Second Generation

3. THOMAS WALTERS1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 was born on 16 January 1727 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia. He served in the military in 1777 at Patriot, furnished material aid; took Oath of Allegiance in Revolutionary War. He died before 18 April 1796 at the age of 69 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.1,12

Thomas Walters Sr said to have been born about 1732 in Scotland [Thomas Walters was not born in Scotland - he was born in Virgina]. Said to have married Lucy Walker in 1752 in Halifax Co VA in some sources. His birth and marriage said to have come from a family Bible, the copy of which is on file at the DAR Library. This does not agree with the record found in Bristol Parish which lists his birth as 16 Jan 1727. Lucy may not be Lucy Walker as other researchers suggest she was Lucy Clement. Thomas's daughter Lucy married a Walker and this may have created the confusion in surnames.

[There is some confusion about the Walters generations and all the children named as children of Thomas and Lucy. The list given here seems to be the most complete and is consistent with his Will. There is a wide range of birth years for the children given online - probably guesstimates. Lucy was his wife at the time he wrote his Will.]

Lunenburg Co Tax List for 1748 lists Robert and Thomas Walters. One tithe each.

Lunenburg Co VA DB 2, p.130
27 May 1750 John Waller to Thomas Waters. 30#s. 170 acres on branches of Wallace Creek. Signed: John Waller
Wit: John (X) Waters, Joel (X) Stone, Zachariah (P) Waller.
[Wallace Creek is just N of Staunton River at the NE corner of Halifax Co and just across the river from Swan Creek where John Walters received a grant in 1739 and about 10 miles from the Meherrin where William Walters was located in 1737. In 1765 this area became Charlotte Co.]

p.104 4 Apr 1751 Thos. Walters 400 acres S Branch of Birches Crk that comes at Hugh Moore's Land. Begin at white Oak blaz'd 4 ways and mark't TW thence up both sides
p.118 18 Jan 1752 David Loper 400 acres 2nd Fork of Birches Crk beg. At Walter's upper Line thence up both sides
12 Aug 1752 Abraham Tally 400 ac joining Russels, Walters, & Wm. Walters's Lines on branches of Tobies Crk. Will. Weatherford 400 ac on lower Double Creek. Beg at Will. Walters's lower line thence down.
Abrah. Tally 400 ac on Fork of Birches Cr. Begin at Thomas Walters's lower Line when run thence down.
p.130 12 Aug 1752 Henry Tally 400 acres. Beg at Thomas Walters's upper line on Burches Crk Branches thence up.

1 Dec 1753 VA Land Patent to Thomas Walters, Lunenburg Co. 400 acres both sides Lower Double Creek adj Jeremiah Videto. PB 32, p.319

p.189 24 Jun 1756 Thomas Walters 400 acres joining Cobb's lower line & Jno Walters's upper Line. Also Cobb's outer line.
p.202 5 May 1760 Thomas Walters 400 acres beg at his lower corner, up & down the branches of the Double Crks for qty.
p.202 17 Jul 1760 Jno Madding 400 acres Geg at Thos. Walters side line & his upper line & Watkins's side Line on Double Crk for qty.
p.204 1760 John Maddin 400 acres beg. At Capt ?Wilsons upper line of Jeremys Fork of the lower Double Crk running up Warters' & Maddins side line.
p.207 1 Aug 1760 Thomas Warters 400 acres ...gum tree blaz'd on 4 sides ...the upper Double Crk ....
p.228 30 Apr 1762 Thomas Warters 400 acres on Middle fork of Sandy Crk. Beg at Flat Rock thence down for qty
p.232 25 Aug 1762 William Weatherford 400 acrs on Lower Double Crk beg at Thos. Warters's S side line thence along his line and off
p.235 2 Nov 1762 Thomas Warters 400 acres Wm Russells Lines & John Warters on brs. of Great Tobys Creek.
p.235 2 Nov 1762 Thomas Warters 400 acres on brs. of Lower Double Crk beg at Weatherford's Corner, thence down adjg. Wilsons Lines.
p.236 4 Nov 1762 Thomas Warters 400 acres land adj Thomas Hardys back line beg at his corner, along his line & off including the heads of the branches of Sandy Crk for Qty.
p.236 5 Nov 1762 William Payns [off Dan] 400 acres adj Wm Kings side line, Thos. Warter lower line & Ralethins side lines on a br of the Double Crks.
p.260 3 Mar 1764 Wm Payne 400 acres on N br of the N. fork of the upper double Crk Beg where Warters line Crosses brch thence down both sides
p.262 11 Jun 1764 Timothy Stamps 400 acres adj Thos. Walters entry when run thence extending towards Sandy Crk
also 400 acres adj upper line of sd Walters entry
p.265 18 Oct 1764 Thomas Warters 400 acres on Lower Double Crk beg at Maddings Cor in Watkins's line thence up & down
p.273 4 Mar 1765 Timothy Stamps 400 acres on Draughts of Sandy Crk adj the lines of Thos. Warters's Entry when run

16 Feb 1763
Walters Hogan & Cornelius to Procession.
Pursuant to an order of the County Court of Halifax bearing date the 18th day of Augt. last past for this vestery to appoint Processioners according to law where upon it is ordered that Robert Walters, Thomas Walters, James Hogan & William Cornelius Procession all the Pattent Land in the following bounds....

VA Land Patent to Thomas Waters on 26 Jul 1765, Halifax County - 400 acres branches of the Double Creeks adj his own land. PB 36, p.805

p.288 3 Feb 1766 Thomas Walters 400 acres adj Kings & Weatherfords order Line on brs. of Double Crk & Sandy Crk
also 400 acres adj lines of the foregoing entry when run thence extending on the branches of Sandy Crk.
p.290 27 Mar 1766 William Stamps 400 acres adj his own & Walters lines of his Tobys Crk Surv & Leachman's line.

First List of Tithables of Pittsylvania Co in THE HISTORY OF PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY by Maud Carter Clement, dated 1767, includes: Thomas "Waters", negro Lucy
Robt. Warters & Wm Warters are also on this list, presumably his brothers.

Pittsylvania Co Court Records, Book 1 1767-1772
p.25 22 Jan 1768
Paid to Thomas Walters for one old Woolf's Head 100#'s

20 Jul 1768 VA Land Patent to George Carter, Halifax Co. 354 acres on branches of Lower Double Crk adj Thomas Walters, Joseph Terry, etc. PB 37, p.270

1 Dec 1771 Electious Musick entered 400 acres betwenn another entry and Thos. Walters on branches of Sandy Creek.
14 May 1787 Basal Wilson entered 400 acres on Fall Crk part of a 1575 acres Warrant issued to Thomas Walters 25 May 1782 #12081
29 Feb 1792 [Void] William Hudson entered 384 acres on both sides of Cane Crk being formerly surv'd for Robt. Walton and sold to George Hudson. By part of a 1575 acre Warrant to Thomas Walters on 25 May 1782 #12081

1 Aug 1772 VA Patent to William Cannady [Kennedy] for 375 acres on Lower Double Crk adj Thomas Waters. PB 40, p.836

Thomas and two of his sons, Thomas Jr and John took the Oath of Allegiance.
Pittsylvania DB 4, 1774-1779, p.293 He was named a Lt. in the Pittsylvania Co Militia.
According to DAR Application of Member #632367, Shirley Walters Nygaard, the certification for Patriotism of Thomas Walters is in the Pittsylvania Co VA Public Claims. He was paid for furnishing guns, beef, meal, etc. The Oath of Allegiance said to be given to Thomas Walters, Sr. in 1777. [Verified by #414807]. This list appeared in The Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, v. 23, no. 1, Feb 1986.

Pittsylvania Co VA
DB 1, p.44
24 Aug 1767 Zachariah Waller to John Wimbish for 17# 14sh 1p …Waller is justly indebted to Wimbish …284 acres on Double Creek …lines of Thomas WALTERS, John Willson, John Maddin …S side land formerly surveyed for William Weatherford. It being the land Zachariah Waller purchased of Thomas WALTERS by Deed recorded in Halifax Court in 1766 which Waller now lives upon. Signed: Zachariah X Waller. Wit: Abraham Shelton, John Madding Junr, John WATKINS, John WALTERS Rec. 28 Aug 1767
[Mortgage which Waller must have since he eventually sold this land back to Thomas Walters. See next.]Deed Book 2, p.141
19 Sep 1770 Zachariah Waller to Thomas WALTERS for 80£ ...284 acres part of a Greater Quantity and being within sd Thomas Walters old patent. Signed: Zachariah X Waller, Dianah X Waller Wit: John WALTERS, Robert WALTERS, John X Waller Dianah relinquished dower.
DB 3, p.322
21 Jul 1773 Thomas WALTERS, planter, to John WALTERS, planter ..for 100£ both sides Lower Double Creek of Dann ...north side Lower Double Creek ...crossing Creek ...down the Creek ..Corner Jeremiah Videtoes ...near a branch corner of William Chandler ...200 acres. Signed: Thomas [T] Walters. Wit: George Carter, Richd Carter, Robt WALTERS. Rec. 22 Jul 1773.
[Thomas to son John]
The following are deeds from Pittsylvania Deed Book 3, that show neighbors of Thomas. The Robert that witnessed is surely his son as he does sign his name but without the "Jr" that is characteristic of Robert Jr, a cousin of the same name who was a son of Robert that moved to Franklin Co GA.
DB 3, p.336 21 Jul 1773 Richard & Frances Carter, wife, of Halifax Co to George Carter of Pittsylvania 12# 10sh. 100 acres on draughts of Lower Double Creek of Dann. Begin at Videtoes corner, corner of Capt Jno Wilsons. Signed: Richard Carter, Frances Carter
Wit: Thomas (T) Walters, Jno Walters, Robert Walters
22 Jul 1773. Proved by oaths of witnesses
DB 3, p.337 23 Apr 1773 William Cannaday to Jno Watkins of Pittsy. 25£. 375 acres. Begin Thomas Walters corner red oak. In Waters line. Signed: William Cannaday
Wit: John Walters, Robt Walters, Thomas (X) Mading
22 Jul 1773 Proved by oaths of wit

Pittsylvania Co VA, DB 4
p.57 7 Feb 1774 Richard Griffin of Halifax to Thomas Walters for 50£. 404 acres in Pittsylvania, bounded by William Weatherford, Thomas Walters, Talley. Signed: Richard Griffin. Wit: Thos. Hill, John Dupuis, John Walters, Robert Walters.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 4
p.308 18 Feb 1777 John Madding of Pittsylvania Co & William Chandler of Halifax Co to Buckner Russell of Halifax. Tract of 200 acres on lower Double Crk of Dan R, bounded by George Carter, John Walters, a stony ridge, Thos. Walker's line, Madding's Spring Branch, Madding's old line. Signed: John Madding, William (W) Chandler. Wit: William Betty, Nathaniel Hughs, Thos. Hill, Geo. Carter. Rec. 27 Mar 1777
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 4
p.313 21 Feb 1777 Thomas Walters, planter, to Robert Walters Jr, planter, 200 acres both sides of the lower Double Crk of Dan R, bounded by low grounds of the creek, the old plantation, Griffins Tract [See deed from Richard Griffin 7 Feb 1774], Watkins's line near Wynne's old road, Walters old line, John Walters, said Thomas Walters old line. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters. Wit: John Walters, Thomas Mading, Thomas Walters. Rec. 27 Mar 1777
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 4
p.473 10 Feb 1778 John Watkins to Robert Walters. 125 acres on south draughts of Lower Double Crk of Dan R bounded by Robt & John Walters, a ridge near the path, John Hall, sd John Watkins, and Thomas Walters. Signed: John Watkins. Wit? Geo. Carter, John Walters, Joseph Hall. Rec. 26 Mar 1778.

13 Jun 1780 VA Land Patent To Thomas Walters, Halifax Co. 110 acres both sides Watkins Fork of the Lower Double Creek, adj Watkins, etc. Land Grants A, p.460

21 Jun 1780 VA Land Patent. Halifax Co. 275 acres on branches of Upper Double Creek adj William King, William Weatherford, etc. PB B, p.331

1 Feb 1781 VA Land Patent. Halifax Co. 318 acres on branches of Stanton River & Swan Crk adj John Watkins, etc. Grants D, p.361
[This is in a different location from all the other patents to a Thomas Walters and is near where John Walters lived. And certainly that John had a son Thomas as he gifted him 100 acres. It is not known for sure that John was a son of old William & Elizabeth. There is no definite way to tell from the information at hand whether this grant was to John's son Thomas, or to the Thomas who lived on the Double Creeks in Pittsylvania, but it seems most likely it was the son.]

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 6
p.132 16 Oct 1781 Thomas Walters, planter to John Hall. 100£. Tract by survey 275 acres on branches of the upper double Creek. Begin William Weatherfords corner pine, North fork of the creek, William Kings line, Weatherfords line. Signed: Thomas (T) WaltersWit: Wm Dix, John Wynne, Joseph Hall, John (X) Hall, John Walters, Benj Thrasher
17 Jul 1781 Proved by oaths of three of the witnesses
[See 275 acres patented above on 21 June 1780.]
p.302 13 May 1782 Thomas Walters to Daniel Slaydon. 150£ Ten and one half acres. Begin pointers in sd Daniel Slaydens line between said Slaydon and Walters, Madings So corner, new line, inclosing a mill on the Double Creek now in sd Slaydon's possession. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters
Wit: Robert Walters, John Walters, John All
Rec'd of Daniel Slaydon 13 May 1782, 150£ current money of VA. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters
Wit: Robt. Walters
16 apr 1782 Ack by Thomas Walters
p.305 13 apr 1782 John Watkins to Daniel Slayden. 60£. 180 acres on branch of Double Creek being the land whereon the said Daniel Slayden now lives. Corner white oak in James McMurdy's line, on his line, Thomas Walters line, pine in said Salyden's former line. Signed: John Watkins
Wit: John Hall, John Walters, Robert Walters16 Apr 1782 proved by oaths of witnesses

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists, 1782. Thomas Walters Senior listed with 775 acres. In 1785, he acquired another 160 acres from Thomas Ayres.

Pittsylvania DB 7
p.389 3 Nov 1784 Mathew Anderson to John Watson. 100£. On branches of Burches Creek, 356 acres. Begin William Walters corner pointers, new lines, crossing a branch and road; to Thomas Walters corner pointers, along his line to Robert Walters corner red oak and thence along his line, crossing a branch, along William Walters line. Signed: Mathew Anderson
17 Jan 1785. Ack by Anderson
[This would seem to indicate that the families of Thomas and Robert lived in close proximity. The only William old enough to own land in 1785 was William, son of Robert, unless they are referring to a former owner, the brother of Thomas and Robert. Thomas' son Robert was old enough at this time, as was Robert Jr, son of Robert & Joannah, so the Robert could be either.]
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.411 20 Nov 1784 Chichester Mathews and James McMurdry of Pittsy to Thomas Walters. 100£. 200 acres. Begin at said Thomas Walters corner red oak. Pointers on a branch, down the meanders. Signed: chichester Matthews, James McMurdery. Wit: Archer Walters, Samuel Walker, Obadiah Walters18 Apr 1785 Deed with memoradum & receipt proved by oaths of the witnesses.

Pittsylvania DB 9
p.180 5 Jan 1792 Isaac Wilson to Moses Hanks. 30£. Tract on branches of the lower Double Creek. 100 acres. Charles Collie's line, Thomas Walters line to a white oak; in sd Walters line to a pine; Jonathan Wilson line, John Maddins line, William Wilsons line. Signed: Isaac (+) Wilson
Wit: William Hodges, Jesse Mason, John Madden
16 Apr 1792 Proved by witnesses

Pittsylvania DB 10
p.26 10 Jun 1795 Daniel Slaydon to Thomas Walters. 10£. Tract of 10 acres. Begin at a pine in said Walters line & in the fork of Said Slaydons and Walters Spring Branch, thence up the Branch as it meanders to a white oak, thence SW course to a pine, thence to the mill road, thene along as it meanders to the said Slaydons line for quantity. Signed: Daniel Slaten
Wit: Wm Dix, William Payne Jr, Robert Walters16 Jun 1794 Ack. by Daniel Slaten
Pittsylvania Co DB 10
p.171 20 Apr 1795 Thomas Walters to Robert Walters. Sum of 100£. Tract on branches of Double Creek, 185 acres. Begin Robert Walters corner tree in Atkinsons line, sd Atkinsons line to Robert Madding line; to sd Thomas Walters line, meanders of branch to Robert Walters line & his line to the beginning. Being the plantation and part of Tract of the Land Deeded from Chichester Mathews to said Thomas Walters. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters.
Wit: Othe Thorp, William Finch Thorp, James Thorp, Obadiah Walters, Jackson Walters, Walker Gooding.
Sum of 100 pounds rec'd from Robert Walters. Signed: Thomas (T) Walters
Wit: Othe Thorp, Wm Finch Thorp, James Thorp, Obediah Walters
20 Apr 1795 Ack by Thomas Walters
[See p.411, DB 7]
p.172 20 Apr 1795 Thomas Walters to Obediah Walters. 100£. Tract on branches of Double Creek. 175 acres. Begin on large Branch in Thomas Walters & Jackson Walters line, up the branch to Joseph Slaydons line and along same, corner near Nathnial Murrays old Field, new line to Jackson Walters corner in the fork of a branch, along his line to the beginning. Part of tract deeded to Thomas Walters from Richard Griffin. [see deed from Richard Griffin 7 Feb 1774] Signed: Thomas (T) Walters
Wit: Robert Walters, Betsey Walters, Jackson Walters, Walker Gooding
20 Apr 1795 Ack by Thomas Walters

The following deeds found in the Caswell Co Deed books could be this Thomas. Many landowners from Pittsylvania Co also traded just across the state line in Caswell Co NC. There is only one tract bought in 1791 and sold in 1794 - the other entries are witness for deeds. Walters is confused with Waters/Warters in the Deed records but either land or associates' references indicate the following to all be the same man: However, he may not be our Thomas from Pittsylvania because he appears to have himself signed the deed of sale in 1794 and Thomas of Pittsylvania always signed with his "T" mark.
Deed Book E, p.270 26 Nov 1787 William Whitehead sold James Perkins 116 acres on Hogan's Cr adj Henry Dixon, Robert King, Wm Graham Sr, being tract Whitehead purchased of King. Wit: Thomas WALTERS, Jesse Perkins.
Deed Book F, p.98-9 18 Nov 1789 William Whitehead sold Robert King 153 acres on Moon's Crk both side Dixon's rd adj the old Moravian corner. Wit: Noah Cobb, Thos. WARTERS
Deed Book F, p.106-7 27 Nov 1788 Roger Dixon to Wm Whitehead 25 acres on Moon's & Hogan's Creeks adj the Moravian corner. Wit: W. Hogan, W. Morgan, Thomas WALTERS.
Deed Book G, p.276 18 Aug 1791 William Whitehead of Lawrence Co SC to Thomas WALTERS 150 acres on N fork Moon's Crk adj Whitehead, King, WALTERS. Wit: Wm Morgan, Robert White
Deed Book H, p.34-5 18 Feb 1792 Robt Embry to John Gipson 100 acres S fork Moon's Crk, part of tract Embry gave to his son Wm Embry adj Brooks, Eliot, Akins. Wit: Thomas Page, Whitehead Page, Thos. WALTERS, W. Morgan.
Deed Book H, p.36-7 27 Nov 1791 Benj Shelton to Armistead Watlington 120 acres on Moon's Crk. Wit: William HOLDERNESS, Jonathan Brooks [brother-in-law of Holderness], Thomas WATERS.
Deed Book J, p.5-6 9 Oct 1794 Thomas WALTERS sold to Wyatt Stubblefield 150 acres N fork Moon's Crk adj King. Signed: Thomas WARTERS. Wit: John Durham, Moses Wade [See DB G, p.276]

Will dated 25 Aug 1795 with Codicil on 18 Feb 1796. 18 Apr 1796 date was the date of probate so he died between 18 Feb and 18 Apr. Wife Lucy received the home plantation and slaves, Hector, Sam, Bett & Fillis. Others named with specific bequests were: son Clement, slave Cate; son William, land & plantation adj Charles Colley & slave Anthony; son Abraham, slave, Daniel, horse & saddle & plantation after death of wife; grandson John, son and heir of son Thomas, deceased, received the 200 acres where Thomas, dec'd had lived adj Mr.Murry and a horse; daughter Margaret, slave Pat, horse & saddle, furniture, etc. After the decease of wife Lucy the personal estate was to be equally divided between children: John, Robert, Archer, Obediah, William, Abraham, Wilmoth Scott, Agatha Mathis, Lucy Walker, and Margaret Walters. Sons John and Robert, Executors. Signed: Thomas (X) Walters. Wit: George Dodson, Jackson Walters, John Madding Pittsylvania Co D&W 10, pp.366-368
Codicil stated that negro Daniel bequested Abraham was near death and provided for another - the first living child of either Betty or Fillis. Dated 18 Feb 1796.
Same witnesses.
18 Apr 1796, the will and Codicil were exhibited in Pittsylvania County Court by John and Robert Walters. Two of the witnesses made oath. Securities were William Richards, George Dodson & Henry S. Barksdale. Certificate granted for probate. Teste: Will Tunstall, CC

THOMAS WALTERS and LUCY ?CLEMENT OR WALKER were married about 1750. LUCY ?CLEMENT OR WALKER1,4,13 was born about 1731 in Virginia.1 She died in Halifax County, Virginia.1

It's also been suggested in other databases that Lucy was Lucy Clement or Lucy Clement Walker. A suggested birth year and date is about 1731 in Pittsylvania Co VA. There were Clement families living in Pittsylvania Co VA, but certainly not at the time of Lucy's birth. The county had not been formed at that time and it is very doubtful she could have been born there at this early date; few families had drifted this far south as early as 1731.

Mervin Walters information states that the information that Thomas Walters married Lucy Clement had come to him from a folder of loose papers of the "Blalock Collection", apparently found in a Library in Milton, Caswell Co NC. There is no library in Milton and the library in Danville has a Blalock Bible, but told me a collection was at the library in Yanceyville [Gunn Memorial Library?]. I wrote the Gunn Memorial Library but they found no information in the Blalock Collection about Walters or Clement.

One note here: One Benjamin Clemments [sic] patented 400 acres in Amelia Co on branches of the Bent Run which adjoined lines of Willm. Echols and others, dated 16 Jun 1738. Abraham & Joseph Echols also had patents on Bent Run. There is this tradition that Thomas Walters' wife Lucy was a Clement and they did have a son named Clement Walters. Since descendants of the Echols ended up also in Pittsylvania Co with the Walters this may be something worth investigation. There are some indications that the Echols and the Walters both were in Prince George Co and Prince George was the parent county of Brunswick and then Amelia.

There were Clement families living in Halifax Co:
Halifax Co Virginia Colonial Poll & Tithables Lists; Mary Bondurant Warren, 1991, Heritage Papers, Danielsville, GA
28 Nov 1764   Edward Booker's List: Geo. Thomas - Wm. Thomas - Isaac Clem't
Poll for John Donilson, 17 Jul 1765: Henry Hardin [twice], Isaac Clemons, Nicholas Purkins, Geo Thomas, Jos.Echols, Benj. Clements, Wm Thomas
and Robert Walters, believed to be Thomas Walters' brother, is listed in a tax record of 1755 with 285 acres of land

Then I found this webpage [2003]

A Daniel CLEMENT was born about 1784 in Pittsylvania Co VA and died about 1843 in Henry Co TN.  He married WILMOUTH Irby 14 May 1807, Pittsylvania Co, daughter of Frances Irby & Jane LaGrand.

Although the above is too late to have any influence at all on the names of Thomas & Lucy Walters' children I thought it was a very interesting juxtaposition of names and places.  I would think we should watch for possibilities for occurrences of the names Clement & Wilmouth, whether given names or surnames among the neighbors of the Walters.
There was also an earlier Wilmouth Irby: 
GEORGE BOYD,SR was born 1739, and died 1781. He married WILMOUTH IRBY 06-Jan-1760 in Halifax Co,VA.
There were other Wilmouths in the Boyd family and even an Archibald.

THOMAS WALTERS and LUCY ?CLEMENT OR WALKER had the following children:






Thomas WALTERS Jr..



Capt John WALTERS.



Wilmoth WALTERS.









Clement WALTERS.



Obediah WALTERS.



Archibald "Archer" WALTERS.



William WALTERS.



Margaret WALTERS.



Abraham WALTERS.