Rudolph Lorenz - Emma Hellenberg Photos



1897  Emma Hellenberg & Rudolph Lorenz               Emma Hellenberg          



Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit which Lorenz and Hellenberg families attended



1910  Alma holding Bea, with Esther                    1913  Bea, Martin, Ernie                                   1915 Ernie, Bea, Martin                  


   c 1919  

Caroline Hellenberg, Vic, Emma, Ernie, Rudolph;              Bea, Vic, Ruth;                         

        Esther, Ruth, Walter, Martin, Bea,           Caroline Hellenberg, Emma Lorenz     


1920  In front: Lydia and Pauline; front row: Ted, Gottfried Lorenz,

Herman, Pauline; second row: Rudy, Alex, Albert, Herman, Minnie, John


1924  Florence Rick & Walter Lorenz 



Bea & mother, Emma                      1927                               Rudolph & Emma                                     



                         Rudolph Lorenz & Emma Hellenberg                              Emma holding Betty Keck and Gene Knuth;

                                                                                                                   Betty Huntley and Dorothy Knuth in back



1933  Betty Lou, LaVerne, Bob Huntley           1934 Bob, Marlene, Ruth, LaVerne, Betty Lou, Ora Huntley        


             married 1934   

          Rudolph Lorenz                                                            Emma Nalefski


1935  Lucille Roarick & Martin Lorenz


1938 Front: Betty, Bob, Jim, Tom Keck, Gerald Lorenz, Virginia Keck;

middle: Donald Lorenz, Norie holding Nancy, Carolyn Keck;

standing Ernie, Rudolph, Tom Keck, Bea holding Sylvia, Lucille & Martin,
Vic & Ella (married in Apr. ’38), Florence & Walter. 



1938 Ernie, Nancy, and Norie Lorenz                              1938 Jim, Tom, Bob, Virginia, Betty,

                                                                                            Bea holding Sylvia, and Tom holding Carolyn


c 1939 Vic, Walter, Martin, Ernie, Rudolph Lorenz



    St. John’s Lutheran School                                                Rudolph returning from trip     



Ernie Lorenz in WWII                              Martin and Lucille Lorenz


Vic Lorenz with his Cessna 182


c1953 Ruth, Rudolph, Bea; Ernie, Walter, Martin, Vic Lorenz



c 1952  Judge Lorenz in his office                           Ruth Lorenz Huntley       



        c 1950  Rudolph with his flowers                  1952  Rudolph with Bill & John Keck


March 1955 Grandpa Rudolph’s birthday

Seated: Cathy holding Mike Ross, Marlene Huntley Lewis holding Steven, Lori Ross,

Rudolph holding ?, Marilyn, Mary Ann Lorenz; Standing: Patty Ross, Bill, Jean, Joe, Don,

David Lorenz, Marsha in front of Nancy Lorenz, Betty holding Gwen, Virginia,

Billy & Judy Knuth, Carolyn, Rhoda Knuth


Bea and Sylvia Keck, Rita ?, Esther Oelgeschlager Knuth, Mary Ann Lorenz;
Judy, Rhoda, Gene Knuth


1999  Vic and Ella Lorenz


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