GOSSE, Harriet Grace b.1807
GOSSE, Harriet Sophia b.1844
GOSSE, Harvey b.1888
GOSSE, Harvey b.1888
GOSSE, Harvey b.1885
GOSSE, Heber b.1890
GOSSE, Heber b.1892
GOSSE, Heber b.1884
GOSSE, Henry b.1879
GOSSE, Henry c.1881
GOSSE, Henry b.1833
GOSSE, Henry b.1839
GOSSE, Henry Arthur b.1891
GOSSE, Henry Lewis b.1889
GOSSE, Henry William b.1889
GOSSE, Henry William b.1861
GOSSE, Henry William b.1862
GOSSE, Herbert b.1893
GOSSE, Herbert b.1859
GOSSE, Horatio b.1848
GOSSE, Horatio b.1850
GOSSE, Ida b.1896
GOSSE, Ira Joseph b.1893
GOSSE, Irene b.1887
GOSSE, Isabella b.1888
GOSSE, Isabella c.1880
GOSSE, Isabella c.1879
GOSSE, Isabella b.1852
GOSSE, Isabelle b.1898
GOSSE, Isabelle b.1862
GOSSE, Israel b.1893
GOSSE, Israel b.1886
GOSSE, Israel b.1859
GOSSE, Israel b.1841
GOSSE, Israel b.1849
GOSSE, Israel b.1891
GOSSE, Israel b.1822
GOSSE, Israel b.1802
GOSSE, Israel Taylor b.1872
GOSSE, Jacob b.1846
GOSSE, Jacob b.1847
GOSSE, Jacob French b.1873
GOSSE, Jacob Leander b.1889
GOSSE, James b.1848
GOSSE, James b.1847
GOSSE, James b.1840
GOSSE, James b.1857
GOSSE, James b.1897
GOSSE, James b.1873
GOSSE, James b.1847
GOSSE, James b.1862
GOSSE, James b.1856
GOSSE, James b.1845
GOSSE, James b.1755
GOSSE, James b.1863
GOSSE, James b.1855
GOSSE, James b.1863
GOSSE, James c.1833
GOSSE, James Hedley b.1890
GOSSE, James Richard Weldon b.1894
GOSSE, James Samuel Mercer b.1892
GOSSE, James Snow b.1891
GOSSE, Jane b.1876
GOSSE, Jane b.1842
GOSSE, Jane b.1850
GOSSE, Jane b.1849
GOSSE, Jane b.1775
GOSSE, Jane b.1760
GOSSE, Jane c.1814
GOSSE, Jane Elizabeth b.1796
GOSSE, Janet b.1882
GOSSE, Jemima b.1862
GOSSE, Jesse b.1860
GOSSE, Jesse Joshua b.1875
GOSSE, Jesse Josiah b.1879
GOSSE, Jessie Louisa b.1898
GOSSE, Jessie Louisa b.1866
GOSSE, Jessie Louisa c.1890
GOSSE, Jessie Louisa b.1890
GOSSE, Jessie Snowden b.1891
GOSSE, Joanna b.1843
GOSSE, Job b.1864
GOSSE, John b.1874
GOSSE, John b.1871
GOSSE, John b.1896
GOSSE, John b.1867
GOSSE, John b.1889
GOSSE, John b.1888
GOSSE, John b.1862
GOSSE, John b.1835
GOSSE, John b.1896
GOSSE, John b.1860
GOSSE, John b.1885
GOSSE, John b.1830
GOSSE, John b.1883
GOSSE, John b.1855
GOSSE, John b.1886
GOSSE, John b.1882
GOSSE, John b.1870
GOSSE, John b.1866
GOSSE, John b.1876
GOSSE, John b.1854
GOSSE, John b.1859
GOSSE, John c.1846
GOSSE, John b.1852
GOSSE, John b.1840
GOSSE, John b.1815
GOSSE, John b.1856
GOSSE, John b.1847
GOSSE, John b.1817
GOSSE, John b.1809
GOSSE, John b.1786
GOSSE, John b.1829
GOSSE, John b.1851
GOSSE, John b.1865
GOSSE, John b.1769
GOSSE, John b.1829
GOSSE, John b.1800
GOSSE, John b.1826
GOSSE, John b.1781
GOSSE, John b.1861
GOSSE, John b.1853
GOSSE, John c.1861
GOSSE, John b.1841
GOSSE, John b.1829
GOSSE, John b.1805
GOSSE, John Charles b.1868
GOSSE, John Charles b.1857
GOSSE, John Charles b.1862
GOSSE, John James b.1854
GOSSE, John Robert b.1881
GOSSE, John Walter b.1895
GOSSE, John William b.1886
GOSSE, John William b.1888
GOSSE, John William b.1869
GOSSE, Jonathan b.1894
GOSSE, Jonathan b.1886
GOSSE, Jonathan c.1854
GOSSE, Jonathan Shepherd b.1816
GOSSE, Jonathan Taylor b.1846
GOSSE, Joseph b.1862
GOSSE, Joseph b.1857
GOSSE, Joseph b.1894
GOSSE, Joseph c.1879
GOSSE, Joseph b.1854
GOSSE, Joseph b.1848
GOSSE, Joseph c.1849
GOSSE, Joseph b.1853
GOSSE, Joseph b.1848
GOSSE, Joseph b.1880
GOSSE, Joseph b.1807
GOSSE, Joseph b.1809
GOSSE, Josiah b.1840
GOSSE, Josiah b.1871
GOSSE, Josiah b.1893
GOSSE, Josiah b.1857
GOSSE, Josiah b.1884
GOSSE, Josiah b.1891
GOSSE, Josiah b.1883
GOSSE, Josiah b.1865
GOSSE, Josiah b.1853
GOSSE, Josiah b.1856
GOSSE, Josiah b.1840
GOSSE, Josiah b.1888
GOSSE, Josiah b.1861
GOSSE, Josiah b.1867
GOSSE, Julia c.1880
GOSSE, Julia b.1860
GOSSE, Julia b.1852
GOSSE, Julia b.1842
GOSSE, Julia b.1859
GOSSE, Julia b.1868
GOSSE, Julia b.1822
GOSSE, Julia Ann b.1887
GOSSE, Julia Ann b.1877
GOSSE, Julia Ann b.1884
GOSSE, Julia Ann b.1887
GOSSE, Julia Ann b.1865
GOSSE, Julia Ann b.1841
GOSSE, Julia Ann b.1864
GOSSE, Julia Anne b.1877
GOSSE, Julia Barrett b.1890
GOSSE, Julia Emma b.1852
GOSSE, Julia Jane b.1880
GOSSE, Julia May b.1895
GOSSE, Julian Jane b.1806
GOSSE, Julianne b.1875
GOSSE, Kenneth b.1874
GOSSE, Kenneth c.1861
GOSSE, Keziah b.1852
GOSSE, Keziah b.1856
GOSSE, Laura b.1877
GOSSE, Laura Bell b.1890
GOSSE, Laura Belle b.1896
GOSSE, Lavinia b.1851
GOSSE, Lavinia b.1850
GOSSE, Lavinia b.1851
GOSSE, Leah b.1887
GOSSE, Leah b.1876
GOSSE, Leah b.1861
GOSSE, Leander b.1891
GOSSE, Leander b.1866
GOSSE, Lenora b.1862
GOSSE, Leonard b.1873
GOSSE, Leonard b.1883
GOSSE, Leonard b.1871
GOSSE, Levi b.1882
GOSSE, Lorenzo b.1869
GOSSE, Louisa Jane b.1894
GOSSE, Louisa Jane b.1886
GOSSE, Loyal c.1880
GOSSE, Lucinda b.1886
GOSSE, Lucinda b.1864
GOSSE, Lucinda c.1856
GOSSE, Lucinda b.1889
GOSSE, Lucinda Jane b.1877
GOSSE, Lucinda Selina b.1847
GOSSE, Lucinda Selina b.1850
GOSSE, Lydia b.1883
GOSSE, Lydia b.1866
GOSSE, Lydia b.1871
GOSSE, Mable b.1868
GOSSE, Maria b.1848
GOSSE, Maria b.1857
GOSSE, Mark c.1879
GOSSE, Mark b.1851
GOSSE, Mark b.1864
GOSSE, Mark b.1855
GOSSE, Mark Garfield b.1889
GOSSE, Martha c.1890
GOSSE, Martha b.1815
GOSSE, Martha b.1824
GOSSE, Martha Jane b.1843
GOSSE, Martin b.1867
GOSSE, Mary b.1889
GOSSE, Mary b.1894
GOSSE, Mary b.1884
GOSSE, Mary b.1882
GOSSE, Mary c.1879
GOSSE, Mary b.1841
GOSSE, Mary b.1856
GOSSE, Mary b.1849
GOSSE, Mary b.1843
GOSSE, Mary b.1854
GOSSE, Mary b.1859
GOSSE, Mary b.1808
GOSSE, Mary b.1788
GOSSE, Mary b.1789
GOSSE, Mary b.1833
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1884
GOSSE, Mary Ann c.1879
GOSSE, Mary Ann c.1883
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1873
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1869
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1856
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1847
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1832
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1846
GOSSE, Mary Ann b.1844
GOSSE, Mary Ann c.1833
GOSSE, Mary Anne b.1895
GOSSE, Mary Anne b.1840
GOSSE, Mary Anne b.1862
GOSSE, Mary Anne b.1862
GOSSE, Mary Anne b.1885
GOSSE, Mary Ellen c.1854
GOSSE, Mary Ellen b.1853
GOSSE, Mary Frances c.1860
GOSSE, Mary Frances b.1834
GOSSE, Mary Grace b.1883
GOSSE, Mary Grace b.1887
GOSSE, Mary Hannah b.1851
GOSSE, Mary Jane b.1862
GOSSE, Mary Jane b.1850
GOSSE, Mary Jane b.1864
GOSSE, Mary Joseph b.1852
GOSSE, Mary Lavinia b.1889
GOSSE, Mary Patience b.1886
GOSSE, Maryann b.1826
GOSSE, Maud b.1866
GOSSE, May b.1890
GOSSE, McLeod b.1886
GOSSE, Minnie b.1891
GOSSE, Minnie Violet b.1892
GOSSE, Minnie Winifred b.1890
GOSSE, Miriam Rena b.1890
GOSSE, Moses b.1887
GOSSE, Moses c.1881
GOSSE, Moses b.1894
GOSSE, Moses b.1883
GOSSE, Moses b.1884
GOSSE, Moses b.1849
GOSSE, Moses b.1873
GOSSE, Moses b.1847
GOSSE, Moses b.1876
GOSSE, Moses b.1873
GOSSE, Moses c.1881
GOSSE, Moses b.1820
GOSSE, Moses b.1835
GOSSE, Moses b.1854
GOSSE, Moses b.1824
GOSSE, Moses b.1853
GOSSE, Moses b.1855
GOSSE, Moses b.1862
GOSSE, Moses b.1836
GOSSE, Moses b.1844
GOSSE, Moses b.1843
GOSSE, Moses b.1833
GOSSE, Moses b.1828
GOSSE, Moses b.1852
GOSSE, Moses b.1851
GOSSE, Moses b.1832
GOSSE, Moses b.1820
GOSSE, Moses b.1861
GOSSE, Moses b.1813
GOSSE, Moses b.1802
GOSSE, Moses b.1794
GOSSE, Moses b.1818
GOSSE, Moses b.1823
GOSSE, Moses b.1862
GOSSE, Moses Taylor b.1852
GOSSE, Mrs. John b.1834
GOSSE, Mrs. Susanna b.1846
GOSSE, Naomi b.1884
GOSSE, Nathan b.1889
GOSSE, Nathan b.1843
GOSSE, Nathanael b.1864
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1815
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1888
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1888
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1887
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1829
GOSSE, Nathaniel c.1879
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1885
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1857
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1816
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1844
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1835
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1837
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1828
GOSSE, Nathaniel b.1827
GOSSE, Nathaniel c.1832
GOSSE, Nathaniel Robert b.1851
GOSSE, Norman Howard b.1892
GOSSE, Olivia b.1886
GOSSE, Patience b.1843
GOSSE, Patience b.1846
GOSSE, Patience b.1776
GOSSE, Patience b.1824
GOSSE, Patience c.1814
GOSSE, Patience b.1813
GOSSE, Patrick b.1882
GOSSE, Peter b.1850
GOSSE, Peter b.1868
GOSSE, Peter b.1843
GOSSE, Peter b.1839
GOSSE, Peter Francis c.1888
GOSSE, Philip b.1818
GOSSE, Phoebe b.1893
GOSSE, Priscilla b.1850
GOSSE, Priscilla b.1850
GOSSE, Priscilla b.1821
GOSSE, Priscilla b.1873
GOSSE, Providence b.1844
GOSSE, Providence b.1843
GOSSE, Rachael Florence b.1889
GOSSE, Rachel b.1792
GOSSE, Rachel b.1816
GOSSE, Rebecca b.1841
GOSSE, Rebecca b.1824
GOSSE, Rhoda b.1872
GOSSE, Rhoda b.1878
GOSSE, Rhoda Jeanetta b.1889
GOSSE, Richard b.1842
GOSSE, Richard b.1892
GOSSE, Richard b.1882
GOSSE, Richard b.1883
GOSSE, Richard b.1881
GOSSE, Richard b.1886
GOSSE, Richard b.1873
GOSSE, Richard c.1880
GOSSE, Richard b.1877
GOSSE, Richard b.1867
GOSSE, Richard c.1860
GOSSE, Richard c.1853
GOSSE, Richard b.1852
GOSSE, Richard b.1824
GOSSE, Richard b.1846
GOSSE, Richard b.1843
GOSSE, Richard b.1847
GOSSE, Richard b.1844
GOSSE, Richard b.1835
GOSSE, Richard b.1825
GOSSE, Richard b.1850
GOSSE, Richard b.1829
GOSSE, Richard b.1828
GOSSE, Richard b.1820
GOSSE, Richard b.1784
GOSSE, Richard b.1780
GOSSE, Richard c.1827
GOSSE, Richard b.1819
GOSSE, Richard b.1777
GOSSE, Richard b.1873
GOSSE, Richard b.1866
GOSSE, Richard b.1840
GOSSE, Richard b.1870
GOSSE, Richard b.1779
GOSSE, Richard Arthur b.1891
GOSSE, Richard Arthur b.1872
GOSSE, Richard Howard b.1893
GOSSE, Robert b.1866
GOSSE, Robert b.1853
GOSSE, Robert b.1881
GOSSE, Robert c.1880
GOSSE, Robert b.1839
GOSSE, Robert b.1838
GOSSE, Robert b.1864
GOSSE, Robert b.1826
GOSSE, Robert b.1824
GOSSE, Robert b.1858
GOSSE, Robert b.1816
GOSSE, Robert b.1860
GOSSE, Robert b.1858
GOSSE, Robert b.1802
GOSSE, Robert c.1828
GOSSE, Robert b.1805
GOSSE, Robert b.1777
GOSSE, Robert George c.1879
GOSSE, Robert John b.1887
GOSSE, Rosanna b.1876
GOSSE, Rosannah b.1882
GOSSE, Rosannah b.1883
GOSSE, Rosilla b.1892
GOSSE, Sabina b.1849
GOSSE, Samuel b.1894
GOSSE, Samuel b.1873
GOSSE, Samuel c.1791
GOSSE, Samuel b.1761
GOSSE, Samuel Capt. b.1826
GOSSE, Sarah c.1881
GOSSE, Sarah b.1855
GOSSE, Sarah b.1857
GOSSE, Sarah b.1844
GOSSE, Sarah b.1855
GOSSE, Sarah b.1847
GOSSE, Sarah b.1820
GOSSE, Sarah b.1858
GOSSE, Sarah Ann b.1892
GOSSE, Sarah Anne b.1876
GOSSE, Sarah Jane b.1890
GOSSE, Sarah Jane b.1884
GOSSE, Sarah Jane b.1866
GOSSE, Selby b.1896
GOSSE, Selby b.1875
GOSSE, Selina Patience b.1877
GOSSE, Silas b.1851
GOSSE, Silas b.1853
GOSSE, Simeon b.1869
GOSSE, Solomon b.1893
GOSSE, Solomon b.1895
GOSSE, Solomon b.1873
GOSSE, Solomon b.1875
GOSSE, Solomon b.1815
GOSSE, Solomon b.1830
GOSSE, Solomon b.1826
GOSSE, Solomon b.1861
GOSSE, Solomon b.1776
GOSSE, Solomon b.1786
GOSSE, Solomon b.1767
GOSSE, Solomon b.1730
GOSSE, Solomon b.1832
GOSSE, Solomon b.1796
GOSSE, Sophia b.1856
GOSSE, Stephen b.1841
GOSSE, Stephen b.1830
GOSSE, Stephen c.1880
GOSSE, Stephen c.1857
GOSSE, Stephen b.1843
GOSSE, Stephen Baxter Gordon b.1892
GOSSE, Steward William b.1883
GOSSE, Stewart b.1867
GOSSE, Susan b.1855
GOSSE, Susan b.1814
GOSSE, Susanna b.1891
GOSSE, Susanna b.1876
GOSSE, Susanna b.1855
GOSSE, Susanna b.1858
GOSSE, Susanna c.1850
GOSSE, Susanna b.1858
GOSSE, Susanna b.1852
GOSSE, Susanna b.1847
GOSSE, Susanna b.1809
GOSSE, Susanna b.1809
GOSSE, Susanna b.1829
GOSSE, Susannah b.1889
GOSSE, Susannah b.1804
GOSSE, Susie Christina b.1890
GOSSE, Tabitha b.1789
GOSSE, Tamson c.1797
GOSSE, Theodore b.1874
GOSSE, Theresa b.1857
GOSSE, Theresa b.1844
GOSSE, Theresa b.1851
GOSSE, Theresa Jane b.1883
GOSSE, Thomas b.1874
GOSSE, Thomas b.1846
GOSSE, Thomas b.1860
GOSSE, Thomas b.1847
GOSSE, Thomas b.1764
GOSSE, Thomas b.1847
GOSSE, Thomas b.1789
GOSSE, Thomas b.1818
GOSSE, Thomas b.1815
GOSSE, Thomas b.1839
GOSSE, Thomas Arthur b.1888
GOSSE, Thomas Henry b.1864
GOSSE, Thomasina b.1799
GOSSE, Tryphena b.1867
GOSSE, Tryphena c.1860
GOSSE, Tryphena c.1802
GOSSE, Tryphena b.1868
GOSSE, Victoria b.1858
GOSSE, Victoria b.1887
GOSSE, Walter b.1890
GOSSE, Walter Wesley b.1887
GOSSE, William b.1841
GOSSE, William b.1852
GOSSE, William b.1868
GOSSE, William b.1863
GOSSE, William b.1874
GOSSE, William b.1847
GOSSE, William b.1846
GOSSE, William b.1874
GOSSE, William b.1843
GOSSE, William b.1867
GOSSE, William b.1836
GOSSE, William b.1856
GOSSE, William b.1865
GOSSE, William b.1860
GOSSE, William b.1826
GOSSE, William b.1855
GOSSE, William b.1818
GOSSE, William b.1851
GOSSE, William b.1846
GOSSE, William b.1826
GOSSE, William b.1852
GOSSE, William b.1812
GOSSE, William b.1859
GOSSE, William b.1854
GOSSE, William b.1788
GOSSE, William b.1758
GOSSE, William b.1826
GOSSE, William b.1863
GOSSE, William b.1822
GOSSE, William b.1806
GOSSE, William b.1784
GOSSE, William b.1806
GOSSE, William b.1829
GOSSE, William b.1825
GOSSE, William b.1824
GOSSE, William b.1808
GOSSE, William b.1788
GOSSE, William b.1809
GOSSE, William b.1763
GOSSE, William b.1872
GOSSE, William b.1861
GOSSE, William Augustus b.1870
GOSSE, William Ernest c.1880
GOSSE, William Henry b.1885
GOSSE, William Henry b.1845
GOSSE, William James b.1872
GOSSE, William John c.1879
GOSSE, Willis b.1871


GOUGH, James b.1855
GOUGH, Sarah b.1854


GOVER, Rachel b.1861


GRACE, Katie b.1856
GRACE, Mildred b.1915
GRACE, Pierce b.1830


GRAHAM, Charles b.1843
GRAHAM, Mary b.1826
GRAHAM, Thomas b.1817


GRANGER, Mary b.1854


GRANT, Robert b.1804


GREALEY, Diannah b.1878
GREALEY, Julia Ann b.1863


GREALY, Amelia b.1874
GREALY, Jane b.1856
GREALY, Thomas b.1848
GREALY, William b.1830


GREELEY, William b.1866


GREELY, Jane b.1817
GREELY, William b.1868


GREEN, Amelia b.1893
GREEN, Jane b.1815
GREEN, Olivia b.1836


GREENE, Anastasia b.1847
GREENE, Charlotte b.1847
GREENE, Jane b.1852
GREENE, Joanna b.1850
GREENE, John b.1845
GREENE, John Eastmond b.1817
GREENE, Mary Ann b.1842
GREENE, Sarah b.1840


GREENING, Susannah b.1868


GRIBBINS, Mary Ann b.1839
GRIBBINS, Mrs. William b.1818
GRIBBINS, William b.1813


GRIFFEN, Agnes b.1880


GRIFFIN, Margaret b.1867


GRISHY, Elizabeth b.1794


GUDGER, Julia b.1812


GUEST, Bridget b.1874
GUEST, Edward b.1846
GUEST, John b.1872
GUEST, Julia Joseph b.1877


GUINAN, Peter b.1843


GUSH, Reuben b.1892


GUSHUE, Charles b.1826


GUSSEY, Elizabeth Harriet b.1859


GUY, Flower b.1745
GUY, James b.1854


HALAHAN, Mary b.1824


HALES, John b.1820


HALEY, Michael b.1813


HALFPENNY, Bridget c.1840
HALFPENNY, James b.1814


HALFYARD, Sarah b.1845


HALL, Charlie Malcolm b.1887
HALL, George b.1862
HALL, John Shannon b.1891


HALLAHAN, Alice b.1757
HALLAHAN, Ann b.1859
HALLAHAN, Bridget b.1810
HALLAHAN, Catherine b.1815
HALLAHAN, David d.1854
HALLAHAN, Dennis b.1752
HALLAHAN, Edmund b.1787
HALLAHAN, Eleanor b.1804
HALLAHAN, Elizabeth b.1872
HALLAHAN, Elizabeth b.1823
HALLAHAN, Isabella b.1854
HALLAHAN, James b.1833
HALLAHAN, James b.1845
HALLAHAN, James m.1854
HALLAHAN, Jane b.1832
HALLAHAN, Jessie b.1860
HALLAHAN, John b.1747
HALLAHAN, John b.1870
HALLAHAN, John b.1831
HALLAHAN, John b.1818
HALLAHAN, John b.1859
HALLAHAN, John Joseph b.1871
HALLAHAN, Joseph b.1856
HALLAHAN, Josiah Hobbs b.1872
HALLAHAN, Mary b.1838
HALLAHAN, Thomas b.1844
HALLAHAN, William b.1874
HALLAHAN, William b.1846
HALLAHAN, William b.1828


HALLEHAN, Sarah b.1870


HALLERAN, Ann b.1867
HALLERAN, Catherine d.1922
HALLERAN, Edward d.1922
HALLERAN, Esther Anne d.1922
HALLERAN, Fanny b.1895
HALLERAN, Francis b.1850
HALLERAN, James b.1824
HALLERAN, James b.1862
HALLERAN, James Anthony b.1890
HALLERAN, Jeremiah b.1891
HALLERAN, Mary d.1922
HALLERAN, Mary b.1893
HALLERAN, Matthew b.1897
HALLERAN, Maurice b.1865
HALLERAN, Terence d.1887


HALLERHAN, Elizabeth b.1864
HALLERHAN, Samuel b.1838


HALLETT, John b.1865


HALLEY, John Joseph b.1886
HALLEY, Patrick b.1860


HALLIGAN, Mary Ann b.1886
HALLIGAN, Nicholas b.1862


HALLIHAN, John c.1774
HALLIHAN, Katherine c.1775
HALLIHAN, Mary b.1734
HALLIHAN, Nell b.1754


HAMLIN, Charles b.1851
HAMLIN, John b.1803
HAMLIN, Martha Jane b.1831
HAMLIN, Samuel Hugh b.1829


HAMPTON, Patience b.1822
HAMPTON, William b.1820


HANAHEL, Honora b.1759


HANNAHAN, Margaret b.1843


HANNAN, John b.1814
HANNAN, Mary c.1840


HARMON, Mary B. b.1882


HARRINGTON, Daniel b.1810
HARRINGTON, Margaret c.1836


HARRIS, Frederick b.1847
HARRIS, Hannah Gill b.1816


HARVEY, Augustus William b.1849
HARVEY, Jesse b.1838
HARVEY, Raymond Leslie b.1884
HARVEY, Sarah b.1799
HARVEY, Theresa b.1831
HARVEY, Viola Gertrude b.1875


HARWARD, Sarah b.1813


HATCH, John c.1827
HATCH, Richard b.1796
HATCH, Thomas c.1822


HATCHER, Bertha Laura b.1918


HATFIELD, George b.1807


HAWKINS, Mary b.1803
HAWKINS, Sarah b.1844
HAWKINS, Thomas b.1753


HAYDEN, Mary b.1849


HAYES, Margaret b.1893
HAYES, Margaret b.1897


HAYSE, John b.1802


HEAD, Emily Ann b.1869


HEARN, b.1850
HEARN, Bridget b.1835
HEARN, Bridget b.1919
HEARN, Elizabeth b.1787
HEARN, Gerald b.1931
HEARN, Hannah b.1889
HEARN, Hannah b.1920
HEARN, James b.1794
HEARN, Johanna b.1857
HEARN, Margaret c.1831
HEARN, Mary b.1760
HEARN, Mary c.1826
HEARN, Mary Doris b.1917
HEARN, Mathew c.1828
HEARN, Michael b.1808
HEARN, Michael c.1825
HEARN, Michael b.1896
HEARN, Patrick c.1834
HEARN, Simon c.1830
HEARN, Susannah b.1852
HEARN, Theresa b.1933
HEARN, Timothy b.1801
HEARN, William b.1894

Heash or Heath

HEASH OR HEATH, Philip Capt. b.1827


HEATH, Mrs. Amelia Ann b.1813


HEFFERNAN, Isabella b.1867


HEFFORD, Sarah b.1852


HELLIER, Elizabeth b.1862


HELYER, Robert b.1852


HENNESSEY, Elizabeth or Eliza Jane b.1859
HENNESSEY, Jane b.1843
HENNESSEY, John b.1751
HENNESSEY, Lucinda b.1848
HENNESSEY, Mary c.1777


HERVY, Sarah b.1789


HEWARDINE, Arthur William b.1891
HEWARDINE, William Bond b.1866


HIARON, Elizabeth b.1762


HIBBS, Elizabeth b.1897
HIBBS, William Michael b.1871


HICKEY, Charlotte b.1885
HICKEY, John b.1882
HICKEY, Richard b.1856
HICKEY, William b.1887


HICKS, Elizabeth b.1850
HICKS, Jane b.1845
HICKS, Jane b.1828
HICKS, John b.1858
HICKS, Joseph b.1837
HICKS, Sabra or Sabbia Jane b.1863
HICKS, Sarah b.1840


HIGDEN, Catherine b.1770


HIGDON, Thomas b.1849


HIGGINS, George b.1855
HIGGINS, Ida b.1907
HIGGINS, Jacob b.1841
HIGGINS, Jane b.1827
HIGGINS, John b.1772
HIGGINS, Jonathan b.1841
HIGGINS, Jonathan c.1862
HIGGINS, Louisa b.1822
HIGGINS, Mrs. Thomas b.1876
HIGGINS, Sarah b.1876
HIGGINS, Teresa b.1879
HIGGINS, Thomas b.1846
HIGGINS, Thomas b.1831
HIGGINS, Thomas b.1871


HILL, Israel b.1839
HILL, John b.1815


HILLYARD, George b.1896
HILLYARD, George Frederick b.1861


HILLYARDS, Thomas b.1856


HILYARD, Jane b.1858


HIPPERN, Eliza b.1880


HISCOCK, Elizabeth b.1821
HISCOCK, Janet b.1890
HISCOCK, John b.1827
HISCOCK, Mary Lou b.1857
HISCOCK, Philip b.1772
HISCOCK, Solomon b.1824
HISCOCK, Sophia b.1811
HISCOCK, William b.1789
HISCOCK, William b.1856

Hitchcock or Hiscock



HITCHCOCK, Mary Anne b.1838


HOBBS, Amy b.1874
HOBBS, Arthur b.1855
HOBBS, Douglas b.1874
HOBBS, Edward b.1882
HOBBS, Eliza b.1875
HOBBS, Elizabeth b.1881
HOBBS, Elizabeth Jane b.1877
HOBBS, Emiline b.1884
HOBBS, Francis b.1882
HOBBS, George b.1874
HOBBS, George Chant b.1888
HOBBS, James b.1848
HOBBS, John b.1796
HOBBS, Joseph b.1887
HOBBS, Joseph b.1870
HOBBS, Kenneth Josiah b.1877
HOBBS, Madora b.1889
HOBBS, Mary Ann b.1889
HOBBS, Mary Ellen b.1874
HOBBS, Maud b.1884
HOBBS, Rachel b.1872
HOBBS, Robert b.1872
HOBBS, Samson b.1883
HOBBS, Samuel b.1827
HOBBS, Samuel b.1845
HOBBS, Sophia b.1883
HOBBS, Susan b.1823
HOBBS, Susanna b.1870
HOBBS, Thomas b.1862
HOBBS, Thomas b.1882
HOBBS, Thomas b.1873
HOBBS, Thomas b.1846
HOBBS, Uriah Steed b.1884
HOBBS, William b.1862
HOBBS, William b.1847
HOBBS, William b.1818
HOBBS, William James b.1888
HOBBS, William Robert b.1877


HODDER, Mahalah b.1870


HOFTLE, Henry b.1793


HOGAN, Joseph c.1808
HOGAN, Mary b.1889
HOGAN, Mary Teresa b.1885
HOGAN, Mathew b.1796
HOGAN, Mathew c.1822
HOGAN, Patrick b.1859
HOGAN, Thomas b.1782


HOGARTH, Mary b.1822
HOGARTH, William b.1817


HOLAHAN, Rebecca b.1865


HOLLAHAN, Margaret b.1823
HOLLAHAN, Maurice b.1735


HOLLETT, Elizabeth b.1863
HOLLETT, Nathanael b.1850


HOLLIHAN, John b.1854
HOLLIHAN, Thomas b.1828


HOLLOHAN, Ann Shiffington b.1841
HOLLOHAN, Isabelle b.1861
HOLLOHAN, John b.1870
HOLLOHAN, John b.1844


HOLLOWAY, Sarah b.1820


HOMER, Eli b.1865


HON, Elizabeth b.1758

Horwood or Harwood


Hoscock or Hiscock

HOSCOCK OR HISCOCK, Edward Collier b.1840


HOSKINS, Robert b.1862


HOULAHAN, Honora b.1804


HOULIHAN, Amelia b.1841
HOULIHAN, Samuel b.1833

Howell or Hornell



HOWELL, Alice Maude b.1860
HOWELL, Lavinia b.1864
HOWELL, Maria b.1847
HOWELL, Martha b.1809
HOWELL, Mary b.1841
HOWELL, Melvina b.1838
HOWELL, Pamilia b.1850
HOWELL, Tobias b.1858


HOYLES, Elizabeth b.1855
HOYLES, John b.1848


HUDSON, Dorcas b.1850
HUDSON, Elizabeth b.1811
HUDSON, Hugh b.1815
HUDSON, John b.1858
HUDSON, Mary b.1822
HUDSON, Peter b.1836
HUDSON, Peter b.1810
HUDSON, Phebe Jane b.1869


HULL, William b.1789


HUMPHRIES, Mary b.1869


HUNT, Isabella b.1839
HUNT, James b.1839
HUNT, John b.1823
HUNT, Josephine b.1877
HUNT, Lawrence c.1828
HUNT, Mary Ann b.1849
HUNT, Mrs. John b.1828
HUNT, Patrick b.1797
HUNT, Robert b.1817
HUNT, Samuel b.1853


HURLEY, Hannah b.1809


HUSSEY, Charlotte b.1828
HUSSEY, Dorothy b.1757
HUSSEY, Grace E. b.1831
HUSSEY, John b.1853
HUSSEY, Mary Ann b.1858
HUSSEY, Nathan b.1848
HUSSEY, Nathan b.1884
HUSSEY, William b.1850


HUTCHENS, Henry b.1818
HUTCHENS, John b.1790
HUTCHENS, Rubin Efford b.1816

Hutchings or Ellis

HUTCHINGS OR ELLIS, Elizabeth c.1766


HUTCHINGS, Aaron b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Absalom b.1866
HUTCHINGS, Albert b.1871
HUTCHINGS, Alexander Brown b.1886
HUTCHINGS, Alice b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Alice Jane b.1868
HUTCHINGS, Ambrose b.1870
HUTCHINGS, Ambrose b.1863
HUTCHINGS, Ambrose b.1853
HUTCHINGS, Ananias b.1889
HUTCHINGS, Ann c.1777
HUTCHINGS, Ann b.1820
HUTCHINGS, Ann Germoud b.1850
HUTCHINGS, Anne Catharine Serle b.1847
HUTCHINGS, Anne Catherine b.1840
HUTCHINGS, Anne Williams b.1795
HUTCHINGS, Annie Isabel b.1889
HUTCHINGS, Annie Laird b.1877
HUTCHINGS, Arch b.1890
HUTCHINGS, Archibald b.1835
HUTCHINGS, Archibald b.1860
HUTCHINGS, Archibald b.1821
HUTCHINGS, Augustus b.1882
HUTCHINGS, Beatrice Isabella b.1890
HUTCHINGS, Beatrice Shannon b.1881
HUTCHINGS, Ben Joseph b.1849
HUTCHINGS, Benjamin c.1835
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1868
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1862
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1858
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1850
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1857
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1855
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1841
HUTCHINGS, Caroline b.1828
HUTCHINGS, Charles b.1824
HUTCHINGS, Charles b.1866
HUTCHINGS, Charlotte b.1870
HUTCHINGS, Cicely b.1870
HUTCHINGS, Clara Mary b.1841
HUTCHINGS, Clara Sidney Tessier b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Clayton Wilfred b.1932
HUTCHINGS, Clement b.1847
HUTCHINGS, Clement b.1813
HUTCHINGS, Cyril b.1887
HUTCHINGS, Diana b.1862
HUTCHINGS, Diana b.1842
HUTCHINGS, Ebenezer b.1869
HUTCHINGS, Ebenezer b.1865
HUTCHINGS, Eli b.1846
HUTCHINGS, Eli Barrett c.1874
HUTCHINGS, Eliza b.1822
HUTCHINGS, Eliza b.1858
HUTCHINGS, Eliza Coke c.1791
HUTCHINGS, Eliza Jane b.1859
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1885
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1738
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1855
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1867
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1859
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1846
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1863
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1874
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1857
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1793
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1859
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1831
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1846
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth b.1834
HUTCHINGS, Elizabeth D. b.1838
HUTCHINGS, Emily b.1852
HUTCHINGS, Emily Anne b.1873
HUTCHINGS, Emily Jane b.1861
HUTCHINGS, Emma b.1868
HUTCHINGS, Ernest Monroe b.1876
HUTCHINGS, Esau b.1872
HUTCHINGS, Eugene Harvey b.1860
HUTCHINGS, Fanny Mary b.1862
HUTCHINGS, George b.1868
HUTCHINGS, George b.1735
HUTCHINGS, George b.1736
HUTCHINGS, George b.1761
HUTCHINGS, George b.1875
HUTCHINGS, George b.1871
HUTCHINGS, George b.1833
HUTCHINGS, George b.1864
HUTCHINGS, George b.1829
HUTCHINGS, George b.1855
HUTCHINGS, George b.1801
HUTCHINGS, George b.1828
HUTCHINGS, George Adolphus b.1843
HUTCHINGS, George Bentham c.1790
HUTCHINGS, George Henry b.1867
HUTCHINGS, George J. b.1878
HUTCHINGS, George Perrett or Perrelt b.1852
HUTCHINGS, Georgie Sybella Carter b.1879
HUTCHINGS, Gertrude Louise b.1891
HUTCHINGS, Grace c.1755
HUTCHINGS, Grace b.1789
HUTCHINGS, Guy Barrington b.1883
HUTCHINGS, Hannah c.1780
HUTCHINGS, Hannah McKillop b.1807
HUTCHINGS, Harold Varlo b.1885
HUTCHINGS, Henry b.1851
HUTCHINGS, Henry b.1866
HUTCHINGS, Henry b.1852
HUTCHINGS, Henry b.1821
HUTCHINGS, Henry b.1841
HUTCHINGS, Henry Charles c.1833
HUTCHINGS, Henry Furzman b.1860
HUTCHINGS, Henry Furzman b.1857
HUTCHINGS, Henry William b.1855
HUTCHINGS, Isaac b.1861
HUTCHINGS, Isabel Edith Bridge b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Isabel Louisa b.1842
HUTCHINGS, Isabella b.1841
HUTCHINGS, James b.1864
HUTCHINGS, James b.1858
HUTCHINGS, James b.1859
HUTCHINGS, James b.1821
HUTCHINGS, James b.1857
HUTCHINGS, James b.1821
HUTCHINGS, James b.1870
HUTCHINGS, James b.1751
HUTCHINGS, James b.1849
HUTCHINGS, James b.1846
HUTCHINGS, James b.1834
HUTCHINGS, James b.1857
HUTCHINGS, James b.1857
HUTCHINGS, James b.1855
HUTCHINGS, James b.1823
HUTCHINGS, James b.1847
HUTCHINGS, James b.1829
HUTCHINGS, James b.1784
HUTCHINGS, James b.1753
HUTCHINGS, James b.1809
HUTCHINGS, James c.1782
HUTCHINGS, James b.1753
HUTCHINGS, James b.1848
HUTCHINGS, James b.1853
HUTCHINGS, James Albert b.1849
HUTCHINGS, James Soper b.1845
HUTCHINGS, Jane b.1765
HUTCHINGS, Jane b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Jane Stiles b.1793
HUTCHINGS, Jemima b.1869
HUTCHINGS, Jennie b.1885
HUTCHINGS, Jesse b.1870
HUTCHINGS, John b.1851
HUTCHINGS, John b.1866
HUTCHINGS, John b.1852
HUTCHINGS, John b.1851
HUTCHINGS, John b.1863
HUTCHINGS, John c.1803
HUTCHINGS, John b.1847
HUTCHINGS, John b.1819
HUTCHINGS, John b.1834
HUTCHINGS, John b.1842
HUTCHINGS, John b.1872
HUTCHINGS, John b.1838
HUTCHINGS, John b.1866
HUTCHINGS, John b.1862
HUTCHINGS, John b.1862
HUTCHINGS, John b.1828
HUTCHINGS, John b.1851
HUTCHINGS, John b.1853
HUTCHINGS, John b.1815
HUTCHINGS, John b.1805
HUTCHINGS, John b.1810
HUTCHINGS, John b.1803
HUTCHINGS, John b.1804
HUTCHINGS, John b.1768
HUTCHINGS, John c.1779
HUTCHINGS, John David b.1838
HUTCHINGS, John William b.1882
HUTCHINGS, John William b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Jonathan b.1863
HUTCHINGS, Jonathan b.1872
HUTCHINGS, Jonathan b.1841
HUTCHINGS, Jonathan b.1867
HUTCHINGS, Jonathan b.1824
HUTCHINGS, Jonathan b.1807
HUTCHINGS, Jonathan b.1806
HUTCHINGS, Joseph b.1866
HUTCHINGS, Joseph b.1836
HUTCHINGS, Joshua b.1847
HUTCHINGS, Josiah b.1912
HUTCHINGS, Josiah b.1853
HUTCHINGS, Josiah b.1853
HUTCHINGS, Julia b.1848
HUTCHINGS, Julia b.1864
HUTCHINGS, Julie Margaret Tessier b.1849
HUTCHINGS, Kate Amelia b.1861
HUTCHINGS, Lavinia b.1871
HUTCHINGS, Lavinia b.1850
HUTCHINGS, Leah b.1835
HUTCHINGS, Leah b.1862
HUTCHINGS, Leah b.1869
HUTCHINGS, Leander b.1889
HUTCHINGS, Leonard b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Levi b.1856
HUTCHINGS, Levi b.1836
HUTCHINGS, Louisa b.1815
HUTCHINGS, Louisa b.1814
HUTCHINGS, Louisa b.1841
HUTCHINGS, Louisa b.1809
HUTCHINGS, Margaret b.1864
HUTCHINGS, Mark b.1854
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1767
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1885
HUTCHINGS, Mary c.1800
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1847
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1842
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1867
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1859
HUTCHINGS, Mary c.1866
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1857
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1784
HUTCHINGS, Mary b.1845
HUTCHINGS, Mary Adams c.1770
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann b.1863
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann b.1857
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann b.1874
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann b.1857
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann b.1865
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann b.1848
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann b.1832
HUTCHINGS, Mary Ann H. b.1832
HUTCHINGS, Mary Anne b.1860
HUTCHINGS, Mary Anne b.1858
HUTCHINGS, Mary Elizabeth b.1852
HUTCHINGS, Mary Elizabeth b.1846
HUTCHINGS, Mary Jane b.1873
HUTCHINGS, Mary Jane b.1854
HUTCHINGS, Mary Searle b.1849
HUTCHINGS, Maryann b.1833
HUTCHINGS, Melina b.1875
HUTCHINGS, Monier William b.1804
HUTCHINGS, Monier Williams c.1845
HUTCHINGS, Moses b.1777
HUTCHINGS, Moses b.1844
HUTCHINGS, Mrs. Providence b.1858
HUTCHINGS, Naomi b.1872
HUTCHINGS, Naomi b.1873
HUTCHINGS, Nathaniel b.1854
HUTCHINGS, Patience b.1873
HUTCHINGS, Providence b.1859
HUTCHINGS, Providence b.1848
HUTCHINGS, Providence b.1841
HUTCHINGS, Providence b.1844
HUTCHINGS, Prudence b.1863
HUTCHINGS, Prudence b.1854
HUTCHINGS, Rachel b.1851
HUTCHINGS, Randi b.1836
HUTCHINGS, Rebecca b.1865
HUTCHINGS, Richard b.1884
HUTCHINGS, Richard b.1870
HUTCHINGS, Richard b.1860
HUTCHINGS, Robert b.1862
HUTCHINGS, Robert c.1775
HUTCHINGS, Robert b.1729
HUTCHINGS, Robert b.1866
HUTCHINGS, Robert Arthur b.1866
HUTCHINGS, Rosanna b.1869
HUTCHINGS, Samuel b.1794
HUTCHINGS, Samuel b.1809
HUTCHINGS, Samuel b.1873
HUTCHINGS, Samuel c.1829
HUTCHINGS, Samuel c.1850
HUTCHINGS, Samuel b.1805
HUTCHINGS, Samuel b.1789
HUTCHINGS, Samuel William b.1844
HUTCHINGS, Samuel Wills b.1804
HUTCHINGS, Sarah b.1848
HUTCHINGS, Sarah b.1836
HUTCHINGS, Sarah b.1876
HUTCHINGS, Sarah b.1845
HUTCHINGS, Sarah b.1836
HUTCHINGS, Sarah Jane b.1873
HUTCHINGS, Sarah Jane b.1863
HUTCHINGS, Sarah Jane b.1850
HUTCHINGS, Sarah Jane b.1853
HUTCHINGS, Selina b.1848
HUTCHINGS, Simeon b.1867
HUTCHINGS, Solomon c.1866
HUTCHINGS, Solomon b.1835
HUTCHINGS, Solomon b.1872
HUTCHINGS, Solomon b.1851
HUTCHINGS, Solomon b.1818
HUTCHINGS, Solomon b.1851
HUTCHINGS, Stephen b.1845
HUTCHINGS, Stephen b.1847
HUTCHINGS, Stephen b.1815
HUTCHINGS, Susanna b.1856
HUTCHINGS, Theresa b.1852
HUTCHINGS, Thomas b.1741
HUTCHINGS, Thomas c.1782
HUTCHINGS, Thomas b.1741
HUTCHINGS, Thomas b.1796
HUTCHINGS, William c.1764
HUTCHINGS, William b.1809
HUTCHINGS, William b.1844
HUTCHINGS, William b.1853
HUTCHINGS, William b.1872
HUTCHINGS, William b.1848
HUTCHINGS, William b.1844
HUTCHINGS, William b.1871
HUTCHINGS, William b.1869
HUTCHINGS, William b.1836
HUTCHINGS, William b.1839
HUTCHINGS, William b.1871
HUTCHINGS, William c.1861
HUTCHINGS, William b.1866
HUTCHINGS, William c.1859
HUTCHINGS, William b.1860
HUTCHINGS, William b.1852
HUTCHINGS, William c.1856
HUTCHINGS, William b.1833
HUTCHINGS, William b.1816
HUTCHINGS, William b.1812
HUTCHINGS, William b.1824
HUTCHINGS, William b.1814
HUTCHINGS, William G. b.1865
HUTCHINGS, William Henry b.1850
HUTCHINGS, William Jago b.1885
HUTCHINGS, William Jago b.1854
HUTCHINGS, William John c.1890
HUTCHINGS, William Josiah b.1822


HUTCHINSON, Mary b.1756
HUTCHINSON, Mary b.1749


HUXTER, William b.1801


IAGO, Mary Ann Sawyer b.1819


JACKSON, Mary Ann b.1858
JACKSON, Thomas b.1836


JACOBS, Sarah b.1822

James or Janes

JAMES OR JANES, Bertram b.1864
JAMES OR JANES, David b.1817

James or Jeans

JAMES OR JEANS, Jane b.1813


JAMES, Caroline b.1880
JAMES, Catherine c.1833
JAMES, Daniel b.1847
JAMES, David c.1886
JAMES, Elizabeth b.1818
JAMES, Harriet Hapgood b.1845
JAMES, Isaac b.1792
JAMES, Isaac b.1897
JAMES, James b.1783
JAMES, John b.1807
JAMES, John William b.1858
JAMES, John William b.1879
JAMES, Lemuel Thomas b.1884
JAMES, Martha b.1890
JAMES, Mary c.1833
JAMES, Mary b.1809
JAMES, Mary Ann b.1873
JAMES, Mr. b.1875
JAMES, Samuel b.1850
JAMES, Susanna b.1868
JAMES, William b.1807
JAMES, William Ballard b.1846

Janes or Jeanes

JANES OR JEANES, James b.1864
JANES OR JEANES, James b.1880

Janes or Jeans or Jones


Janes or Jeans

JANES OR JEANS, Stephen b.1837
JANES OR JEANS, William b.1862

Janes or Jones

JANES OR JONES, Catherine b.1801
JANES OR JONES, Fannie or Frances b.1799
JANES OR JONES, Francis b.1756
JANES OR JONES, George c.1797
JANES OR JONES, George b.1777
JANES OR JONES, James b.1789
JANES OR JONES, Mrs. Rebecca b.1782
JANES OR JONES, William b.1844


JANES, Absolom b.1825
JANES, Albert Henry Horwood b.1887
JANES, Albert John Thomas b.1877
JANES, Alexander b.1868
JANES, Alexander b.1885
JANES, Alexander c.1837
JANES, Alexander b.1867
JANES, Alfred b.1857
JANES, Alfred b.1815
JANES, Alfred b.1819
JANES, Alfred b.1846
JANES, Alfred George Gregory b.1885
JANES, Alfreda b.1871
JANES, Alice b.1885
JANES, Alice b.1883
JANES, Ambrose b.1864
JANES, Ambrose b.1889
JANES, Ambrose b.1888
JANES, Ambrose b.1847
JANES, Ambrose b.1844
JANES, Ambrose b.1860
JANES, Ameila b.1845
JANES, Amelia b.1869
JANES, Ann b.1841
JANES, Ann b.1842
JANES, Ann b.1856
JANES, Ann b.1822
JANES, Ann b.1815
JANES, Ann b.1840
JANES, Ann b.1829
JANES, Ann c.1818
JANES, Ann Marie b.1890
JANES, Annie b.1884
JANES, Annie Pike b.1918
JANES, Archibald b.1885
JANES, Archibald b.1859
JANES, Archibald b.1852
JANES, Arthur b.1874
JANES, Arthur b.1832
JANES, Aubrey John Spencer b.1846
JANES, Barney or Bazney b.1814
JANES, Beatrice b.1884
JANES, Bernard b.1847
JANES, Bertha b.1875
JANES, Bertha b.1897
JANES, Caleb b.1858
JANES, Caroline b.1826
JANES, Catharina c.1825
JANES, Catharine b.1869
JANES, Catherine b.1820
JANES, Catherine c.1827
JANES, Catherine c.1782
JANES, Catherine Belle b.1883
JANES, Cecelia Isabelle b.1886
JANES, Cecilia b.1885
JANES, Cecily b.1867
JANES, Cecily b.1852
JANES, Celia b.1869
JANES, Celia b.1830
JANES, Charity b.1824
JANES, Charles b.1847
JANES, Charles b.1829
JANES, Charles b.1807
JANES, Charles b.1853
JANES, Charles b.1866
JANES, Charles b.1833
JANES, Charlotte b.1831
JANES, Christiana b.1825
JANES, Cicily Pike b.1890
JANES, Clara Louisa c.1879
JANES, Clement b.1891
JANES, Clement b.1848
JANES, Clementina b.1837
JANES, Cyril Edward b.1887
JANES, Daniel b.1834
JANES, Daniel b.1843
JANES, Daniel b.1828
JANES, Daniel b.1762
JANES, Daniel b.1839
JANES, David Samuel b.1875
JANES, Delilah b.1835
JANES, Dianna b.1831
JANES, Dianna b.1822
JANES, Dinah b.1813
JANES, Dinah b.1815
JANES, Eben B. b.1864
JANES, Ebenezer Barnes b.1839
JANES, Edgar c.1836
JANES, Edward b.1849
JANES, Edward b.1793
JANES, Edward b.1803
JANES, Edward b.1791
JANES, Edward Charles b.1886
JANES, Edward F. b.1862
JANES, Edward S. b.1887
JANES, Eleanor b.1822
JANES, Eleazar b.1866
JANES, Eleiza b.1867
JANES, Eli b.1850
JANES, Eli b.1865
JANES, Eli b.1880
JANES, Elias b.1849
JANES, Eliel b.1889
JANES, Elijah b.1837
JANES, Eliza b.1845
JANES, Elizabeth c.1833
JANES, Elizabeth b.1862
JANES, Elizabeth b.1842
JANES, Elizabeth b.1860
JANES, Elizabeth b.1833
JANES, Elizabeth b.1816
JANES, Elizabeth b.1840
JANES, Elizabeth b.1843
JANES, Elizabeth b.1824
JANES, Elizabeth b.1846
JANES, Elizabeth b.1886
JANES, Elizabeth b.1853
JANES, Elizabeth c.1788
JANES, Elizabeth Ann b.1884
JANES, Elizabeth Ann b.1861
JANES, Elizabeth Ann b.1830
JANES, Elizabeth Ann b.1833
JANES, Elizabeth Ellen b.1865
JANES, Elizabeth Jane c.1825
JANES, Ellen c.1817
JANES, Ellen c.1834
JANES, Ellen c.1834
JANES, Emily b.1860
JANES, Ena Mae b.1910
JANES, Eugene b.1876
JANES, Eve b.1813
JANES, Fanny b.1860
JANES, Fanny b.1857
JANES, Fanny b.1850
JANES, Felix b.1841
JANES, Flora b.1803
JANES, Frances b.1881
JANES, Frances E. b.1876
JANES, Frank b.1922
JANES, Frederick b.1842
JANES, Frederick b.1860
JANES, Frederick b.1838
JANES, George b.1884
JANES, George b.1828
JANES, George b.1831
JANES, George b.1824
JANES, George b.1858
JANES, George b.1881
JANES, George b.1868
JANES, George b.1827
JANES, George b.1854
JANES, George b.1803
JANES, George b.1803
JANES, George b.1834
JANES, George b.1860
JANES, George b.1796
JANES, George b.1835
JANES, George b.1857
JANES, George Apsey b.1852
JANES, George Pike b.1876
JANES, George Pittman b.1868
JANES, George Thomas b.1815
JANES, Gordon Anderson b.1936
JANES, Hannah b.1857
JANES, Harriet Hapgood b.1843
JANES, Helen Isabel b.1882
JANES, Helena Sophia b.1870
JANES, Henrietta b.1867
JANES, Henry b.1881
JANES, Henry b.1866
JANES, Henry b.1826
JANES, Henry b.1826
JANES, Henry b.1801
JANES, Henry b.1846
JANES, Henry b.1814
JANES, Henry b.1843
JANES, Henry c.1818
JANES, Henry b.1817
JANES, Henry b.1862
JANES, Henry George b.1863
JANES, Henry J. b.1888
JANES, Henry Norris b.1880
JANES, Henry Pike b.1888
JANES, Henry Thomas c.1845
JANES, Henry Thomas b.1867
JANES, Herbert b.1889
JANES, Hezekiah b.1857
JANES, Hubert b.1868
JANES, Ida b.1883
JANES, Isabella c.1830
JANES, Isabella b.1836
JANES, Isabella b.1834
JANES, Isabella b.1847
JANES, James b.1841
JANES, James b.1853
JANES, James b.1799
JANES, James c.1785
JANES, James b.1861
JANES, James c.1823
JANES, James b.1808
JANES, James b.1778
JANES, James John b.1863
JANES, Jane b.1836
JANES, Jane b.1851
JANES, Jane c.1840
JANES, Jane b.1813
JANES, Jane c.1788
JANES, Jane b.1838
JANES, Janet b.1889
JANES, Jasper b.1827
JANES, Jemima b.1849
JANES, Jesse b.1831
JANES, Jessie Blanche b.1880
JANES, Jessie E. b.1862
JANES, Joanna b.1819
JANES, Johanna c.1837
JANES, Johanna b.1840
JANES, Johanna b.1820
JANES, John b.1773
JANES, John b.1888
JANES, John b.1864
JANES, John b.1850
JANES, John b.1865
JANES, John b.1886
JANES, John b.1845
JANES, John b.1833
JANES, John b.1848
JANES, John b.1873
JANES, John b.1831
JANES, John b.1863
JANES, John b.1858
JANES, John b.1848
JANES, John b.1839
JANES, John b.1812
JANES, John c.1836
JANES, John b.1795
JANES, John b.1827
JANES, John b.1870
JANES, John b.1819
JANES, John c.1797
JANES, John b.1800
JANES, John c.1831
JANES, John b.1797
JANES, John b.1813
JANES, John c.1791
JANES, John b.1768
JANES, John Charles b.1870
JANES, John Charles b.1886
JANES, John Edward c.1881
JANES, John Head c.1817
JANES, John Henry Butt b.1890
JANES, John Hudson b.1879
JANES, John James b.1864
JANES, John James c.1833
JANES, John Pettel or Peddle b.1848
JANES, John Thomas b.1831
JANES, John Thomas b.1878
JANES, John Thomas Butt b.1877
JANES, John W. b.1836
JANES, John William b.1857
JANES, Jonathan b.1834
JANES, Jonathan b.1822
JANES, Jonathan LeGrew c.1821
JANES, Joseph b.1858
JANES, Joseph b.1790
JANES, Joseph c.1784
JANES, Joseph c.1783
JANES, Joseph Crummey b.1855
JANES, Josiah b.1858
JANES, Josiah b.1838
JANES, Josiah b.1843
JANES, Josiah b.1878
JANES, Josiah b.1847
JANES, Josiah b.1850
JANES, Josiah Moores b.1854
JANES, Julia b.1857
JANES, Julia Anne b.1883
JANES, Kezia c.1833
JANES, Lauren Jane b.1879
JANES, Leah b.1865
JANES, Leah b.1822
JANES, Lenora c.1871
JANES, Lettice b.1773
JANES, Lilian b.1886
JANES, Louisa b.1843
JANES, Louisa b.1877
JANES, Louisa b.1888
JANES, Louisa b.1833
JANES, Louisa b.1842
JANES, Lucy Ann b.1861
JANES, Lucy Mary b.1886
JANES, Mahalah b.1827
JANES, Margaret b.1868
JANES, Margaret b.1826
JANES, Margaret b.1856
JANES, Margaret b.1853
JANES, Margaret Ellen b.1890
JANES, Margaret Jane b.1888
JANES, Maria b.1887
JANES, Maria b.1857
JANES, Maria b.1876
JANES, Maria c.1829
JANES, Maria b.1832
JANES, Maria b.1806
JANES, Maria b.1807
JANES, Maria Peel b.1843
JANES, Mark b.1843
JANES, Martha c.1829
JANES, Martha Ann b.1860
JANES, Martin b.1834
JANES, Mary b.1888
JANES, Mary b.1863
JANES, Mary b.1837
JANES, Mary b.1860
JANES, Mary c.1837
JANES, Mary b.1822
JANES, Mary b.1796
JANES, Mary b.1824
JANES, Mary b.1811
JANES, Mary b.1869
JANES, Mary b.1811
JANES, Mary Ann b.1858
JANES, Mary Ann b.1880
JANES, Mary Ann b.1871
JANES, Mary Ann b.1861
JANES, Mary Ann c.1829
JANES, Mary Anne b.1882
JANES, Mary Anne b.1829
JANES, Mary Anne c.1840
JANES, Mary Anne b.1828
JANES, Mary Anne b.1870
JANES, Mary Elizabeth b.1871
JANES, Mary Isabella b.1883
JANES, Mary Jane b.1885
JANES, Mary Jane b.1853
JANES, Mary Maria b.1888
JANES, Mary Morris c.1835
JANES, Mathew b.1829
JANES, Minnie b.1890
JANES, Miriam b.1885
JANES, Moses b.1875
JANES, Moses b.1889
JANES, Moses b.1838
JANES, Moses b.1878
JANES, Moses b.1874
JANES, Moses c.1836
JANES, Moses b.1833
JANES, Mrs. Lettice or Letitia b.1778
JANES, Nathaniel b.1858
JANES, Nicholas b.1793
JANES, Patience b.1831
JANES, Patience b.1757
JANES, Patience b.1857
JANES, Peter c.1828
JANES, Peter b.1868
JANES, Philip b.1888
JANES, Philip b.1857
JANES, Philip b.1796
JANES, Priscilla c.1817
JANES, Providence b.1893
JANES, Prudence b.1852
JANES, Rebecca Susanna b.1842
JANES, Reuben b.1852
JANES, Richard b.1831
JANES, Robert b.1880
JANES, Robert b.1856
JANES, Robert b.1840
JANES, Robert b.1841
JANES, Robert b.1845
JANES, Robert c.1828
JANES, Robert Addy b.1844
JANES, Robert Chender b.1897
JANES, Robert Uriah b.1884
JANES, Rosana b.1848
JANES, Rosanna b.1846
JANES, Rosanna b.1850
JANES, Rosina b.1822
JANES, Sabina b.1826
JANES, Sabina Hurdle b.1824
JANES, Samuel b.1831
JANES, Samuel b.1817
JANES, Samuel James Morris b.1872
JANES, Sarah b.1854
JANES, Sarah b.1876
JANES, Sarah b.1873
JANES, Sarah b.1822
JANES, Sarah b.1815
JANES, Sarah c.1825
JANES, Sarah c.1820
JANES, Sarah b.1853
JANES, Sarah b.1816
JANES, Sarah c.1812
JANES, Sarah b.1792
JANES, Sarah b.1816
JANES, Sarah b.1807
JANES, Sarah b.1799
JANES, Sarah b.1799
JANES, Sarah Ann b.1849
JANES, Sarah Elizabeth b.1875
JANES, Sarah Elizabeth b.1866
JANES, Sarah Grace b.1884
JANES, Sarah Jane b.1841
JANES, Sarah Jane b.1839
JANES, Sarah Tapp c.1824
JANES, Selina b.1884
JANES, Silas b.1853
JANES, Sophia b.1890
JANES, Stephen b.1854
JANES, Stephen b.1835
JANES, Stephen b.1805
JANES, Stephen b.1854
JANES, Stephen James c.1866
JANES, Susan Jane b.1866
JANES, Susanna b.1890
JANES, Susanna b.1858
JANES, Susanna b.1864
JANES, Susanna b.1862
JANES, Susanna Pike b.1885
JANES, Susannah b.1854
JANES, Susannah b.1856
JANES, Susannah b.1803
JANES, Susannah b.1882
JANES, Theresa M. b.1930
JANES, Thomas b.1822
JANES, Thomas b.1805
JANES, Thomas b.1862
JANES, Thomas b.1776
JANES, Thomas b.1810
JANES, Thomas b.1822
JANES, Thomas b.1820
JANES, Thomas c.1836
JANES, Thomas b.1825
JANES, Thomas b.1798
JANES, Thomas b.1862
JANES, Thomas b.1810
JANES, Thomas c.1774
JANES, Thomas b.1816
JANES, Thomas b.1759
JANES, Thomas William c.1883
JANES, Uriah b.1861
JANES, Victoria b.1872
JANES, Virtue b.1830
JANES, William c.1798
JANES, William b.1891
JANES, William b.1856
JANES, William b.1857
JANES, William b.1891
JANES, William b.1818
JANES, William b.1819
JANES, William b.1823
JANES, William b.1849
JANES, William b.1844
JANES, William b.1857
JANES, William b.1805
JANES, William b.1823
JANES, William b.1815
JANES, William b.1843
JANES, William b.1816
JANES, William b.1800
JANES, William b.1814
JANES, William c.1800
JANES, William b.1827
JANES, William b.1748
JANES, William b.1744
JANES, William c.1770
JANES, William b.1803
JANES, William b.1860
JANES, William b.1886
JANES, William d.1914
JANES, William b.1844
JANES, William b.1896
JANES, William Armstrong b.1843
JANES, William Cyril b.1919
JANES, William Ellis b.1867
JANES, William Ellis c.1820
JANES, William George b.1885
JANES, William Henry b.1859
JANES, William Henry b.1844
JANES, William Henry b.1890
JANES, William J. b.1865
JANES, William J. b.1870
JANES, William James b.1839
JANES, William James b.1887
JANES, William James b.1875
JANES, William T. b.1874
JANES, William Thomas b.1870
JANES, William Thomas b.1870
JANES, Willis b.1857
JANES, Willis b.1852
JANES, Willis b.1864
JANES, Willis b.1862


JARVIS, b.1890


JAYNES, Arthur Hayward b.1863
JAYNES, Catharine b.1836
JAYNES, Charles b.1840
JAYNES, Francis b.1883
JAYNES, John b.1860
JAYNES, Martha Elizabeth Pike b.1861
JAYNES, Mary Ann b.1860
JAYNES, Sarah b.1833
JAYNES, Sarah b.1855
JAYNES, Sarah Ann b.1885
JAYNES, William b.1835


JEANES, John c.1781
JEANES, John c.1778
JEANES, John Robert b.1816
JEANES, Stephen c.1781
JEANES, Stephen c.1781
JEANES, Stephen James b.1862
JEANES, William b.1757

Jeans or Janes

JEANS OR JANES, Stephen b.1803


JEANS, Anna Maud b.1888
JEANS, Annie Isabel b.1879
JEANS, Aubrey b.1832
JEANS, Bertha Ethel b.1890
JEANS, Bertram Harold c.1877
JEANS, Caroline Christiana c.1876
JEANS, Caroline Georgiana c.1871
JEANS, Caroline Maud b.1877
JEANS, Charles b.1810
JEANS, Charlotte b.1834
JEANS, Christopher b.1884
JEANS, Daniel b.1784
JEANS, Daniel b.1828
JEANS, Daniel b.1802
JEANS, Delila b.1839
JEANS, Dusabella b.1744
JEANS, Edmund William c.1874
JEANS, Eli b.1852
JEANS, Elizabeth b.1856
JEANS, Elizabeth c.1865
JEANS, Elizabeth b.1739
JEANS, Elizabeth Alice c.1878
JEANS, Elizabeth Brown b.1881
JEANS, Ellen b.1843
JEANS, Florence Jane b.1863
JEANS, Florence Jane c.1862
JEANS, George b.1858
JEANS, George Albert b.1887
JEANS, Georgina Rachel b.1873
JEANS, Harold John c.1879
JEANS, Herbert Edward c.1867
JEANS, Isaac b.1803
JEANS, Jane b.1829
JEANS, Janie Gertrude b.1888
JEANS, Jessie Isabel b.1874
JEANS, John b.1858
JEANS, John b.1835
JEANS, John b.1830
JEANS, John c.1834
JEANS, John Allan b.1884
JEANS, John William b.1859
JEANS, Joseph Augustus c.1869
JEANS, Joseph Henry b.1858
JEANS, Lilabel b.1884
JEANS, Lizzie Isabel b.1881
JEANS, Malcolm b.1880
JEANS, Margreat c.1777
JEANS, Maria b.1836
JEANS, Mary b.1745
JEANS, Mary Ann b.1859
JEANS, Mary Ann b.1830
JEANS, Mary Bell c.1877
JEANS, Mary Elizabeth b.1856
JEANS, Mary Fanny b.1877
JEANS, Mrs. Sarah b.1839
JEANS, Muriel Jessie b.1882
JEANS, Rendell Watson b.1884
JEANS, Robert Claude b.1886
JEANS, Sabery b.1840
JEANS, Stephen Garland c.1860
JEANS, Susanna b.1809
JEANS, Thomas c.1776
JEANS, Thomas b.1750
JEANS, Thomas William c.1879
JEANS, Tryphena Margaret b.1889
JEANS, Walter William b.1885
JEANS, William b.1847
JEANS, William Thomas b.1852
JEANS, William Thomas b.1850
JEANS, Winifred b.1870


JENNINGS, Anna b.1806


JETSON, Elizabeth b.1820

Jewer or Gosse

JEWER OR GOSSE, Laura Belle b.1894


JEWER, Charlotte b.1874
JEWER, Elizabeth b.1852
JEWER, Elizabeth b.1835
JEWER, Henry William b.1870
JEWER, Julia b.1833

Jeynes or Janes or Jeans

JEYNES OR JANES OR JEANS, Christiana Jane c.1852
JEYNES OR JANES OR JEANS, Elizabeth c.1838
JEYNES OR JANES OR JEANS, Tryphena Margaret c.1854
JEYNES OR JANES OR JEANS, William Thomas b.1850

Jeynes or Janes

JEYNES OR JANES, Elizabeth Savory b.1847
JEYNES OR JANES, Ellan Martha b.1853
JEYNES OR JANES, Hannah b.1854
JEYNES OR JANES, John b.1819
JEYNES OR JANES, Joseph b.1852
JEYNES OR JANES, Mary Ann b.1845
JEYNES OR JANES, Mary Martha b.1853
JEYNES OR JANES, Stephen c.1850

Jeynes or Stephens



JEYNES, Amelia Ann b.1842
JEYNES, Elizabeth b.1824
JEYNES, Helena b.1823
JEYNES, Israel b.1809
JEYNES, James b.1808
JEYNES, James Fox b.1834
JEYNES, John b.1836
JEYNES, John b.1837
JEYNES, John Robert b.1816
JEYNES, John Williams b.1832
JEYNES, Lara b.1824
JEYNES, Louisa b.1830
JEYNES, Mahala b.1827
JEYNES, Mary b.1823
JEYNES, Nicholas b.1806
JEYNES, Samuel Fox b.1837
JEYNES, Susannah b.1776
JEYNES, William b.1825
JEYNES, William b.1799
JEYNES, William b.1845
JEYNES, William b.1835


JOHN, William b.1751


JOHNS, Jane or Jean b.1809


JOHNSON, Elisa c.1816
JOHNSON, Elizabeth b.1869
JOHNSON, Flora b.1860
JOHNSON, James b.1790


JOHNSTON, James b.1821

Jones or Janes

JONES OR JANES, Eleanor or Elin b.1809
JONES OR JANES, Elizabeth b.1887
JONES OR JANES, Elizabeth b.1857
JONES OR JANES, John Thomas b.1863
JONES OR JANES, Robert b.1817
JONES OR JANES, William c.1891


JONES, Albert b.1860
JONES, Albert b.1863
JONES, Alicia c.1842
JONES, Alicia b.1799
JONES, Amelia b.1849
JONES, Amy b.1831
JONES, Amy b.1805
JONES, Amy Ann b.1867
JONES, Ann b.1756
JONES, Ann b.1760
JONES, Ann b.1834
JONES, Ann b.1833
JONES, Anne c.1827
JONES, Annie b.1886
JONES, Archibald Arnott Jr. b.1840
JONES, Benjamin b.1837
JONES, Bertram b.1823
JONES, Caroline Frances b.1866
JONES, Charles b.1872
JONES, Charles b.1821
JONES, Charles b.1808
JONES, Charles b.1800
JONES, Charles b.1806
JONES, Charles Edward b.1865
JONES, Chester c.1837
JONES, Christian c.1798
JONES, Clara b.1874
JONES, Daniel b.1825
JONES, David b.1788
JONES, Dorothy b.1836
JONES, Dorothy b.1834
JONES, Dorothy b.1833
JONES, Edgar b.1866
JONES, Edmund c.1821
JONES, Eldrida b.1884
JONES, Elenor c.1833
JONES, Elfrida b.1884
JONES, Eliezer b.1883
JONES, Eliza b.1822
JONES, Elizabeth b.1873
JONES, Elizabeth b.1862
JONES, Elizabeth b.1758
JONES, Elizabeth b.1823
JONES, Elizabeth b.1822
JONES, Elizabeth c.1764
JONES, Elizabeth b.1763
JONES, Elizabeth b.1788
JONES, Elizabeth b.1756
JONES, Emma Ann b.1851
JONES, Emma Jane b.1862
JONES, Fanny b.1799
JONES, Frances b.1866
JONES, Frances b.1764
JONES, Frances b.1836
JONES, Francis b.1852
JONES, Francis b.1843
JONES, Francis c.1839
JONES, Francis c.1829
JONES, Francis b.1794
JONES, George b.1814
JONES, George b.1780
JONES, George b.1795
JONES, George William b.1886
JONES, Hannah b.1869
JONES, Harvey b.1889
JONES, Henry b.1856
JONES, Henry b.1797
JONES, Henry b.1826
JONES, Herbert Llewellyn b.1888
JONES, Honora c.1769
JONES, Isaac b.1782
JONES, Issac b.1799
JONES, James b.1773
JONES, James b.1833
JONES, James b.1850
JONES, James b.1873
JONES, James b.1868
JONES, James c.1812
JONES, James b.1786
JONES, James b.1801
JONES, James Ellsworth b.1884
JONES, James Nicholas c.1844
JONES, James Pettel b.1772
JONES, Jane b.1754
JONES, Jane b.1763
JONES, Jane c.1805
JONES, Jane c.1779
JONES, Jean b.1755
JONES, Joanna b.1826
JONES, Johanna or Jane b.1806
JONES, John b.1858
JONES, John b.1860
JONES, John b.1830
JONES, John b.1844
JONES, John b.1828
JONES, John b.1842
JONES, John b.1740
JONES, John b.1837
JONES, John b.1810
JONES, John b.1810
JONES, John b.1828
JONES, John b.1797
JONES, John b.1807
JONES, John Bertram c.1850
JONES, John Charles b.1887
JONES, Jonah b.1793
JONES, Jonah or Jonas b.1818
JONES, Jonah Sr. b.1818
JONES, Jonas b.1822
JONES, Jonas b.1792
JONES, Jonas b.1855
JONES, Jonas b.1846
JONES, Jonas b.1821
JONES, Joseph b.1849
JONES, Joshua b.1802
JONES, Josiah b.1890
JONES, Josiah b.1859
JONES, Josiah b.1858
JONES, Laura b.1793
JONES, Leander b.1870
JONES, Levi b.1870
JONES, Margaret b.1871
JONES, Margaret b.1854
JONES, Maria b.1858
JONES, Martha b.1860
JONES, Mary b.1865
JONES, Mary b.1843
JONES, Mary b.1826
JONES, Mary b.1843
JONES, Mary b.1756
JONES, Mary b.1827
JONES, Mary b.1788
JONES, Mary b.1836
JONES, Mary b.1811
JONES, Mary b.1808
JONES, Mary c.1832
JONES, Mary c.1831
JONES, Mary b.1800
JONES, Mary Ann b.1880
JONES, Mary Ann c.1829
JONES, Mary Elizabeth b.1856
JONES, Mary Grace b.1888
JONES, Matilda b.1884
JONES, Michael b.1825
JONES, Mrs. Catherine b.1743
JONES, Nathaniel b.1884
JONES, Nathaniel b.1810
JONES, Nathaniel b.1844
JONES, Patience b.1791
JONES, Patience b.1787
JONES, Patience b.1791
JONES, Peter b.1872
JONES, Philip b.1817
JONES, Rebecca c.1820
JONES, Richard b.1834
JONES, Richard b.1860
JONES, Richard b.1861
JONES, Robert b.1865
JONES, Robert b.1853
JONES, Robert b.1872
JONES, Robert b.1817
JONES, Robert b.1790
JONES, Robert b.1763
JONES, Robert b.1760
JONES, Robert Newell b.1793
JONES, Robert Newell b.1818
JONES, Rosa b.1869
JONES, Sabrina b.1860
JONES, Sally b.1812
JONES, Samuel b.1863
JONES, Samuel b.1814
JONES, Sarah b.1789
JONES, Sarah b.1748
JONES, Sarah c.1776
JONES, Sarah Jane b.1886
JONES, Sarah Patience b.1880
JONES, Selby b.1887
JONES, Solomon b.1811
JONES, Solomon b.1819
JONES, Stephen b.1734
JONES, Stephen b.1730
JONES, Susanna b.1885
JONES, Susannah b.1845
JONES, Susannah b.1875
JONES, Susannah b.1843
JONES, Thomas c.1830
JONES, Thomas c.1825
JONES, Urias b.1871
JONES, William b.1867
JONES, William b.1836
JONES, William b.1860
JONES, William b.1858
JONES, William b.1852
JONES, William b.1817
JONES, William b.1867
JONES, William b.1834
JONES, William b.1848
JONES, William b.1874
JONES, William c.1791
JONES, William b.1765
JONES, William b.1762
JONES, William b.1758
JONES, William b.1819
JONES, William b.1734
JONES, William b.1759
JONES, William b.1837
JONES, William b.1836
JONES, William b.1823
JONES, William b.1810
JONES, William b.1779
JONES, William b.1771
JONES, William Henry b.1882
JONES, William John b.1862
JONES, William Thomas b.1887


JOSEF, Thomas b.1864


JOY, Mary b.1844
JOY, Susannah b.1754


JOYCE, George Henry b.1835
JOYCE, Jessie b.1863
JOYCE, Thomas b.1842


JUDGE, Elizabeth b.1864


JUER, Maryann b.1789


KANE, Bridget b.1885
KANE, Mary Ellen b.1883
KANE, Maurice b.1857
KANE, Michael Anthony b.1889
KANE, Patrick b.1887
KANE, Sarah b.1865


KAVANAGH, Arthur b.1858
KAVANAGH, Catherine b.1884
KAVANAGH, Catherine b.1859
KAVANAGH, Cornelius b.1863
KAVANAGH, Jeremiah Francis b.1890
KAVANAGH, John b.1889
KAVANAGH, Laurence b.1889
KAVANAGH, Martin b.1856
KAVANAGH, Mary b.1882
KAVANAGH, Patrick Joseph b.1890


KEAN, Abraham b.1847


KEARNEY, John R. b.1858


KEATS, Mary b.1787


KEEFE, Andrew c.1841
KEEFE, Catherine c.1813
KEEFE, Daniel c.1834
KEEFE, Elizabeth c.1817
KEEFE, James b.1785
KEEFE, Joanna c.1829
KEEFE, John c.1811
KEEFE, Mary b.1819
KEEFE, Mary c.1815
KEEFE, Michael b.1808
KEEFE, Patrick c.1836
KEEFE, Thomas b.1787


KEHO, Michael b.1759


KEHOE, Alice b.1806
KEHOE, Denis b.1812
KEHOE, Helen c.1845
KEHOE, James c.1838
KEHOE, Mary b.1817
KEHOE, Patrick c.1840


KELLAND, Elizabeth Harriet b.1864
KELLAND, Miriam b.1861


KELLAWAY, John b.1840


KELLEY, d.1882
KELLEY, Johanna b.1844


KELLOWAY, Elizabeth b.1819
KELLOWAY, Michael b.1837


KELLT, Mary b.1815


KELLY, Michael b.1879
KELLY, Winifred Margaret b.1919


KENNAL, Mark b.1852
KENNAL, Samuel b.1837

Kennedy or Kennelay



KENNEDY, Abigail b.1834
KENNEDY, Ann b.1852
KENNEDY, Eliza b.1819
KENNEDY, Elizabeth b.1818
KENNEDY, Elizabeth Catherine b.1867
KENNEDY, George b.1817
KENNEDY, James b.1872
KENNEDY, Jessie b.1881
KENNEDY, John b.1844
KENNEDY, Jonathan b.1868
KENNEDY, Julia b.1870
KENNEDY, Mary b.1867
KENNEDY, Mary b.1794
KENNEDY, Richard b.1875
KENNEDY, Shirley b.1831
KENNEDY, William b.1840


KENT, John b.1863


KEOUGH, Anne c.1837
KEOUGH, James b.1811


KERWICK, Catherine b.1764
KERWICK, Elizabeth b.1762
KERWICK, Frances b.1763
KERWICK, Jeremiah b.1750
KERWICK, Jeremiah b.1776


KEYES, Margaret b.1800


KILFOYLE, Catherine b.1808


KINEALY, b.1785


KING, Alexander b.1850
KING, Eliza b.1816
KING, Elizabeth b.1777
KING, Jamima b.1870
KING, Janet b.1854
KING, John b.1773
KING, John b.1857
KING, Joseph b.1840
KING, Joseph b.1821
KING, Kezia b.1851
KING, Margaret b.1854
KING, Mary b.1790
KING, Mary Ann b.1850
KING, Mary Ann b.1824
KING, Mary Jane C. b.1869
KING, Patience b.1806
KING, Patrick b.1849
KING, Phoebe b.1823
KING, Providence b.1837
KING, Sarah b.1852
KING, Selina b.1861
KING, Simeon b.1837
KING, Susanna b.1856
KING, Thomas b.1821
KING, William b.1847
KING, William b.1808
KING, William b.1800
KING, Young b.1853


KINSOR, Edward b.1828


KIRBY, Elizabeth b.1809
KIRBY, Isaac b.1844
KIRBY, Sarahbelle b.1872


KIRKLAND, George b.1842
KIRKLAND, Lizzie b.1867
KIRKLAND, Mrs. George b.1847


KNIGHT, Anne b.1813
KNIGHT, Daniel b.1816
KNIGHT, Mary Jane b.1843
KNIGHT, Samuel b.1842


KNOX, Josephine b.1878


KRADBURY, Nancy b.1852


LACEY, Isaac b.1851


LACKYER, George b.1822


LACY, Susanna b.1844


LAING, Archibald Frederick b.1844
LAING, William b.1820


LAKE, Anna b.1867


LAMB, Hannah c.1793


LAMBERT, James b.1734
LAMBERT, Mary Joseph b.1871


LANDOW, Mary Ann b.1834


LANDRAGON, Ann b.1819

Landrigan or Lundrigan

LANDRIGAN OR LUNDRIGAN, Juliana or Julia c.1806


LANDRIGAN, Ann b.1804
LANDRIGAN, Dorothy b.1817
LANDRIGAN, Elizabeth b.1814
LANDRIGAN, John b.1779
LANDRIGAN, John c.1779
LANDRIGAN, Mary c.1777
LANDRIGAN, Robert b.1790
LANDRIGAN, Robert James c.1790
LANDRIGAN, Thomas b.1794
LANDRIGAN, William b.1822
LANDRIGAN, William b.1751
LANDRIGAN, William c.1783


LANE, George b.1802
LANE, William b.1866


LANG, Phoebe b.1862


LANGER, Jane b.1856
LANGER, Sarah Ann b.1846


LANGMAN, George b.1819
LANGMAN, George b.1793


LANGMEAD, George b.1793


LARACY, Mary Ellen b.1883
LARACY, William b.1857


LARKINS, William b.1819


LAURA, Emma b.1863


LAYDEN, Susannah b.1901


LEARY, Louisa b.1860
LEARY, Mary Joseph b.1881
LEARY, Philip b.1855
LEARY, Susanna b.1856
LEARY, William b.1846


LEDDEN, Harriet b.1884


LEDREW, James W. b.1847


LEE, David b.1855


LEGGE, Cecily b.1861
LEGGE, Henry b.1847


LEGREW, Joseph Baggs b.1853
LEGREW, Nicholas b.1848
LEGREW, William Thomas b.1856


LEGROE, b.1809


LEGROW, Alfred b.1850
LEGROW, James b.1852
LEGROW, James b.1864
LEGROW, Jane b.1824
LEGROW, Martha b.1799
LEGROW, Mary b.1862


LEGROW, Mary b.1815


LEGROW, Matthew b.1819
LEGROW, Mrs. Mary b.1838
LEGROW, Nicholas b.1818


LEGROW, Sarah b.1845
LEGROW, Sarah b.1810


LEGROW, Solomon b.1834


LEGROW, William b.1815


LEIR, John Stiles b.1760


LEMESSURIER, Alexander Brown b.1865
LEMESSURIER, Ann Frances b.1862
LEMESSURIER, Augustus Frederick b.1862
LEMESSURIER, Clara b.1860
LEMESSURIER, Eliza b.1811
LEMESSURIER, Ernest b.1864


LEMESSURIER, Florence Varlow b.1881


LEMESSURIER, Francis b.1862
LEMESSURIER, George Hare b.1814
LEMESSURIER, George William b.1863
LEMESSURIER, Henry Corbin b.1817
LEMESSURIER, Jane Sidney Shanks b.1820


LEMESSURIER, John Hedley b.1886


LEMESSURIER, John Thomas b.1815
LEMESSURIER, Mary Broom b.1813


LEMESSURIER, Monier William b.1883
LEMESSURIER, Neil Shannon b.1880


LEMESSURIER, Peter W. b.1787


LEMESSURIER, Peter Wilson or William b.1857
LEMESSURIER, Weston Wilson b.1884


LEMESSURIER, William Warner c.1819


LEWIS, Richard Gardiner b.1851
LEWIS, William b.1825


LILLY, Elizabeth Roberta b.1821
LILLY, Joseph b.1823
LILLY, Thomas b.1848


LITTLEJOHN, Samuel b.1883


LOCKE, Emma b.1870


LODGE, George b.1829
LODGE, Mary b.1834
LODGE, William b.1851


LONG, Mrs. Emily b.1796


LOONEY, Bridget b.1821


LOOP, Rebecca b.1815


LORD, Theresa b.1935


LORENZ, Marie b.1849


LOVEYS, Patience b.1824


LUFFMAN, Alice b.1874
LUFFMAN, Henry b.1848


LUNDEGAN, Abigal b.1827


LUNDRAGEN, Ann b.1817


LUNDRAGON, Joseph b.1804

Lundrigan or Lundergan



LUNDRIGAN, Ann b.1807
LUNDRIGAN, Drucella b.1898
LUNDRIGAN, Eleanor b.1783
LUNDRIGAN, Elizah Jane b.1856
LUNDRIGAN, Georgina b.1863
LUNDRIGAN, James b.1878
LUNDRIGAN, James b.1848
LUNDRIGAN, John b.1838
LUNDRIGAN, John Joseph b.1886
LUNDRIGAN, Margaret b.1881
LUNDRIGAN, Mary b.1876
LUNDRIGAN, Mary b.1830
LUNDRIGAN, Mary Ann b.1849
LUNDRIGAN, Maurice b.1874
LUNDRIGAN, Peter Joseph b.1883


LUSCOMBE, Maria M. b.1839


LUSH, Benjamin b.1807
LUSH, Carolina c.1833
LUSH, David b.1865


LUTHER, Priscilla b.1848


LYNCH, John b.1809
LYNCH, Mary b.1852
LYNCH, Mary b.1852
LYNCH, Mary b.1838
LYNCH, Michael b.1826


MACARTY, John b.1758


MACCORQUODALE, Archibald b.1787


MACKEY, Mary b.1808


MADDEN, Mary b.1792


MADDOX, Ann b.1768


MAGILL, Sarah Eliza b.1827


MAHER, Richard b.1856
MAHER, William b.1796


MAHY, Joseph b.1830


MAIDMENT, Ellen b.1855


MALLEA, William b.1782
MALLEA, William c.1810


MALONE, Edward b.1806
MALONE, Mary b.1812
MALONE, Mary c.1832

Mansion or Minchin



MANSION, Matthew b.1779


MANUEL, Jabez b.1843
MANUEL, Jabez b.1859


MARCHANT, Edward b.1771
MARCHANT, Elizabeth b.1797


MAROSY, James c.1845
MAROSY, Patrick b.1819


MARRIE, Pauline Mary b.1914

Marsh or Mesh

MARSH OR MESH, Jane b.1830


MARSH, Mrs. Jane b.1845
MARSH, William b.1806


MARSHALL, Elizabeth b.1832
MARSHALL, George Edward b.1864
MARSHALL, John b.1802
MARSHALL, Patience b.1842
MARSHALL, Robert b.1802
MARSHALL, Susanna b.1817


MARTIN, Ann b.1830
MARTIN, Cuthbert b.1850
MARTIN, Eliza b.1836
MARTIN, Elizabeth b.1776
MARTIN, Hannah b.1809
MARTIN, Isabella b.1875
MARTIN, James b.1823
MARTIN, M. b.1796
MARTIN, Margaret Louise b.1916
MARTIN, Mary b.1817
MARTIN, Peter b.1835
MARTIN, Rosanna b.1863
MARTIN, Sarah b.1821
MARTIN, Susannah b.1861
MARTIN, Thomas b.1838


MASON, Ann c.1813
MASON, George b.1781
MASON, James c.1813
MASON, James b.1781
MASON, Jane b.1852
MASON, Jane c.1829
MASON, John b.1854
MASON, John c.1811
MASON, Joseph b.1784
MASON, Mary c.1807
MASON, Mary c.1807
MASON, Nathaniel b.1849
MASON, Sarah c.1829
MASON, William c.1814
MASON, William c.1810


MASTER, Martha b.1841


MATHEWS, Mary b.1838

May or Moy

MAY OR MOY, Frederick William b.1886
MAY OR MOY, Laurence b.1860


MAYO, Ann b.1860
MAYO, Emma Jane b.1879
MAYO, Frances b.1881
MAYO, John b.1886
MAYO, John b.1885
MAYO, John b.1850
MAYO, Robert Francis b.1877
MAYO, Susanna b.1883
MAYO, William Thomas b.1875


MCBRIDE, Henry Allen b.1848

McCallahan or Callahan

MCCALLAHAN OR CALLAHAN, Elizabeth Jane b.1828


MCCALLAHAN, Bartholomew b.1863
MCCALLAHAN, John b.1860
MCCALLAHAN, John b.1834

McCallon or Callahan



MCCARTHY, John b.1794
MCCARTHY, Margaret c.1819
MCCARTHY, Timothy b.1818
MCCARTHY, William c.1844


MCDONALD, James b.1752


MCDOUGALL, Thomas b.1824


MCGRATH, Anastasia b.1862
MCGRATH, Mary b.1825


MCLEA, Catherine Harriet b.1836
MCLEA, Elizabeth Jean b.1831
MCLEA, James Stewart b.1838
MCLEA, Jane Catherine b.1833
MCLEA, John Brine b.1835
MCLEA, Kenneth b.1804
MCLEA, Kenneth John b.1830
MCLEA, Robert Paton b.1841


MCNIVEN, Alexander b.1888
MCNIVEN, Catherine May b.1890
MCNIVEN, Frederick b.1862
MCNIVEN, Sarah Jane b.1891


MCSTRAVICK, James b.1790


MEADUS, Leah Laura b.1840


MEANEY, James b.1848

Meany or Neary

MEANY OR NEARY, Mary b.1819


MEARS, Mary b.1846


MEMORY, Charlotte b.1848
MEMORY, Elizabeth b.1843
MEMORY, George b.1844
MEMORY, Mr. b.1843
MEMORY, Nicholas b.1843
MEMORY, Nicholas b.1817


MENCHENTON, John b.1831
MENCHENTON, Mary b.1831


MENCHETON, Benjamin James c.1879
MENCHETON, John b.1853

Menchin or Minchinton



MENCHINS, Ann b.1840
MENCHINS, Eliza b.1854
MENCHINS, John b.1829
MENCHINS, Mary b.1849
MENCHINS, Sarah b.1855
MENCHINS, Susanna b.1855


MENCHINTON, Edward b.1839
MENCHINTON, Eliza b.1855
MENCHINTON, Mary b.1860
MENCHINTON, Mary Anne b.1831
MENCHINTON, William Robert b.1885

Menchions or Minchin

MENCHIONS OR MINCHIN, Thomas Edward b.1889


MENCHIONS, Annie b.1884
MENCHIONS, Arthur b.1880
MENCHIONS, Elizabeth b.1883
MENCHIONS, Frances Jane b.1887
MENCHIONS, George b.1862
MENCHIONS, Isaac b.1890
MENCHIONS, Jacob b.1864
MENCHIONS, John b.1861
MENCHIONS, John William b.1886
MENCHIONS, Luke b.1890
MENCHIONS, Matthew b.1861
MENCHIONS, Mrs. Bridget b.1871
MENCHIONS, Rose Ethel b.1887
MENCHIONS, Sarah b.1890
MENCHIONS, Sarah b.1888
MENCHIONS, William b.1860


MERCER, Ebenezer b.1835
MERCER, Edward b.1826
MERCER, Eliza b.1866
MERCER, Elizabeth b.1888
MERCER, Elizabeth b.1896
MERCER, Emily Patience b.1882
MERCER, Henry b.1874
MERCER, Isaac b.1856
MERCER, James b.1848
MERCER, John b.1885
MERCER, Josiah b.1851
MERCER, Julia b.1817
MERCER, Louisa b.1827
MERCER, Mary Jane b.1876
MERCER, Patience b.1869
MERCER, Richard b.1897
MERCER, William b.1872


MERCHANT, Elizabeth Hannah b.1836
MERCHANT, John b.1812


MERNER, Kate b.1873


MERRIGAN, Catherine b.1834


MIFFLIN, William b.1864


MILES, Charles b.1833
MILES, Susanna b.1834


MILLER, Amy b.1756
MILLER, Ann b.1758
MILLER, Hannah b.1876
MILLER, John b.1811
MILLER, Joseph b.1855
MILLER, Mary b.1831
MILLER, Mary Ann b.1874
MILLER, Phillip b.1822
MILLER, Priscilla b.1815
MILLER, Robert William c.1887
MILLER, Samuel b.1732
MILLER, Sarah b.1768
MILLER, Thomas b.1828
MILLER, Thomas b.1848
MILLER, Wilbert b.1888


MILLEY, Jane b.1867
MILLEY, Temperance b.1870


MILLS, Sarah Jane b.1860
MILLS, Thomas b.1860


MINCHEN, Sarah b.1833


MINCHENS, Mary b.1838


MINCHIANS, Mary Ann b.1830

Minchin or Minchington


Minchin or Minchinton



MINCHIN, Abraham b.1881
MINCHIN, Abraham b.1842
MINCHIN, Abraham b.1797
MINCHIN, Augustus b.1885
MINCHIN, Elizabeth b.1835
MINCHIN, George b.1831
MINCHIN, George b.1823
MINCHIN, John b.1820
MINCHIN, John b.1797
MINCHIN, Jonathan or John b.1810
MINCHIN, Julia Anne b.1868
MINCHIN, Mathew b.1815
MINCHIN, Providence b.1811
MINCHIN, Rebecca b.1849
MINCHIN, Sarah b.1846
MINCHIN, Sarah b.1798
MINCHIN, Sarah Jane b.1838
MINCHIN, Susanna b.1841
MINCHIN, Thomas b.1834
MINCHIN, William b.1825
MINCHIN, William b.1816
MINCHIN, William b.1836
MINCHIN, William Robert b.1872

Minchington or Minchin or Menchon



MINCHINGTON, Anne b.1821
MINCHINGTON, Eliza Jane b.1853
MINCHINGTON, Jonathan b.1821


MINCHINNER, Thomas b.1807


MINCHINS, Ann b.1808
MINCHINS, Jonathan b.1801
MINCHINS, Sarah b.1809

Minchinten or Menchinton



MINCHINTEN, Sarah Gertrude b.1882


MINCHINTON, Louisa b.1833


MINCHIONS, Mary b.1791


MINCHON, Ann b.1867
MINCHON, John b.1820


MINSHIN, Elizabeth b.1836

Minshiner or Minchaner


Minshiner or Minchinner



MINSHINER, Mary c.1833
MINSHINER, Thomas b.1810


MITCHELL, Cobitt b.1852
MITCHELL, Lavena b.1859


MOCKLER, b.1835


MOLLOY, Mary b.1857


MONAHAN, Isabella b.1837


MONIER, John Dr. b.1717
MONIER, Mary b.1742


MOORE, b.1835
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1878
MOORE, Elizabeth b.1869


MOORES, Agnes O. b.1873
MOORES, Anne Elizabeth b.1872
MOORES, Arthur Wakefield b.1910
MOORES, Catherine b.1866
MOORES, Charles b.1815
MOORES, Clementine b.1828
MOORES, Edith Annie b.1906
MOORES, Edward b.1831
MOORES, Eliza b.1853
MOORES, Elizabeth b.1871
MOORES, Harriett b.1830
MOORES, Jabez b.1825
MOORES, John b.1866
MOORES, John b.1849
MOORES, Julia b.1864
MOORES, Leah b.1863
MOORES, Louisa b.1824
MOORES, Lydia b.1823
MOORES, Martha b.1820
MOORES, Matthew b.1866
MOORES, Mrs. Charlotte b.1840
MOORES, Norman b.1854
MOORES, Robert b.1832
MOORES, Ronald b.1930
MOORES, Samuel b.1859
MOORES, Sarah A. b.1885
MOORES, Sarah Bennett b.1862
MOORES, Silas b.1853
MOORES, Solomon b.1859
MOORES, Thomas b.1823
MOORES, William b.1858
MOORES, William b.1808
MOORES, William b.1820
MOORES, William T. b.1858


MOORS, Dinah b.1770
MOORS, Francis b.1818
MOORS, Mary S. b.1843


MORAN, James c.1830
MORAN, Jane c.1834
MORAN, John b.1804
MORAN, Julia Ann b.1849
MORAN, Mary c.1835


MORESSY, Catherine b.1799


MORGAN, Elizabeth b.1839
MORGAN, Jane b.1836
MORGAN, Mary b.1823
MORGAN, Sarah b.1874
MORGAN, Sarah Ann b.1850


MORRICEY, Mary b.1792


MORRICY, Lawrence b.1791
MORRICY, Thomas c.1817


MORRIS, Eleizer b.1858
MORRIS, Sarah b.1918


MORRISEY, Bridget c.1829
MORRISEY, Judith b.1827
MORRISEY, Lawrence b.1802
MORRISEY, Mary c.1823


MORRISON, Mary b.1868


MORRISSEY, Edward b.1825
MORRISSEY, Mary b.1851


MOSEDALE, James b.1815


MOURISSY, Catherine b.1855


MOWAT, John b.1813


MOYES, Joseph Henry b.1862


MUDGE, Joseph b.1833
MUDGE, William b.1859


MUGFORD, Ann b.1823
MUGFORD, Mary b.1821


MULANEY, Alicia c.1836
MULANEY, John c.1832
MULANEY, Patrick c.1834
MULANEY, Patrick b.1806
MULANEY, Walter c.1842


MULCAHY, Alice c.1833
MULCAHY, Anne c.1825
MULCAHY, Elizabeth b.1822
MULCAHY, James c.1835
MULCAHY, John c.1839
MULCAHY, John c.1834
MULCAHY, Mary c.1837
MULCAHY, Michael c.1832
MULCAHY, Philip b.1804
MULCAHY, Thomas c.1827
MULCAHY, William b.1795


MULLAY, Benjamin b.1808


MULLEY, Bellinda b.1867
MULLEY, Benjamin b.1798
MULLEY, Cicely b.1862
MULLEY, Henry Charles b.1858
MULLEY, John b.1832
MULLEY, Olivia b.1867


MULLINS, Bridget Joseph b.1885
MULLINS, Edward b.1890
MULLINS, Edward b.1858
MULLINS, Edward Joseph b.1884
MULLINS, William b.1838


MUNAHEN, Edward b.1809
MUNAHEN, Sarah Jane c.1836


MUNDY, Augustus Horatio Neil b.1890
MUNDY, Christopher b.1854
MUNDY, Robert Ernest b.1884


MURDEN, Joseph b.1831
MURDEN, Lydia b.1857


MURDENT, Susanna b.1849


MURPHY, Bridget b.1812
MURPHY, Catherine b.1881
MURPHY, Catherine b.1857
MURPHY, Garland b.1882
MURPHY, Garrett b.1854
MURPHY, James b.1864
MURPHY, James b.1855
MURPHY, James L. b.1856
MURPHY, James Patrick b.1882
MURPHY, John b.1856
MURPHY, John Joseph b.1890
MURPHY, Margaret b.1818
MURPHY, Margaret Mary b.1880
MURPHY, Martin b.1856
MURPHY, Mary b.1808
MURPHY, Mary Elizabeth b.1882
MURPHY, Michael Anthony b.1880
MURPHY, Patrick b.1854


MURRAY, Ann Hutchings b.1843
MURRAY, Eliza b.1859
MURRAY, James b.1833
MURRAY, Thomas Graham b.1817


MURREN, John b.1874
MURREN, John b.1848
MURREN, Phoebe b.1875


MURRIN, Harriet b.1862
MURRIN, Moses b.1866
MURRIN, Richard c.1873
MURRIN, Thomas b.1858
MURRIN, William b.1826


MYLER, Anne b.1880
MYLER, James b.1854


MYLES, Frederick b.1916
MYLES, Thomas b.1890


MYRICK, Patrick b.1862


NAILER, Mary b.1821


NASH, Elizabeth b.1777


NEAL, Grace b.1841
NEAL, Mary b.1805


NEALE, William b.1846


NEARY, Nicholas b.1783


NEVILLE, Clara Ann b.1891
NEVILLE, William b.1855


NEWELL, Mary b.1825
NEWELL, Mary b.1768
NEWELL, Richard b.1831
NEWELL, Richard b.1864
NEWELL, Robert b.1842


NEWHOOK, John b.1824


NEWLOOK, William b.1825


NEWMAN, John b.1802


NICHELLE, Mary b.1809


NICHOLL, Easter b.1814
NICHOLL, James Faulkner b.1845


NICHOLS, Sarah b.1868

Noel or Nore

NOEL OR NORE, Minnie b.1862


NOEL, Archibald b.1836
NOEL, Isabel b.1867
NOEL, John b.1894
NOEL, Patience b.1829
NOEL, Richard b.1832
NOEL, Robert b.1834
NOEL, Thomas b.1835

Noftal or Nostal



NOFTALL, Emma b.1853
NOFTALL, James b.1839
NOFTALL, Julia Ann b.1857
NOFTALL, Roseanne or Rosina b.1838
NOFTALL, Sarah b.1847
NOFTALL, Susannah b.1859
NOFTALL, Thomas b.1861
NOFTALL, Thomas b.1833


NOFTLE, James b.1798
NOFTLE, Jonathan b.1814
NOFTLE, Julia b.1814
NOFTLE, Thomas b.1798


NOLAN, Margaret b.1829


NOONAN, John Hyacinth b.1852


NORCOT, Margaret b.1814


NORCOTT, c.1842
NORCOTT, Abraham c.1839
NORCOTT, Abraham b.1806
NORCOTT, Abraham c.1810
NORCOTT, Abraham b.1781
NORCOTT, Alice c.1844
NORCOTT, Andrew b.1878
NORCOTT, Bridget c.1816
NORCOTT, James c.1834
NORCOTT, James c.1818
NORCOTT, John c.1829
NORCOTT, Joseph b.1801
NORCOTT, Margaret c.1836
NORCOTT, Mary c.1807
NORCOTT, Mary b.1904
NORCOTT, Michael c.1837
NORCOTT, Patrick b.1855
NORCOTT, William c.1832


NORMAN, George b.1849
NORMAN, John b.1846
NORMAN, Mary c.1840
NORMAN, Nathan b.1815
NORMAN, Samuel b.1863
NORMAN, Thomas c.1815
NORMAN, William b.1814
NORMAN, William b.1833
NORMAN, William b.1789


NORRIS, Catherine b.1838
NORRIS, James b.1825
NORRIS, Louisa b.1848


NORTH, Mary b.1826
NORTH, Mary b.1827


NOSARY, Mary b.1802
NOSARY, Prudence b.1806


NOSEWORTHY, Augustus b.1858
NOSEWORTHY, Dolby b.1869
NOSEWORTHY, Eliel b.1846
NOSEWORTHY, Eliza Jane b.1856
NOSEWORTHY, Elizabeth b.1861
NOSEWORTHY, Elizabeth b.1852
NOSEWORTHY, Elizabeth b.1827
NOSEWORTHY, Elizabeth Jane b.1867
NOSEWORTHY, Elizabeth Mary b.1864
NOSEWORTHY, Ellen b.1856
NOSEWORTHY, Ellen b.1865
NOSEWORTHY, Emily b.1858
NOSEWORTHY, Ernest c.1880
NOSEWORTHY, Esau b.1847
NOSEWORTHY, Esther b.1856
NOSEWORTHY, Esther or Eliza b.1864
NOSEWORTHY, George b.1853
NOSEWORTHY, George b.1846
NOSEWORTHY, George b.1821
NOSEWORTHY, George b.1872
NOSEWORTHY, Hector b.1876
NOSEWORTHY, Henry b.1838
NOSEWORTHY, Herbert b.1894
NOSEWORTHY, Isabella b.1878
NOSEWORTHY, Isabella b.1899
NOSEWORTHY, Jacob b.1827
NOSEWORTHY, Jacob or Isaiah b.1818
NOSEWORTHY, James b.1875
NOSEWORTHY, James b.1835
NOSEWORTHY, John b.1858
NOSEWORTHY, John b.1845
NOSEWORTHY, Johnathan b.1857
NOSEWORTHY, Jonathan b.1866
NOSEWORTHY, Jonathan b.1819
NOSEWORTHY, Josiah c.1878
NOSEWORTHY, Julia c.1861
NOSEWORTHY, Julia b.1853
NOSEWORTHY, Mary Grace b.1859
NOSEWORTHY, Mary Jane b.1830
NOSEWORTHY, Moses b.1868
NOSEWORTHY, Moses b.1834
NOSEWORTHY, Nathan b.1873
NOSEWORTHY, Patience b.1851
NOSEWORTHY, Richard b.1872
NOSEWORTHY, Sarah b.1819
NOSEWORTHY, Sarah b.1848
NOSEWORTHY, Sarah b.1875
NOSEWORTHY, Susanna b.1883
NOSEWORTHY, Victoria b.1870
NOSEWORTHY, William b.1850
NOSEWORTHY, William b.1850
NOSEWORTHY, William George b.1865


NOTWILL, Mrs. Sarah b.1817


NOWLAN, Michael b.1866


NURSE, Eleiezer Thomas b.1845
NURSE, Elizabeth Mary b.1856
NURSE, John Morey b.1820
NURSE, John Philip b.1858
NURSE, Richard Theodore b.1851
NURSE, Selina b.1849
NURSE, Selina b.1844
NURSE, Thomas b.1794
NURSE, William Thomas b.1854

Oaks or Oates

OAKS OR OATES, Jane c.1833


OAKS, Jane Charlotte c.1837
OAKS, Thomas b.1800


OATES, Mary J. b.1850


O'BRIAN, Barnaby b.1737
O'BRIAN, John c.1763


O'BRIEN, Alice b.1881
O'BRIEN, Edward Joseph b.1884
O'BRIEN, James b.1887
O'BRIEN, John b.1889


O'DONIEL, John b.1799
O'DONIEL, Julian c.1825


O'DONNELL, John Francis b.1819
O'DONNELL, Mr. c.1845

O'Dwyer or Dwyer

O'DWYER OR DWYER, Margaret b.1847


OKE, Ethel May b.1888
OKE, Gordon Jeans b.1889
OKE, Harris Rendell b.1891
OKE, John Carnell b.1857
OKE, Mary Ann b.1819
OKE, Robert b.1793
OKE, William Robert b.1831


OLDFORD, James b.1813


OLIVER, Ellen b.1832
OLIVER, Thomas b.1824


O'NEIL, Annie b.1867
O'NEIL, Catherine b.1833


OSBOURN, Thomas b.1801


OSBOURNE, Elizabeth Jane b.1857
OSBOURNE, Ethel b.1862
OSBOURNE, James b.1862


OSMAND, Sarah b.1845


OWEN, Beatrice L. b.1914


PACK, Josiah b.1846
PACK, Lavinia b.1806


PAGE, Frances or Fanny Jane b.1836
PAGE, Mary b.1847


PARKER, Sarah b.1796


PARNELL, William J. R. b.1853

Parsons or Hudson



PARSONS, b.1840
PARSONS, Alice b.1865
PARSONS, Ambrose b.1815
PARSONS, Ann b.1825
PARSONS, Arthur b.1869
PARSONS, Clara Margaret b.1866
PARSONS, Edward b.1827
PARSONS, Eliza b.1872
PARSONS, Emma b.1839
PARSONS, Fanny b.1847
PARSONS, George b.1812
PARSONS, George b.1784
PARSONS, George b.1825
PARSONS, George c.1807
PARSONS, George b.1782
PARSONS, George b.1872
PARSONS, George b.1842
PARSONS, James b.1879
PARSONS, Jane b.1846
PARSONS, Jane b.1810
PARSONS, Jane b.1824
PARSONS, Jane b.1833
PARSONS, Jemima b.1819
PARSONS, John b.1846
PARSONS, Jonathan b.1851
PARSONS, Jonathan b.1828
PARSONS, Joseph b.1861
PARSONS, Joseph b.1803
PARSONS, Joseph b.1825
PARSONS, Joseph b.1804
PARSONS, Julia Ann b.1823
PARSONS, Lavinia b.1841
PARSONS, Margaret b.1856
PARSONS, Mary b.1840
PARSONS, Mary Ann b.1825
PARSONS, Mary Jane b.1847
PARSONS, Mary Jane b.1847
PARSONS, Mrs. Orpah b.1836
PARSONS, Patience b.1856
PARSONS, Phoebe b.1872
PARSONS, Richard b.1832
PARSONS, Robert J b.1815
PARSONS, Samuel b.1866
PARSONS, Sarah b.1809
PARSONS, Susan b.1833
PARSONS, Susanna b.1789
PARSONS, Thomas b.1838
PARSONS, Thomas b.1841
PARSONS, William b.1845
PARSONS, William b.1842
PARSONS, William Henry b.1863
PARSONS, Willis b.1845


PATTON, Mary b.1829


PAUL, Sarah b.1855
PAUL, Susan b.1867


PAYRE, George b.1856


PEARCE, Mrs. Martha b.1860
PEARCE, Thomas b.1859
PEARCE, William b.1785


PEARCY, Robert b.1827


PECKHAM, Mary b.1823

Peddle or Piddle



PEDDLE, George b.1833
PEDDLE, Mary Jane b.1883
PEDDLE, Patience b.1844
PEDDLE, Sarah b.1849
PEDDLE, Stephen b.1831
PEDDLE, William b.1848


PELLEY, Jane b.1775
PELLEY, Thomas b.1817
PELLEY, Thomas b.1817


PELLY, Alfred b.1828
PELLY, Ann b.1828
PELLY, Richard b.1849


PENDERSON, Wallace b.1753


PENEY, William b.1751


PENNEL, William b.1867


PENNELL, Nina Carolyn b.1925


PENNEY, Mary Jane b.1843
PENNEY, Miriam b.1884
PENNEY, Robert b.1834
PENNEY, Samuel b.1861


PENNOCK, Alfred b.1835
PENNOCK, James b.1834


PENNY, Eliza b.1858
PENNY, Emma Jane b.1860
PENNY, James b.1853
PENNY, James b.1834
PENNY, John b.1849
PENNY, Mary M. b.1840
PENNY, Patience b.1854
PENNY, Sarah Jane b.1860


PENSTONE, Jacob b.1861


PERCY, Edgar b.1857
PERCY, Leander C. b.1883
PERCY, Lena b.1863
PERCY, Stephen b.1854


PERFECT, Anne b.1844


PERRIN, Susanna b.1819


PETTEN, Rachel b.1872


PEYTON, Lilian b.1922


PHEALEN, Bridget b.1777


PHELAN, Ellen c.1844
PHELAN, Honora b.1848
PHELAN, Timothy b.1818


PHELEN, Catherine b.1781


PHILLIPS, John Jordan b.1829


PIBURN, Anne c.1821
PIBURN, Mary c.1824
PIBURN, Thomas b.1795


PIDDLE, Elizabeth b.1867
PIDDLE, Francis b.1816
PIDDLE, Priscilla b.1859


PIERCY, Elias b.1878
PIERCY, James b.1836


PIERD, Bridget b.1801

Pike or Gosse

PIKE OR GOSSE, Elfrida b.1876

Pike or King

PIKE OR KING, Naomi Agnes b.1855


PIKE, Alfred b.1804
PIKE, Alice Maud b.1885
PIKE, Amelia Ann b.1845
PIKE, Archibald b.1840
PIKE, Archibald James b.1878
PIKE, Diana b.1857
PIKE, Dianna b.1808
PIKE, Edmund b.1878
PIKE, Edward b.1794
PIKE, Edward b.1820
PIKE, Edward Frederick b.1833
PIKE, Elizabeth Ann b.1908
PIKE, Emmie May b.1911
PIKE, Evelyn b.1919
PIKE, Frances b.1888
PIKE, Frances b.1872
PIKE, Jabez b.1823
PIKE, James b.1882
PIKE, James Capt. b.1862
PIKE, Jane b.1773
PIKE, Jane A. b.1856
PIKE, John b.1868
PIKE, Joseph b.1840
PIKE, Joseph b.1844
PIKE, Levi b.1846
PIKE, Lorenzo George c.1832
PIKE, Lorenzo George c.1831
PIKE, Martha b.1826
PIKE, Mary Elizabeth b.1880
PIKE, Moses b.1849
PIKE, Moses b.1870
PIKE, Nathaniel b.1851
PIKE, Richard William b.1873
PIKE, Robert Bertram b.1872
PIKE, Samuel Joseph b.1874
PIKE, Selina b.1833
PIKE, Thomas b.1850
PIKE, Thomas Wilson b.1887
PIKE, Timuthus b.1815
PIKE, William Yetman b.1876


PINE, Catherine c.1838
PINE, Honor c.1836
PINE, Margaret c.1841
PINE, Robert b.1810
PINE, Rosana c.1845


PINHORN, Sarah b.1785


PINK, John b.1804


PIPPY, Anne b.1800
PIPPY, Charles c.1798
PIPPY, Charles Francis b.1868
PIPPY, George b.1871
PIPPY, James Alexander b.1878
PIPPY, Jane c.1798
PIPPY, Jane Elizabeth b.1871
PIPPY, Jessie Maud b.1873
PIPPY, Joseph b.1807
PIPPY, Joseph b.1784
PIPPY, Joseph Edward b.1873
PIPPY, Margaret Ann b.1864
PIPPY, Philip b.1772
PIPPY, Thomas Archibald b.1866
PIPPY, Walter John b.1876
PIPPY, William b.1810
PIPPY, William H. b.1838
PIPPY, William Henry b.1874


PISSELL, George Capt. b.1823


PITCHER, Charles b.1787
PITCHER, Matthias b.1862


PITMAN, James b.1834
PITMAN, Julian c.1860
PITMAN, Sarah Charlotte c.1862
PITMAN, Thomas Edward c.1863
PITMAN, William Robert c.1857


PITTMAN, Elizabeth b.1798
PITTMAN, Julia b.1838


PLOWMAN, Catherine b.1806
PLOWMAN, John b.1852
PLOWMAN, Mary b.1787
PLOWMAN, Peter b.1864


POLLO, Elizabeth b.1778

Poor or Power

POOR OR POWER, Susanna b.1853


POOR, Eleanor b.1780


POPE, Elizabeth Anne b.1834
POPE, John b.1824
POPE, Maria b.1831
POPE, Mathew James b.1822
POPE, Matthew b.1796
POPE, Matthew Henry b.1828
POPE, Thomas b.1825


PORTER, Amelia b.1837
PORTER, Ann b.1833
PORTER, Azariah b.1869
PORTER, James b.1864
PORTER, John b.1836
PORTER, Josiah b.1872
PORTER, Mary b.1848
PORTER, Mary Jane b.1868
PORTER, Patience b.1824
PORTER, Robert b.1874
PORTER, Thomas b.1819
PORTER, Thomas b.1789
PORTER, William b.1862
PORTER, William b.1830
PORTER, William b.1849

Pottle or Curtis

POTTLE OR CURTIS, George b.1864


POTTLE, Mary b.1857
POTTLE, Matilda b.1845


POWELL, Anastasia c.1831
POWELL, Edward b.1842
POWELL, Elizabeth b.1858
POWELL, Mary Ann b.1874
POWELL, Patience b.1852
POWELL, Timothy b.1805


POWER, Alice b.1867
POWER, Alicia c.1841
POWER, Anne b.1803
POWER, Bridget b.1809
POWER, David b.1815
POWER, Edward b.1855
POWER, Edward b.1803
POWER, Edward b.1752
POWER, Edward c.1835
POWER, Edward b.1796
POWER, Ellen b.1859
POWER, Frederick Patrick b.1881
POWER, George b.1855
POWER, George b.1861
POWER, Luke John b.1881
POWER, Margaret b.1812
POWER, Margaret c.1833
POWER, Margaret b.1811
POWER, Margaret Ann c.1836
POWER, Mary b.1800
POWER, Mary Ann b.1858
POWER, Mary Margaret b.1883
POWER, Michael c.1841
POWER, Richard b.1815
POWER, Richard b.1810


PRICE, James b.1868


PRIDDLE, Mary b.1801


PRINCE, Hannah b.1849


PROCTOR, George b.1789


PUDDESTER, Elizabeth b.1813
PUDDESTER, Sarah b.1823

Purcell or Constantine


Purcell or Donovan



PURCELL, Bridget b.1862
PURCELL, Bridget b.1795
PURCELL, Caroline b.1842
PURCELL, Edmond b.1794
PURCELL, Edmund b.1895
PURCELL, Edmund b.1741
PURCELL, Elizabeth b.1850
PURCELL, Emma b.1849
PURCELL, James b.1880
PURCELL, James John b.1882
PURCELL, John b.1856
PURCELL, John b.1814
PURCELL, John b.1788
PURCELL, John b.1817
PURCELL, Joseph b.1858
PURCELL, Julia b.1867
PURCELL, Julia Ann b.1859
PURCELL, Katherine b.1753
PURCELL, Margaret b.1812
PURCELL, Mary b.1860
PURCELL, Mary b.1867
PURCELL, Mary b.1827
PURCELL, Richard b.1786
PURCELL, Robert b.1804
PURCELL, Stephen c.1767
PURCELL, Stephen b.1844
PURCELL, Sylvia b.1819
PURCELL, William b.1853
PURCELL, William b.1802


PYE, Lorenzo b.1871

Pynn or Butt

PYNN OR BUTT, Edward b.1836


PYNN, Charles b.1797
PYNN, Isabella b.1860
PYNN, Julia b.1862
PYNN, Patience b.1817
PYNN, Stella b.1887


QUILTY, John J b.1878
QUILTY, Mary b.1803


QUIN, Mary b.1793


QUINTON, Elizabeth b.1807


RAINES, Francis b.1838


RAINS, Jane b.1856


RALPH, Abel b.1878


RANDALL, Honor b.1844
RANDALL, Priscilla b.1836


RANDELL, Catherine b.1800


RANES, James S. b.1838


RANKIN, Annie b.1871
RANKIN, Charles b.1868
RANKIN, Charles b.1836
RANKIN, Emma b.1874
RANKIN, Florence Beatrice b.1877
RANKIN, Isabel b.1865
RANKIN, William McMillan b.1863


RAY, Dorothy b.1813
RAY, Henry b.1821
RAY, Jane b.1818
RAY, John b.1815
RAY, Joseph b.1823
RAY, Joseph b.1786
RAY, Joshua b.1825
RAY, Thomas b.1811
RAY, William b.1820
RAY, William b.1756


RAYNAME, Michael b.1857


READ, Ann b.1824


READER, John b.1757


REARDON, Marie b.1898
REARDON, Thomas b.1872


REDDY, Frances b.1867


REDMOND, Mary b.1808


REED, Amelia b.1845
REED, Annabella or Arabella b.1851
REED, Julia Johanna b.1858
REED, Levi b.1849
REED, Louisa b.1858


REELIS, Helen Marie b.1929


REES, George b.1840

Reese or Beese

REESE OR BEESE, Joseph b.1864

Reid or Reed

REID OR REED, John b.1880


REID, b.1875
REID, Ernest b.1894
REID, George b.1860
REID, Robert b.1886


RENDELL, Herbert b.1859
RENDELL, Stephen b.1833


RENOUF, John b.1842


REX, Elizabeth b.1837
REX, Mary b.1836


RHINES, John b.1833


RICHARDS, Isaac b.1848
RICHARDS, Isaac b.1755
RICHARDS, Jesse b.1858
RICHARDS, Joseph b.1840
RICHARDS, Mary b.1780
RICHARDS, Tryphena b.1865


RIDEOUT, b.1885


RILEY, Ann b.1821
RILEY, Catherine b.1806


RIST, Catherine b.1839
RIST, Elizabeth b.1837
RIST, John b.1810


RIXON, John b.1768


ROBERTS, Amos b.1830
ROBERTS, Edward b.1866
ROBERTS, George b.1868
ROBERTS, Mary b.1844
ROBERTS, Mrs. Susannah b.1832
ROBERTS, Susanna b.1840

Robinson or Brine

ROBINSON OR BRINE, George b.1814


ROBINSON, Elizabeth b.1830
ROBINSON, George Richard b.1788


ROCKET, Robert b.1810
ROCKET, Walter c.1836


ROEWE, Elizabeth b.1836


ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1757
ROGERS, Thomas b.1753


ROLLES, Elizabeth b.1815


ROLLS, Elizabeth b.1864


ROMAN, Catherine b.1813


ROMSEY, James b.1862


RORKE, Priscilla b.1863
RORKE, William b.1837


ROSE, Bertram Alvin b.1929
ROSE, George b.1836
ROSE, Hannah b.1868
ROSE, Nancy b.1868
ROSE, Susannah b.1858
ROSE, Thomas b.1856
ROSE, William b.1827


ROSS, Cora b.1890

Rowe or Smith

ROWE OR SMITH, Selina b.1862


ROWE, Alice or Ally b.1811
ROWE, Florence Linda b.1896
ROWE, George b.1860
ROWE, Jonathan b.1856
ROWE, Joshua b.1855
ROWE, Nathaniel b.1853
ROWE, Rachel b.1859
ROWE, William b.1876


RUMBOLDT, Mary Ann b.1870


RUMSEY, Mary b.1828
RUMSEY, Mary b.1836
RUMSEY, Susannah b.1823


RUSSELL, Edward b.1831
RUSSELL, Eliza Jane b.1867
RUSSELL, Fanny b.1857
RUSSELL, Mary b.1845
RUSSELL, Robert b.1852


RYALL, John b.1814


RYAN, Anastacia b.1809
RYAN, Catherine c.1829
RYAN, Edward b.1828
RYAN, Edward b.1828
RYAN, Elizabeth c.1833
RYAN, Elizabeth b.1852
RYAN, Ellen c.1825
RYAN, Helen b.1860
RYAN, James c.1842
RYAN, Johana c.1834
RYAN, Johanna b.1819
RYAN, John b.1803
RYAN, John Charles b.1858
RYAN, Julia c.1834
RYAN, Laurance c.1821
RYAN, Margaret b.1757
RYAN, Margaret c.1830
RYAN, Martin c.1837
RYAN, Martin b.1839
RYAN, Martin c.1827
RYAN, Martin b.1790
RYAN, Mary b.1857
RYAN, Mary b.1859
RYAN, Mary c.1829
RYAN, Mary c.1823
RYAN, Michael c.1840
RYAN, Michael c.1833
RYAN, Susanna c.1837
RYAN, William b.1754


RYANS, Catherine b.1771


RYDER, Mary b.1799


SANDERS, Charlotte b.1852


SANGER, Leah b.1864


SATCHWILL, Thomas b.1806


SAVERY, Susan b.1867


SAWYER, John b.1844


SAWYERS, Julia b.1859


SAXON, William b.1734


SCHMIDT, Hartwith Mansell b.1810


SCOTT, Louisa b.1867
SCOTT, Mary Jane b.1871
SCOTT, Max b.1886
SCOTT, Richard b.1845
SCOTT, W. J. b.1841


SEARS, Julia b.1860


SETH, Frank William b.1892


SEWARD, Annie b.1884
SEWARD, Simeon b.1843
SEWARD, Simeon b.1859
SEWARD, William b.1874


SEXTON, Ann b.1833


SEXTONE, Robert b.1751


SEYMOUR, Albert b.1868
SEYMOUR, Ann Eliza b.1865
SEYMOUR, Caroline b.1836
SEYMOUR, Catherine b.1810
SEYMOUR, Eleazar b.1865
SEYMOUR, Emily b.1854
SEYMOUR, Esther b.1837
SEYMOUR, John b.1804
SEYMOUR, Melina b.1878
SEYMOUR, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1820
SEYMOUR, Nathaniel b.1877
SEYMOUR, Nathaniel b.1836
SEYMOUR, Ruth b.1852
SEYMOUR, Sarah b.1808
SEYMOUR, Susanna b.1874


SHALLOW, b.1873


SHANNAN, Flora b.1793


SHAW, Ellen b.1849
SHAW, George b.1872


SHEA, Catherine b.1813
SHEA, John M. d.2000
SHEA, Thomas b.1862


SHEEHAN, Edward b.1842
SHEEHAN, Margaret b.1863
SHEEHAN, Mary b.1819


SHELLY, Charles b.1816


SHEPHARD, George b.1831
SHEPHARD, Jane b.1892


SHEPHERD, Catherine b.1789
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth b.1811
SHEPHERD, Emily b.1845
SHEPHERD, Frances b.1762
SHEPHERD, Francis b.1800
SHEPHERD, Francis b.1747
SHEPHERD, Francis b.1821
SHEPHERD, George b.1852
SHEPHERD, Isaac Moore b.1843
SHEPHERD, Joanna b.1884
SHEPHERD, John Charles b.1853
SHEPHERD, Jonathan b.1816
SHEPHERD, Jonathan b.1734
SHEPHERD, Jordan b.1857
SHEPHERD, Marianne b.1850
SHEPHERD, Martin b.1736
SHEPHERD, Mary b.1760
SHEPHERD, Mary Jane b.1858
SHEPHERD, Matilda Jane b.1843
SHEPHERD, Patience b.1760
SHEPHERD, Patience b.1843
SHEPHERD, Richard b.1790
SHEPHERD, Sarah b.1801
SHEPHERD, Selina b.1861
SHEPHERD, Selina W. b.1867
SHEPHERD, Thomas b.1862
SHEPHERD, William b.1784
SHEPHERD, William Edgar b.1848


SHEPPARD, Anne b.1797
SHEPPARD, Bertha b.1895
SHEPPARD, Caroline b.1866
SHEPPARD, Charles b.1846
SHEPPARD, E. J. "Evelyn" d.2002
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth b.1868
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth b.1875
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth b.1833
SHEPPARD, Greg d.2002
SHEPPARD, John b.1877
SHEPPARD, John b.1814
SHEPPARD, John b.1843
SHEPPARD, Jonathan b.1845
SHEPPARD, Jonathan Edward b.1869
SHEPPARD, Josiah b.1847
SHEPPARD, Josiah b.1870
SHEPPARD, Julia b.1874
SHEPPARD, Leah b.1870
SHEPPARD, Levi b.1869
SHEPPARD, Martin b.1875
SHEPPARD, Mary b.1821
SHEPPARD, Mary Ann b.1850
SHEPPARD, Mary Anne b.1874
SHEPPARD, Mrs. Mary Ann b.1850
SHEPPARD, Patience b.1872
SHEPPARD, Rachel b.1873
SHEPPARD, Richard M. b.1880
SHEPPARD, Sarah b.1872
SHEPPARD, Sarah J. b.1872
SHEPPARD, Simeon b.1869
SHEPPARD, Susanna b.1858


SHEPPERD, Annie b.1879
SHEPPERD, Henry James b.1852
SHEPPERD, James Henry b.1882
SHEPPERD, Jonathan b.1887
SHEPPERD, Joseph c.1875
SHEPPERD, Mary b.1807
SHEPPERD, Moses b.1884
SHEPPERD, Patience b.1787
SHEPPERD, Richard b.1876
SHEPPERD, Selina b.1879
SHEPPERD, Winnifred b.1890


SHERIDAN, Catherine b.1873


SHORT, Frederick b.1858
SHORT, James b.1844
SHORT, Jane Ann b.1858
SHORT, Miriam b.1863


SHUTE, b.1873
SHUTE, Emma b.1880
SHUTE, Jessie b.1876
SHUTE, John b.1847
SHUTE, John Edward c.1878
SHUTE, Julia b.1874


SILVEY, Margaret Caroline b.1845


SIMMS, Diana b.1809
SIMMS, John b.1801
SIMMS, Thomas c.1827


SINCLAIR, Abigail b.1852


SINGLETON, Richard b.1858


SIVIER, Joseph b.1852


SKEAN, James b.1797


SKEANS, Mary b.1862


SKEFFINGTON, Christiana b.1863
SKEFFINGTON, George b.1806
SKEFFINGTON, Sarah b.1836


SKINNER, Catharine b.1816


SLADE, Hannah b.1859
SLADE, Julia Ann b.1855
SLADE, Robert b.1862


SMALLFISH, Ellen b.1862


SMITH, b.1885
SMITH, b.1845
SMITH, Abraham b.1849
SMITH, Abraham b.1783
SMITH, Cecilia b.1859
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1785
SMITH, Elizabeth b.1823
SMITH, Emily b.1855
SMITH, Emma b.1865
SMITH, Frances b.1845
SMITH, Francis b.1793
SMITH, Harriet b.1861
SMITH, Henry b.1809
SMITH, Isaac b.1839
SMITH, Jacob b.1875
SMITH, Jacob b.1878
SMITH, Jane b.1827
SMITH, Jennie or Jannie b.1857
SMITH, John b.1830
SMITH, Julia Ann b.1869
SMITH, Mary Ann b.1838
SMITH, Mary Jane b.1831
SMITH, Patience b.1876
SMITH, Rody b.1872
SMITH, Samuel b.1864
SMITH, Samuel b.1881
SMITH, Sarah b.1854
SMITH, Sarah b.1825
SMITH, Sarah b.1845
SMITH, Thomas b.1862
SMITH, Thomas b.1783
SMITH, William b.1843
SMITH, William b.1778
SMITH, William Capt. b.1862


SNELGROVE, Ann or Annie b.1839
SNELGROVE, Diana Mary b.1855


SNOOK, George b.1838
SNOOK, John b.1857


SNOW, Amy b.1844
SNOW, Ann b.1813
SNOW, Ann b.1835
SNOW, Caroline b.1858
SNOW, Elizabeth b.1840
SNOW, George b.1801
SNOW, George Henry b.1836
SNOW, John Charles b.1839
SNOW, Ruth b.1854
SNOW, Sarah Jane b.1861
SNOW, William b.1863


SOMERS, Lavinia b.1864


SOMERTON, Cora b.1897

Soolevan or Sullivan



SOPER, Clement b.1858


SPARKES, Thomas b.1850


SPENCER, James b.1755


SPRACKLIN, John b.1849


SPURDELL, Joseph b.1872


SPURDLE, William b.1855


SPURRELL, William b.1841


SQUIRE, Elizabeth b.1801


SQUIRES, Benjamin b.1849
SQUIRES, Benjamin Bennett b.1861
SQUIRES, Catherine b.1863
SQUIRES, Edward b.1831
SQUIRES, Gregory b.1817
SQUIRES, Henry b.1879
SQUIRES, James b.1832
SQUIRES, John b.1827
SQUIRES, John b.1855
SQUIRES, John Butt b.1861
SQUIRES, Martha b.1833
SQUIRES, Mary b.1822
SQUIRES, William b.1858
SQUIRES, William b.1838

St. John

ST. JOHN, Anastatia b.1874
ST. JOHN, John b.1894


STACEY, Elizabeth b.1826


STAGG, John b.1860


STAPLETON, Joseph b.1826
STAPLETON, Margaret b.1817
STAPLETON, Mary b.1859
STAPLETON, Mary Frances b.1852


STARES, Sarah Emma b.1893


STARKS, Joseph b.1878


STEAD, Elizabeth b.1888


STEERS, Thomas b.1773


STEPHENS, James b.1771
STEPHENS, Mark Wesley b.1872


STEVENS, John Samuel b.1863


STEVENSON, Fannie or Fanny May b.1893


STICKLY, Elizabeth b.1808


STOKES, Eliza b.1844
STOKES, Emma Jane b.1829


STONE, Aaron b.1838
STONE, Edward b.1856
STONE, Elizabeth b.1833
STONE, Henrietta b.1884
STONE, John b.1840
STONE, Kenneth b.1891
STONE, Lydia b.1866
STONE, Sarah Lizzie b.1892
STONE, Tessie b.1886


STRICKLAND, Mary b.1931
STRICKLAND, Samuel b.1848
STRICKLAND, Sarah b.1789


STRINGER, Joseph b.1811


STROUD, Susan Elliott b.1827


SULLIVAN, Elizabeth b.1794
SULLIVAN, Elizabeth b.1867


SUMMERS, Elizabeth b.1853
SUMMERS, Judith b.1814
SUMMERS, Julia Ann b.1838
SUMMERS, Robert b.1867


SUTTER, Julia b.1813


SUTTON, Peter b.1842


SWAINE, John Robert b.1867


SWEENEY, Alice b.1859


SWEENY, John c.1825
SWEENY, Miles c.1831
SWEENY, Miles b.1799
SWEENY, Solomon c.1830


SWEETAPLE, Adeline b.1883


SWEETLAND, Emma b.1828
SWEETLAND, John b.1812


TALBOTT, b.1833


TAPPER, Charles b.1820
TAPPER, Jonas b.1833
TAPPER, Samuel b.1821
TAPPER, Thomas b.1794
TAPPER, William b.1823


TAYLOR, Ameila Davis b.1845
TAYLOR, George b.1814
TAYLOR, Inez b.1907
TAYLOR, Isabella b.1893
TAYLOR, Jacob b.1820
TAYLOR, James b.1852
TAYLOR, John b.1822
TAYLOR, Jonathan b.1834
TAYLOR, Margaret b.1818
TAYLOR, Martha Susannah b.1842
TAYLOR, Robert b.1847


TEENING, Timothy b.1865


TERRY, Anne b.1786


THISTLE, Alfred b.1858
THISTLE, Frederick b.1836
THISTLE, John b.1838
THISTLE, Matthew b.1816
THISTLE, Peter b.1800
THISTLE, Thomas b.1828
THISTLE, William b.1857
THISTLE, William b.1794


THOMPSON, Catherine c.1834
THOMPSON, Henry b.1817
THOMPSON, Henry b.1820
THOMPSON, James b.1808
THOMPSON, Margaret b.1821
THOMPSON, Mary b.1863


THORNE, b.1881
THORNE, Ann b.1846
THORNE, George b.1851
THORNE, Sarah b.1841


THURMAN, Clementia b.1858
THURMAN, Laura b.1851


TIBBET, Mary b.1830


TILLEY, Elizabeth b.1853


TITFORD, Isaac b.1875
TITFORD, James b.1847


TOBIN, Alice c.1829
TOBIN, Margaret c.1840
TOBIN, Margaret c.1834
TOBIN, Mary b.1808
TOBIN, Mary b.1802
TOBIN, Michael b.1814
TOBIN, Patrick b.1803


TOOL, Catherine c.1835
TOOL, David c.1842
TOOL, Ellen c.1840
TOOL, John b.1802
TOOL, Margaret c.1843
TOOL, Mary c.1832
TOOL, Timothy b.1805


TOOMEY, Ed c.1833
TOOMEY, John b.1807


TOUSSAINT, Gertie b.1867
TOUSSAINT, J. C. b.1811
TOUSSAINT, William b.1837


TRASS, Hannah b.1853


TRICKET, Edmond b.1851


TRIMINGHAM, Alpheus Bridge b.1841
TRIMINGHAM, John b.1811


TRIMMINGHAM, Anne Eliza b.1832
TRIMMINGHAM, Benjamin Lightbourn b.1840
TRIMMINGHAM, Emily Louisa b.1845
TRIMMINGHAM, Emily Louisa b.1842
TRIMMINGHAM, Frances Mary b.1835
TRIMMINGHAM, Ralph Francis b.1807
TRIMMINGHAM, Ralph Nathaniel b.1838
TRIMMINGHAM, Robert Francis Bridge b.1844


TROY, Richard b.1796
TROY, Thomas c.1822


TUCKER, Amelia b.1891
TUCKER, Charles b.1812
TUCKER, Charles b.1788
TUCKER, James b.1847
TUCKER, James b.1831
TUCKER, Jane b.1837
TUCKER, Jane b.1815
TUCKER, Louise b.1814
TUCKER, Mary b.1805
TUCKER, Moses b.1865
TUCKER, Nathaniel b.1814
TUCKER, Robert b.1786


TUELON, Joseph S. b.1809


TUFF, Alfred b.1835
TUFF, John b.1821
TUFF, Roland b.1895
TUFF, Woodrow Bertram b.1921


TURNER, Andrew b.1857
TURNER, Andrew b.1855
TURNER, Catherine Mary b.1885
TURNER, John Thomas b.1883


VANDENHOFF, Esther b.1826
VANDENHOFF, George b.1800


VARDY, James b.1842


VATER, Maria b.1871


VATERS, Mary Ellen b.1893


VAUGHAN, William b.1817


VAVASOR, John b.1816


VEITCH, Elisa b.1806
VEITCH, Philip b.1842


VEY, Christopher b.1820
VEY, James b.1827


VIBERT, Louisa b.1888


VOISEY, Jacob b.1859

Vokey or Vocey

VOKEY OR VOCEY, Emma Jane b.1851

Vokey or Volky

VOKEY OR VOLKY, Alexander b.1875
VOKEY OR VOLKY, John b.1872
VOKEY OR VOLKY, Nathaniel b.1830


VOKEY, b.1729
VOKEY, Aaron b.1889
VOKEY, Aaron b.1808
VOKEY, Aaron b.1831
VOKEY, Aaron b.1869
VOKEY, Aaron b.1834
VOKEY, Aaron c.1832
VOKEY, Abraham b.1830
VOKEY, Abraham b.1885
VOKEY, Abraham b.1863
VOKEY, Abraham b.1857
VOKEY, Albert c.1880
VOKEY, Albert c.1879
VOKEY, Alfreda b.1889
VOKEY, Alfrida b.1889
VOKEY, Ambrose b.1890
VOKEY, Ambrose b.1849
VOKEY, Ambrose b.1854
VOKEY, Amelia c.1860
VOKEY, Ann Maria b.1879
VOKEY, Annie b.1890
VOKEY, Arthur b.1887
VOKEY, Azariah b.1865
VOKEY, Azariah b.1896
VOKEY, Beatrice b.1888
VOKEY, Beatrice Blanche c.1892
VOKEY, Bertha b.1892
VOKEY, Betha Julia b.1890
VOKEY, Caroline b.1872
VOKEY, Caroline b.1854
VOKEY, Caroline b.1857
VOKEY, Catherine b.1868
VOKEY, Charles b.1866
VOKEY, Cyril b.1887
VOKEY, Diana b.1860
VOKEY, Diana b.1848
VOKEY, Diana b.1853
VOKEY, Dinah b.1851
VOKEY, Ebenezer b.1878
VOKEY, Edith Maud b.1894
VOKEY, Eleazar b.1888
VOKEY, Elizabeth c.1854
VOKEY, Elizabeth b.1854
VOKEY, Elizabeth b.1851
VOKEY, Elizabeth b.1884
VOKEY, Elizabeth b.1880
VOKEY, Elizabeth Ann b.1871
VOKEY, Elizabeth Irene b.1884
VOKEY, Elizabeth Susan b.1876
VOKEY, Ellen b.1859
VOKEY, Emanuel b.1835
VOKEY, Emily b.1862
VOKEY, Emily b.1852
VOKEY, Emily b.1853
VOKEY, Emma c.1881
VOKEY, Emma b.1878
VOKEY, Emma b.1863
VOKEY, Emma b.1860
VOKEY, Emma b.1881
VOKEY, Emma Jane b.1885
VOKEY, Emma Jane b.1883
VOKEY, Emma Jane b.1886
VOKEY, Emma Jane b.1847
VOKEY, Emma Mercer b.1893
VOKEY, Emmanuel b.1837
VOKEY, Ernest Henry b.1891
VOKEY, Ernest Philip b.1896
VOKEY, Ethel May b.1885
VOKEY, Fanny Maria b.1886
VOKEY, Florence May b.1889
VOKEY, George b.1875
VOKEY, George b.1861
VOKEY, George b.1842
VOKEY, George b.1804
VOKEY, George b.1894
VOKEY, George b.1896
VOKEY, George b.1882
VOKEY, George b.1826
VOKEY, George b.1827
VOKEY, George Ernest b.1895
VOKEY, Gertrude b.1892
VOKEY, Harvey b.1886
VOKEY, Henry b.1888
VOKEY, Henry b.1847
VOKEY, Henry b.1864
VOKEY, Henry b.1872
VOKEY, Henry b.1896
VOKEY, Henry J. b.1888
VOKEY, Herbert John b.1886
VOKEY, Irene Emily Rose b.1942
VOKEY, Isaac b.1871
VOKEY, Isaac Ebenezer b.1891
VOKEY, Israel b.1852
VOKEY, Israel b.1874
VOKEY, Jacob b.1888
VOKEY, Jacob b.1847
VOKEY, Jacob b.1846
VOKEY, Jacob b.1870
VOKEY, James b.1884
VOKEY, James b.1861
VOKEY, James b.1876
VOKEY, James b.1866
VOKEY, Jane c.1879
VOKEY, Jane b.1843
VOKEY, Jane b.1849
VOKEY, Jane b.1849
VOKEY, Jemima b.1864
VOKEY, Jessica b.1872
VOKEY, Jessica b.1892
VOKEY, Jessie b.1890
VOKEY, John b.1883
VOKEY, John b.1836
VOKEY, John b.1863
VOKEY, John b.1816
VOKEY, John b.1815
VOKEY, John b.1818
VOKEY, John b.1883
VOKEY, John b.1863
VOKEY, John b.1862
VOKEY, John b.1830
VOKEY, John Philip b.1865
VOKEY, John Robert b.1858
VOKEY, Jonathan b.1854
VOKEY, Jonathan b.1888
VOKEY, Jonathan b.1853
VOKEY, Jonathan b.1816
VOKEY, Jonathan b.1831
VOKEY, Jonathan b.1850
VOKEY, Jonathan b.1803
VOKEY, Joseph b.1881
VOKEY, Joseph b.1862
VOKEY, Joseph Aaron b.1883
VOKEY, Josiah b.1873
VOKEY, Julia b.1850
VOKEY, Julia b.1852
VOKEY, Julia A. b.1880
VOKEY, Julia Ann c.1880
VOKEY, Keziah b.1807
VOKEY, Laura b.1882
VOKEY, Leah b.1863
VOKEY, Leah b.1862
VOKEY, Livena b.1842
VOKEY, Louisa b.1844
VOKEY, Mabel b.1888
VOKEY, Mahala b.1868
VOKEY, Mahala b.1883
VOKEY, Mahallah b.1884
VOKEY, Mahallah b.1867
VOKEY, Maria b.1878
VOKEY, Maria b.1859
VOKEY, Maria b.1841
VOKEY, Maria b.1841
VOKEY, Mark b.1886
VOKEY, Mark Anderson b.1889
VOKEY, Martha b.1879
VOKEY, Martha b.1892
VOKEY, Mary b.1850
VOKEY, Mary b.1857
VOKEY, Mary b.1854
VOKEY, Mary b.1836
VOKEY, Mary b.1870
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1894
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1884
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1859
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1856
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1892
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1853
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1906
VOKEY, Mary Ann b.1884
VOKEY, Mary Jane b.1881
VOKEY, Mary Margaret b.1889
VOKEY, Mary Maud b.1884
VOKEY, Mary Patience b.1876
VOKEY, Melina b.1865
VOKEY, Minnie Patience b.1896
VOKEY, Moses b.1877
VOKEY, Moses b.1874
VOKEY, Moses b.1834
VOKEY, Mrs. Sarah b.1812
VOKEY, Nathaneal b.1850
VOKEY, Nathaniel c.1879
VOKEY, Nathaniel b.1876
VOKEY, Nathaniel b.1877
VOKEY, Nathaniel b.1849
VOKEY, Nathaniel b.1876
VOKEY, Nathaniel b.1851
VOKEY, Norman b.1831
VOKEY, Olivia c.1867
VOKEY, Orestus William b.1861
VOKEY, Patience b.1845
VOKEY, Pearl b.1905
VOKEY, Philip b.1890
VOKEY, Philip b.1858
VOKEY, Philip b.1848
VOKEY, Philip b.1850
VOKEY, Philip b.1851
VOKEY, Philip b.1853
VOKEY, Philip b.1789
VOKEY, Philip b.1884
VOKEY, Philip b.1857
VOKEY, Philip b.1832
VOKEY, Philip b.1806
VOKEY, Philip b.1819
VOKEY, Philip b.1755
VOKEY, Philip George b.1890
VOKEY, Philip Henry b.1860
VOKEY, Providence b.1846
VOKEY, Rebecca b.1844
VOKEY, Rebecca b.1845
VOKEY, Rebecca b.1844
VOKEY, Rebecca b.1826
VOKEY, Rebecca b.1836
VOKEY, Rebecca b.1874
VOKEY, Rebekah c.1879
VOKEY, Rose Ann b.1893
VOKEY, Samuel c.1880
VOKEY, Samuel c.1860
VOKEY, Sarah c.1879
VOKEY, Sarah b.1858
VOKEY, Sarah b.1864
VOKEY, Sarah b.1757
VOKEY, Sarah Ann b.1896
VOKEY, Sarah Jane c.1868
VOKEY, Selby b.1892
VOKEY, Selby b.1892
VOKEY, Selina b.1858
VOKEY, Silas b.1869
VOKEY, Silas William c.1879
VOKEY, Simon b.1854
VOKEY, Solomon b.1877
VOKEY, Solomon b.1856
VOKEY, Solomon b.1886
VOKEY, Solomon b.1882
VOKEY, Sophia b.1862
VOKEY, Susanna b.1874
VOKEY, Susanna b.1865
VOKEY, Susanna b.1855
VOKEY, Susanna b.1856
VOKEY, Susannah b.1842
VOKEY, Susie Snowden b.1889
VOKEY, Tamsey b.1870
VOKEY, Teresa b.1884
VOKEY, Theodore Lemuel c.1881
VOKEY, Thereasa b.1840
VOKEY, Thomas b.1759
VOKEY, William b.1898
VOKEY, William b.1871
VOKEY, William b.1876
VOKEY, William b.1854
VOKEY, William b.1846
VOKEY, William b.1816
VOKEY, William b.1822
VOKEY, William b.1871
VOKEY, William b.1845
VOKEY, William b.1856
VOKEY, William b.1846
VOKEY, William b.1790
VOKEY, William b.1857
VOKEY, William b.1828
VOKEY, William b.1933
VOKEY, William Henry c.1881
VOKEY, William Henry b.1887
VOKEY, William Henry b.1889
VOKEY, William Henry b.1865
VOKEY, William Henry b.1894
VOKEY, William Henry b.1884
VOKEY, William James b.1908
VOKEY, William James b.1877
VOKEY, William John b.1888
VOKEY, William John b.1878


VOKY, Edmund b.1867
VOKY, Nathanael b.1867


VOLK, b.1887

Volky or Vokey

VOLKY OR VOKEY, Dinah b.1856
VOLKY OR VOKEY, Sarah b.1858


VOLKY, Dinah b.1857


WADDLETON, Elizabeth Mary Joseph b.1884
WADDLETON, John b.1858


WADE, Kate b.1863
WADE, Nicholas b.1832


WAKEHAM, Anne b.1795


WALDRON, Sarah b.1824


WALKER, Alexander b.1820
WALKER, Alexander John c.1887
WALKER, Ann b.1843
WALKER, Anne b.1870
WALKER, Barbara Lucy c.1890
WALKER, Charles b.1842
WALKER, Charles b.1803
WALKER, Clarinda c.1884
WALKER, Elizabeth b.1801
WALKER, Elizabeth b.1843
WALKER, Elizabeth b.1810
WALKER, Elizabeth Ann c.1883
WALKER, Elizabeth Gertrude b.1854
WALKER, Elizabeth Wakeham b.1816
WALKER, Emily b.1866
WALKER, Frances June b.1887
WALKER, George b.1864
WALKER, Harriet b.1871
WALKER, Hugh William b.1834
WALKER, Isabella b.1819
WALKER, Jacob b.1825
WALKER, James b.1858
WALKER, James b.1797
WALKER, James b.1785
WALKER, Jane c.1790
WALKER, Jane b.1836
WALKER, Jane b.1835
WALKER, John b.1839
WALKER, John b.1846
WALKER, John b.1818
WALKER, John Ernest Babbs c.1884
WALKER, Joseph b.1890
WALKER, Julia b.1871
WALKER, Lu b.1820
WALKER, Mary b.1807
WALKER, Mary c.1810
WALKER, Mary Ann c.1886
WALKER, Patience c.1883
WALKER, Richard James b.1853
WALKER, Robert b.1845
WALKER, Robert b.1842
WALKER, Robert b.1887
WALKER, Robert Nash b.1822
WALKER, Sarah Jane b.1850
WALKER, Susanna b.1794
WALKER, Susannah b.1805
WALKER, Thomas b.1772
WALKER, Thomas b.1790
WALKER, Thomas b.1862
WALKER, Virtue b.1821
WALKER, William b.1820
WALKER, William c.1798
WALKER, William b.1838
WALKER, William b.1859
WALKER, William b.1811
WALKER, William b.1799
WALKER, William Henry b.1858
WALKER, William James c.1879
WALKER, William James b.1836


WALL, Mary b.1764
WALL, Patrick b.1867


WALSH, Catherine b.1800
WALSH, John b.1880
WALSH, John b.1854
WALSH, Martin b.1850
WALSH, Patrick b.1805
WALSH, Peter c.1829
WALSH, Peter b.1803
WALSH, William c.1831


WAREHAM, Catherine Joseph b.1882
WAREHAM, Charles b.1854
WAREHAM, Henry Charles b.1886
WAREHAM, Ida b.1866
WAREHAM, John b.1852
WAREHAM, Mary Anne b.1880
WAREHAM, Sarah b.1837
WAREHAM, Susanna b.1851


WARFORD, Amelia b.1834
WARFORD, John b.1830


WARREN, James b.1854
WARREN, John b.1847
WARREN, John Capt. b.1821
WARREN, Lucy Mary b.1880


WATERS, Jane b.1803


WATKINS, Martha b.1802


WAUGH, Bartholomew b.1849
WAUGH, Phillip Joseph b.1875


WAY, Mark b.1852
WAY, Martha A. b.1845


WEBBER, Hannah b.1870
WEBBER, Patience b.1883


WEEKS, Henry b.1850


WEINACHT, Nathaniel b.1856


WEISH, Nicholas b.1745


WELCH, Joseph b.1739


WELDON, Mary Ann b.1805


WELLS, Eugene b.1867
WELLS, Simon b.1841
WELLS, Thomas b.1743


WELSH, George b.1835
WELSH, Nicholas b.1735


WESLEY, Charlotte b.1857


WHALE, Margaret b.1867


WHALEN, James b.1870
WHALEN, Joseph b.1864
WHALEN, Thomas b.1896
WHALEN, William b.1824


WHEADON, Elizabeth b.1829


WHEALAN, Anne c.1828


WHEALEN, Dorah b.1834


WHEELER, Arthur John b.1878
WHEELER, Caroline b.1884
WHEELER, Eleanor b.1795
WHEELER, Henry b.1890
WHEELER, Henry b.1855
WHEELER, Jane Elizabeth b.1876
WHEELER, John b.1833
WHEELER, John Thomas Carr b.1891
WHEELER, Joseph b.1846
WHEELER, Joseph Alexander b.1888
WHEELER, Maria b.1886
WHEELER, Martha b.1859
WHEELER, Maud b.1879
WHEELER, Sophia b.1881
WHEELER, William Richard b.1875


WHELAN, b.1830
WHELAN, Bridget c.1833
WHELAN, David c.1830
WHELAN, David c.1829
WHELAN, Edmund b.1806
WHELAN, Edward b.1832
WHELAN, Edward c.1834
WHELAN, Edward or Edmond b.1802
WHELAN, Eleanor b.1817
WHELAN, Eleanor b.1800
WHELAN, Elizabeth c.1842
WHELAN, Elizabeth b.1874
WHELAN, Francis c.1835
WHELAN, Francis c.1831
WHELAN, James b.1807
WHELAN, James c.1826
WHELAN, John c.1841
WHELAN, John b.1859
WHELAN, John b.1802
WHELAN, Margaret c.1832
WHELAN, Mark b.1849
WHELAN, Martin b.1801
WHELAN, Mary Ann c.1845
WHELAN, Mary Eliza b.1875
WHELAN, Mary Frances b.1888
WHELAN, Michael b.1857
WHELAN, Patrick c.1835
WHELAN, Susanna b.1868
WHELAN, Thomas c.1838
WHELAN, Thomas b.1800
WHELAN, Timothy b.1848


WHEYLAND, John b.1748
WHEYLAND, Katherine c.1779
WHEYLAND, Sarah c.1774


WHIDDON, Grace c.1764
WHIDDON, Hannah c.1769
WHIDDON, Jane c.1767
WHIDDON, Robert c.1758
WHIDDON, William c.1760
WHIDDON, William b.1732


WHITE, Caleb b.1829
WHITE, Elenor c.1825
WHITE, Elizabeth b.1818
WHITE, Elizabeth c.1823
WHITE, James b.1848
WHITE, Jane b.1824
WHITE, John b.1860
WHITE, John c.1821
WHITE, Margaret M. b.1848
WHITE, Martha Jane b.1870
WHITE, Mary c.1832
WHITE, Mary Ann b.1869
WHITE, Michael c.1836
WHITE, Michael b.1795
WHITE, Patrick c.1830
WHITE, Peter c.1828
WHITE, Terence c.1838
WHITE, Thomas b.1857
WHITE, Thomas b.1777


WHITEWAY, Richard b.1802
WHITEWAY, Samuel b.1823
WHITEWAY, William Henry Thomas b.1854


WHITTEN, George b.1811
WHITTEN, James Alfred b.1863
WHITTEN, Janet b.1865
WHITTEN, John b.1848
WHITTEN, Peter b.1837


WICKS, Benjamin b.1804


WIGHT, John b.1808


WILCOX, Benjamin Matthew b.1886
WILCOX, John b.1835
WILCOX, John P. b.1857


WILLEY, Francis G. b.1859


WILLIAMS, Alice b.1883
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1864
WILLIAMS, George b.1737
WILLIAMS, Gertrude b.1891
WILLIAMS, Gustav b.1885
WILLIAMS, John b.1857
WILLIAMS, John b.1842
WILLIAMS, Lily Maud b.1889
WILLIAMS, Margaret b.1881
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1770
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Elizabeth A. b.1860
WILLIAMS, Olivia Elizabeth b.1844
WILLIAMS, William c.1861


WILLIAMSON, Joseph b.1778


WILLS, Marjorie b.1899
WILLS, William Arthur b.1873


WINSOR, Ann Avery b.1857
WINSOR, Anthony b.1802
WINSOR, Elizabeth b.1860
WINSOR, Grace Dalton b.1858
WINSOR, Jacob b.1801
WINSOR, James Jennings b.1826
WINSOR, Mary Minchinton b.1864
WINSOR, Sarah Payne b.1815
WINSOR, Thomas Avery b.1828
WINSOR, William Menchinton b.1862


WINTER, Frederick Augustus Rothwell b.1822
WINTER, George b.1791
WINTER, Louisa b.1817
WINTER, Sarah Ann b.1816


WINTON, Mary Ann b.1835


WISE, Elizabeth b.1862


WISEMAN, Diana b.1837
WISEMAN, James b.1809


WITE, Catherine c.1834


WITHEY, Henry Goold b.1750


WOODFORD, Elizabeth b.1865
WOODFORD, Mary b.1759


WOODMASON, Gabriel b.1830


WOODROW, Alice c.1852
WOODROW, Anne c.1850
WOODROW, Denis c.1847
WOODROW, Ellen c.1856
WOODROW, James b.1826
WOODROW, Johanna c.1858
WOODROW, John c.1846
WOODROW, Mary c.1859
WOODROW, Patrick c.1854


WORNELL, Charlotte b.1853


WRIGHT, Virginia Ann b.1920


YEATMAN, Alfred George b.1890
YEATMAN, Elias c.1799
YEATMAN, Winston Mearil b.1917


YETMAN, b.1860
YETMAN, b.1887
YETMAN, m.1949
YETMAN, b.1873
YETMAN, Abraham c.1840
YETMAN, Abraham b.1847
YETMAN, Abraham b.1909
YETMAN, Abraham b.1886
YETMAN, Adelaide Mary b.1853
YETMAN, Agnes b.1880
YETMAN, Alan b.1888
YETMAN, Albert b.1913
YETMAN, Alexander b.1897
YETMAN, Alexander b.1890
YETMAN, Alexander b.1851
YETMAN, Alexander b.1896
YETMAN, Alfred b.1914
YETMAN, Alfred b.1878
YETMAN, Alfred b.1845
YETMAN, Alfreda c.1854
YETMAN, Alfrida b.1877
YETMAN, Alice b.1882
YETMAN, Alice Maude b.1902
YETMAN, Alice Myrtle b.1911
YETMAN, Alice or Effie May b.1885
YETMAN, Ambrose b.1850
YETMAN, Amelia or Nellie b.1897
YETMAN, Anastasia b.1892
YETMAN, Andrew b.1896
YETMAN, Andrew b.1850
YETMAN, Andrew b.1859
YETMAN, Andrew b.1848
YETMAN, Andrew Daniel b.1888
YETMAN, Andrew R. b.1918
YETMAN, Ann c.1772
YETMAN, Ann b.1827
YETMAN, Ann b.1799
YETMAN, Ann b.1832
YETMAN, Ann c.1853
YETMAN, Anne b.1886
YETMAN, Anne b.1886
YETMAN, Anne b.1815
YETMAN, Anne or Anna b.1821
YETMAN, Annie b.1885
YETMAN, Annie b.1893
YETMAN, Archibald b.1881
YETMAN, Archibald Ernest b.1924
YETMAN, Arthur or Ashur b.1791
YETMAN, Augustin b.1891
YETMAN, Augustus Gilbert b.1895
YETMAN, Azariah b.1891
YETMAN, Azariah b.1854
YETMAN, Azariah W. b.1931
YETMAN, Barbara b.1949
YETMAN, Beatrice b.1884
YETMAN, Bernard b.1896
YETMAN, Bertha b.1890
YETMAN, Bertha Jane b.1885
YETMAN, Bessie b.1889
YETMAN, Blanche b.1922
YETMAN, Bridget b.1910
YETMAN, Bridget b.1876
YETMAN, Bridget b.1877
YETMAN, Bridget b.1924
YETMAN, Bridget Agnes b.1868
YETMAN, Campbell b.1873
YETMAN, Caroline c.1849
YETMAN, Caroline c.1851
YETMAN, Caroline b.1852
YETMAN, Catherine b.1834
YETMAN, Catherine b.1852
YETMAN, Catherine b.1889
YETMAN, Catherine b.1894
YETMAN, Charles b.1839
YETMAN, Charles Leonard b.1875
YETMAN, Charles Wesley b.1890
YETMAN, Charlie b.1921
YETMAN, Charlotte c.1879
YETMAN, Charlotte b.1825
YETMAN, Chesley b.1916
YETMAN, Chesley b.1930
YETMAN, Chesley b.1901
YETMAN, Clara Margaret b.1866
YETMAN, Clement b.1863
YETMAN, Clement b.1891
YETMAN, Clement b.1853
YETMAN, Clement b.1867
YETMAN, Cyril b.1930
YETMAN, Darby b.1800
YETMAN, David b.1893
YETMAN, David b.1951
YETMAN, Diana b.1907
YETMAN, Diana b.1884
YETMAN, Diana b.1865
YETMAN, Dorcas b.1890
YETMAN, Dorman b.1958
YETMAN, Dorothy b.1866
YETMAN, Dorothy Claire b.1923
YETMAN, Dorothy Dawn b.1813
YETMAN, Edward b.1848
YETMAN, Edward b.1894
YETMAN, Edward b.1928
YETMAN, Edward c.1869
YETMAN, Edward b.1839
YETMAN, Edward b.1917
YETMAN, Eleanor b.1804
YETMAN, Elenor b.1825
YETMAN, Elfrida b.1872
YETMAN, Elfrida b.1884
YETMAN, Elias b.1843
YETMAN, Eliel b.1881
YETMAN, Elisa b.1843
YETMAN, Eliza b.1893
YETMAN, Eliza Jane b.1873
YETMAN, Eliza Jane b.1861
YETMAN, Elizabeth c.1838
YETMAN, Elizabeth b.1855
YETMAN, Elizabeth b.1816
YETMAN, Elizabeth b.1870
YETMAN, Elizabeth b.1855
YETMAN, Elizabeth b.1832
YETMAN, Elizabeth Ann b.1850
YETMAN, Elizabeth Emma b.1891
YETMAN, Elizabeth Hannah b.1891
YETMAN, Elizabeth Jane b.1894
YETMAN, Elizabeth Jane b.1846
YETMAN, Elizabeth Jane b.1851
YETMAN, Ellen b.1809
YETMAN, Ellen c.1854
YETMAN, Ellen Mary b.1880
YETMAN, Elsie b.1895
YETMAN, Elsie b.1892
YETMAN, Elsie M. b.1922
YETMAN, Emily b.1897
YETMAN, Emily b.1894
YETMAN, Emily c.1875
YETMAN, Emily b.1847
YETMAN, Emmanuel b.1931
YETMAN, Eneas b.1869
YETMAN, Enos b.1911
YETMAN, Ephraim b.1917
YETMAN, Ephraim b.1868
YETMAN, Esau b.1892
YETMAN, Esther b.1871
YETMAN, Ethel b.1894
YETMAN, Ethel b.1891
YETMAN, Eugene b.1909
YETMAN, Frances b.1824
YETMAN, Francis b.1825
YETMAN, Francis c.1888
YETMAN, Francis b.1874
YETMAN, Francis b.1912
YETMAN, Francis d.1875
YETMAN, Francis Augustus b.1847
YETMAN, Frank b.1893
YETMAN, Frederick b.1864
YETMAN, Frederick Edward b.1905
YETMAN, Frederick Roy b.1921
YETMAN, Fredrick William b.1864
YETMAN, Freeman b.1891
YETMAN, Freeman b.1916
YETMAN, George b.1899
YETMAN, George b.1907
YETMAN, George b.1866
YETMAN, George b.1872
YETMAN, George b.1879
YETMAN, George c.1858
YETMAN, George b.1887
YETMAN, George Charles b.1825
YETMAN, George Edward b.1920
YETMAN, George Henry b.1896
YETMAN, George W. b.1935
YETMAN, George William b.1884
YETMAN, Gertrude b.1915
YETMAN, Gilbert b.1898
YETMAN, Gladys b.1912
YETMAN, Gladys b.1917
YETMAN, Gladys b.1891
YETMAN, Gladys b.1905
YETMAN, Hannah b.1845
YETMAN, Harry Charles James b.1875
YETMAN, Harvey b.1892
YETMAN, Harvey b.1926
YETMAN, Hayward b.1883
YETMAN, Helen b.1846
YETMAN, Henrietta b.1884
YETMAN, Henry b.1844
YETMAN, Henry b.1809
YETMAN, Henry b.1819
YETMAN, Henry b.1845
YETMAN, Henry b.1894
YETMAN, Henry b.1835
YETMAN, Henry b.1825
YETMAN, Henry b.1821
YETMAN, Henry b.1885
YETMAN, Henry b.1807
YETMAN, Henry b.1849
YETMAN, Henry b.1884
YETMAN, Henry b.1865
YETMAN, Henry or Harry b.1845
YETMAN, Herbert b.1887
YETMAN, Honora b.1876
YETMAN, Isabella b.1850
YETMAN, Isabella b.1904
YETMAN, Israel b.1847
YETMAN, Jacob b.1891
YETMAN, Jacob b.1889
YETMAN, James c.1844
YETMAN, James d.1920
YETMAN, James b.1824
YETMAN, James b.1839
YETMAN, James b.1879
YETMAN, James b.1861
YETMAN, James b.1893
YETMAN, James b.1886
YETMAN, James b.1819
YETMAN, James b.1879
YETMAN, James b.1921
YETMAN, James b.1921
YETMAN, James Hedley b.1895
YETMAN, James Joseph b.1894
YETMAN, James M. b.1928
YETMAN, James Pike b.1856
YETMAN, Jane b.1856
YETMAN, Jane b.1845
YETMAN, Jane c.1858
YETMAN, Jane b.1818
YETMAN, Jane b.1816
YETMAN, Jane b.1818
YETMAN, Jesse b.1830
YETMAN, Jessie b.1880
YETMAN, Jessie b.1883
YETMAN, Jessie March or Maud b.1868
YETMAN, Jil S. b.1966
YETMAN, Joanna b.1861
YETMAN, Joanna b.1866
YETMAN, Job b.1839
YETMAN, Johanna b.1830
YETMAN, John b.1888
YETMAN, John b.1841
YETMAN, John b.1875
YETMAN, John b.1875
YETMAN, John b.1873
YETMAN, John b.1896
YETMAN, John b.1907
YETMAN, John b.1860
YETMAN, John b.1783
YETMAN, John c.1848
YETMAN, John c.1858
YETMAN, John b.1791
YETMAN, John b.1828
YETMAN, John b.1762
YETMAN, John b.1783
YETMAN, John b.1815
YETMAN, John b.1917
YETMAN, John b.1824
YETMAN, John Arthur b.1896
YETMAN, John Charles b.1905
YETMAN, John Charles b.1823
YETMAN, John Charles b.1837
YETMAN, John Edward b.1895
YETMAN, John Hayward b.1882
YETMAN, John Patrick b.1885
YETMAN, John Patrick b.1885
YETMAN, John William b.1882
YETMAN, Jonathan Simeon b.1850
YETMAN, Joseph b.1897
YETMAN, Joseph b.1872
YETMAN, Joseph b.1874
YETMAN, Joseph b.1865
YETMAN, Joseph b.1868
YETMAN, Joseph b.1857
YETMAN, Joseph b.1855
YETMAN, Joseph c.1851
YETMAN, Joseph c.1874
YETMAN, Joseph b.1871
YETMAN, Joseph b.1920
YETMAN, Joseph b.1809
YETMAN, Joseph b.1907
YETMAN, Joseph b.1758
YETMAN, Joseph c.1850
YETMAN, Joseph b.1887
YETMAN, Joseph b.1823
YETMAN, Joseph b.1784
YETMAN, Joseph b.1791
YETMAN, Joseph b.1870
YETMAN, Joseph b.1881
YETMAN, Joseph F. b.1919
YETMAN, Joseph Francis b.1890
YETMAN, Joseph Henry b.1828
YETMAN, Joseph or Josiah b.1853
YETMAN, Josephine b.1894
YETMAN, Joshua b.1839
YETMAN, Joshua b.1827
YETMAN, Joshua (Jess) b.1849
YETMAN, Joshua or Joseph Henry b.1893
YETMAN, Josiah b.1892
YETMAN, Josiah b.1895
YETMAN, Josiah b.1857
YETMAN, Josiah b.1870
YETMAN, Josiah b.1890
YETMAN, Juddson b.1872
YETMAN, Judith b.1759
YETMAN, Julia Ann b.1894
YETMAN, Julia Ann b.1862
YETMAN, Katie Beatrice b.1923
YETMAN, Katie Blanche b.1894
YETMAN, Kenneth b.1897
YETMAN, Kenneth b.1899
YETMAN, Leah b.1870
YETMAN, Leah b.1891
YETMAN, Leah Mathilda b.1849
YETMAN, Leo b.1926
YETMAN, Lilian b.1892
YETMAN, Lilliam Simpson b.1892
YETMAN, Lillian b.1883
YETMAN, Lily b.1884
YETMAN, Lucy b.1868
YETMAN, Lucy b.1901
YETMAN, Malachi c.1862
YETMAN, Malcolm James b.1895
YETMAN, Margaret c.1842
YETMAN, Margaret b.1871
YETMAN, Margaret b.1876
YETMAN, Margaret Ella b.1883
YETMAN, Marie b.1885
YETMAN, Marion b.1917
YETMAN, Marjorie G. b.1946
YETMAN, Mark b.1900
YETMAN, Mark b.1842
YETMAN, Mark b.1866
YETMAN, Mark b.1923
YETMAN, Mark b.1887
YETMAN, Mary c.1837
YETMAN, Mary c.1825
YETMAN, Mary b.1789
YETMAN, Mary b.1818
YETMAN, Mary b.1819
YETMAN, Mary b.1914
YETMAN, Mary b.1820
YETMAN, Mary b.1761
YETMAN, Mary b.1914
YETMAN, Mary d.1875
YETMAN, Mary b.1821
YETMAN, Mary b.1882
YETMAN, Mary b.1844
YETMAN, Mary b.1829
YETMAN, Mary b.1819
YETMAN, Mary Ann b.1861
YETMAN, Mary Ann c.1855
YETMAN, Mary Ann b.1880
YETMAN, Mary Ann b.1852
YETMAN, Mary Ann b.1860
YETMAN, Mary Ann or Hannah b.1887
YETMAN, Mary Catherine b.1880
YETMAN, Mary Elizabeth c.1889
YETMAN, Mary J. b.1881
YETMAN, Mary Jane b.1892
YETMAN, Mary Jane b.1861
YETMAN, Mary Joseph b.1896
YETMAN, Mary Joseph b.1882
YETMAN, Mary Maud b.1872
YETMAN, Mary Patience b.1873
YETMAN, Mary Patience b.1882
YETMAN, Maryann b.1840
YETMAN, Maud b.1867
YETMAN, Maud b.1893
YETMAN, May b.1892
YETMAN, Michael d.1917
YETMAN, Michael b.1860
YETMAN, Michael Andrew b.1879
YETMAN, Minnie b.1878
YETMAN, Minnie May b.1891
YETMAN, Miriam b.1878
YETMAN, Moses b.1861
YETMAN, Moses c.1860
YETMAN, Moses b.1817
YETMAN, Moses b.1833
YETMAN, Moses b.1822
YETMAN, Moses c.1856
YETMAN, Moses b.1861
YETMAN, Moses b.1882
YETMAN, Mr. c.1876
YETMAN, Myra b.1914
YETMAN, Nancy c.1825
YETMAN, Nathan b.1893
YETMAN, Nathaniel b.1896
YETMAN, Nathaniel b.1885
YETMAN, Nathaniel b.1919
YETMAN, Nathaniel b.1861
YETMAN, Nellie b.1916
YETMAN, Noah c.1886
YETMAN, Orestus William b.1864
YETMAN, Patience b.1885
YETMAN, Patience b.1850
YETMAN, Patience b.1881
YETMAN, Patience b.1853
YETMAN, Patience b.1841
YETMAN, Patience b.1833
YETMAN, Patience Naomi b.1886
YETMAN, Patience Susanna b.1890
YETMAN, Patricia b.1954
YETMAN, Patrick Joseph b.1871
YETMAN, Pearl Marjorie b.1927
YETMAN, Philip b.1879
YETMAN, Philip b.1850
YETMAN, Philip b.1869
YETMAN, Phoebe b.1896
YETMAN, Priscilla c.1862
YETMAN, Reuben b.1775
YETMAN, Richard b.1895
YETMAN, Richard b.1838
YETMAN, Richard Gosse b.1891
YETMAN, Richard Parsons b.1890
YETMAN, Robert b.1862
YETMAN, Robert b.1872
YETMAN, Robert b.1901
YETMAN, Robert b.1828
YETMAN, Robert b.1873
YETMAN, Robert c.1848
YETMAN, Robert b.1902
YETMAN, Robert Allan b.1886
YETMAN, Robert James b.1919
YETMAN, Robert Orestes b.1923
YETMAN, Robert Prince c.1869
YETMAN, Roland b.1915
YETMAN, Ronald b.1900
YETMAN, Rose c.1852
YETMAN, Roy b.1923
YETMAN, Ruby b.1909
YETMAN, Samuel b.1894
YETMAN, Samuel b.1853
YETMAN, Samuel b.1871
YETMAN, Sara b.1928
YETMAN, Sarah c.1770
YETMAN, Sarah b.1896
YETMAN, Sarah b.1855
YETMAN, Sarah b.1810
YETMAN, Sarah b.1892
YETMAN, Sarah c.1856
YETMAN, Sarah b.1897
YETMAN, Sarah b.1867
YETMAN, Sarah Jane b.1883
YETMAN, Sarah Sophia b.1837
YETMAN, Selby b.1896
YETMAN, Selby b.1887
YETMAN, Selina b.1884
YETMAN, Selina b.1864
YETMAN, Solomon b.1848
YETMAN, Solomon b.1843
YETMAN, Solomon b.1827
YETMAN, Stanley Gordon b.1927
YETMAN, Stephen c.1854
YETMAN, Susan Mariah b.1909
YETMAN, Susanna b.1855
YETMAN, Susanna b.1831
YETMAN, Susannah b.1891
YETMAN, Susannah b.1887
YETMAN, Susannah d.1873
YETMAN, Teresa c.1850
YETMAN, Thomas b.1827
YETMAN, Thomas b.1893
YETMAN, Thomas b.1866
YETMAN, Thomas b.1824
YETMAN, Thomas b.1865
YETMAN, Thomas d.1779
YETMAN, Thomas b.1835
YETMAN, Thomas b.1787
YETMAN, Thomas b.1841
YETMAN, Thomas b.1764
YETMAN, Thomas b.1849
YETMAN, Thomas b.1892
YETMAN, Thomas d.1906
YETMAN, Thomas b.1868
YETMAN, Thomas b.1863
YETMAN, Thomas b.1847
YETMAN, Thomas b.1845
YETMAN, Thomas b.1834
YETMAN, Thomas c.1857
YETMAN, Thomas b.1823
YETMAN, Thomas b.1821
YETMAN, Thomas b.1841
YETMAN, Thomas b.1834
YETMAN, Thomas b.1811
YETMAN, Thomas b.1915
YETMAN, Thomas Francis b.1892
YETMAN, Thomas H. b.1926
YETMAN, Thomas Henry b.1886
YETMAN, Thomas Henry b.1932
YETMAN, Thomas Henry b.1875
YETMAN, Thomas Jr. b.1814
YETMAN, Thomas W. b.1926
YETMAN, Walter b.1910
YETMAN, Walter Armstrong b.1913
YETMAN, Wesley b.1874
YETMAN, Wilhelmina c.1866
YETMAN, Wilhelmina b.1891
YETMAN, Wilhelmina b.1885
YETMAN, William b.1744
YETMAN, William b.1867
YETMAN, William b.1893
YETMAN, William b.1867
YETMAN, William b.1891
YETMAN, William b.1865
YETMAN, William b.1865
YETMAN, William b.1846
YETMAN, William b.1800
YETMAN, William b.1872
YETMAN, William b.1843
YETMAN, William b.1824
YETMAN, William b.1850
YETMAN, William b.1886
YETMAN, William b.1917
YETMAN, William b.1894
YETMAN, William b.1809
YETMAN, William b.1888
YETMAN, William b.1859
YETMAN, William c.1850
YETMAN, William b.1880
YETMAN, William b.1817
YETMAN, William b.1820
YETMAN, William b.1889
YETMAN, William b.1864
YETMAN, William b.1847
YETMAN, William b.1866
YETMAN, William b.1816
YETMAN, William b.1829
YETMAN, William b.1886
YETMAN, William b.1932
YETMAN, William b.1883
YETMAN, William George b.1879
YETMAN, William George b.1881
YETMAN, William Henry b.1886
YETMAN, William Henry b.1858
YETMAN, William Henry b.1878
YETMAN, William Henry b.1837
YETMAN, William Henry b.1853
YETMAN, William James b.1879
YETMAN, William James b.1885
YETMAN, William John c.1860
YETMAN, William Joseph b.1883
YETMAN, William Joseph b.1914
YETMAN, William Lister b.1888
YETMAN, William T. b.1890
YETMAN, Willimina b.1868
YETMAN, Winnifred Mary b.1892
YETMAN, Winston b.1942


YOUNG, Caroline b.1857
YOUNG, Caroline b.1869
YOUNG, Elizabeth b.1784
YOUNG, Frederic b.1855
YOUNG, George b.1865
YOUNG, John b.1829
YOUNG, John J. b.1891
YOUNG, Sarah b.1756
YOUNG, Thomas b.1867
YOUNG, William b.1758


YOW, Anne b.1831
YOW, John b.1795
YOW, Philip b.1829
YOW, Thomas b.1825

Surname List