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Ancestors of Kenneth Loy Bell

Eighth Generation

148. Major Hancock 1 was born about 1742 in Fluvanna County, VA. He died on 10 Nov 1839 in Clay County, MO. He married Ann Thomas on 16 Oct 1765. [Parents]

149. Ann Thomas 1 was born about 1749. She died about 1780 in Goochland County, VA. [Parents]


150. James Page 1 was born about 1748. He died before Mar 1797 in Goochland County, VA. He married Mary England on 16 May 1765 in Goochland County, VA. [Parents]

151. Mary England 1 was born about 1747.


200. Zachariah McGuire was born in 1730.


202. Richard Tyner 1 was born 2 in 1738 in Prob. Chowan County, NC. He died 3, 4 on 24 Sep 1824 in Elbert County, GA. He married 5 Agnes Dougherty in 1779 in Prob. Wilkes County, GA. [Parents]

2 PLAC Vet of Revolutionary War/Battle of Kettle Creek
2 SOUR S24120

Father thought to be William, brother of John Harris Tyner. Richard was closely associated with the Cherokee Indians and may have been part Indian himself. He may have married three times. It is thought that through the Tyners, and their marriages, our Cherokee Inidian blood was passed down.

"Richard was born about 1735, probably in Chowan County, NC. He died 24Sep, 1824 in Elbert County, GA. ........The Tyners were closely associated with the Cherokees, and richard himself may have been part Indian. " per Tom Crump

"Richard Tyner was a Revolutionary War Patriot. He fought in the Battleof Kettle Creek in Feb. 1779, Wilkes County, GA, where the Tories were routed. The Tories had tried to instigate an Indian uprising against the Georgians so they could not fight in the Revolution.

According to early newspaper chronicles, Tyner lived on Boyd's Creek in Elbert County. One day, (a number of years prior to the Kettle CreekBattle), he was absent from home when a group of Indians, probably Creek,killed his wife, dashed the baby's head against a tree and carried hisdaughters, Mary and Tamar, off to Coweta. His son, Noah, hid in a tree which was known thereafter as "Noah's Ark."

"Years later, Jack Manack, an Indian trader, found Mary and Tamar. TheIndians sold Mary to John and they returned to Elbert County where they married. The Indians would not sell Tamar and were going to burn heralive as they thought she was trying to escape. An Indian woman felt sorry for her and helped her get a conoe and provisions with which shefloated alone at night down the Chattahoochee. She reached Apalachicola where another boat took her to Savannah and from there was helped to get back to Elbert County. Tamar, born circa 1760, married James Hunt, a revolutionary War soldier. Their first child was born in 1779. (Takenfrom the "Chronicles of Wilkes County, GA" from "Washington's Newspapers1889-1898

From Historical Collections of GA. Pg. 440 "They killed Mrs. Tyner.They then seized the youngest child, and dashed it's brains against a tree. Another child they scalped, and left it for dead. ...........Anelder son of Mr. Tyner fled to the Savannah River, and was pursued by some of the Indians, but he effected his escape. "


"To all whom these presents shall come be it known and I hereby and makeknown in the name of Almighty God that I Richard Tyner, SR., of the stateof Georgia and of County of Elbert, being very sick and weak but in theright use of my reason and well knowing that it is appointed for all mento die. In order to arrange my affairs as for as in my power I make thismy last Will and Testament hereby revoking and setting aside all otherWills that I here to fore may have made.

First, I give my Soul to the Almighty Author of my existence andrecommend that my body be buried in the Christian form by my realtionsand executors, and as touching my estate where with it has pleased God tobless me, I give bequeath and demize the same in the following manner.

To my daughter Abigail Crideendon one dollar and no more.

To my son Richard Tyner, Jr., I give and bequeth the land where on I nowlive which contains parts of differrent Surveys, also an equal part withthe rest of my choldren of the part to be divided.

To my son Harris Tyner, I give and bequeth my best bed and furniture andan equal part with the rest of my children of the property that is to bedivided.

To my grand daughter, Nancy Tyner, I give and bequeath one of my coltsfor her to take choice. My Children herein after named that is-- SamuelTyner or his heirs, Mary Ryley, Tamer Hunt, Joshua Tyner, FrancesMcGuire, Noah Tyner or his heirs, Elizabeth Boatright, Agnes Crump,Marhta Bird, Richard Tyner, Harris Tyner, and the children of CharityBird is to have an equal part of my negros, Fann, a woman, Peter andDanal, men, and Mol a girl, stock of every kind with my crop that may bemade and my furniture not already given. I will and request that thewhole of the same be sold by my executors in the way that their judgmentsay will be the best far the interest of my children herein after named -Son, Samuel Tyner or his heirs, Mary Tyner, Tamer Hunt, Joshua Tyner,Frances McGuire, Noah Tyner or his heirs, Elizabeth Boatright, AgnesCrump, Martha Bird, Richard Tyner, Harris Tyner, and the children ofCharity Bird and after the payment of my just debts that the proceeds ofthe property to wit : negros, stock of evey kind, my crop and thefurniture, be by my executors equally divided between my children justabove nemed or their heirs. I aapoint my friends, William Baily, IshamTeasley, and Thomas A. Banks my Executors and having carefully consideredall the different counts in this my Will, I am certain there with andconfirm this same and in witness thereof I have here onto set my handseal this thirteeth day of September 1823, Signed sealed and acknowledgedin the presence of us."
Richard (x) Tyner
Lauchlin McCurry --Georgia

James Adams --Elbert County

Nancy (x) Tyner

per Mr. Tom Crump of Texas

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203. Agnes Dougherty 1 was born in 1750. She died in Prob. Elbert County, GA.

Name thought to be Agnes Daugherty. Father thought to be CorneliusDauherty, who was one of the first white men to trade with, and marryinto the Cherokees.

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224. William Willingham was born in 1760. He married Mary. [Parents]

225. Mary was born in 1762.


240. James Cooke was born in 1742. He married Anne Ford. [Parents]

241. Anne Ford.


242. James Blackwell.James married Temperance Pope.

243. Temperance Pope.


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