Leininger Family History of Northwest Ohio


The Five Leininger Brothers

     The five Leininger bothers were born in Alsace-Loraine, all but one coming to America with their parents and two sisters Margaret and Catherine in the year 1837. The one brother, Jacob, came later, having served in the French army for 11 ˝ years. The family moved five miles northeast of Archbold, O., where they grew up, and near which town all but one of the family owned their farms and raised their families: the one brother, Michael, having moved to the state of Iowa. From this family of seven children there grew a family between 600 and 700, who are now holding their annual reunions at the Fulton County Fair Grounds at Wauseon, Ohio.

(The above photo was recondition by, Bill Wegener, and submitted by DuWayne Gebken. This photo and caption were in the book, "An American History of the 1837 Leininger Famiy" by Georgene (Leininger) Gallagher that was published in 1980.)

     My Father's Grandmother was Elizabeth LEININGER (1856 - 1937). Elizabeth was a daughter of Frederick LEININGER (1821 - 1906). I started this web site in order to give me an incentive to sort out the many LEININGER families that lived in western Fulton County and Northwest Ohio. I hope this information helps you with your LEININGER family history research. Please send me an email to tell me about your LEININGERs; Charles Keller, [email protected]

     Please understand, that this site is not intended to be a complete listing of all descendants. Initially, these pages willcontain my own ancestors, but I'll be adding other LEININGER families as I identify them. Below is my Line of Descent. The names underlined are links to pages that contain information about the persons and their families. Lower on the page are 2 clickable Index of Names; the first for North West Ohio. Second is the Line of Descent & Index for Auglaize Co., Ohio Leiningers. Click on the name to go to their family web page. Please send your LEININGERs to me to add to these pages.

     I have used the Census records online at Ancestry.com and the Tombstone Inscription books that were published by the Fulton Count Genealogy Association as sources for much of the North West Ohio Leininger information. Some information has been provided by "Leininger cousins" from their own sources.

A great starting point in your Leininger research is the book: "An American History of the 1837 Leininger Family" by Georgene (Leininger) Gallagher, published in Hinsdale, Illinois in 1980. I just found on the Social Security Death Index, that Georgene has died; (7/19/1940 - 5/16/2000). Click for Georgene's Obituary.

*NEW* I have posted scans of all the pages of "An American History of the 1837 Leininger Family". Georgene's sister, Caryl Rohling, executor of her estate, graciously gave me permission to post the book on this web site. The book has been out of print for some time. The Fulton County Genealogy Association is also given the right to distribute copies of the scans of this 1837 Leininger Book.

     If you have questions or corrections of the information in the pages of this Leininger web site, please send them to me & I'll attempt to answer them or send them to the appropriate "cousin." My motivation is to provide as much information as possible, knowing that mistakes or bad information will occur.

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North West Ohio
Johan George LEININGER 1/1 (b. Meitesheim *, on the area of Hagenau)

     Jacob Frederic LEININGER 2/1? (b. 1715 in Meitesheim)

          Johan Jacob LEININGER 3/1? (b. 1749 in Menchhofen, Alsace, France) m. Carlomea WEBEN

               Johann Jacob LEININGER II 4/1? (1787 - 1861in Menchhofen, Alsace, France)
                    m. Anna Margaretha SCHULTZ (1785 - 1853)
                         Margaretha Anna (Margaret) LEININGER 5/1 (b. 1809)
                         Jacob LEININGER III 5/2 (1812 - 1898)
                         Michael (Iowa Mike) LEININGER 5/3 (b. 1815)
                         Katherina (Catharine) LEININGER 5/4(1818 - 1890)
                         Frederick LEININGER 5/5 (1821 - 1906)
                         John LEININGER, Sr. 5/6 (1821 - 1905)
                         George LEININGER, Sr. 5/7 (1826 - 1915)

(*Near Strasbourg, France; in Alsace which is located on the Northeast corner of France,
on the border with Germany.)

Details of the life of Johan Jacob LEININGER II, 4/1?:
     BIRTH; February 17, 1787, in Menchhofen, Alsace, France
                  Tombstone Inscription
     MARRIAGE: November 24, 1807
     IMMIGRATION: November, 1837; New Orleans, La. Ship Bolivar Passenger List
     LIVING: German Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio
                  63 years old & born in France on the 1850 Census in German Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio.
                  72 years old & born in Germany on the 1860 Census in German Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio.
     DEATH: September 3, 1861
                  Tombstone Inscription
                  Henry County History, Page 265
     BURIAL: St. James Cemetery; Archbold, Ohio

     Alsace, a western border-land of the old German Empire previous to the middle of the seventeenth century, having the Rhine on the E. and the Vosges Mountains on the W. France acquired a large part of it from Austria in 1648. She seized Strassburg in 1681 and annexed the remainder at the time of the Revolution. It formed the French departments of Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin until 1871, when it was nearly all restored to Germany and became a part of the territory of Alsace-Lorraine. It now forms the districts of Ober-Elsass (Upper Alsace), area 1,353 sq. m., pop. in 1900. 494,952, and Nieder-Elsass (Lower Alsace), area 1844 sq. m., pop. 658,383. A large majority of the people speak German.---Inhab. Alsatian.

     Alsace-Lorraine. A territory of Germany, under direct imperial government. It was formed from the territories acquired from the French by the treaty of May 10, 1871. It is divided into the districts od Ober- and Nieder-Elass and Lothringen (the northern part of old Lorraine, where the German tongue has continued to prevail). Area 5603 sq. m. It is a fertile and well-timbered region. With great mineral wealth and with active and varied manufactures. Capital, Strassburg. Chief towns, Strassburg, Mulhausen, Metz and Colmar. Pop. in 1890 1,603,987; in 1900, 1,717,451.

     Alsatia, the latin name of Alsace.

Lippincott’s Gazetteer of the World, 1913
     About this book Source: Original data: Angelo Heilprin and Louis Heilprin. Lippincott’s New Gazetteer of the World. Philadelphia, PA, USA: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1913.

Complete (I hope!) Cickable List of Leininger & descendants names

St. James Church Records
German Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio
Baptism, Confirmation, Wedding & Death Records
Images of Orginal records & Transcriptions

LEININGER Tombstone Inscriptions of Fulton County, Ohio

LEININGER Tombstone Inscriptions of Boone County, Iowa

Tombstone Photo Index
     Photos by Helen (McINTOSH) THOMPSON
          (UNDER CONSTRUCTION - More added soon)

Early Leininger Births in Fulton County, Ohio
     (Web page created by Mark Lozer)

LEININGER Marriages in Boone County, Iowa

LEININGER, WWI Registration Cards

LEININGER Reunion Program of 1922
     (Images contributed by Mark Lozer)

Photos of the George Leininger 6/5 Family
     (Images contributed by Mark Lozer)

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Syracuse, N.Y.
D. Mason & Co., Publishers

Page 511
     During the decade 1840 to 1850, when the county of Fulton was organized, the population began to increase with rapidity, which gave strength to the agricultural industry. The settlers of those years were as follows: Albert S. Fleet came with his family in 1840. He had been here the year before and bought his land on section nineteen. He was from Steuben county, N. Y. Jacob Lipe, Moses Stutesman, George Gasche, Peter Noffsinger, Joel Smucker, Samuel Ames, Chris Kloffenstein, William McCucheon, Peter Short, George Betts, John L. Betts, Joseph Clare, Anothy Moine, Peter Gull, Joseph Schad, Fred Crouse, Peter Weaver, Jacob Lininger, John Lininger, Jacob Vernier, George Vernier, Peter Kloffenstein, Peter Grimm, J. A. Wolverton, J. P. Flora, Jacques Greiser, Samuel Wait, and William H. Dickason, perhaps other families.

      It is well to remember the past and to recall the toil and privations and self-sacrifices of those who pushed forward in the wilderness of this township to hew out and provide pleasant homes for themselves and families, for to them it was no slight test of bravery to face a wilderness empty-handed, as were many of the first emigrants, and feared the treachery of the wily Indian of the forest. It was no small expenditure of physical strength which cleared away the majestic forest and brought the untold wealth of the land to the front, smiling with bountiful harvests; and yet, to these old pioneers it was a labor of love, as they looked forward to the time when their posterity, enjoying the fruits of their improvements and dwelling amid plenty, with all the comforts and many of the luxuries of a grander age.

     LEININGER, Solomon, (1850 - 1936), 5/6, 6/4
     LEININGER, Adam, (1846 - 1930), 5/3, 6/6
     LEININGER, Edward Albert (1888 - 1946), 5/5, 6/7, 7/3
     LEININGER, Aaron (1850 - 1939), 5/7, 6/3
     LEININGER, George Jr. (1854 - 1941), 5/7, 6/5

     BERGT, Susanna (LEININGER), (1858 - 1926), 5/7, 6,7

     GALLAGHER, Georgene (LEININGER), (1940 - 2000), 5/6, 6/5, 7/2, 8/6, 9/2
     FREDERICK, Lydia E. (LEININGER) (1909 - 1955), 5/6, 6/5, 7/2, 8/5
     LEININGER, Augusta (KRUG), (1856 - 1944)
     LEININGER, Charles (Simon Peter Carl) (1876 - 1965), 5/6, 6/5, 7/2
     LEININGER, Dale Howard, (1921 - 2006), 5/6, 6/9, 7/5, 8/3
     LEININGER, Elizabeth (RICE), (1867 - 1957)
     LEININGER, Eula Lee (GOODSELL), (1888 - 1973)
     LEININGER, George Solomon, (1875 - 1956), 5/6, 6/4, 7/2
     LEININGER, George Oliver, (1914 - 1976), 5/6, 6/5, 7/2, 8/6
     LEININGER, Helen F. (BERNDT), (1874 - 1962)
     LEININGER, Jacob, (1862 - 1941), 5/2, 6/2, 7/1
     LEININGER, John, (1846 - 1933), 5/6, 6/2
     LEININGER, Joseph Gustave, (1889 - 1951), 5/5, 6/7, 7/4
     LEININGER, Leonard J., (1883 - 1955), 5/6, 6/7, 7/1
     LEININGER, Matilda M., (SCHUSTER), (1862 - 1944)
     LEININGER, Michael II, (1836 - 1920), 5/3, 6/1
     LEININGER, Otto W. (1886 - 1967), 5/6, 6/7, 7/2
     WOODRING, Ruby Mae (OSTERHOUT (1915 - 2002), 5/7, 6/5, 7/1, 8/10

     HEUPEL, Raymond (1893 - ?), 5/7, 6/9, 7/2

Rothbach, Alsace-Lorraine, France To Auglaize Co., Ohio
Submitted by: Betty Hoffman, [email protected]
Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Phillip Georg LEININGER 1/1?, (1790 - 1860)
     MARRIED: Marie Elizabeth LEININGER (1793 - 1860)
               Margaret LEININGER 2/1
               Salome LEININGER 2/2
               Louisa LEININGER 2/3
               Elizabeth LEININGER 2/4, (1819 - 1898)
               Phillip LEININGER 2/5, (1823 - 1893
               Jacob LEININGER 2/6, (1826 - 1910)

Details of the life of Phillip Georg LEININGER:
     BIRTH; 1790, Rothbach, Alsace, France
     MARRIAGE: 1817
     DEATH: 1860 in Ohio

(This info on Auglaize County, Ohio was submitted by:
Betty Hoffman, [email protected]
Sedro-Woolley, Washington)

     Alton 4/6
     Amelia 4/5
     Emma Louise 4/1
     Kate 4/2
     Molly 4/3
     Nicholas II
     Unknown Son
     Vester 4/4
     Margaret Mary
     Charles W. 3/8
     Catharine 3/7
     Elizabeth 2/4
     Emma Amelia 3/9
     George 3/1
     Jacob 2/6
     Jacob H. 3/5
     John L. 3/4
     Louisa 2/3
     Louisa 3/2
     Margaret 2/1
     Mary Margaret 3/3
     Phillip Georg 1/1?
     Phillip 2/5
     Salome 2/2
     Salome 3/6

AESCHLIMAN, David P., [email protected]
     LINE: Otto J. F. LEININGER 7/2 & Cora VONIER, Gustave LEININGER 6/6 & Mary BRODBECK,
          Frederick LEININGER 5/5 & Anna Eva LINHARDT

SEBRING, Trish, [email protected]
     Line: Emma LEININGER 7/10 & Emery SAUNDERS, John LEININGER Jr. 6/2 & Kathryn
          KRAUSS, John LEININGER Sr. 5/6 & Mary BINDER/BENDER

SEIGNEUR (KELLER), Kathy, [email protected]
     Line: Elizabeth LEININGER 6/5 & Samuel SHIBLER, Frederick K. LEININGER, 5/5 & Anna
          Eva LINHARDT

SLAPE-HOYSAGK, Susan, [email protected]
     Line: Anna Maria "Mary" Bender

STIDHAM, Kathleen, [email protected]
     Line: Abigail LEININGER 7/2 & William GRANVILLE, Adam LEININGER 6/6 & Fanny
          SHERM, Michael LEININGER 5/3 & Maria KRIEGER

Leininger Family History
Charles Paul Keller
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