Choosing Your Test

The first step is to verify that you - or someone you know - is an eligible participant. All males with the Kelly surname are invited to take part in the study.

The study looks at the Y-chromosome. Because females do not have the Y-chromosome, they can only participate indirectly through a male Kelly relative (father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, etc.).

If you're unable to participate, but know someone who is, please consider one of the following options.

  1. Let that person know about the study and this website so they can learn more and possibly participate on their own.

  2. Sponsor a participant by paying for all or part of the cost of the test.

The second step is to decide which test to order. There are three to choose from: 12-, 25-, or 37-marker. The 25-marker test uses the same markers as the 12-marker test, plus 13 others. Likewise, the 37-marker test uses the same markers as the 25-marker test, plus 12 others. That means results between participants using different tests will still be compatible. However, the validity and usefulness of any match is greater with the 25- and 37-marker tests.

If you complete a 12- or 25-marker test, then later wish to upgrade, you can do so without having to resubmit your DNA. This is known as a refine test. Please note that refines require an extra fee.

The cost to each participant is listed below. Since this study has been organized as a group, we're eligible for reduced prices from Family Tree DNA.

Initial Test
Refine (Upgrade)
Y-DNA 12-marker test
Y-DNA refine 12 to 25
Y-DNA 25-marker test


Y-DNA refine 12 to 37
Y-DNA 37-marker test


Y-DNA refine 25 to 37
All prices are in U.S. dollars

Once the type of test has been decided, each participant must submit the following items to the study coordinator:

The purpose of the pedigree chart is to facilitate lineage comparisons. It should therefore go back as far as possible along your Kelly line, and include as many dates and maiden names as possible.

The purpose of the information release form is to allow your contact information and pedigree chart to be published on this website. If you wish to publish any or all of those items, you must print and sign the information release form, then mail it to the study coordinator. (Published pedigree charts will not contain living individuals.)

The final step in the signup process is to go to the Family Tree DNA website to order the test kit and pay the reduced fee.


Here's a summary of how to choose your test and sign up:

  1. Verify that you or someone you know is eligible to participate.

  2. Decide whether to request the 12-, 25- or 37-marker test.

  3. Submit (1) an application, (2) pedigree chart, (3) release of liability / liability waiver, and (4) release of information form to the study coordinator.

  4. Go to the Family Tree DNA site to submit a join request and order a test.


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