Some Descendants of William Comstock

My mother's paternal family is the first family I began to research. There are several books about the Comstocks. Probably the most well known of these is The Comstock Family in America by John Adams Comstock. I have found a few errors in this book.
I have also found formerly unknown parish register entries that appear to be those of the immigrant William Comstock's possibe marriage and baptisms of all of his children, some of which name their mother as Elizabeth. Given the names and dates, they appear to be much more than coincidental and are surely his family. Research onsite in England has failed to reveal any additional records - but of course not all the records survive from such an early date.
One personal note about this particular Comstock line. I have four male first cousins who carry the Comstock surname.
Unfortunately, not one of them has a son to carry on that name.
We will "daughter out" with my generation after carrying the Comstock name in America for nearly 370 years.
There are still many other Comstock lines of this family in the United States and Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: I am the administrator of a Comstock Y-DNA project. Descendants of all four sons of the immigrant William Comstock, have been tested and they do match well enough for him to have been their common ancestor. Two of the sons, John and Daniel, have paper proof from a deed record that they were indeed his sons - the other two, Samuel and Christopher, are sons by circumstantial evidence. So the Y-DNA testing has helped substantiate the lineage of the latter. You must be a male that still carries the surname Comstock to participate. There is a link below to the Project.

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