Old Parrott Cemetery

Defore Cemetery

Murray County, Georgia

Near Ramhurst off Old Federal Road

I would like to give my thanks to Mike Davis for his information on this cemetery. Great people like you make this site worth it all. 


Line 1

Eular Sosebee Defore   1916---2005

Kenneth Defore   1916---1993

Hugh Don Defore   1940---1999

Line 2

George W. Watkins      1884---1905

Martha Watkins     1862---1906


Line 9

Elizabeth Morrison Nix     1851---1936

Aaron Nathaniel Nix     1844---1934

Line 14

John Watts (Baby)  

John H. Watts     1866---1896

Emma Watts      1855---1934


Line 20

1 Unmarked

Sam Morrison

Bud Morrison

Watts Morrison

Amanda Morrison

The other lines have unmarked graves more than 70 or so