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St. Giles, Cropwell, Bishop Church
Nottinghamshire, England
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Kevin Lockhart, sent the following photos and
text about the KIRKMAN family from England, April 1, 2001.
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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 21:55:42 -0000
From: "Kevin Lockhart"
Subject: Seeking Ancestors in Fulton

My name is Kevin Lockhart and I live in Nottingham, England. I am trying to find out as much as possible about my Kirkman line as I can. Up to now I have been fairly successful in tracing them here in Nottingham. However, two brothers, Thomas and Isaac Kirkman (and possibly a third, Robert) emigrated to the States somewhere between 1844 and 1850. Initially they settled in Philadelphia, Pa. but didn't stay too long as they are recorded as living together in Springfield twsp, Summit County, Ohio in the 1850 census.

click to see St. Giles, Cropwell Bishop Church Thomas and Isaac were both born in the village of Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire, England. Isaac in 1817 and Thomas in 1819. They are my gr-gr-gr-granduncles according to Familytree Maker.

Isaac Snr. moved to Michigan and I believe he died there in 1897. Several of his children moved back to Ohio, including Fulton County.

Photos of St. Giles, Cropwell Bishop Church

Thanks to a newly discovered cousin, Vern Eikenberry, who is a descendant of Isaac Snr. I have managed to fill in a couple of lines of descent from Issac Snr. through his sons Robert (bn 1840 in England) and Issac (bn. 1852 in Akron Ohio.) Robert's line of descent includes marriages into the HARMON, BITTIKOFFER and DECK families. Isaac's line of descent includes marriages into the RUSSELL, HOULT, EIKENBERRY and KINSELfamilies.
Isaac Snr had several other children though and these included Thomas Kirkman (bn approx 1853), William Kirkman (bn approx 1858), George Kirkman (bn approx 1862), and Sarah Kirkman (bn - unknown). I know nothing else about these children.

Thomas Kirkman Snr. moved to Fulton County, Ohio in 1852 and in 1867 he married a widower called Lydia Ann Lape, whose husband, Jeremiah Ayres had been killed in battle during the civil war. Thomas remained in Fulton the rest of his life, he died in Pike Twsp, Fulton Co. on October 7, 1906, just five days short of his 87th birthday.

Click to see Kirkman tombstone photos Thomas adopted Lydia's son Myron Ayres (who apparently remained a batchelor all his life), but they also had seven children of their own. These were, Bertha Kirkman, Orpha Kirkman, Ruby Kirkman, Thomas Burton Kirkman, Josiah Joseph Kirkman, Mariah Kirkman and Ernest Lee Kirkman.

Ernest Lee Kirkman married Lucelia ARNSBARGER, their line of descent includes marriages into the SMITH and WILEY families. Josiah Joseph Kirkman married Cora (surname unknown) and his line continues with marriages to JONES and HARMES families. Mariah Kirkman never married and as far as we know she stayed in Fulton all her life. Bertha Kirkman married Jessie BARRET, their line of descent includes marriages into the GUNN, JACKSON and RICHLEY families. Thomas Burton Kirkman married Edith (surname unknown) their line of descent includes marriage into the MOHR family. Orpha Kirkman married Price COLE and later a GRIMES (first name unknown). Ruby Kirkman married John FAYLOR.

All of Thomas Kirkman Snr's children were born in Fulton Co. However, I do not know how long they remained there or whether their children were born there.

If anyone recognises any of the names above and thinks they can help me fill in some of the gaps I would love to hear from you all.

And if anyone is related to either Isaac or Thomas Kirkman I have their ancestors back to 1691 in Nottinghamshire and would be glad to share it with you.


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