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Our Family History

I am going to try to cover as much information on each of  my family line's as I can here. I am not an expert by no means, but love doing this. If, as you go through the pages here, you see something I have missed or is wrong, please feel free to let me know so I can make this site the best I can.

Many of the early family's did quite a bit of moving south and west in the early year's. After doing this for awhile I  realize how brave they had to be to venture off into unknown and very harsh area's. This is my attempt to honor the memory of many of our ancestor's who braved new area's to get us where we are today.

Below is a list of the surname's I'm working on or at. Listed here are direct family to me and some are "in law" lines. I will endeavor to gather as much information as I can to make sure to get all of our ancestors listed and not forget anyone. This after all is my way of keeping the memory of them alive so we don't forget their sacrifices.

Here are the surnames I have been working on so far. Some you will see that I have not gotten a family page made for. As with all things in genealogy this is a work in progress.


Fluke   -> MD - OH - KY Baldwin -> PA - VA - NC - IN
Southworth   KY Barrickman  -> KY - IN
Head  -> VA - KY Reeves  -> NJ - OH - IN
Mount  ->VA - KY Brewster -> TN
Oglesby  -> VA - KY France/Francis  -> VA - KY
Woodsmall Stewart
Mitchell -> NC - KY Lawson

Here I will list the cemeteries where I've found our family. I am putting them on this page because some of the cemeteries have more than one of the family line's listed.

Valley of Rest     LaGrange, Oldham Co. KY Converse Cemetery   Miami Co. IN
James Head Family Cemetery  LaGrange, Oldham Co. KY Reeves-Personnett Family Cemetery  Miami Co. IN
Zachariah Head Family Cemetery LaGrange Oldham Co KY Crown Hill Cemetery (Old Scherer) Hamilton Co. IN
  Baldwin Family various Cemeteries in Henry Co. IN
  Baldwin Family various Cemeteries in Wayne Co. IN
  Baldwin Family various Cemeteries in Hamilton Co. IN
Georgetown Cemetery  Georgetown, Scott Co. KY  
France Family, Various Cemeteries in KY  



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Postcard's collected  

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