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The Early History of Lyons
From A Standard History of Fulton County, 1920

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Lyons Church 1876

This is the original Lyons Christian Church on E. Morenci Street in Lyons.    The church was built by E. C. Daniels in 1876 and burned to the ground in 1924.    The brick church was built on the same site and still stands today.

E. C. (Enos Chapin) Daniels is my maternal ggg grandfather. He was the father of Ellen T. [Daniels] Wood, grandfather of Lue L. Wood, gr grandfather of Carl L., Wood and gr gr grandfather of Lela Mae [Wood] Marlatt.


     Early meeting minutes of the Christian Church & Photo of the Sturtevant House and location map.

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  This page has links to photos contributed by Lou Jacobs, [email protected], of the HINKLE family and by Lela (WOOD) MARLATT and Sheila (MARLATT) CHONKO of the MARLATT & WOOD families and by other people.

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(Received this email and some 19 photos from Bob Duckett who now lives in Florida. In the last 50 some years, Bob has played in a number of groups. He is asking for photos of the group in which he and the Finfera brothers played from 1963 to 1965. If you can help him out, please send the photo or a scan of it to me at [email protected])

Hey Charlie,
I hope you are doing well-look forward to seeing you in May. I am trying to find a picture of my earliest band with Rudy and Roger Finfera from 1963 thru 65-we played at the Coliseum in Swanton, Mann's Corners Skating Rink, various WTOD record hops and at the Devils Lake Pavilion. Do you remember seeing any pictures of us?? If anybody has one it would be you-I would like to add it to my collection.

Just a short note-I'll talk to you soon.

1972 - 1973 Family Affair, Bob is in the center in the back row.

2014 Jake Castrol Band, Bob is 3rd from the left.


(Photo submitted by Helen Peebles; June 14, 2011)

     If you would send me your memories of The Trading Post, [email protected], I'll post them just below this photo. Does anyone know who first founded a store at this location, and what the ownership history was?

(June 18, 2011)
     My parents Clare and Dortha Rowland purchased the Trading Post from Fillingers in about 44 during the war. Had a little grocery store on the side. To get 100 #'s of potatoes had to take 100 #'s of cabbage, Cigarettes and gas was rationed . I was a Jr in high school. In 45 Lyons had a winning basket ball team and never lost a game. Before their last game my dad told the boys he would put on a steak supper if they won them all and they did and we served the boys and coach their steak supper. Lost out at the tournament though but we were very proud of them.

     The Trading Post sold at auction and Harold and I bought it From Morels and Shaws in 64. When I phoned my mom to tell her she said " Oh no !!! So much work" She was right but we enjoyed every minute of it. Lots of business and served lots of food as my parents had.. Penny and David were in school and were a big help to us but they thought it was lots of work too but enjoyed their friends dropping in. Lots of good memories go with the Trading Post..
Helen Peebles

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1895 Fulton County Map

Lenawee County
Platt Maps

1874, 1893 & 1914

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Articles from the
Lyons Roar Newspaper

1934 - 1943

Adrian Telegram Article,
August 21, 2006
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Hawaii World War II Photo Album


This web site contains some old photos from my family that act as a gateway to the web sites that I have created.
Charlie Keller

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Newspaper
"EXTRA" Published afternoon of December 7, 1941

(If you would like me to post any previous obituaries or photos that are not on the obituary index, send them to me at [email protected] and I'd be glad to add them.

Obituary of
Patricia J. BUELOW

January 6, 2017

Obituaries of
John & Sally WILSON

Feb. 16, 2015 & Feb. 3, 2001

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Lyons Robbery,
Feb. 23, 2004

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Read about the Ghost Towns of Fulton County

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"Lyons, Ohio"

Compiled and prepared by the Lyons, Ohio Lions Club as a service to
the Lyons Community and as a commemoration to and an
acknowledgement of our 200th anniversary as a free nation.

Incorporated Village of Lyons
From: A Standard History of Fulton County, Vol. I

J C Carpenter Photo
This page link has a newspaper interview with J. C. Carpenter
that includes his memories of the early history of Lyons, Ohio.

A Short history of Lyons, Ohio from the 1976 Fulton County History published by The Fulton County Historical Society and a biography of Stephen E. Hinkle, an early settler of Lyons.


Below is a photo of Lyons High School under construction in 1909.
Before I performed, plastic surgery, at the top of the photo were the words:
Lyons High School 1909
James CRIPPS Contractor     March 1909
Ernest ADAMS worked on this job
Lyons High School, 1909

See images of the Course of Study at Lyons in 1911

Lyons Gym - School Fair 2001

Demolition of Lyons School - 2007

More Photos of the Demolition.

1931 Lyons Roar Cover Thumbnail

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Photos of Lyons School Classes 1930-31, 1935-36 and 1937-38.

Images of the 1896 Fulton County Sunday School Program,

8 pages with many advertisements of Fulton County Companies.

Here are two society newsarticles from about 1916 of Lyons Area people.
Also a Fire report from 1900 is shown.

School Souvenir Card 1898 - 1899 &
A tribute to Mrs. Rose (RICHARDSON) BARNES.

Photos of the HINKLE, HALL & CARPENTER Families in Lyons. A short history of the HINKLE family by Lou Jacobs and a link to a long newspaper clipping about the HINKLE Reunion of 1917 are on this page. The clipping provides a concise history of the family. A link to a page of obituaries has also been added to this page.

More Hinkle Family
Photos from Jeff Kenyon

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the photos and history of Lyons. Check back soon to see what is new.
Charles Paul Keller

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