Samuel Kennedy of NJ and Scotland Intro Page
Samuel Kennedy Family

On the following pages you will see the homesteads of the Reverend Samuel Kennedy of Basking Ridge, his son Dr. Samuel Kennedy of Log Goal, NJ, his son, Bernard Shaver Kennedy, and Bernard's daughter Emeline Kennedy, all of New Jersey. Also included are the Presbyterian and Methodist-Episcopal churches that they worshiped in and their final resting places.

The Kennedy Chronicle was written in 1891 by Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy, great-granddaughter of Rev. Samuel Kennedy. The chronicle contains the history of the Kennedy family in Scotland, as well as the story of the descendants in New Jersey. The information contained in the chronicle covers many NJ families, including the Swayze family, the Melick family and the Backers among many others. It is important because much of the history is first hand observation. You are free to read and download the chronicle, but please be sure to quote your source if using it as a reference.

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