Samuel Kennedy of NJ - Samuel Kennedy Family - 10 generations
rev. Samuel Kennedy's parsonage

Reverend Samuel Kennedy
Born Circa 1720 in Scotland
Died August 31, 1787 in NJ
Pastor & Physician
Married to Sarah
Allen Seven children
Buried Basking Ridge, NJ

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church  parsonage  tombstone  Yellow Frame Church 

Doctor Samuel Kennedy
Born Circa 1740 Prob. NJ
Died January 01, 1804
Married to Elizabeth Beavers
& Anna Shaver
Fifteen children
Buried Yellow Frame Church
Stone House  Stone House Today  Tombstone

Bernet Shafer Kennedy
Born March 16, 1798 NJ
Died November 10, 1878
Mill Owner
Married to Phebe Freeman
June 22, 1820
Fifteen children
Buried in Whitehouse, NJ
Bernard Kennedy   Whitehouse ME Church  Homestead  Kennedy Monument

Emeline Kennedy Melick
Born January 8, 1823
Died October 13, 1907
Married to James W. Melick
June 15, 1845
Six children
Buried in Oldwick, NJ
anniversary 50   Emeline Kennedy  Melick Homestead  Tombstone

Egbert Melick
Born February 9, 1849
Died July 5, 1918
Artist & Frame Maker
Married to Palmyra Goodchild
Six children
Buried in Oldwick, NJ
Egbert Melick  Palmyra Goodchild Melick  Tombstone

Annie Louise Melick
Born May 29, 1882
Died May 11, 1955
Married to John C. Pohlman
Four children
Buried in Oldwick, NJ
Annie Melick Pohlman  John Pohlman  tombstone  tombstone

Katharine J. Pohlman
Born July 29, 1905
Died May 8, 1974
Married to Clarence Tinsman
One child
Buried in Plainfield, NJ
Katharine Jeanette & Clarence Tinsman  Katharine Pohlman  tombstone

Phyllis J. Tinsman
Born December 25, 1924
Died October 10, 1981

Married to Charles McCarthy
Two children
Buried in Paramus, NJ
Phyllis & Charles McCarthy  Phyllis & Charles McCarthy  tombstone  tombstone

Katharine McCarthy &
Paul McCarthy
Paul died July, 2005
Katharine married
Two children
Katharine McCarthy  Kathy & Paul McCarthy  
My son age 5  My daughter, age 2  both children 1990