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Last updated 15 October 2021

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Below are my main lines but I am also interested in the names that link to them.

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Kay's Family

I have been tracing my family tree for about 35 years. My BOSANKO, JOLLY, TONKIN (and ROWE, GRILLETT, MATTHEWS and NANKIVELL) families stretch from Cornwall to South Australia as well as other parts of the world. My WILSON family stretches from Yorkshire to South Australia via Tonga.

Daryl's family roots are in Denmark and Germany (HINNRICHSEN) as well as Cheshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire (FARAM, HURST and ECCLESTONE). There is also JONES from Berkshire/Wiltshire and ROGERS from New Zealand and USA. Both of these families I know very little about.

I am also searching for my first husband's roots and so far have reached from Australia to Berkshire and Bedfordshire in England (MUSICKA & FENN).

Have a browse around and if you have an interest in any of the names mentioned please email me and maybe we can help each other!

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Henry was born in Cornwall in 1812 and came to South Australia in 1854. He was the 11th child of Thomas and Mary (nee CHERGIN). He and his family settled in South Australia. Other members of the family also came to Australia, while the eldest brother Samuel went to America and the youngest, Alexander, remained in Cornwall. So far I have traced the family back to Samuel BOSANKO and Florence GUNDRY who were married in Cornwall in 1762. Henry's youngest son Thomas Richard Eustace married Margaret GRILLETT in 1876 at Wallaroo Mines South Australia. I am interested in all BOSANKO or BESANKO families (or any variations of spelling).

Known children of Samuel and Florence were:
Samuel (bp 1763)
Mary (bp 1765) m Thomas RICHARDS (1787)
Thomas (bp 1768) m Mary CHERGIN

Thomas & Mary had the following children:
Mary (bp 1792) (?died as an infant)
Samuel (bp 1794) m Bridget BENNETS (1821)
Thomas (1796 - 1871) m Miriam VIALL (1821)
James (bp 1798) - nothing known
John(bp 1800) m Susanna SEMS (1823)
Edward (bp 1806) m Elizabeth STEVENS (1836) Their daughter Mary came to Australia with Henry and Eleanor.
Mary (bp 1808) m Richard GREEN (1835)
Elizabeth (bp 1810) - nothing known
Henry (1812 - 1870) m Eleanor WAT(T)ERS (1834) My gt gt grandparents.
Alexander (bp 1813) m 1/2 Elizabeth KESSELL, 2/2 Phillipa EDDY

There are also many BESANKO families. My mother told me that as a child she was told that there were 2 brothers who did not get on and to avoid people getting them confusd one changed his name so that there was a BOSANKO and a BESANKO. A few years ago I related this tale to a chap named BESANKO in South Australia and he replied that he too had heard the same tale from a member of his family! So far, however, apart from the occasional spelling error, the connection has not been made between the 2 families. The challenge remains!

Many thanks to Fayth Harrison for putting together all the BOSANKO data on her pages to which I have linked the above and also to Tom and Libby Luke for their input into BESANKO.

If you have BOSANKO/BESANKO/BOSANCO etc lines please check out Fayth's page of 'Missing BOSANKOs' and see if you can add some pieces to the jigsaw.

If you would like to join our BOSANKO Mailing List to keep up to date with what is happening in the World of BOSANKO research you are welcome to join the BOSANKO-L List hosted by Rootsweb. BOSANKO/BESANKO and all derivitives are discussed here.
My Grandfather (Pa)
Thomas George BOSANKO
(8 April 1877 - 9 Jan 1955)
Pa Bosanko My Mother
Mabel Constance WILSON
(3 Oct 1914 - 30 Oct 1999)


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Joseph (b 1815) and Elizabeth (b 1812) JOLLY were first cousins, children of brothers Joseph and John JOLLY of Ladock in Cornwall. Joseph was a miller in Budock when children Joseph, Henry and William (my gt grandfather) were born. The family then went to South Africa where Loveday Maria was born and in 1854 the family came to South Australia and settled in Mount Barker and then Moonta. So far I have traced the JOLLY family back to Joseph (yes, another one!) and Mary BOND who were married in Ladock in 1739. William JOLLY married Phillipa Vivian ROWE in Callington, South Australia in 1866.

Known children of Joseph and Mary were:

John (1743 - 1814) m Elizabeth STANNAWAY (1746)
Henry (bp 1745)

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

Mary (bp 1767) (died as an infant)
Henry (bp 1768)
Mary (bp 1769) m Charles ARCUS (1805)
Elizabeth (bp 1770) - nothing known
Susan (bp 1772) m Hugh TREGONNING (1793)
Thansin (bp 1774) m James CRO[C]KER (1796)
Joseph (bp 1776) m 1\2 Catherine KELLY (1804); 2\2 Maria BENALLACK
Ann (bp 1878) m Thomas JULEFF (1797)
John (bp 1782) m Loveday BLACKMORE (1811)
Catherine (bp 1784) - nothing known
Juliet (bp 1797) m William SYMONS (1817)

If you would like to join our JOLLY List to keep up to date with what is happening in the World of JOLLY research you are welcome to join the JOLLY-L Mailing List hosted by Rootsweb.


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John ROWE (b 1820) was a Blacksmith at Tywardreath. He married Jane TONKIN and in 1847 came to South Australia where he settled in the Mount Barker/Callington area. He was the son of William and Elizabeth VIVIAN. From the 1841 census I have deduced that Elizabeth was the daughter of George VIVIAN and Philippa nee CROGGAN although this in not conclusively proven but from the 1841 census entry it seems most likely. John's father William died before the 1841 census in 1828 in Tywardreath and his mother married John Davy in 1835.


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 - there are TWO of them!

William TONKIN (No 1) was born in St Enoder, Cornwall in 1791. After his marriage to Elizabeth WELLINGTON they lived at Biscovey, St Blazey, Cornwall where William was a schoolmaster. His eldest child Jane Rowe TONKIN married John ROWE of Tywardreath (see above re John) and in 1847 the 2 families came to South Australia where they settled at Mount Barker. William's parents were Jacob TONKYN and Margaret (nee PITT). I previously thought that this William was born at Budock and was the son of John and Alice nee HOCKEN but now believe this to be incorrect.

William TONKIN (No 2) was born in Lanteglos by Fowey in 1817. In 1840 he came to South Australia on the 'JAVA' and married Elizabeth RUNDLE in Adelaide South Australia in the same year. They settled in Mount Barker also after spending a couple of years in Adelaide.

I have now come to the conclusion that he IS the son of the above William and Elizabeth.
Although no positive evidence is available to prove this, there is much circumstantial evidence that has led me to this decision. One reason is information given in a letter written by William (No 1) to family in 1849, which refers to "William". Following the letter I have given an explanation for my conclusion. If you are interested in the name TONKIN why not join the TONKIN-L Mailing List hosted by Rootsweb.


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Reverend Matthew WILSON (1808-1876) became a Wesleyan Methodist Minister in 1835 and spent 19 years in Tonga as a missionary before coming to South Australia in 1854.
From the time of his departure from England until two weeks before his death in January 1876 he kept Journals which are safely housed in the Mortlock Library in Adelaide South Australia, along with letters to and from family in England. The Journals give a wonderful insight into their way of life in the islands, of the people and their culture and also record the births and deaths of Matthew and Maria's (nee SMITH) 8 children. Matthew was born at Oakenshaw near Bradford in Yorkshire England on 1 July 1808 according to his journal, but I have been unable to verify this despite many searches of parish records by a researcher in Bradford.

James WILSON, son of Matthew, married Elizabeth Ann TONKIN at Mount Barker in South Australia in 1869.

Names that are mentioned in Matthew and Maria's letters to and from their family in England include:

John WILSON (of Oakenshaw)        -   Matthew's brother married Sarah SUGDEN
John and Hannah GLEDHILL             -   Matthew's sister
James WILSON (Rev)                         -   Matthew's brother
Bateman and Maria                              -   James' children by his first marriage to Martha BATEMAN
Jabez and Hannah WILSON (b 18 Jan 1836) James WILSON's twins by his second marriage to Hannah (nee STEAD)
William SMITH
Thomas ?WILSON (uncle)
Jonas WORSNUP                                 -   married Matthew's sister Sarah
Sarah (nee WILSON)                          -   Matthew states in his journal on March 4 1846 "....My dear sister Sarah died May 6 1844. It is now two years since she passed through the valley and I have only just heard of it......"
? WADSWORTH and ? SHIRE(S) (aunts)
Mary SMITH (cousin)
Maria BEDFORD (cousin)

These are all clues that have helped in identifying some relationships, so if you see a possible connection please email me!

Matthew's brother James married a third time to Margaret (nee BARNES) and had a daughter Margaret by this marriage. James lived to be almost 92 years old.

Matthew and James' parents were John and Sarah (nee LOCKWOOD). John died in 1834.

Some names linked in South Australia are TONKIN, KINGSBOROUGH, LILLYWHITE, GOODE and LEAKE.
My gt gt Grandparents
Rev Matthew WILSON
(1808 - 1876)
Maria WILSON (nee SMITH)
(1808 - 1891)
mwilson My Father
Edgar Norman WILSON
(17 Aug 1913 - 23 Aug 2000)


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Edward NANKIVELL, the son of Edward and ?(NICHOLLS), was born in Tavistock, Devon in 1821 and came to South Australia in 1857.   Edward married Ann SOWTON.
They had the following children:

Mary (1845 - 1919)
Edward (1849 - 1937) m Elizabeth Wearn MATTHEWS He started work in the mines at Burra at the age of 9 or 10, but at the age of 26 took up farming near Moonta in South Australia.
Elias Henry Souton (1851 - )
Richard (1855 - 1916)
Henry (1857 - 1929)
John Edward (1859 - 1925)

Other branches of the family also came to Australia as well as going to America and New Zealand.

A lot of work has been done on this family by many researchers and records of my family go back to Richard possibly born around 1700 in Cornwall.

My gt Grandfather
(1841 - 1937)
E Nankivell My gt Grandmother
Elizabeth Wearn NANKIVELL
(1851 - 1934)


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Daryl's Family

Daryl's maternal family are from England while his paternal side hails from Denmark and Germany as well as England.


Jurgen Jordt HIN(N)RICHSEN son of Nicholay and Catherina Maria (nee RIEBER) was born in Flensburg, Schleswig Holstein in 1860. He came to Australia in 1887 after working as a seaman on various ships around the world. Jurgen came to Western Australia after spending some time in Victoria as a kitchenhand and ended up as a chef in Perth. So far I have traced this family to Hans HINRICHSEN born about 1680 in Schleswig Holstein.


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Abraham HURST son of Abraham and Anne (nee HOWLETT) was born in Claybrook, Leicestershire, England in 1805 and arrived in Western Australia with his family in 1842 on the second ship to land at Australind, the "Diadem". The family took up farming in the South West of the state. So far I have records back to Abraham HURST born 1748 in Claybrook Leicestershire.
Daryl's Grandfather
Charles Preston HURST
(1889 - 1918)
charlie Killed in Action
France WW1


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William ECCLESTONE came to Fremantle Western Australia with his wife Mary (nee PARSONS) in 1853 as a Pensioner Guard on the 'Phoebe Dunbar'. The family later settled at Boyanup in the south west of the state. Their daughter Elizabeth Ann married Thomas Hurst.
Daryl's gt Grandfather
(1810 - 1895)
Wm Ecclestone Daryl's gt Grandmother
(1826 - 1911)
Mary Parsons


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John Henry ROGERS is a mystery still at this stage. All that is known of him is that he married Marianne (or Maria Anne DUNSTAN (nee JONES), and was living in Auckland New Zealand when his daughter Amy Margaret was born in 1884. He was 53 years old at the time. On her birth certificate it stated that he was born in Massechusetts USA .  A death record found in Victoria, Australia (Deaths 1836-1985) lists a John Henry ROGERS aged 58 in 1890 of Carlton, Victoria  and naming his mother as Amy.  This is the most likely clue to his whereabouts.  His wife Maria Ann or Marianne re married in 1892.


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Frederick FARAM son of Thomas and Elizabeth (nee ASTBURY) was born in Cheshire, England in 1844. In the early 1900s two of his daughters, Polly and Lizzie came to Western Australia. Polly became a teacher at Leederville in Perth then moved to a school in Fremantle before going to Boyanup in the South West where she met and married Charles Preston HURST. So far I have records back to John FARAM born 1760.
Daryl's Grandmother
(1885 - 1974)
Polly Hurst


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Marianne (or Maria Ann) JONES is still a mystery to me in many ways. Family 'legend' says that she was an Irish gypsy. What I do know of her is:

In the 1851 Census of Wiltshire Maria Ann (8) is listed in the household of her grandmother, Sarah JONES (66) (widow) along with her mother Martha JONES (30), living at Brook St, Hungerford. However in 2002 I found a birth record and now have the certificate for Maria JONES born at the Workhouse in Lambourn, Hungerford, Berkshire to Martha JONES (father not named and an occupation given as labourer) on 1st November 1842. On her four Marriage certificates her father's name varied from unknown to William to Thomas.

1st marriage to Thomas DUNSTAN in Gippsland Victoria;
Children:     Fanny Caroline (1862-1947)
George (1864-1945)
William (1866- )

The family went to New Zealand but it is unknown what became of Thomas as according to a newspaper article in Victoria he had left her and as a result of a court hearing her 3 children were placed in a home for 7 years. During this time she went to New Zealand where she married for a second time.

Marianne's second marriage was to John Henry ROGERS in New Zealand in 1874. In 1876 she returned to Victoria collect her children and took them back to New Zealand.
Child of this marriage:    Amy Margaret ROGERS (1884 - 1957)

Marianne and Amy returned to Australia (Fanny, George and Willie remained in NZ). John Henry was about 53 when Amy was born but whether he also came to Australia or where he died is unknown, however later findings indicate that he may have died in Victoria in 1890.

Her 3rd marriage to a Norwegian, John CHRISTIANSEN was in Deniliquin, New South Wales on 8 February 1892; - no children.
No death details for John have yet been found - in either New South Wales or Western Australia. However in a further newspaper article preceding her fourth marriage it was reported that she said that they were living in Western Australia near Jarrahdale at a Timber camp called "Never Seen", so it must be assumed that Johannes (John) was with her in early 1900, but what happened to him remains a mystery as no records have been found. It is known from family photos that they came to Western Australia across country in the late 1890s.

The 4th marriage to Richard Robert BARNETT was in Kalgoorlie, WA on 25 May 1909. - no children - Richard was 40 years younger than Marianne.

Marianne was a dressmaker and apparently a clairvoyant and palmist. She held regular seance meetings on a Sunday evening in Kalgoorlie and was involved in searching for a lost boy in the area. She died and is buried in Kalgoorlie Western Australia.
Daryl's Great Grandmother
Maria Anne or Marianne JONES
Marianne Jones Daryl's Grandmother
Amy Rogers
Amy Rogers


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Harry's Family

My First Husband
Harold Robert MUSICKA
(1945 - 1969)
harry Killed in Action
South Vietnam

Harold Robert MUSICKA was born in Williamstown in Victoria Australia on 3 April 1945 and died in South Vietnam on 19 January 1969 aged 23 years.
He volunteered for National Service in 1965 then rejoined as a regular soldier in 1967. In Vietnam Harry was a member of the Fire Support Control Centre Team in Mortar Platoon Support Company 9RAR (Royal Australian Regiment). As well as being the Fire Control Co-ordinator he was a spare Mortar Fire Controller (MFC) and had been acting in that capacity in patrols from the Fire Support Patrol Bases. While acting as MFC for a patrol from the Anti tank Platoon he was accidentally killed by his own troops.
He was given a full Military funeral at Centennial Park Crematorium in Adelaide South Australia at the end of February 1969.


The name MUSICKA is believed to be White Russian or Polish. So far I have traced from Williamstown in Victoria, Australia to Reading in Berkshire, England. Lloyd George Musicka married Doris Edna Rose FENN.


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Frederick Charles FENN was born in Clare South Australia (son of Charles and Mary Jane HODGES) and married Charlotte COLES (daughter of James COLES and Jane PANNELL).
The FENN family came from Essex and the HODGESs from Kent UK. The COLES may have come from Bedfordshire but this is uncertain at this stage. Jane PANNELL could possibly have been born in South Africa.


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