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Bates In Georgia

Bates In Georgia

John, Julius and Elizabeth Bates Father Found

This page is dedicated to Richard Bates who was a great historian of the Bates History.  Richard died December 10, 2009 and he is greatly missed.  We also dedicate this page to all the Bates historians who have left us with such a great wealth of information.

Information to fellow researchers of the Bates In Georgia.  DNA has determined that we are related to Sir Geoffrey Voltelin Bates, 5th Barron in some family line.  We are currently trying to determine which family member through this line of Bates is related and how we fit in.  I would like to thank everyone that had the DNA test completed to help determine the lineage.  It is determined that we are not related to the Bates of Old Virginia.

This web page is divided into four sections and a brief history of the Bates Family below.

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John Bates

Julius Bates

Elizabeth Bates


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John Bates Cemetery Project

Hazel Everett

Kaye Nicholson

Carol Graham

Buddy Jackson

A Brief History of the John, Julius and Elizabeth Bates

John Bates was born September 15, 1778 in Greenville, South Carolina. It is known that Johns had a brother Julius Bates and sister Elizabeth Bates.

Julius married Temperence West, and Elizabeth married Thomas Jackson. John Bates married Barbary Crenshaw 1802 or 1803 in South Carolina. By 1817, he was Justice of the Peace for Jackson County. John was Hall County's first representative to the State Legislature and held that position for 16 years. He was commissioned a Major General in the 7th Division of the GA Militia on December 7, 1832. He resigned on December 14, 1835. Could he have resigned because of a commission to help with the removal of the Cherokee in Murray County? After Barbary's death, John Bates married Nancy McDonald. When John Bates died, where did Nancy McDonald Bates go?  The answer is she remarried to Stanford shortly after John Bates died. 

  Someone posted a picture on our Ancestry family site is a picture of John and Barbary Crenshaw Bates but we have tried to establish written proof or an acknowledgement that what is written on the picture is in fact John and Barbary.  If anyone has a copy or the actual picture we would love to have a copy of this picture with copies of back and front and any written words on it.

Julius Bates was believed to have been born on June 3, 1780 in Greenville County, South Carolina. Julius Bates married Temperence West about 1802-1803 in South Carolina. It is noted in documents that Julius Bates bought land with Isabell or Isabella McCleskey in 1814 in Jackson County, Georgia. Was she a relative of Julius, John and Elizabeth? Could she have been Mother or Aunt to the Bates Children?  My best instincts tell me this is Isabella McCleskey grave that is surrounded by rocks in Julius Bates Cemetery, but yet there is not any written or documented proof to this fact just a gut feeling.  

Elizabeth Bates was born December 8, 1784, in Greenville, South Carolina. She had 2 siblings that have been proven to date, although there are likely others. Elizabeth Bates married Thomas Jackson in South Carolina. Thomas Jackson was the son of Nathaniel Jackson. Thomas Jackson was born September 25, 1776, in South Carolina. Both are buried at the Sardis Church Cemetery in Hall County. Their graves were relocated to the South Bend Methodist Cemetery in Hall County, as a result of Lake Lanier being filled.

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