Pension application for Nancy Shaver and letter from her brother William Allen

The Shavers and Allens were distant in-laws to the Washburns of Kentucky. The pension application and letter that follows from William Allen to his sister Nancy Shaver speak volumes for the life in Kentucky during the first half of the 1800's.

Pension statement from Nancy Shaver

Statement from her son-in-law Philip Jenkins

Letter from William Allen to his sister Nancy Shaver

Service :Penn. W 9648 Shaver, Jacob Nancy ------------------------------------------------------------------ Nancy Shaver, widow of Jacob Shaver, who served in the Revolutionary War, as a Private; inscribed on the Roll at the rate of $80. Dollars -------Cents per annum, to commence on the 4th day of March, 1848. Certificate of Pension issued on the 2nd day of Aug."52 and sent to J. J.Coombs, Revcorded on Roll of Pensions under act February 2, 1848, Page 334, Vol.3 Frame # 750 State of Indiana; Perry County SS On this day of March One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty-two (1852) personally appeared before the probate Judge within and for the said county and state aforesaid Nancy Shaver aged about Eighty Eight (88) years a resident of the county and State aforesaid, who being by me first duly sworn according to law, does on her oath make the following declaration (Viz) That she is the widow of Jacob Shaver who was a soldier in the company commanded by Captain John Carnahan in the Eighth Pennsylvania Regiment of Footmen commanded by Colonel McCoy in the war with Great Britain commonly called the American revolution or War of Independence. that her husband, the said Jacob Shaver enlisted at or near the forks of the Youghagehaney in the State of Pennsylvania on or about the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five (1775) on or about the 20th day of September for the term of three years and two months and was honorably discharged at Fort Pitt in the State Of Pennsylvania on or about the 20th day of November AD One thousand Seven Hundred Sevety Eight (1778) on account of expiration of enlistment as more fully appear by the annexed declaration of her brother, Adam Allen made before T. Jayne, Esquire of Fayette County Ohio on the 18th day of April AD One Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty One (1851) and to which she refers as the only proof known to her as of the service of her husband, the said Jacob Shaver. She was married to the said Jacob Shaver at the residence of her father, Benjamin Allen in Fayette County Pennsylvania by one Edward Cook a Justice of the Peace. She is quiet certain the her marriage took place in the month of September . She does not remember the year but relies on the statement her brother, Adam Allen wo state in his annexed declaration that is was in the year AD One Thosand Seven Hundred Seventy Nine (1779). She has no record of the date of her marriage or the birth of her children. She once had, but it was burnt on the 1st day of January AD One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty One. See annexed declaration of Phillip Jenkins and William Shaver She further states that according to her best recollection, that she had been married near three years when her son Benjamin was born, he was her second child. Her first died in infancy. See statement of Wm. Shaver annexed in regard to the age of Benjamin Shaver. This would appear to date the birth of Benjamin in May 1783 and her marriage in 1780 which may be correct altho it varies a year from the recollection of her brother Adam Allen. She is sure of one thing that she never knew the said Jacob Shaver until after he had been in the Army and that her first acquaintance with him, her brother Adam told her that they had been fellow soldiers. She further states that she remembers that her husband once had a discharge for his service, and that while they lived in Pennsylvania, he went across the Ohio about five miles from Fort Pitt, and mad!e a small clearing in the woods and put up a cabin; while there he left his discharge with the man with whom he boarded; the mans house as they heard afterwards got burnt. Her husband never went back to the place, they soon afterwards moved to Kentucky. She has heard since that his clearing went by the name of "Shavers Lot" She makes reference also to the annexed declaration of Jane McLaughlin and Elizabeth Miller. She well remembers her brother Adam Allen. She has not seen him for about fifty years. The last time she saw him he was living near Georgetown Scott County Kentucky. She and her husband went to see him. Soon afterwards she heard that he had removed to Ohio. She never heard of him then until about seven years since at which time Philip Jenkins went to see her brother Benjamin Allen in Edgar County Illinois and he there learned that he had found out through a minister of the Methodist Church that her brother Adamawas still living and that he had a letter from him. This letter Philip Jenkins brought to her. But is has been lost or mislaid. She had one written to him, soon afterwards and recieved one from him dated August 31 1845 and mailed at Jeffesonville Ohio and directed to me at Fredonia Post Office in Crawford County Indiana. Her brother Adam made inquiry in relation to the death of his father and motherin the aboce named letter to Benjamin Allen. He stated that he had notheard of their death. she had never informed her brother Adam of the death of her parents or her husband either for she did not know where he was. She accounts for this error in his recollection about the time of the death of her husand, the said Jacob Shaver, inasmuch as he never heard of his death until within the last seven years. Her recollection is that Adam Allen and her husband Jacob Shaver used to tell her that one of them served three years and thre months and the other served three years and six months but she does not remember which was the one to the other.

Her husband,the said Jacob Shaver went to Louisville Kentucky in the year AD 1813 0r 1814 to attend a meeting of the soldiers of the Revolution, the object of which was according , to her memory, to petition Congress to grant them a pension or some bounty. Her husband told her that they had proved up their services in the War of the Revolution. She does not know where to find the records or proceedings of that meeting. She does not know of any person living who attended that metting. Her husband, the said Jacob Shaver died soon after having attended the meeting. (viz) Her husband, the said Jacob Shaver died on the 9th day of August AD One Thousand Eight Hundred and fourteen (1814) in Hardin County Kentucky. She has never applied for a pension, she never understood fully her rights in regard to it. She has kept putting off from time, any investigation in the case. She has never intermarried but remains the widow of the above named Jacob Shaver.

She neglected to state above that Jacob Shaver always told her that he was in several battles. She does not remember any of them except "Stony Point". She is quite sure that he always told her he was there. She remembers another event in which he was present as he always told her. She does not remember the place but it was when the enemy evacuated some place she thinks it was New York. Her husband there was a sentry on duty. He described to her the manner in which the British Ships went off as being in the form of a half moon.

She makes the declaration for the purpose of obtaining the pension to which she may entitled as the widow of the above named Jacob Shaver under any law or laws of Congress, to the benefit of which she may be entitled.

Witness my hand and seal this (2nd) Second day of March AD One thousand Eight hundred and fifty-two. (1852) Witness: William Shaver (signature) P. W. Jenkins (Signature) Nancy Shaver (her mark) (seal)

Sworn and subscribed before me the Probate Judge within abd for the County of Perry, State of Indiana and I hereby certify that I am fully satisfied in the regard to the truth of her statement and that she is of the age above stated, I further certify that on account of bodily infirmity she is not able to attend in open court which is held at the town of Rome at the diestance of twenty miles from her residence where she now is. The erasure of the words on or about on the first page 8th line from the bottom was made before signing. Given under my hand this 2nd day of March one thousand Eight hundred and fifty-two (1852) (signature) Hart Humphrey P.J.

Interview of Philip Jenkins on Behalf of Nancy Shaver

State of Indiana ss Perry County

On this 2nd day of March one thousand Eight hundred and Fifty two (1852) personally appeared before me the Probate Judge within and for the county and state aforesaid Philip Jenkins aged about sixty three (63) years and William Shaver aged about fifty two (52) years both residents of the aforesaid county and state who being by me first duly sworn according to law declare that Nancy Shaver who has signed the foregoing , annexed declaration has been known to us ever since our earliest recollection.

We knew Jacob Shaver in his lifetime. He died on the 9th day of August AD 1814 in Hardin County Kentucky. We were both by his bedside when he died. He was always known to us as a man who bore among his neighbors and acquaintances the reputation of having been a soldier of the War of the Revolution . Philip Jenkins remembers well having heard him personally speak of occurances in the army and among them the description of the form in which the British ships left one of the ports being in the form of a half moon. He does not remember the place. Philip Jenkins further states that he went to the residence of Benjamin Allen in Edgar Caounty Illinois in the winter of 1845 and recieved from him a letter from Adam Allen, Fayette County Ohio brother to the said Benjamin Allen and Nancy Shaver that the said Benjamin then told him that he had found out his brother through a Methodist preacher. This letter mentioned above was in my possession for some years. It is now lost or mislain. The annexed letter dated August 31st 1845 signed Adam Allen and mailed at Jeffersonville Ohio and directed to Fredonia Crawford County Indiana and directed to Nancy Shaver has been in my possession for more than six years.

I am the indentical Philip Jenkins who has lately applied to the benefit of the bounty land act of September 28th 1850 as a private in the company of Captain Benj. Shacklett, commanded by Colonel Rupell in the Regt. of Kentucky Counted Volunteers in the year AD 1813 in the month of June-July in an expedition against the Indians up the Wabash in Indiana.

My application was made from Rome Perry County Indiana in February AD 1851.

I married the daughter of the said Jacob and Nancy Shaver on the 2nd day of February AD 1814 in Hardin County Kentucky. I have seen the family bible containing the record of the births of the children of said Jacob and Nancy Shaver. I am sure of this, for I got my father to copy from it the record of the birth of my wife into my own bible which has since got burnt by the burning of my own house on or about the 15th day of September AD 1832.

I have understood and believed for thirty years on more that Mrs. Shaver's bible got burnt in Wm. Shaver's house in Hardin County Kentucky. Wm. Shaver states that he is the son of the said Jacob and Nancy Shaver. When he got married and went to Keeping house in Hardin County Kentucky in the year 1819 his mother left with him her family bible. He does not remember whether or not it contained any family record. He came with his wife to Petty County Indiana on a visit in December AD 1820. When they went home during the first week of Janaury 1821 they found that their house had been burnt down, as the were told on the 1st day of January Ad 1821. My mothers bible was burnt at that time as I have always believed for we were told that evreything was burnt.

He has always been told by his mother that Benjamin Shaver was their second child. He remembers that in the year AD 1827 his brother Benjamin said he would soon be off of the muster roll (forty five years old) which would be in the spring of AD 1828 or Ad 1829. My brother Benjamin as I am told and believe died in Meade County Kentcuky in July AD 1845. We have always heard Mrs. Shaver speak of a brother Adam Allen as having been a fellow soldier with the said Jacob Shaver.

Philip Jenkins remembers both the father and mother of Nancy Shaver, Benjamin and Sarah Allen. William Shaver remembers his grandmother Sarah Allen the mother of the above named Nancy Shaver, his mother. They further state that they have no interest in the result of the application of said Nancy Shaver for a pension as the widow of the above named Jacob Shaver.

In witness of which we have her eto set our hands and seals this second day of March AD One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Two (1852)
Witnesses: R W Jenkins Philip X Jenkins seal N B Jenkins mark William Shaver seal

Sworn and subscribed befored me the Probate Judge within and for the county of Perry , State if Indiana the day and year above written and I hereby certify that the said Philip Jenkins and Williams Shaver are men of undoubted veracity whose statements would be recieved in any court of Justice and that they are the ages they declare themselves to be and I further certify that the date 1819 was interlined and 1820 on second preceding page on l7th line from bottom was made before they signed it. Signature: Hart Humphrey P. J.
End of Pension file, personal letter to follow

Letter included in the pension file of Nancy Shaver to prove her identity. As follows:

August the 31st 1845

Dear Sister I took this opportunity to inform you that I am well at this time and I hope these few lines will fine you all well . I have received your letter some time since but have neglected to write to you until this time. I have had my health tolerable well for some time past but I am verry frail and cannot get about any more. i have been married twice. I had 5 children by my first wife all girls and I do not know wheather any of them is living or not. I have had 11 children by my last wife 8 boys and 3 girls. the girls names is Nancy, Sarah & Elisabeth the last two is living and married . Sarah lives in Illinos , Elisabeth live in this county, the boys names is Elijah, William, Adam.Athan and Aaron, the other three are dead, the all are married and live in this county. i have lost my wife last fall, she died in the triumph of faith that she ws going to rest. Me and my wife has bin members of the Methodist Protestant church for some years. I was very glad to hear from you for I had not heard from you for a long time. I want you to write to me as of ------you can for I never expect to see you in this world but I hope to meet you with all the faithful on the suney banks of eternal deliverance where we shall never part anymore. i do not expect to write many more letters but while I live I want to write to you and all my brothers and relations and I want you to write to the boys when I am gone and can not write any more. So no more at this time but that I shall remain your affectionate brother
Adam Allen