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                 Introduction to Native Americans in Kansas

I started this while doing genealogy on my wife's family. I feel that I should preserve and pass on to others what I have gathered.

I cannot understand why the Tribes don't have History and Culture Centers to preserve their History , and make it available to others.

Any Indians you find in the Federal Census before 1900 were Citizens , living off the Reservation and paying taxes.

Reservation Indians were not counted in the Federal Census until  the 1900 Census. And that is the best place to find Tribe and Blood Quantum.

When looking at the Indian names , don't get hung up on the exact spelling. Use phonics to sound it out . Some of the spellings are quite different.

You cannot tell much about the date of birth, as with most people of that era they did not read or write and numbers didn't mean much to them.  They may vary by five years.

When working with the Kickapoo , you will need to check the Sac and Fox and the Iowa in Brown Co. Ks as some of them married each other and moved from one
reservation to the other.

There are Indian records . now have the Indians records on line  1885-1940

I hope these records help with your research.
I used for a lot of my research.

Good luck and good hunting

Don L. Knarr
[email protected]