Sixth Generation

40. MICHAEL GEBERT\GABERT1 was born on 23 November 1735 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He was christened on 29 November 1735 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.1 He died in 1790 at the age of 55 in Washington County, Tennessee.15

Baptism recorded in Augustus Lutheran church records. Parents recorded as Michael and Anna Sabina Gebert. Also have seen the location given as Chester Co - but it was Trappe, Montgomery Co.
Sponsor for the baptism was Christoph Engelardt [Engler].

There are no records of marriages for Michael Gebert. Some of his children's records indicate he was married to both Catherine Grindstaff and Catherine King. Jacob's grandfather is stated as Michael Grindstaff in his pension files. Data from son Henry indicates Henry's mother was a Catherine King The article by Jay Gabbard calls Jacob and Henry half-brothers which solves the problem but without compelling proof. The birth years of the children are "guesstimates" developed by researchers, and do not show the gap that often exists when a wife has died and a remarriage takes place.

About the beginning of the Revolution Michael Gabert moved his family from Shenandoah County [Dunmore's name changed to Shenandoah 1778] in Virginia to Burke Co NC. He received a grant of 200 acres on the South side of the Catawba River in Burke Co in 1778; no sale for this land has been found. Sons Jacob and George enlisted in the Burke Co militia in 1781. Michael may have moved to Tennessee with Jacob and George about 1783 when he was on a delinquent tax roll in Burke Co. On the other hand, sons Henry & Mathias & daughter Mary remained in Burke Co and he may have stayed with them. In 1795, his name appears on the Washington Co VA personal property tax roll, shortly after sons George and Henry first appear there. The last listing for Michael in Washington Co VA was in 1809. Nothing else is known about either Michael or his wife. He appears to have lived with Mathias, or Mathias with his father for much of the time he lived in Washington Co.

MICHAEL GEBERT\GABERT and CATHERINE GRINDSTAFF were married.15 CATHERINE GRINDSTAFF, daughter of Michael GRINDSTAFF and Catrin [GRINDSTAFF], was born in 1740.3 She died about 1764 at the age of 24.3

If her father was born in 1728, it's not likely Catherine was born only twelve years later in 1740. I suspect she was several years younger. Perhaps born about 1745 instead.




Mathias GABBERT1,6,16 was born about 1756 in Rockingham County, Virginia.17

Mathias first record was a land survey in 1798 in Washington Co VA He first appeared on the tax rolls there in 1799 and stayed until he moved to KY about 1809. He may have previously been counted with his father as he also appears on the tax rolls as "Mathias and father" and as "Michael Sr and son".

VA Land Patent: PB. #46, p.427
27 Oct 1800 Washington County 79 acres on South side Big Ridge and north waters of Beaver Crk a north branch of Holstein River
Here are some of Mathias' neighbors:
12 Mar 1802 Washington County To Robert Preston. 500 acres both sides of Moores Crk on the Big Ridge adj Mathias Gabhart, Martin Moore, etc. PB #48, p.499

8 Nov 1803 Jacob Niceley to Matthias Gabbard 99 acres on West branch of Beaver Creek, corners to Adam Shelley & John Shelley. DB 3, p.134
19 Feb 1805 Matthias Gabbard to Peter Hornblower 79 acres on Beaver Creek DB 3, p.221
21 Jan 1806 Matthias Gabbard to Jacob Nicely 99 acres on Beaver Creek DB 3, p.439
[Mathias bought this land from Jacob Nicely about 2 years earlier]

21 Jul 1807 George & Catherine Gabbart to Matthias Gabbert, 50 acres,land where Thomas Sanders now lives ["Solawith" on Walker Mtn that George bought in 1801.] DB 3, p.58
15 Aug 1808 Mathias Gabbert to Abraham & Isaac Hortenstine, on Walker Mtn [same 50 acres "Solawith"] DB 4, p.94 Rec. 16 Aug 1808
16 Oct 1808 Abram & Isaac Hortenstine to Mathias Gabbert. Identified as "where Mathias Gabbert now lives". DB 4, p.95 Rec. 19 Oct 1808
31 Jul 1809 Matthias Gabbart to William Thomas, Walker Mtn. 50 acres. [Same tract]
DB 4, p.205
1 Aug 1815 Delinquent Tax Sale. Mathias Gabbert, delinquent 1809. Sold to John Henderson, 50 acres. [Henderson had also bought Henry Gabbert's 71 acres at the same date. Strangely enough in 1811, William Thomas had sold this 50 acres to Philip Horn, Mathias' brother-in-law. It would appear that Philip Horn forfeited the tract.]



Catherine GABBERT.



Mary "Polly" GABBERT1 was born about 1758.17

Mary is thought to have moved to Mercer Co KY with her brother George or her sister Catherine and her husband Philip Horn because she is said to have married Philip's brother Jacob Horn in Mercer Co. No record has been found of this marriage and I believe it was a very different Mary that married Jacob Horn who was a much younger man. Or there were two Jacob Horns that married Mary Gabbards - this one and Mary, daughter of George Gabbard.









John GABBERT1 was born about 1764.17

The first record of John "Gebhart" is the signing of a Promissory Note to Robert Hart in Burke Co NC on 15 Sep 1788; his brother Henry was one of the witnesses.
John was in Sullivan Co TN in 1789 as he witnessed a deed there. His name does not ever appear in the Washington Co VA records with the rest of his family. Tradition has that he moved back to northern VA, possibly Fairfax County. There was a John Gabard in the Rowan Co NC census in 1820, both he and his spouse over 45 years of age.

MICHAEL GEBERT\GABERT and Catherine KING were married. Catherine KING17 was born (date unknown).

Additional proof is needed but there is some evidence Michael had two wives named Catherine.

MICHAEL GEBERT\GABERT and Catherine KING had the following children:



Michael GABBERT.