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All the information on these pages was graciously submitted by
Elizabeth Brownell - Grantown on Spey
"from a Scottish Record Society publication SSPCK
Schoolmasters, 1709-1872. Edited by A.S. Cowper (Edinburgh, 1997) - with permission from Professor
James Kirk, M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt., FRHistS, FRSE, Department of History, University of Glasgow,
Scotland (Honorary Secretary of the Scottish Record Society)"

" Society schools were inspected and from detailed reports of inspectors such as Patrick Butter and John Tawse a picture emerges of Spartan working and living conditions.  The masters then were as masters today, human nature changes little over the generations. According to the SSPCK principles a teacher had to be "a person of Piety, Loyalty, Prudence, Gravity, competent knowledge and literature and endued with other Christian qualifications suited to that station".

Schoolteachers of the parish of Urquhart & Glenmoriston -

JOHN ANDERSON  Glen Urquhart (presb. Chanonry) 1739-1772, May 1772, noted dead.

DAVID AYSON  Glenmoriston 1742

ALEXANDER BEATON   Inchbreen (par. Urqhart; presb. Abertarph) 1794-1802 salary £10  resigned

ALEXANDER BEATON   Inchbreen 1802 - 1803 -  £11.-.-. p.a. salary  46 pupils.

MRS. BEATON  S.S.P.C.K (Society for Christian Knowlege) Schools  for Spinning - Glen Urquhart, Inchbrine £4.--. p.a. salary

ARCHIBALD BREMNER  Inverness Rainings School 1839-1866  6 Sept 1866 died salary given to daughter.

ALEXANDER BROWNLIE  Inverness Rainings School 1865-1872 previously Parish School Fort William 1868 parents not willing for children to learn grammar.

DAVID CALLUM  (Par and presb Inverness )1757-1760  Kirkhill Tynachalnich (par of Dores) 1757-1766.  Obriachan (par Inverness) 1768-1769; school closed as teacher was not accepted by the people  - became teacher in Aberdeen area.

DUNCAN CAMERON  Inverness Manufactory School 1784-1794  salary £5.

EVAN CAMERON   Milton (par Contin) 1751 Milnton of Reidcastle (par Kilearnan, presb Chanonry 1755-1757 Ounich  1762 Fort Augustus 1765-1768 Ounich; 1769 "a very valetudory state of health", given half year's salary; on Locheil's annexed estate.

HUGH CAMERON  Drumore; 1766 closed, teacher transferred to Ounich (par Kilmallie); 1766-1768 Fort Augustus; 1768-1722 Craigholm (pres. Chanonry ) 1772.1773 dead.

NEIL CAMERON      Lurisie (Par. Glenmoriston) 1746 Appin 1747-1748

WILLIAM CAMERON  Inverness Raining's School 1851-1853.

DONALD CAMPBELL  alias McInroy  1743 recommended by Dunkeld Presb. Livissie, Glenmoriston 1744 ,  4 Sept 1745 came to Edinburgh because of "insurrection in the Highlands" Inveroy 1745, Appin 1746,  12 Oct 1746 died - salary to family, widow Isobel Stewart.

HUGH CHRISTIE  Fort Augustus 1786-1795  school closed because heritors refused to provide a parish school.

DAVID COLVILLE  Inverness Raining's School 1846-1850  1847 asked permission to bring gas into school at estimated cost of £1.9.0. and for schoolhouse £3.7.0.  Dec. 1850 resigned app. Parish School Kirkhill.

ALEXANDER DALLAS  Glenmoriston Parish  1729  Abertarf Presbytery; 1730 acted as catechist; proposed for a school but Society hear he spent much of his time about the barracks. St. Richards (Glenmoriston) 1733-1736 Livissie (par. Glenmoriston); 1737-1739 Fort Augustus (par. Boleskine; presb. Abertarf) 1741-1750.  1746 Society thought that "in respect of present circumstances of country about Fort Augustus" Dallas should go to Culmulum in Rannoch. 19 Sept 1746 Society got a letter from Major William Caulfield late Lt. Gov. Fort Augustus asking for Dallasto be left at Fort Augustus. Society agreed.  Nov 1750 died.

EBENEZER DAVIDSON   On Coll 1795.  1814-1830 Inverness Raining's School 1820-1838.   1830 there was a young Jewish pupil; the second Jew in Davidson's experience.  1836 Tawse reported "frail and not able to cope"  7 Feb. 1839 app catechist in Inverness instead of teaching.

ALEXANDER DOUGLAS  Inchberry (par Kirkhill) 1839-1845

JAMES DOUGLAS  Glen Urquhart (presb. Chanonry) 1732-1738 died 29 Mar 1739 James Donaldson Merchant, Chanonry, sent the Society the account for medicines and funeral charges £4. 17.2. Since Douglas had no relations and no other creditors the Society sent to Donaldson the salary outstanding to Douglas.

ALEXANDER DOWNIE   Dowallan (par Kiltarlitie) 1728-1730.  1728 a bursar at Corgaff and selected for Kiltarlitie.  Glenconvinth  par Kiltarlitie.

PATRICK DRUMMOND   Kincardine Moss  1793-1797  Salary £10.  Bunloint.  1798 (par. Urquhart; presb. Abertarph) demitted accommodation not satisfactory.

WILLIAM S DUNCAN  Inverness Raining's School  1871 Drawing Master.

DUNCAN FERGUSON  Abriachan (par. Inverness) 1859-1860  former Assembly School Dalganoch. 1861 app. Scripture Reader to 92nd Highlanders in India. Insh 1864; as Scripture Reader. 1864 Miss Young, Royal Circus, Edinburgh wrote to the Society in favour of Ferguson recommended by Miss MacPherson Grant forthe new mission at Insh, Bunloit (par. Urquhart) 1867-1872.

JOHN FERGUSON  Inverness Raining's School 1795-1810.  1795 Society not willing to pay his doctor's bill.  1802, ill 8 weeks with fever, had to pay an interim; Society assisted .  1810 died  Inverness ministers wrote to Society "a peaceable inoffensive man, a conscientious diligent teacher".

JOHN FORBES  Culloden (par Inverness) 1793-1828; salary £10  refused permission to join the Inverness Volunteers as Society consider it might interfere with "the duties of his office"  1824, Butter reported age 74,  30 years service, has a seargeant's pension.  Gaelic taught superficially to a few.  1826 superannuated Oct 1828 died.

KENNETH FORBES;  Bunlait (par Kiltarlity) 1742-1746  Invercannick (par. Kilmorach) 1747-1749; school closed.

MRS. B. FORBES S.S.P.C.K   (Society for Christian Knowlege)   Schools  for Spinning  - Glen Urquhart, Lewiston

ALEXANDER FRASER  1716-1720 died;  widow and 8 children.  He had great influence over Papists; eldest son aged 16 acted as interim.

ALEXANDER FRASER  Stratherrick (presb. Inverness) 1721 Boleskine;  1722-1724 Bellaloyn (par. Abertarph)  1729 dismissed "Taken up about other affairs".

ALEXANDER FRASER Inverness Raining's School  1756-1757 left; returned 1771-1792.  1775 went to Aberdeen University in winter and had to provide an interim.  1787 the magistrates of Inverness complained to the Society that he neglected the school to attend to his business interests.  Fraser replied that was ill will against him because he supported his brother'sgrocery business and politically his brother opposed the magistrates.  The Society referred the dispute to the Inverness Presb. who replied that Fraser's trade did not interfere with his teaching.  He bought barleu during the vacation. The Society gave him a warning to be "more circumspect". Dec. 1792 told to choose between teaching and trading. Feb 1793 resigned.

ALEXANDER FRASER  Kirkhill 1760-1770

ALEXANDER FRASER   Bunchrubim (par Dores, pres. Inverness) 1821835;  app Parish School Urquhart.

DONALD FRASER  Fanillan (par Kiltarlity, pres. Inverness) 1766  School closed as it was on Lovat Estate.  Huntly . 1794-1795 Inverness Manufactory School, 1795-1799; resigned, ill health blamed on the small room in which he taught;  returned Inverness Raining's School  1806-1818; salary £30  1816 proposed an evening school for teaching Gaelic during the winter.  23 Jan 1818 died

JAMES FRASER  Bunchrubim (par. Dores. Presb Inverness) 1816-1817;  son of John Fraser, Obriachan, 1824 Butter reported age 33; 7 years service, half of class taught Gaelic. 1826 Tawse reported; no croft but tenants paid £5 to keep his cow on nearest farm.  3 Feb. 1828 died.

JAMES FRASER  Inchbarry (par Kirkhill, presb Inverness) 1829-1834.  Nov 1834 died a moonlight flitting; went to America.

JAMES FRASER  Fanellan (par Kiltarlity, pres. Inverness) 1847-1853.  Oct 1851 asked for part of salary to be advanced so that he could take sea bathing at Nairn for his health.  Clunas (par Cawdor, pres. Nairn) 1853-1872.  1856 given aid as he had an old mother and a bed ridden sister to support.  1868 age 50 schoolroom roof recently thatched.

JOHN FRASER   Dowallen (par Kiltarlity) 1728 interim

JOHN FRASER Daviot (par Daviot) 1747-1751.  1751 paid 8 months salary as an underteacher at Raining's School.  Farr 1751-1753.  Inverness Raining's School.  1753-1755 Drumcudden (par Kirkmichael and Cullicudden, presb. Tain) 1755-1760 dismissed,

JOHN FRASER  Balnain (par Dores) 1776-1778.  Fort Augustus (presb Abertarph) 1778-1780 "not satisfactory" so transerred.  Jura 1780-1785,  Kyle (par Morven, presb. Mull)  1785-1`795 superannuated 1817 died.

JOHN FRASER  Bunchrubim (Par. Dores) 1837-1845

THOMAS FRASER   Brechlich (par Petty presb Inverness)  1792-1797; died; salary paid to wife Mary MacIntosh left with 2 children.

WILLIAM FRASER  Livissie (par Glenmoriston) 1741-1742.  formerly catechist in Foherty.  17 Oct 1742 died, salary to wife and children.

JOHN GRANT   Livissie (par Glenmoriston) 1754-1757; age 17. 1757 spent his time "hunting and other diversions" dismissed.

WILLIAM GRANT  Belnahaiglish (par Inveraven) 1737 Milnton of Urquhart (par Urquhart and Glenmoriston, presb. Abertarff) 1738-1760.  19 April 1760 died. widow Elizabeth Leslie.

HENRY HARDIE   Eskadale, Strathglass (presb. Inverness) 1775-1776, salary £12.  accommodation no satisfactory.  Tureff 1776-1777.

THOMAS HOWIE  Inverness Raining's School, 1854 resigned.

GILES KERR  At Moy 1740-1745    1747-1748 Inverness Raining's School.

JOHN MCALPINE  Invermoriston and Glenmoriston (par Glen Urquhart, presb. Abertarff) 1756 - 1777 salary £10, part of the Board of Trustees for Manufacturers Linen Scheme.   Doet( par N. Knapdale, pres. Inverary) 1778-1802; salary £14  1778 given travelling expenses 1796, Inverary Presb. complained that he did not teach during summer but Society felt the complaint "originated from private pique"  1797. superannuated 18 April 1802 died.

ROBERT MCCOMIE   Inverness Rainin's School  1759-1806.  1759 at Blantyre, given £5 travelling expenses.  1776 told not to take so many fee paying students as to exclude poor scholars for whom school had been erected.  1786 asked for help to pay his daughter's carding machine.  1792 asked for help to buy his daughter a cotton Spinning Jenny.  28 June 1806 died.

JOHN MCDAIRMID  Lochearnhead; 1790 Inverness Raining's School; 1793-1793; salary £25, assistant to McComie; resigned.

JOHN MCDONALD  Bunloit (par Urquhart, presb. Arbertarph) 1799-1841; salary £15.   1824 Butter reported; age 61; 25 years service; Gaelic the elementary language of the school.  1841 superannuated 28 Nov. 1841 died.

JOHN MACDONALD - Abertarff - Urquhart.  Bunloit  £15.--. p.a. salary  57 pupils.1802 - 1803

JAMES MCDOUGALL  Caiplich;  1863, interim  Fenellan (part Kiltarlity) 1863-1864.  Pitnacree' 1865, minister reported teacher was"intemperate" Society had got same complaint previously from Caiplich ; dismissed.

DONALD MCENDAY  Inverness Raining's School  1735-1748.  1748 "a habitual drunkard".

JAMES MCEWAN  Farr (par. Daviot, presb Inverness) 1753-1755 Crochie (par Daviot) 1756 Farr, 1757-1767 Skaterick (par Daviot) Kishorn 1774-1775, travelling expenses paid,  Culclachie (par Daviot)  1776-1783; salary £10 . Crochie (par. Daviot)  1783-1787.  1784 very poor and given £1. 1. 0     7 June 1787 noted dead.

ANGUS MCGILLIVRARY  Chapel of Enzie (par. Rathven, presb. Fordyce) 1843-1847, left 1846, joined F.C. Abriachan (presb. Inverness) re-app. 1861-1872.  1868 children had difficulty in expressing themselves in English.  1872 Gaelic taught to 40 in Sabbath School.

ALEXANDER MCGRIGOR  OR MCGREGOR  Inverness Raining's School  1749-1752; demitted, formerly sergeant in Lord John Murray's regiment; replaced Hugh Ross dismissed.

DONALD MCGREGOR  Farnaway (par. Kirkhill, presb. Inverness) 1753-1757.  1756 as Society ordered his surname was changed to Willaimson. Holtown (par. Alloa, presb. Stirling ) 1757-1765 salary £8.  1757, Alloa parish church could not give salary to attract a teacher for Alloa Colliery where there were 350 people of whom 100 were children; colliery too far from town. Society was asked to help.  Minister said people were too poor to help with payment so salary was raised to £10.  Williamson was give n 40/- travelling expenses and showed his Society certificate from Chanonry Presb. 1765. Williamson joned the Associated Congregation (A Secession church) at Alloa; school closed,.  Mr. Frame, mnister Alloa and the Colliery wanted to keep the school and Williamson but Society thought that Lowlanders could pay for education and the Society;s funds were low.  Findhorn 1768-1786; unsatisfactory accommodation; wife Mary Hall app. spinning mistress.  June 1786 noted dead.

LEWIS MCGREGOR  Baddangorum (par. Duthil presb. Abernethy) 1862-1872.  1869 asked for 3 months leave and went to Raining's School, Inverness, interim given.

ANGUS MCINNES   Strathcarron (par Kincardine, presb. Tain) 1847-1848, came from Sconcern, Skye.  1848 school almost deserted owing to F.C. influence. Balnuilt (par Dores).  1848 Culduthil (par Inverness) 1849-1855, resigned; app to a Parish School.

JOHN MCINTOSH   Strathglass (par Kiltarlity, presb. Inverness) 1795-1798, resigned salary £7.

KENNETH MCINTOSH  Strathglass (par Kiltarlity, presb. Dingwall) 1798-1799. salary £6  Erchless; 1800-1805; taught church music; left to enlist as a soldier.

THOMAS MCKENZIE  Inverness Raining;s school  1817-1846.  1824 Butter reported age 28, Gaelic taught "superficially"  1826 Tawse reported "evening class for teached Gaelic to more advanced persons"  1830 proposed setting up a Widows Fund for Society teachers.  1846 resigned, joined F. C

WILLIAM MCKENZIE  Culduthel (par. Croy. presb. Nairn) 1794-1838; salary £8. 1824 Butter reported; age 77, 31 years service.  Gaelic required but little taughter.  1826 Tawse reported "Worse school seen", son who assisted was indifferently qualified.  Fraser of Culduthel the proprietor refuse to do repairs to premises.  1828 Superannuated, depopulated place. 1 May 1838 died.

WILLIAM MCKENZIE  Inverness Rainings School 1869-1871

DONALD MCLAUCHLAN  Obriachan  1784  a good report

LAUCHLAN MCLAUCHLAN  Beanchure (par Inverness ) 1753-1754.  Dughgarroch; 1755 Dochfure; 1755-1766.  1759 complained his house was sited between lands of Dochgarroch and the Dowager of Dochgour (Mrs. Baillie) who claimed a right to house and garden.  Old Town; 1766 Skeanville (par and presb. Inverness)  1768-1776.  1775 salary stopped till he went to Obrierchan as ordered.  Obrierchan; 1777-1790, remained at Obrierchan as the land was to be turned into a sheep walk.

ALEXANDER MACLEAN  Glenmoriston (presb. Abertarph)  1830 dismissed

ARCHIBALD MACLEAN  Glenmoriston (presb. Abertarph) 1829; dismissed, improper conduct.

NEIL MCLEAN  Abriachan (par. Inverness) 1825-1832.  1826 Tawse reported; age 30, excellent teacher, Gaelic only taught.  Lochshell (par Lewis) 1832-1838 Corriebeg (par Kilmallie, pres. Abertarph) 1839-1841.  Bunloit (par Urquahrt, presb. Abertarph) 1842-1845.  1847 superannuated  11 Oct 1848
died, salary to widow, both were natives of Coll.

RODERICK MCLENNAN  Bunaldi (par. Glenmoriston) 1732, asked for a shift.

DONALD MCLEOD  Inverness Raining's School 1870-1872

JOHN MCLEOD   Kiltarlitie 1727  teacher "a little boy, can only read the Bible and teach the catechism in Irish yet some of the parish who live far from the parochial school have undertqken to give him meat and cloaths for teaching their children".

MURDOCH MCLEOD  Glenelg, 1713.  Berneray (Par Glenelg) 1739 interim for deceased father Norman Eskadale (\Par. Kiltarllity) 1751-1756 Fanellan (presb. Inverness)  1757 demitted.

NORMAN  MCLEOD  Glenconvinth  1753-1755

WILLIAM MCLEOD  Livissie Glenmoriston (Presb. Abertarph) 1758.

DUNCAN MCMILLAN  Balintore;  1867; left age 23, previously 4 years at F.C. School Kiltarlity.

FINLAY MCMILLAN  Livissie Glenmoriston (pres, Abertarph) 1743

JOHN MCMILLAN  Glenmoriston (presb. Abertarph) 1830-1845.  1830 Tawse reported; formerly teacher at Invermoriston General Assembly School.  Blaich (par Kilmallied, pres. Abertarph)  1845-1858.  1845 superannuated.  1854 lacked energy, not suited to teaching.  1858 considered emigration to Australia.

ALEXANDER MCPHAIL  Bunchrubin (par. Dores) 1860-1863; resigned.

PAUL MCPHAIL Inverness Raining's School,  1739, a bursar learning Latin.

JOHN MCPHERSON  North Morer (presb Gairloch) 1775-1780 "near the Popish Academy"  Kirkhill parish (presb Inverness) 1780-1784.  Kirkton (par. Kirkhill)  1784-1791.  Inchberry (par. Kirkhill)  1792-1813.  1813 son Donald taught at Fort Augustus.  4 daughters of whom one had a mental disorder.  Society gave £5 aid.

ALEXANDER MCRAE OR  MCCRAW  Pitkerrald (par Urquhart)  1766-1769.  Milnton of Urquhart (par Urquhart and Glenmoriston)  1770-1774.  1771 warned to behave.  1774 resigne

FARQUHAR MATHESON  Inverness Raining's School 1811-1817  salary £30 July 1815 alleged married to a woman whose husband was alive.  Jan 1816 letter from Paris from John Mathieson to say he was husband of Marjory Munro.  June 1816 certificate from War Office dated 17 Sept 1813 recording John Mathieson died Sicily 24 Feb. 1810; certificate from War Office dated 15 Feb. 1815 stating John Mathieson was at sea 24 July 1814. note from Sir Gregory Way Deputy Adj. Gen. along with a letter to him from Lt. Col Robert Henry commanding 21 Regt. dated Valenciennes 2 May 1816  Society decided John Mathieson was alive and dismissed Farquhar Matheson Oct 1816.  Farquhar continued to teach and occupy house.  Society wrote to Provost of Inverness to have Farquhar evicted.

JOHN MUNRO  Inverness Raining;s school  1757-1769.  1766 app Head Master

WILLIAM MUNRO  Inverness Raining's school  1869-1871  pupil teacher. Davidston (par Cromarty) 1871-1872.

PATRICK NICOLSON  Abertarph  1712-1715 resigned;  under trials for the ministry (ordained 1716 Kiltarlity)

DONALD RAMSEY  Fenellan (par Kiltarlity, presb Inverness) 1859-1863.  1861 rainy weather prevented people supplying his winter peats so Society gave £2 Bunchrubin (par Dores) 1863-1865; resigned, appt Parish School Croich.

JAMES RHYND  Corribooroughbeg (Par Moy and Dalarossie) 1731-1735.  Strath of Ferigag (foot of Stratherrick)  1736-1739.  Borlum (par Dores)  1740-1748. Belnain; 1749-1755 ; Borlum 1755-1758, asked to be removed, lack of fuel, had to pay house rent and people destroyed his kailyard 1758, dismissed. new regulations about number of pupils led to school closure.,  Society promised to re-employ when possible.  Obriachan (par. Inverness) 1766-1768 died

LEWIS P ROBERTSON  Fenellan; Caiplich (par Kiltarlity)  1864-1868. Corriebeg (par Kilmailie)  1870;  Gaelic taught.  Strathtummel (par Blair Athol); 1871-1872

ADAM ROSS  Glen Urquhart (Par Chanonry) 1772-1774

DONALD ROSS  Caiplich  1864. Rev. D. Ross Kiltarlity stopped teacher coming as he reported Ross guilty of immorality when at F.C. School, Cawdor.

HUGH ROSS  Abertarph 1721-1724.  Kilchumen; 1725. Abertarph; 1728 Streins (Pres. Inverness) 1730 Dynachin (par Moy)  1731-1739 Culboich (par Croy); 1740-1741; died, salary paid to widow Ann Mason

HUGH ROSS  Inverness Raining's School 1748-1749  demitted

JAMES ROSS  Fort Augustus  1739-1741;  Apr 1741 noted dead .  Widow Christian Cameron and children in straits, salary paid to her.

JAMES ROSS  Strathgarve (par Contin) 1807-1813  half of strath was under sheep and proprietor removed school .  Inchberry (par Kirkhill) 1814-1828 Tawse reported age 50 people too poor to pay fees.  June 1828 died.

MURDOCH ROSS  Letters (par Lochbroom)  1863-1867.  1865 expenses for attending school in Tain during his vacation.  Achmelvich;  1867 . Bunchrubin (par Dores) 1868-1872.

WILLIAM SINCLAIR   Glenmoriston (par. Urquhart)  1780-1839.  Oct 1783 a boll of meal cost 30/- and 30 miles carriage to get it.  Daughters Margaret and Ann  were sewing teachers.  1824 age 68.  44 years service, had a farm which used a pair of horses.  Gaelic taught superficially although it was the exclusive language of the district.  1830 superannuated.  2 April 1839 died.

WILLIAM SINCLAIR - Glenmoriston  £15.--. p.a.  salary 23 pupils. 1802 - 1803

PETER SMART  Inverness Raining;s school 1872 drawing master

JAMES SMITH Moy and Dalarassie (presb Inverness ) 1747-1753.  Knockandow (par. Moy)' 1755 Moy.  1758-1769.  Knockando; 1770-1771.  Milntown (par Urquhart). 1771-1775.

JAMES SMITH - Glen Urquhart, Milltown Teacher -  salary £14.--. p.a.  48 boys and 12 girls.

DONALD TOLMIE   Elphin, 1828-1832,  came from Gaelic School Society. Abriachan 1832-1845.  1832 Earl of Seafield threatened teacher with removal. 1833, prizes gained by pupils in the Celtic Society competition.  1835 Tawse reported - originally a colony of smugglers.

HENRY URQUHART  Braes of Urquhart; 1726-1729;  salary £100 Scots. Glenmoriston;  1729-1732  Milnton of Urquhart (par, Glemoriston); 1733-1739.  Feb 1739 noted dead.

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