Privacy - Data Submitted to Family Tree DNA

The Kelly DNA Study is using Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd., as its testing service. Family Tree DNA will collect, analyze and store DNA samples submitted to them, as well as maintain the associated personally identifying informantion and test results.

Before agreeing to participate in this study, please read Family Tree DNA's privacy statement.


Privacy - Information Published on the Kelly DNA Study Website

Unless directed otherwise, the only people outside of Family Tree DNA who will be supplied with individual test results will be (1) the particular individual who submitted the DNA sample, and (2) the study coordinator.

Unless directed otherwise, contact information and pedigree charts supplied to the study coordinator during the sign-up process will not be used in any manner other than for administrative purposes. This information will not be sold or added to any mailing list.

During the sign-up process, participants choose whether or not to share test results and/or publish their contact information on the Kelly DNA Study website. The decision about how much is published may be changed by the participant at any time.

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