Glenurquhart & Glenmoriston
Misc. Occupations


Accompt of the Distribution of Wheels and Reels ordered by the Honourable Commissioners of Annexed Estates to the Inhabitants in the Neighbourhood of the Manufacturing Station of Glenmoriston.

Christian Bowie - Fanblair, Killtarlatie.
Margaret Call - Invermoriston.
John Cameron's wife - Borlummore.
Kathrine Cameron - Achteraw, Boleskin
Mary Cameron - Livishie.
Ann Chisholm - Strath  Glass, Killtarlity.
Mary Chisholm - Inverhanick, Killtarlatie.
Elspet Cummin - Invermoriston.
Janet Cummin - Drumdrochit, Urquhart
Donald Fraser's wife - Miltoun, Urquhart.
Janet Fraser - Obriachin.
John Fraser's wife - Dillcatick, Boliskin.
Kathrine Fraser - Inchnicardich, Boliskin.
Mary Fraser - Gartalie.
Mary Fraser - Borlum, Dores.
Alexander Grant's wife - Tomacraskie, Urquhart.
Duncan Grant's wife - Ballindrom, Urquhart.
John Grant's wife - Dores.
Patrick Grant's wife - Borlumbegg.
Peter Gordon's wife - Boriummore , Urquhart
Margaret Macdonell - Blairy, Urquhart
Janet Macgrigor - Corrumony, Urquhart.
Thomas Mackbain's wife - Fanbliar, Killtarlatie.
Ann Mackdonell - Bonloit.
Donald Mackdonell's wife - Ballindrom.
Elspet Mackdonell - Glenmoriston, Urquhart.
Evan Mackdonell - Duldriggin, Urquhart.
Janet Mackdonell - Achnagunerin.
Janet Mackdonell - Fort Augustus, Bolskin.
John Mackdonell's wife - Achnagunerin.
Kathrine Mackdonell - Port Clair, Boliskin.
Mary Mackdonell - Glengary, Killmenwick.
Philip Mackdonell's wife - Meechullie.
Dougal Mackdougall's wife - Bonloit, Urquhart.
Duncan Mackdonell's wife - Connichin.
Ann Mackenzie - Craskie, Urquhart.
Mary Mackiver - Fort Augustus, Bolskin.
Elisabeth Mackrae - Pitkerrald.
Mary Mackrae - Shouglie, Urquhart.
Elspet Maclachlan - Obriachan.
John Maclean's wife - Gartalie.
Janet Munro - Meeckulie, Urquhart.
Ann Stuart - Moniack, Kirkhill.
Ann Stuart - Moniack, Kirkhill.

Some records Elizabeth Brownell found at Fort George for the 3rd Battalion of Seaforth Highlanders:  (they are people from Glen Urquhart and Glenmoriston)

JOHN MCLEAN  Regimental No 684  F. Company    Attestation 27.11.1883 at Inverness age 18 years  5' 6 1/2" height.  Trade: Draper  Could read and write.  Single.  Complexion:  Fresh.  Eyes:  Brown.  Hair:  Dark Brown. Born: Glen Urquhart, trainings 3.4.1884  Paid £1.--.

JAMES MCMILLAN   Regimental No. 4538  Attestation:  Forres  age 23 years  5' 6" height   Trade:  Engine Driver  .  Could not read and write.  Single. Name of Bringer   Alexander McLennan    Complexion :  Fresh.   Eyes:  Grey, Hair:  Light Brown.  Born Glen Urquhart.   Permanently non-effective.  3 August 1882.   To serve one year of additional service - desertion.

DUNCAN CHISHOLM   Reggimental No. 4670   Attestation 6.1.1882   at Fort George.  age 26 years 5' 7" height.   Trade:  Mason.  Could read and write. Single.   Name of Bringer  Alexander McKenzie.    Complexion:  Dark.   Eyes: Dark.  Hair:  Dark.  Born Glenmoriston, Inverness.   Trainings 1882  1 April 1882.  Paid  £1.--.