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His mother was Cordelia Foote & his step-father was George Budd.

Born: July 12, 1856 in Fareham, Hampshire, England

Died: January 2, 1946 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California USA

The first photo is very faint & faded (and he's not in
uniform), it has the name of the photographer stamped
on the back, it appears to be W.D. O'Donnell and it
says "Halifax Nova Scotia. This photo is of John
Foote. Taken in June 1883 HM Ship Malard British Navy"

The second photo, he is obviously in uniform, and it
was taken in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. That is where he
settled when he came to America in the early 1890's.

Between the first photo, and Bob Sanders website that had the manifest for HMS Mallard 1881, I was able to find John, as well as his wife Merinda (Taylor) Foote, and children on the 1881 Census.

1881 British Census

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability

Miranda BUDD Wife(Head) M Female 23 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Seamans Wife
John H. BUDD Son Male 5 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Scholar
Cordelia M. BUDD Daur Female 4 m Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

I never knew that they had went by the name of his step-father, so this gives me a whole new way to search.

John Foote
aka John Budd
HMS Mallard Manifest 1881 ~ Bob Sanders website

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