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Nicholas Duckworth, c. 1817 - 1889. Husband of Lucinda Ann Eyes, 1817 - 1888.
Nicholas Duckworth, c. 1817 - 1889
Nicholas Duckworth, the son of Hugh and Mary Duckworth, was born in Liverpool in about 1817. He attended Liverpool College until December 1831, studying Classics.
Nicholas followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a cotton merchant. His father had served an apprenticeship with Nicholas Waterhouse, starting business on his own account in 1805. Nicholas Duckworth became a partner in about 1839, (the firm being called Duckworth and Marsden) and became one of the most esteemed members of the Cotton Brokers' Association. He became a partner in the firm of Duckworth and Rathbone (the other partner being Mr. Benson Rathbone) and later Nicholas Duckworth & Sons.
After he retired, he became fond of visiting the newsroom to talk to his friends. He was frequently invited to take part in public affairs, but despite being a Conservative, he never agreed.
On October 27, 1889, Nicholas Duckworth died at his residence, Elmswood House, in Mossley Hill. He was buried with his wife, Lucinda Ann Eyes, at Holy Trinity Church, Wavertree. According to probate records, his personal estate was valued at 286,029 19s 4d.
On October 29, 1889, the Liverpool Courier wrote:
"His kindly, generous nature and open-handed benevolence made him highly respected in the neighbourhood of Aigburth and Mossley Hill. As a merchant he was enterprising, far-seeing, and successful, and when in active business life his opinion was taken with regard to some important commercial matters at different arises in the cotton market, particularly at the period of the American Confederate war."
One of the Duckworth vaults at Holy Trinity C of E Church, Wavertree. Underneath the picture is a transcription of the writing on the grave stone.
Sacred to the Memory
Nicholas son of Nicholas and
Lucinda Ann Duckworth of
Liverpool died November 1844
aged 19 months
William Henry son of Hugh and
Lucinda Eleanor Duckworth,
and grandson of the above
Nicholas and Lucinda Ann Duckworth
died January 9, 1871
aged 3 years.
Mary, daughter of Hugh and
Mary Duckworth of Liverpool,
died September 20, 1888
aged 75 years
Lucinda Ann wife of the
above Nicholas Duckworth
of Elmswood House, Mossley Hill
Died October 29, 1888
Aged 70 years.
Nicholas Duckworth
of Elmswood House, Mossley Hill
Died October 27, 1889
Aged 72 years
Nicholas Duckworth and Lucinda Ann Eyes had thirteen children:
Mary Susan Duckworth, 1839 -1906
Hugh Duckworth, 1841 -1895
Walter Duckworth, 1842 -1903
Nicholas Duckworth, 1843 -1844
Charles Eyes Duckworth, 1844 -1901
Alice Jane Duckworth, 1846 -????
Joseph Battersby Duckworth, 1847 -1912
Eliza Duckworth, c.1850 -????
Lucy Anne Duckworth, 1852 -1920
James Alexander Duckworth, c.1854 -1916
Sophia Amelia Duckworth, c.1856 -1926
Helen Duckworth, 1858 - ????
Margaret Swithun Duckworth, 1860 -????
Mary Susan Duckworth, 1839 - 1906
Mary Susan, the eldest child of Nicholas and Lucinda Ann Duckworth was born in Liverpool in 1839. She was baptized at St. George C of E Church, Everton on December 2, 1839.
Mary Susan married Walton Ainsworth somewhere in West Derby in 1861. They moved to Rivington, Lancashire, where they had at least seven children:
Mary Susan Ainsworth, 1863 -1915
Gertrude Ainsworth, 1867 -????
Helen Ainsworth, 1869 -????
Jessie Ainsworth, 1871 -????
Edmund Ainsworth, 1874 -????
Arthur Walton Ainsworth, 1879 -1932
Gwendoline A Ainsworth, c.1882 -????
It is not known when Walton Ainsworth died, but Mary Susan died on April 28, 1906 in Rivington. According to probate, her effects were valued at 4472 19s 3d.
Hugh Duckworth, 1841 - 1895
Hugh Duckworth married his cousin Lucinda Eleanor Eyes. More can be read about Hugh and Eleanor by clicking on this link. (This will take you to the page about William Henry Eyes - scroll down until you come to Lucinda Eleanor.)
Walter Duckworth, c.1842 - 1903
Walter Duckworth was born about 1842 in Birkenhead. After his father retired, Walter continued with the family business, the firm now taking the name of Rathbone, Duckworth & Co. He was held in great esteem by his fellow brokers until he retired in about 1888. Walter was an energetic member of the Palatine Club in Bold Street, Liverpool, and held the office of chairman for three successive years.
Walter married at least twice, possibly three times. One of his wives was Helen Laura Wheeler whom he married in Kensington, London. His last wife was Hilda Emma Frances Johnston, daughter of Carruthers Charles & Jessie Johnston. They married at St. Peter C of E Church, Liverpool on November 1, 1890. It is not known how many children Walter Duckworth had, but it is known that he had one son, also named Walter.
Walter died on September 3, 1903 at Harrogate. He had been suffering from bad health and had been sent to Harrogate to rest. Despite this, his death was still unexpected. He was buried at West Kirby Parish Church, his funeral service being conducted by the Rev. Canon Blencowe (Rector of West Kirby) and the Rev. R. J. Fairclough.
Nicholas Duckworth, 1843 - 1844
Nicholas Duckworth was baptized at St. Nicholas C of E Church, Liverpool on April 26, 1843. His life was very short as he died on November 6, 1844 and was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Wavertree three days later.
Memorial card of Nicholas Duckworth, son of Nicholas & Lucinda Ann Duckworth.
Charles Eyes Duckworth, 1844 - 1901
Charles Eyes Duckworth was born at Holt Hill, Birkenhead on September 17, 1844 and was baptized on December 26 of the same year at St. Nicholas C of E Church, Liverpool. He also followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a cotton broker.
He married Maria Robinson on May 12, 1869 at St. Saviour C of E Church, Liverpool. They lived in Wavertree before settling in Litherland.
They had six children:
Florence Maria Duckworth, b. 1870, d. August 13, 1885;
Ethel Mary Duckworth, b. 1871, d. November 5, 1945 in Upton;
Lucinda Gertrude Duckworth, b. 1873, d. 1885?
Sarah Lita Duckworth, b. 1875
Nicholas Robinson Duckworth, b. 1877, d. April 26, 1904 at sea
Charles William Henry Duckworth, b. 1880
Charles Eyes Duckworth died on September 17, 1901, his 57th birthday. He was buried at Sefton Parish Church.
Alice Jane Duckworth, 1846 - ????
Little is known about Alice Jane Duckworth other than she was born on February 28, 1846 and baptized at St. Nicholas C of E Church, Liverpool on September 15 of the same year.
Joseph Battersby Duckworth,
             1847 - 1912
Joseph Battersby Duckworth, the son of Nicholas Duckworth and Lucinda Ann Eyes was born on July 20, 1847 at Holt Hill, Birkenhead. He was brought over the Mersey to be baptized at St. Nicholas C of E Church on December 1 of the same year. As well as being educated privately, he also attended Liverpool College and a school in Germany.
He followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by entering the cotton trade. His career started in 1864 with his father's firm, Messrs. Duckworth and Rathbone.
Joseph Battersby Duckworth, 1847 - 1912. Son of Nicholas Duckworth & Lucinda Ann Eyes.
He soon established his own business, becoming head of the firm of Messrs. Muir, Duckworth and Company, (3 Rumford Place, Liverpool and 6 Bank Street, Manchester), and president of the Duckworth Company, merchants, of Savannah. He also had extensive business contacts in the southern states of America and Egypt. Indeed, Joseph lived in America for nearly twenty years.
In addition to his career in the cotton trade, he lead an active social and public life. Joseph was:
High Sheriff of Cheshire;
President of the Savannah Cotton Exchange;
Director of the London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company;
Director of the Standard Marine Insurance Company, Ltd.
He was also a member of the following clubs:
Royal Liverpool Golf Club;
Liverpool Cricket Club;
Birkenhead Cricket Club;
Palatine Club, Liverpool;
Constitutional Club, Manchester;
Union Club, London;
British Empire Club, London;
Royal Automobile Club, London.
Cartoon of Joseph Battersby Duckworth, taken from the book, "Bulls and Bears: Cartoons of Members and Ring Traders of the Liverpool Cotton Exchange."
Joseph Battersby Duckworth married Mary Hartridge Battersby on August 22, 1872 at Lymm Parish Church. They had five children:
Alfred Battersby Duckworth;
Hubert Battersby Duckworth;
Walter Battersby Duckworth;
Winifred Battersby Duckworth;
Leila Mary Battersby Duckworth. (Married Arthur Blundell Johnson-Houghton, August 4th, 1910, St. Mary's Church, Eastham)
Walter Battersby Duckworth, son of Joseph Battersby Duckworth and Mary Hartridge Battersby. Walter followed in his father's footsteps by entering the cotton trade.
He married again, to Ada Christiana Sanderson (sister of Harold Arthur Sanderson, Director of the White Star Line) on February 19, 1891 at St. Mary C of E Church, Eastham. They had four children:
Ellis Heys Sanderson Duckworth, b. 1892 (Married Nancye Brocklebank, April 14, 1915, Bidston Parish Church);
Hazel Sanderson Duckworth, b. 1893;
Godfrey Sanderson Duckworth, b. 1894;
Rowena Sanderson Duckworth. (Married Edward Leslie                                                               Champness, August 15, 1918, St. Mary's Church, Eastham.)
Joseph Battersby Duckworth died on July 3, 1912 at his residence, The Heys, Eastham. He was buried at St. Mary's Church, Eastham five days later.
Eliza Duckworth, c. 1850 - ????
Little is known about Eliza Duckworth other than she was born in about 1850 in Oxton, Cheshire, and that she later lived in Edwardes Square, London.
Lucy Anne Duckworth, 1852 - 1920
Lucy Anne was born on October 4, 1852 in Claughton, Cheshire. She married James Mawdsley (of the firm 'James Mawdsley & Son', publishers) at St. Matthew and St. James C of E Church, Mossley Hill on August 19, 1880. They went to live at 'Orgreave', a house on the corner of Croxteth Road and Hartington Road. They had two children:
Lucy Ann Duckworth Mawdsley, b. November 26, 1882, baptized on January 4, 1883 at St. Paul C of E Church, Princes Park. She married Walton Wood Brindle Wood at the church where whe was baptized on April 15, 1914.
James Duckworth Mawdsley, b. c.1884
Lucy Anne died on September 6, 1920, James died on June 20, 1923. They were buried together at Allerton Cemetery, Liverpool.
These photos show two views of the Mawdsley grave in Allerton Cemetery. The inscription on the stone reads:
BORN OCT 4TH 1852, DIED SEP 6TH 1920.
James Alexander Duckworth, c. 1854 - 1916
Little is known about James Alexander Duckworth. He was born in about 1854 and later married Emsie (surname unknown). It is probable that he married in the United States as it was there where he died on November 22, 1916 at Fort Thomas, Kentucky.
James Alexander lodged a will in England, and probate was not granted until 1949. According to probate documents, he lived at 1339 Delta Avenue, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio and left 867 19s 1d in England.
His wife, Emsie, died before him, on September 29, 1895, at Tredis St. Germans, Cornwall.
Sophia Amelia Duckworth, c. 1856 - 1926
Sophia Amelia, was born in about 1856. She married George Carrick on January 25, 1887 at St. Matthew and St. James C of E Church, Mossley Hill and died on March 8, 1926 at Waking, Surrey.
Helen Duckworth, 1858 - ????
Helen Duckworth was born on September 19, 1858 and was baptized at Holy Trinity C of E Church, Wavertree. She married Oscar Finlay (son of James & Caroline Finlay, Staffordshire) at St. Matthew and St James C of E Church, Mossley Hill on December 10, 1884.
Margaret Swithun Duckworth, 1860 - ????
The only thing known about Margaret Swithun Duckworth is that she was born in 1860 and that she was baptized on September 12 of that year at Holy Trinity C of E Church, Wavertree.
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