Testing Details

The Testing Process

Once Family Tree DNA receives the test kit order, they will mail it directly to the participant.

The test kit contains two cheek swabs and two collection tubes. Each swab resembles a toothbrush. To collect the DNA sample, it's only necessary to brush along the inside of the cheek. This is a totally painless and noninvasive process.

Note: The kit is designed for use by only one person. However, two sets of swabs and tubes are included so that a backup sample may be submitted. To help ensure accurate results, each participant is highly encouraged to return two samples.

The kit also includes an authorization form which will allow your results to be shared with neither, one, or both of the following:

(This authorization is in addition to the information release form that must be submitted to the study coordinator, allowing certain contact information - for example, name or e-mail address - to be published on this website along with your test results.)

Once the sample has been collected, the participant will return the test kit and the authorization form to Family Tree DNA. At that time, the sample will be analyzed.


Here's a summary of the testing process:

  1. Family Tree DNA mails the test kit and authorization form.

  2. Once the test kit is received, collect two DNA samples (one as a backup).

  3. Return the collected samples and the signed authorization form to Family Tree DNA.

  4. Family Tree DNA analyzes the sample.


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