Check List

Kelly DNA Study - Checklist

Print this checklist and use it to track the progress of your participation in the Kelly DNA study. It's broken down into three phases, just as it is on the website.

If you have any questions, comments or problems, feel free to contact the study coordinator by going to Kelly Contact Page.


How to Sign Up

  1. Verify that you or someone you know is eligible to participate.

  2. Decide whether to request the 12-, 25- or 37-marker test.

  3. Submit (1) an application, (2) pedigree chart, (3) release of liability / liability waiver, and (4) release of information form to the study coordinator.

  4. Go to the Family Tree DNA site to submit a join request and order a test.

Testing Process

  1. Family Tree DNA mails the test kit and authorization form.

  2. Once the test kit is received, collect two DNA samples (one as a backup).

  3. Return both collected samples and the signed authorization form to Family Tree DNA.

  4. Family Tree DNA analyzes the sample.

Test Results

  1. Family Tree DNA will mail the test results to the study participant and will be available to answer questions.

  2. If permission was given, Family Tree DNA will search its database for a match, and will share contact information if a match is found.

  3. If permission was given, Family Tree DNA will also notify the study coordinator that the results are ready.

  4. If permission was given, the results, pedigree chart and/or contact information will be published on the Kelly DNA Study website.

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