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Descendants of Matthew Wood

One of my great, great grandfathers was Joseph Christopher Wood.
I have a small child's china mug inscribed with "A Present" that he gave to his first grandchild, Kenney Marcus Comstock, for Christmas in 1887.
Kenney was my grandfather and I was his first grandchild so he gave it to me when I was born.
My first grandchild was born in 1987, one hundred years after the first gift, and the mug is now his to pass on if he wishes.

Very little is known about Joseph Christopher Wood's progenitor, Matthew Wood, except what appeared in a Goodspeed article probably submitted by Joseph Christopher himself. No confirmation, even of this man's name as Matthew, has been found - and the name does not seem to have been passed down in the family as would be the custom. I suspect this Matthew did not exist. However, more is known about three probable sons of Matthew found in Madison County, Kentucky, who were of approximate age to be brothers and have other evidence of close kinship of some sort. There were other Wood/Woods families in Madison County at the same time - after much research (and the others had more available records) it is certain they were not the same family. Many online trees have "adopted" these divergent families as ancestors of those three brothers - they were not.

Kay Haden
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