Catherine Leininger 6/4


Catherine LEININGER, 6/4 (1841 - 1923)
          (Michael 5/3, Johan Jacob II 4/1?, Johan Jacob 3/1?, Johan Frederic 2/1?, Johan George 1/1?)

     Married Jacob ZIMBELMAN (b. abt 1843 in Ohio)
               Maria E. ZIMBELMAN, 7/1 (b. abt 1862 in Iowa)
                    MARRIED: William J. SAS (b. abt June, 1855) about 1878.

               George ZIMBELMAN, 7/2 (b. abt 1863 in Iowa)
               William S. LEININGER, 73 (b. abt 1864 in Iowa)
               Flora ZIMBELMAN, 7/4 (b. abt Jan 1871 in Iowa)

Details of the life of Catherine LEININGER, 6/4:
     BIRTH; 1841 in Ohio
     LIVING: 9 years old & born in Ohio on the 1850 Census in German Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio.
                    28 years old and born in Ohio on the 1870 Census in Montana, Boone Co., Iowa.
                    38 years old & born in Ohio on the 1880 Census in Boone City, Boone Co., Iowa.
                    58 years old & born in Ohio on the 1900 Census in Des Moines, Boone Co., Iowa
     MARRIAGE: before 1862
     OCCUPATION: Keeping House
     DEATH: February 11, 1923

Michael "Iowa Mike" 5/3
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