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†††† A Webpage for Researchers into Australian Family History
Created December 30, 2001--- last updated July 18, 2014
This site is lovingly dedicated to my Mom, Anna Margaret Sexton nee Devlin 1916 - 2014
a woman of boundless love and faith to whom family was everything.

Kathy and Phil Creer

Hello, my name is Kathy Creer nee Sexton. I was born and raised in the midwest of the USA.
I have always been keenly interested in family history research but my brother, David and my nephew, Steven had pretty much monopolised my own ancestors leaving me with little to do but admire their work.
In 1971 I married my Australian husband, Philip, who was completing his Degree in the USA and in 1974 we made the move to his hometown of Adelaide in South Australia.

It was with great delight that I discovered that his family history on both sides was not only almost virgin territory but that his parents had acquired a large number of family artifacts and memorabilia which were in desperate need of organisation and documentation.
This task offered me the added challenge of needing to study Australian history - and in particular South Australian history -† in conjuction with researching the various families; something that has been as richly† rewarding in its own right. Adelaide is a† delightful capital city on the Gulf† St. Vincent.† South Australia† has the unique history of being the only state in Australia founded on free settlers rather than convicts. For that reason, family history research follows some different rules to the rest of this country.

Phil and I have two children - Terry and Elyn - who share a wealth of heritage in their bloodlines which include Amer-Indian, Irish, Scots, English and Manx and probably Huguenot. And now our beautiful grandson, Tobin Alexander Creer whose mother Hue is of Vietnamese heritage, adding another fantastic dimension to our multicultural family
I am a member of the South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society, The Clan Johnstone Society of Australia, The Internet Family History Association of Australia, a registered researcher with the National Archives of Australia and an occasional member of The Isle of Man Family History Society.
I have had a couple of articles published in Australian Family Tree Connections magazine and plan to offer several more.
I have created this site in order to share my (far from complete) research with other family historians - in particular those who are researching the same names and to offer what modest help I can to those who have found that some of their ancestors had made the long journey to Australia, the "Land Down Under".


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