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I started this research about 5 years ago looking into all of my family background. I received info from my Aunt Sandy. We also had received some from our cousin Leora Tower who had the family bible with Schroebel and Mercer families listed in it. My Grandma Wilda gave me the info on the Wilhite and Ledbetter families that started my search. I then bought Family Tree Maker and between them and I was off and running.

After inputting all that I had I started on my journey to find the past. Over the years I have found numerous cousins and other family members who have shared their info with me, taught me lessons on genealogy, and become great internet buddies. I have tried to make sure I documented who gave me the information when I received it. Of course in the early days I think I missed people, if you are one of those I missed let me know so I can add you in and I apologize for not giving you credit chaulk it up to being a newbie (LOL). I have found social security, census, marriage records, etc. and included those.

Hall/DeWitt Interesting Relations

Nancy Angeline DeWitt descends from this family

Included in this database are President Thomas Jefferson (my 2nd cousin 9 times removed)on my Father's side of the family along with General Robert E. Lee (my 3rd cousin 7 times removed) and his wife Mary Anna Randolph Custis (my 4th cousin 6 times removed). Mary Anna Randolph's father is George Washington Parke Custis Grandson of Martha Washington and adopted Grandson of President George Washington who married a Hall ancestor (Mary Lee Fitzhugh my 3rd cousin 7 times removed) making Martha's great grandchildren cousins to the Hall's. Also, actor Lee Marvin is my 7th cousin 3times removed. We also share cousins with President Zachary Taylor, rumor has it we are related but so far I have only found through the marriage of Henry Lee was 1st cousin 2 times removed to Zachary Taylor and Mary Bland my 8th great Aunt making our cousins Zachory Taylor's cousins also. All of this made tracing our line very exciting. Finding famous people connected to our family. I hope you find this aspect of our tree as exciting as I did when I found out we were related.

I have am adding names to this database as quickly as I can as there are many I have info in that just have not made it into the computer yet. If you are looking for someone that is related to someone here but not listed contact me I may have the info you are looking for. I have included pictures, wills, notes, e-mails, and other printed material when I had it available.

My goal has been to give back to others what so many have given me over the years in help. I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed researching our family lines.

If you are part of these families please contact me by e-mail so that we can share more info and I can include you in my data.

If you would like info corrected, added, or adjusted please e-mail with the new info so that I can fix it. I look forward to meeting my cousins out there.

Kellie .

List of Surnames, Notes, Charts, and Genealogical Data
Kellie's Ancestors Avila Family Descendant Report
Descendents of Jacob Henry Schroebel Descendents of Georg (Jerg) Willert (Wilhite Family Descendents)
Descendants of Jacob Witt (DeWitt Family) Descendants of William Carroll Hall
Descendents of Hugh (Fitzhugh Family Descendents) Descendents of William Dempsey Ledbetter
Descendents of Robert Ainsworth Mercer Descendents of Donogh McCarty



Copeland Family Pictures Avila-Silva Pictures
Wilhite Family Pictures Griffith Pictures
DeWitt Family Pictures Hall-Chambers Family Pictures
Schroebel/Foster/Mercer/Bennett/Odgers Family Pictures Ledbetter Family Pictures


Fitzhugh Coat of Arms

These were confirmed to our family in 1566, although they may well have been in use in 1487 and earlier. Only our family, both the American and English branches, have the right to bear these arms.

Coat of Arms provided by:

Jennifer Smith

Please check out the Fitzhugh designs at her site.

Kellie's "Royal" Ancestors

It has been discovered by Sandra Ihrig that the DeWitt family descends from English and French Royalty. Please check out the link below.

DeWitt Family Royal Ancestors

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