Snyder Family History


     Below is a photo Jonas & Susanna (HOSTETLER) SNYDER family. Jonas was born in Somerset County, Pernnsylvania, is recorded in the 1850 Census in Sugar Creek Township, Tuscawas County, Ohio. Then he is recorded on the 1860 Census in Ai, Fulton Twp., Fulton Co., Ohio. He was buried in the Dutch Ridge Cemetery which is about 2 miles North West of Ai, in Fulton Co., Ohio.

     Jonas was a skilled carpenter. His occupation was carpenter on the 1850 Census and a farmer on each of the 1860, 1870 & 1880 Census.

Cora Ida (Snyder) Sipe
(1864 - 1942)

Delilah Samatha (Snyder) Smith
(1862 - 1952)

Isabelle Ida (Snyder) Shaffer
(1859 - 1945)

Jonas & Suzanna (Hostetler) Snyder
(1828 - 1891)       (1825 - 1887)

Sarah Emma (Snyder) Robinson
(1855 - 1896)

Alice Lucretia (Snyder) Gardinier
(1857 - 1945)

Minerva (Snyder) Stillwell
(1850 - 1881)
Mary Elizabeth (Snyder) Toland
(1851 - 1875)

The Jonas Snyder & Susanna Hostetler Family

Jonas Snyder Family Census Records

Adam D. Snyder & Elizabeth Weimer Family
Photos of graveyard, tombstones, church & descendants

Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler
Excerpts from the book

Family Group Sheets, (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Most names & dates are from the Census records
Send an email to me for the source of any data

Index of SNYDER Family Names
Names are clickable links to Family pages

Albert C. & Sarah Emma (Snyder)

     Robinson Family


Isabelle Ann (Belle) (Snyder) Shaffer
1859 - 1945

Harry Albert Shaffer 1891 - 1918

Lyle (Snyder) Smith, w/o Albert
1862 - 1952

Snyder Girl Reunion
Sept. 6, 1937
Alice Gardinier (1857-1945), w/o Watson,
Bell Shaffer (1860-1945), w/o Peter,
Lyle Smith (1862-1952), w/o Albert,
Cora Sipe (1864-1942), w/o Manassa

Snyder Girl Reunion - 1911?

Albert Smith & Alice (Snyder) Gardinier (1857-1945)
Albert married Delilah (Lyle Snyder 1862-1952)

Snyder Family of Fulton County, Ohio
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