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Murray County


Murray County


This website tool is to help the people who do not have the economic means to travel to find their ancestors.  This is a family's opportunity to do this project together as  I have taken many young people to cemeteries and they have learn many new things about people from where they live. This also gives the opportunity to sit down as family and look through records and discover our families. I hope every person encourages someone else to find their roots. We are hoping for a great 2012 year and hope each person is successful in your search. I also encourage people to use the cemetery tools on as many have posted pictures of stones across the United States.  It is a great tool that advances your opportunities to find the ancestor you might be searching.  Another great tool to learn many things about Murray County is to visit the Murray County Museum this is a great site and the people who established this site did a fantastic job.

Thanks for your support. At the bottom you will find some cemeteries from Gordon County, Whitfield County, Jefferson County, and Hall County, Georgia. This year it is back on the road for more.

My family sites: Bates In Georgia         The Bright Family


Adair Cemetery     Baxter Cemetery     Ballground Cemetery

Beck-Gaither     Berry Cemetery     Bramblett Cemetery     Calvary Cemetery

Carter Cemetery     Casey Springs Cemetery     Chable Cemetery

Center Valley Cemetery Sections A through F

Section A     Section B     Section C     Section D     Section E     Section F

Chatsworth Height Cemetery     Cloer (Mt. Pleasant) Cemetery

Coffee Family Cemetery     Cool Springs Cemetery     Davis Cemetery

Dewberry Cemetery     Defore Cemetery     Eton Cemetery

Epps Cemetery     Gregory Cemetery     Harris Cemetery 2

Free Hope Cemetery     Holly Creek Cemetery     Harris Cemetery

Hassler's Cemetery     Harrison Chapel Cemetery     John Bates Cemetery

Hill Family Cemetery     Montgomery/McEntire Cemetery     Jackson Cemetery

Mount Zion Cemetery     Julius Bates Cemetery     O'Neill Family Cemetery

Moravin Mission Cemetery     Latch-Hembree Cemetery     Mount Sumach Cemetery

Loughridge Cemetery     Liberty Baptist Cemetery     Robinson-Kilgore Cemetery

Ramsey Cemetery     Sardis Cemetery     New Prospect Cemetery

Sylco Family Cemetery     Sexton Family Cemetery

Spring Place Cemetery Part 1         Spring Place Cemetery Part 2

Summerour Methodist Cemetery         Summerour Family Cemetery     Sumach Cemetery

Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery         Varnell Cemetery Tate Cemetery

Wilbanks-Reed Family Cemetery     Venable Cemetery Williams Cemetery

Williams Family Cemetery     Wheat Cemetery     Wagnon Cemetery


(Updated )--Resaca Cemeteries (Gordon Co. Ga) Westhill Cemeteries (Whitfield Co. Ga)

Hall Memorial Cemetery (Gordon Co. Ga) Fain Cemetery (Gordon Co. Ga)

West Hill Cemetery (Whitfield Co. Ga) Airline Cemetery (Hall Co. Ga)

Walnut Fork Baptist Church Cemetery (Jefferson County, GA.)