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Our aim was to produce an exact transcription of what the enumerator wrote down. If he got it wrong—so have we! Some of the records are hard to decipher or totally unreadable, but we have taken our best shot. As with any research, it is important that YOU check the original source to confirm the information. Where we have been unable to decide just what an enumerator has written, we indicate our doubts by showing the text in green. This green text solution is based on the online database query flag system and there is an important caveat. The query flag nearly always covers more than one field. If therefore, you see a personal name in green, it may be that the problem is in the forename, not the surname. Consulting the original document or a film is the only way you will resolve this problem.

The layout and presentation of the web pages was done by Rick Parsons using a design by Myra Cordrey.

Due to re-organisation of boundaries, Census coverage changed over the years.

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